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Uzumaki Size 6

Naruto 16 inches
Kakashi 10 inches
Zabuza 10 Inches
Haku 7 Inches
Asuma 9 inches
Sasuke 9.5 inches
Kiba 9 inches
Shino 8 inches
Chouji 5 inches
Shikamaru 6 inches
Naruto finds a way to save Zabuza and Haku. Haku learns and accepts a new side of himself. Tier 3
Chap 6 Orgy on the Bridge: Haku’s Stand
Haku was at his wits end. All of his training, all of his skills seemed to vanish completely. Zabuza had been hard for days, the chakra burn was intense. He’d sucked the man’s dick, ridden him till he passed out, sucked his balls, teased his nips, even given the man a near full body tongue bath; licking his neck, his pits, his abs, his legs, and his feet to name a few places.
He loved pleasing his master, he thought he was pleasing him to, waking up feeling his insides wet, but it was only pre. ‘Maybe some herbs will help him.’ he got up from their shared bed, Zabuza was taking a shower. He peeked in, and blushed at the sight.
Zabuza was fingering himself. Arching his back under the hot shower spray he panted and groaned, cock pulsing in need. Playing with his ass was the only thing lately that helped get him off. His master was so sexy, water running down his chiseled form. He had never seen his master touch himself like this. “Ah ah ah ah Master!” he moaned, working his hole faster and faster. His cock was loving it, twitching in delight each time he hit a special spot inside.
‘Master?’ Haku thinks. ‘What did that leaf ninja do to you?’ his hands balled into fists. ‘If I see him, I’ll kill him maybe that will break the spell over you.’ he thinks. Covering himself he leaves to collect herbs.
“Ohhhh!” Zabuza arched his back, his climax hitting and quickly getting washed away. “It’s not enough…Haku…Haku!” he leaves the shower not bothering to put anything on. His still hard cock bobbing as he walked. His hole was still aching, still needing, it spasmed and twitched opening and closing. “Where is that boy?!” he snapped.
He made it to the bed, and laid out humping the sheets trying to get some relief. He thrusts three fingers into his, his cock twitching and weeping pre. ‘Where did he go!?’ he thinks, lust quickly clouding his mind. He humped the sheets, the friction to his cock and balls aiding in his need. ‘Where is my master?’
Naruto and Sasuke had spent most of the night training. Their skills had become quite impressive. Naruto’s abundant chakra allowing him to last much longer than Sasuke, but he was getting better and better, his stamina improving to. Still after hours of training, and hours of being on Naruto’s cock he soon became spent. So the raven turned in first his belly swollen with cum. The Uchiha looked 7 months pregnant, Naruto gave him a peck on the cheek and helped him dress. Sasuke went back to the house, cum running down his legs. ‘Maybe I went to wild on him, I came in him a lot.’ The blonde wasn’t worried though, he knew Kakashi would handle it.
Boy did he…
“Ahhh Kakashi-sensei!” he moaned. Sasuke was sitting on Kakshi’s face, his plump ass had a fine seat. His 9.5 incher twitching as his sensei rimmed him. Kakashi had his tongue deep in Sasuke’s ass, slurping and sucking their master’s cum out of his ass.
The youngest Uchiha shuddered, body shaking as he was cleaned out in the best way. Kakashi was just having as much fun his fat cock twitching in delight as he had a healthy helping of cum. He fondled the boy’s plump ass, as his tongue worked to get his treat. “Mmmmhhhmm gulp gulp!”
His hands roamed up to Sasuke’s belly and gave it a squeeze. Sasuke gasped as the cum rushed out, and Kakashi drank it down. The boy’s manhole was twitching in delight, his inner walls helping. Kakashi wasn’t that greedy either, he knew Sasuke’s chakra system would break down the rest in time.
Sasuke moaned as his dick twitched in a dry orgasm. His balls had nothing left to give. Kakashi’s did though, drinking his master’s cum helped push him over the edge, his cum erupting all over himself and Sasuke. The older nin finished up with Sasuke’s hole, licking his lips. He used some of his chakra to seal Sasuke’s hole up, helping keep the rest of the cum inside.
The raven passed out into bliss filled sleep, Kakashi finished the clean up and joined him in rest.
Naruto had continued training till dawn. ‘I better clean up, before taking a nap.’ he sat his clothes by a nearby lake. He dove in and took a little swim. He sighed happily, it was so freeing, he thought his massive piece was nothing but trouble, but it’s been great letting it hang out.
He got out of the water, his body glistening in the morning sun. ‘Man I’m beat I’m gonna kick back right here.’ he laid out, bathing in the sun. His sun kissed skin glistened, as the warm rays licked his muscled form. “Mmmm!” he stretched out. ‘I’ll catch a few winks then head back.’ In a few minutes he was in dream land, ready for more lessons with Kyuubi.
Little did the blonde know, as he sunbathed someone was nearby picking herbs. When he noticed a strange pulse of chakra. He followed it, and found the sleeping blonde, bathing naked in the sun. ‘It’s him!’ He grabbed one of his needles and approached the naked blonde.
He stared at the boy’s face. ‘How could someone like this corrupt Zabuza-sama?’ his hand tightened around the needle. ‘He’s completely defenseless.’ His eyes roamed over the blonde’s lean tan body. ‘He’s not bad looking I suppose, but…’ He froze spotting the blonde’s mighty piece. ‘Oh my!’
Haku dropped the needle, feeling heat wash through him. ‘He’s even bigger than Zabuza-sama!’ his manhole twitched. His cock rose to full mass, rubbing against the confines of his clothes. ‘What is this feeling? I feel so…I feel so…hot!’ Haku began pulling off his kimono, eyes staying on the boy’s penis.
Clothe pools around his feet and he steps out of it. His nipples were nice and perky, arousal pumping through his veins. The twitching cock pulsing in desire. He climbs onto Naruto, pre dripping onto the blonde’s chest. ‘This cock pleasured Zabuza-sama,’ he got in close the manly musk making him shiver. ‘He smells so good!’
The smell went straight to his cock, his back arched in pleasure. He bit his lip to keep himself from moaning too loud. He picked up the blonde’s dick. ‘So heavy?’ he stroked it, and the tool perked up. The blonde moaned but didn’t wake up.
Kyuubi sensed Haku but could smell his lust, so kept Naruto focused on training. Naruto’s cock rose to full mass and Haku gulped. ‘So big!’ he caressed the length from base to tip. ‘This was inside Zabuza-sama!’ he was both impressed and jealous.
It towered over him like it was a great beast, so Haku showed his lust and started worshiping the massive man meat. Hands, lips, and tongue brushed over the massive dick. The taste was electrifying, his lips moved higher and higher, till he reached the head. He swirled the wet muscle round and round before flicking the slit.
Naruto’s pre washed into his mouth. Haku’s eyes widened as his body rocked in orgasm, it was dry but he was feeling super tingly. ‘This is so good!’ his heart was racing, every lick flared his desire. He used his skills to please the blonde’s massive dick. He kissed along the side, and licked up the other, before wrapping his lips around the head. “Mmmhhhmmm!” he moans.
Both hands pumped his length as he sucked his head like a lollipop. ‘I can’t resist, I want his cum!’ He doubled his efforts trying to get the blonde nin to cum. Kyuubi could feel the pleasure, so he decided to wake Naruto up.
The blonde groaned, and bucked his hips. His eyes slowly opened, and his face heated up, as he got an eyeful of Haku’s ass. His cheeks spread and his tight little hole twitched in delight. Haku was humping Naruto’s chest, rubbing his cock and balls against him. ‘This guy is really into it!’ Naruto thinks.
He brings his hands up and cups Haku’s plump ass. Haku was so into sucking Naruto’s dick he didn’t realize the blonde was awake. He leans forward, and kisses Haku’s hole. “Ahhh!” the raven cries out. Naruto’s tongue was wonderful, flicking his hole, and pushing inside. He went back to sucking on the tip, his trembling as Naruto’s tongue thrust in and out.
“Mmm mmm mmm mmmhhhmmm!” Haku moans around the blonde’s dick. ‘So good, so good, I can’t hold back I’m cumming!’ his balls tighten, and his dick swells as he cums all over the blonde’s chest and abs. Naruto follows suit, his balls lurch, and his cock swells and thick cum surges through his pipe.
Cum hits Haku’s tongue and floods his mouth. The taste of the blonde’s cum lit his brain up like a festival. His eyes rolled up, and he cums again. Cum escapes his mouth and runs down his chin, he snaps out of his euphoria and starts swallowing the hefty load of the blonde.
Even after the powerful orgasm, Naruto was still hard and wanting. Naruto slipped out from under Haku, and the boy rolled over, basking in pleasure. ‘Kyuubi who is this guy?’
‘He’s the one who escaped with Zabuza.’ Naruto’s eyes narrowed. ‘Easy, he responded to your divine rod, he needs you.’ The blonde takes a deep breath. He sees the boy twitching in pleasure, his hole wet and spasming, his dick weeping, his body flushed with lust. Naruto blushed, ‘He does look quite cute. Plus he can help…’ Naruto thinks.
He moves over to Haku and the boy shudders. “Please!” his hips rock, his body feeling so hot. He felt empty, needing to be filled. “I got you!” Naruto slips between his legs, the tip of his cock knocking at his entrance.
Haku shudders, feeling his chakra get drawn to his hole like like lightning. Naruto thrust in and Haku moaned in bliss. ‘So big!’ his ass was stretched wide. Toes curling in pleasure, body shaking. “Ohhh!” Naruto smirked, Haku’s arms went around his neck.
He clung to the blonde, like he was the only thing tethering him to reality. Inch after glorious inch stuffed his hole, he reached past Zabuza’s limit and he came. He cums between their bodies, and even as his hole tightens Naruto ventures deeper.
Once he was buried balls deep inside Haku shuddered and gasped. ‘So deep!’ Naruto’s hefty balls resting against his fine ass, stomach bulging from the massive size. ‘So full!’ his dick twitched in another orgasm. The blonde’s musk overtook him, he seemed to be swallowed up by the manly aroma. ‘So this is what Zabuza-sama felt!’
Naruto began to move, pulling out till only the tip remained, the emptiness all but consumed him. He whined at the loss and tried to push back against him. Kyuubi chuckled. ‘Zabuza trained him well.’
The blonde thrust back in, and all was right in the world, fullness and friction. Naruto’s thrusts were long and hard, letting Haku feel every inch and Naruto’s strength. His hefty balls smacked Haku’s ass, the action sending a ripple through Haku, making his cock twitch and his hole tighten.
Another orgasm rocks through the male. His sweet spot didn’t stand a chance, and Naruto kept up a steady pace. “Here it comes!” Naruto moans, his balls lurch and his cock swells. Fresh manly cum pumps into Haku, and the feeling sends him over the edge again.
Even with two orgasms, it didn’t compare to the massive load Naruto pumped inside him. His belly inflated, swelling with the massive rush of seed. Naruto sighs in bliss, he was really getting into this feeling.
Haku didn’t realize he had closed his eyes, he was soaring, high on the pleasure. It was familiar yet different. His eyes opened when he felt a hand on his cheek. “Tell me your name.” Naruto says, the boy stares into his blue eyes. “Haku, my name is Haku,” the boy panted. “I’m Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you!” he leans down and captures his lips. Haku moaned into the kiss, and happily kissed back. ‘My heart is racing so fast, I feel so hot and I want more.’ he began to shed tears. ‘I took Zabuza-sama from this…’ Despite this pleasure his feelings for Zabuza had not changed.
Naruto broke the kiss, and wiped away his tears. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, all this time I was so angry at you, I thought you corrupted Zabuza-sama.”
“You love him very much don’t you?” Haku nods. “You’ve pleased him before haven’t you?” again Haku nods. “You know what he needs now don’t you?”
“Yes you,” he says. “He needs you!” Naruto shakes his head. “No he needs us.” Naruto reaches between them and grabs Haku’s cock and the boy moans. “You want to continue pleasing him yes?”
“Ohh yes!” he moans. The seal on Naruto’s belly appears and Kyuubi’s chakra begins to surge through him. “You know what he needs now yes?” Haku groans. “If we work together we can help Zabuza.” he leans in close and whispers his plan into Haku’s ear.
As he did, Kyuubi’s chakra leaks out and markings form at the base of Haku’s dick. ‘So pretty, so lovely, such a sweet little one.’ Kyuubi purred. Blue eyes turned red. “It’s time for a proper lesson.”
~6 Hours Later~
Haku returned to the base, stomach swollen so much he looked 9 months pregnant, and he had cum running down his legs. He made it to Zabuza’s room. “Haku where have you…” the smell of cum hit his nose and he froze. The man rolled over, hard cock snapping up into the air. “I have a message for you, but first I brought you some medicine.” he strips off his kimono once more and walks over to the bed. Zabuza gulped, licking his lips, his dick twitching like an excited puppy.
He sits on Zabuza’s face, and offers him his much needed medicine. Zabuza kisses Haku’s hole lapping at the cum escaping from his hole. “Mmmhhhmm!” his hips jerked and his cock came, firing rope after rope of cum.
The orgasm didn’t stop Zabuza from taking his medicine, his tongue thrusts into his ass. He drinks the fresh warm man milk from his student’s tight ass, gulping down every drop like a parched man in the dessert that just found water. Haku moaned, his body tingling, he was getting the rimjob of his life.
He watched as Zabuza’s cock twitched and bob in orgasm. He brings one of his feet down and caresses the mighty rod, squeezing the head with his toes as another orgasm hits. Cum splattered his feet, and Haku couldn’t help but chuckle, wiggling his toes in the fresh baby batter.
‘Ohh master Zabuza is sucking my ass!’ he shudders, he could already feel his belly start to shrink. His master’s dick finally went soft the first time in days, a steady stream of cum leaking from the man meat.
Zabuza gropes his ass, tongue wiggling in his hole to lap up every drop. ‘This is master’s cum, so good!’ His heart fluttered, and his body relaxed. He stopped once Haku looked 3 months pregnant. The boy pulled off his face. “So you met him…”
“Yes, he’s amazing. He took me Zabuza-sama and it felt so good.” A hand ran down his chest, over his swollen belly to his cock. There Zabuza saw a seal coiling around the base. “He has a plan, he wants to help us.” He runs a hand over Zabuza’s muscled form.
“You trained me to be a great sub Zabuza-sama but that’s not what you needed was it.” he pinched one of Zabuza’s perky nipples. The man groaned. “Haku?”
“Naruto-sama showed me the light, what you truly needed, and if his plan is going to work you are gonna need your strength.” Haku’s hand caresses the seal and it glows a brilliant red. “I swore my body to Naruto-sama, and he gave me what I needed to please you again.” He was smiling.
Zabuza’s jaw dropped as Haku’s cock began to grow. Naruto’s insight into the Akimichi clan, plus fueled by Kyuubi’s chakra. From 7 to 14, Haku’s cock grew, it bobbed in the air as it reached full mass. Haku sighed once the transformation was complete. “It’s not as big as master’s but it’ll help scratch that itch won’t it Zabuza-sama?”
The man gulped and licked his lips. Haku moved between his spread legs. “You are so strong Zabuza-sama, you’ll need your strength to enact the plan.” his hands caressed his thick manly legs, fondling the tight muscle. His cock lined up with his wanting hole, the head rubbed his entrance and got a groan from the man.
He lifts Zabuza’s hips, causing his cock to lay over his stomach and shoot cum all over his face, neck, and pecs. Haku thrusts in and Zabuza howls in pleasure. “Zabuza-sama your ass is so tight!”
The man merely bit his lip, trembling in pleasure. “So this is what topping feels like, this is amazing.” he pushes deeper and deeper, and Zabuza fists the sheets. His cock twitches as an orgasm rocks through him. “Does it feel good Zabuza-sama?” he asks, just as his cock nudged his sweet spot.
“Yes!” he moans.
“I’m gonna cum inside you from now on.” Haku purrs, he feels Zabuza tighten around him at that. He soon sits balls deep inside him. “Ohh so this is what being balls deep inside someone feels like!”
The beautiful boy looks down at the cum covered man, the man who’d bent him over so many times and fucked to oblivion. He smirks. “I must say, I’m liking this side of you.” He loved seeing the bulge his dick made in Zabuza’s belly. “I look forward to seeing more of it!”
He starts to move and pounds into Zabuza’s tight heat, balls smacking his toned ass. His thrusts were fast, this was all so new, but oh so wonderful. Zabuza looked positively lust drunk, his ass had been craving dick for so long, and his balls were happy to finally get it.
When Haku finally cums, Zabuza howls his pleasure. His insides tingle as thick cum shoots inside filling him to the brim. “Don’t worry Zabuza-sama, I’ll be taking care of you until we can be reunited with our master.” Haku starts fucking his cum filled hole and Zabuza couldn’t help but grin.
Naruto’s plan was brilliant. Sakura remained at the house to look after Inari and his mother. Naruto created clones, while Sasuke and Kakashi used genjutsu to transform them into copies of them. The battle was staged and epic. Zabuza and Haku were in the wings making sure their jutsu were working perfectly.
Sure enough Gato showed up with an army, thinking he was so smart, planning to kill the leaf ninja, the bridge builder, and Zabuza and Haku in one swoop. This of course terminated their contract. Gato’s men killed the exhausted clones, and they vanished with a poof. Once the clones were gone, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Haku, and Zabuza appeared fully charged and ready to kick ass.
Gato and his men didn’t stand a chance. Zabuza killed Gato personally. With the battle won, and the bridge saved it was time to celebrate.
Zabuza got Naruto’s cock first, he had missed his master’s cock so much. Kakashi, Haku and Sasuke watched the show, stroking their cocks. The two looked so erotic together, and the moans Naruto wrung from him were hawt!
After their reunion the boys got in on the fun. Zabuza showed off his renewed love of cock and took to riding Kakashi. Haku took his turn on Naruto’s cock, and Sasuke gave Haku a blow job. Sasuke showed off his skills and even Haku had to admit Sasuke was skilled in the art of the cock sucker.
The next round Zabuza rode both Sasuke and Haku together, taking two cocks at once. He was in hog heaven as Kakashi fed him his cock, Naruto fucked Kakashi from behind. The boys were sweaty, flushed, covered and sum filled with cum. After Kakashi was bred, Haku showed his cock sucking skills and began sucking the copy nin’s fine dick. Naruto switched to fucking Sasuke, but other than that Sasuke and Haku continued to pound Zabuza’s tight ass.
This is how Sakura found them. “What the hell is going on!” she gasped.
Naruto had set things in motion. He had Kakashi send word to the Third Hokage about his plan and the old man was having a headache. ‘This boy may be the death of me!’ he rubbed his temples. He had to contact the Mizukage, and inform her that Zabuza and his protege would be taken off the bingo book, and they would be joining the Leaf Ninja.
To say she was pissed was an understatement. Her hands were tied though, as the Third invoked the mating law, Naruto taking the two as his mates making them apart of the Uzumaki Clan. The two would have seals placed on them so they could never spill secrets of the mist village. As an added bonus Zabuza agreed to return one of the swords of the mist village.
The Mizukage took the deal, Zabuza was a black spot from their time as the bloody mist, if he couldn’t spill their secrets and they get back one of the mist village treasures it was a win win. Still she was curious who could tame and claim the demon of the mist.

Mar 13

Milking Katakuri

Milking Katakuri
Luffy gets pissed at Flampe and her crew and knocks them out with his King’s Haki. Katakuri wants to finish their fight but Luffy says they can’t finish it just yet. Tier 2
Katakuri was pissed at Flampe’s actions, getting in the way of their fight, and laughing at Luffy. He revealed his mouth and shouted at them, even wounding himself. His family quick turned on him at the sight of him, it didn’t matter he was used to it. “Shut up!” Luffy shouted, his King’s haki, ripping through the mirror world and knocking the mockers out.
He turned to look at Luffy, surprise in his eyes. “Those guys sucked, your mouth isn’t freaky at all!” Katakuri felt a blush spread across his cheeks. His heart was beating faster, no one had defended him or said his mouth wasn’t freaky.
Katakuri coughed trying to calm himself. ‘This is my enemy, this is a man’s duel, he’s the one whom I’ve acknowledged in strength.’ he removed his jacket. “Now with them out of the way we can fight.”
“Hmm,” Luffy stares. “We can’t fight just yet.” this surprised Katakuri. “Are you chickening out!?” Katakuri howled. Without missing a beat Luffy pointed to Katakuri’s crotch. “We can’t fight because you are hard.”
The tall man looked down and sure enough, his tight pants were doing very little to hide the fact he was rock hard. He was so busy trying to focus on fighting Luffy, he didn’t even realize the swell in his pants, the pressure of his dick trying to get free.
He blushed and quickly tried to cover himself. “This is…I mean…” Luffy approached him. “You don’t have to hide from me.” he says and cups the man’s mighty bulge. Katakuri shivered, feeling Luffy’s hands caress the confined manhood.
“Is this a trick?” he asks. Luffy looks up at him, his arms stretch and wrap around his neck. To Katakuri’s shock Luffy suddenly kissed him. ‘So warm!’ he thinks, letting out a gasp. Luffy’s tongue slips inside.
The rubber muscle plays with his mochi one. He didn’t shy away from his teeth either. The blush spread across Katakuri’s face. No one had kissed him, let alone like this. When the kiss broke the two were panting. Luffy gave the mochi man one of his big smiles. “Lay back and let me take care of you.”
He looked around and saw no one, could he really do this? Luffy’s hand cupped his cheek, caressing his scar without an ounce of fear or repulsion. In the end he obeyed, laying on his back and spreading his legs. Luffy got to work undoing Katakuri’s pants, tight leather getting pulled down long legs.
“Wow nice piece!” A massive 14 inch dick snapped up, twitching in the air. It stood tall, crowned with a nest of pink pubes, below hung possibly the biggest pair of golden balls Luffy had ever seen. “Oi Mochi man, are you super pent up or are they always this big?” he asked cupping the massive orbs in his hands.
Katakuri blushed. It was true he was a tad pent up, more than a tad. His body shivered as Luffy played with his balls, his cock already drooling pre. “So sensitive.” he says, and Katakuri was about to protest when he saw something he thought only he did.
Luffy suddenly stretched his mouth wide and swallowed Katakuri’s dick down to the root. The mochi man’s hips bucked, and his body shook as his cock ended up enveloped in the rubber man’s mouth. “Oh my gawd!” His toes curled in pleasure.
He hummed around the massive mochi dick, sending pleasing vibrations through his rod. Pre gushed down Luffy’s throat, like those chewy candies with the juicy centers. Luffy wasn’t the biggest fan of mochi, but the combination of mochi and manly flavor seemed to work.
Rubber hands moved and caressed the long muscled legs Katakuri had. The mochi man panted, his chest rising and falling as pleasure spread through his whole body. Luffy began to move, bobbing back and forth on the mighty cock. Katakuri shivered, Luffy was doing such amazing things with his mouth and that tongue!
It flicked and curled round and round his shaft, before teasing him up and down. Luffy was sucking like a twister, Katakuri clawed at the ground, his pointy teeth curling in a big grin. He’d swear his soul was being sucked right through his dick. ‘Is this kid an incubus?’ he thinks, his skin flushed, his nipples getting nice and perky from arousal. “Oh ohhh nnnhhhnnn!”
Luffy’s hands stretched and began to explore Katakuri’s massive muscled body. He felt his abs, and moved up to grope his pecs. “Ahhh!” Katakuri moaned, his hips and back arching, his hefty balls smacking Luffy’s chin. ‘This…this is pleasure!’ the man was positively drooling.
No one really got close to Katakuri, he tried when he was younger, but once someone saw his face, or his dick they got scared and ran off. A small few had ever seen Katakuri’s face, and an even greater few had ever seen his dick. Those that did were so intimidated they ran away in terror, leaving Katakuri with a mean case of blue balls.
He didn’t think it could get any better, then Luffy took him down his throat, his stretched mouth opening up to swallow the massive balls. “Ohhh fuck!” he cried out. His toes curled and felt a coiling heat stir in him.
Luffy swallowed around his dick, his tongue juggling his balls, all while sucking! Pre gushing down his throat and filling his belly. Katakuri’s cock swelled in orgasm, it happened so hard and fast Katakuri didn’t have a second to warn Luffy.
Not that the rubber man minded, Katakuri’s dick swelled and cum pumped down his throat. “Ohh aahhhnn!” he moaned, his cock twitching as spurt after spurt of cum shot down into his belly. Luffy stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling back to the tip. ‘So much cum!’ Luffy thinks.
Once at the tip, Katakuri’s cum floods his mouth and puffs out his cheeks. Luffy swallows it all down in one big gulp, licking his lips. “Hmm, still hard.” Luffy says trailing a finger down Katakuri’s massive shaft. “Alright then!”
Katakuri suddenly found himself flipped over, his plump ass raised high in the air his 14 incher throbbing between his legs. “Oi Straw Hat ohhh!” Luffy pushes a finger into his tight hole, pumping his massive shaft. The mochi man was reduced to a panting mess.
Having just cum, he wasn’t ready for another orgasm but Luffy milked him. Squeezing and stroking him, while his finger stretched to find that special spot inside. “Aaaahhhnnn!” Luffy grinned. ‘Found it!’ he prodded Katakuri’s ass a bit, and he came again, his hefty balls lurching and expelling his seed.
Luffy kept massaging his prostate, shifting speeds on his cock. Katakuri was making a massive puddle of cum beneath him. Luffy event was as far as pulling his dick back between his legs watching as his dick swelled and continued spilling seed. He never stopped pumping, his strokes through his orgasm, helped milk a few extra spurts.
Katakuri couldn’t think straight, having lost count of how many times Luffy made him cum, but his balls had shrunken down and were quite happy. The mochi man turned his head and looked at Luffy, his future vision activated and he saw what was to happen next.
Luffy was satisfied with his handiwork, but his own dick was pulsing with need. ‘I better go take care of this.’ he palmed his clothed arousal. He stands up, “Where do you think you are going Straw…Luffy?”
“I’m gonna go take care of myself.” he says and Katakuri shifts. “You don’t have to,” he reaches back and grabs his cheeks and spreads them. His man hole twitches with want. “Take me!”
Luffy can see the resolve in his eyes, so he doesn’t press. He gets in close and kisses Katakuri’s hole, tongue flicking the tight pucker. The tongue pushes and pushes until it breaches Katakuri’s body. “Hhhhnnn,” the mochi man chews on his bottom lip, his cock twitching back to full mast. ‘Damn rubber tongues!’ he thinks as the wet muscle stretched and wiggled in his ass. ‘This kid is really good!’
Before pulling his tongue out, he gives Katakuri a move that screams “Hello Mr. Prostate” and licks the man’s sweet spot. After he pulls his tongue out, he rolls Katakuri back onto his back. The massive male shivers feeling his back rest into the sea of his cum.
Katakuri watches as Luffy strips, freeing his massive 12.5 inch dick. The mochi man licks his lips at the sight of it, his hole pulsing in want. Luffy collects some of Katakuri’s cum, and with a chuckle uses it to coat his dick.
Luffy was packing his own set of big balls. He lines up his cock, the tip knocking at his entrance. Katakuri tried to calm his breath, this was it, he was gonna lose his virginity. Luffy pushes in and the two moan, one for being filled, the other for the wonderful tightness hugging his cock. “So big!” he moans. “So tight!” Luffy moans.
Inch by glorious inch stuffs the mochi man, pre formed at the tip of his cock, as Luffy’s pre floods his ass making It easier to fill him. Once Luffy is balls deep inside, Katakuri’s cock twitches in a dry orgasm. “Luffy!”
“Katakuri!” Luffy says, and a shiver rushes through him. “I’m gonna fuck you now!” the male blushes and Luffy starts to move. Hard and fast, Luffy was certainly pounding Katakuri’s mochi ass to oblivion.
Katakuri found bliss, he knew once they finished they would have to finish their fight. For now, he wouldn’t care about the future and just bask in the moment. Luffy seemed to be the same way, driving into him in just the right way to brush his prostate.
His balls lurched and his cock erupted over the both of them, his seed shooting up into the air before raining down upon the two. Luffy groaned and came deep inside him. The mochi man shivered, toes curling as Luffy’s seed flooding his ass.
“Is that all you got?” Katakuri asks, and Luffy chuckles. “I can keep going if you want.” the mochi man smiles. “I want!” Luffy stretches his neck and captures his lips, and begins fucking Katakuri anew.

Mar 09

Escaped Experiments 2

Escaped Experiments 2
Mayuri’s experiments have gone on the loose again and it’s up to Ichigo and Toshiro to put a stop to them, but ends up dealing with the after math. Tier 3
Mayuri walked through the vault holding his most secret experiments. He had created a creature and by giving it different drugs, it created different pods. So of course Mayuri had to test what these pods could do…
He had recorded the data, as he walked cataloging them he froze as he passed by an empty shelf. “Oh my, there should be experiments here…” Suddenly the vault door closed behind him. The experiments had truly escaped along with the pod maker and now even more were loose. “Oh this might not end well.” It would take him time to get through the vault. Time he would not have as the other pods began to open up around him.
Things were about to go from bad and worse. The experiments would multiple and possibly even evolve and spread finding targets to attach.
The all clear was not given, so Soul Society was on high alert. The lieutenants were asked to assist in the search for not only the lost experiments, but also finding Toshiro and Ichigo who went missing. It was a bit concerning…
Renji was running around. ‘Where are they?’ he felt a presence inside a room. “Ichigo? Captain Hitsugaya?” he entered the room and it was pitch black. He heard something moving and Renji went to inspect the noise, hand on his zanpakuto.
When Renji’s back was turned, the pod maker slipped out of the room. The red head felt a shiver, he checked and froze seeing a strange pod in the room. Before he could draw his sword the pod opened releasing a mist into the room. Renji covered his mouth, thinking it was poison.
He had no idea…His shinigami robes began to dissolve, every stitch of clothing evaporating into the air. “Gah!” Renji drops his sword. In seconds he’s down to his fundoshi, tan tattooed skin became exposed. Broad shoulders, black ink tracing years of well honed muscle, fine pecs, rock hard abs, a treasure trail running up to his navel.
Now Renji was a bold man, he could stand proud in nothing but a fundoshi, but as the last article began to fizzle and fade he blushed. His soft 8 incher was exposed, crowned with a thick nest of red pubes, and a firm set of family jewels hanging below. He gasped, trying to cover his crotch.
The distracted red head was not prepared for what came out of the pod. The creature launched into the air. Renji’s reflexes allowed him to dodge but the creature was fast coming after him. Thinking it was going after his face Renji abandoned his modesty and used his arms to shield his face.
He thought he was right, as the creature jumped. Renji stood his ground ready to catch the creature, throw it off him and then blast it with kido. Things did not go as planned, as the creature’s target was his manly bits.
It latched onto his crotch. Long finger like arms coiling between his thighs and over his hips. It held him tight, as it’s tail cupped his softened cock. Small pads pulled his cock up, his foreskin was pulled back exposing the sensitive head. Renji grabbed the creature and tried to pull it off, but it’s grip was too good.
To his horror, a cock like stinger appeared from the creature aimed right at his piss slit. “No no no no no no, ohhhhhh!” he arched his back as the cock stinger thrust in. “Oh soul king it’s fucking my pipe!” Blood rushed south as his cock began to swell. The finger like limbs stimulated his balls, clutching the heavy orbs.
Renji dropped to his knees, his cock rock hard under the creature’s ministrations. Deeper and deeper, the cock like stinger penetrated his aching dick, his pipe giving way to the creatures acts. He had no idea what was waiting for him, but he’d soon find out.
Ichigo and Toshiro were currently going another round. Toshiro’s cock tail between his legs, and Ichigo’s legs, curling up to fuck his hungry hole. Ichigo had his lips around Toshiro’s large dick, his mouth slurping and sucking every inch.
His gag reflex was complete gone, he moaned around Toshiro’s hard cock. “Fuck Ichigo!” Toshiro ran his fingers through orange locks. “Your mouth is amazing.” he panted. He was getting used to his new size and his new appendage. It was like having two dicks, the stimulus on both he felt.
True heaven, feeling Ichigo’s mouth on him and feeling his ass hugging his cock tail so tight. The mouth tipped the scales of pleasure as the tongue added just a bit more. As Ichigo moved up to the tip his tongue swirled round and round, flicking and lapping at his weeping tip. “Ichigo!” he moaned.
The icing on the cake, Ichigo reaching between his legs to finger his hole. Two fingers thrusting and curling as he bobbed his head on his cock. His cock tail mirrored his thrusting, pulling out as Ichigo did, and thrusting back in as Ichigo did but so much deeper.
The orangette’s hole was so wet, pre from the cock tail spilling and soaking every inch of his hot inner walls. His release built higher and higher, before his body shook, heat uncoiling and hot cum pouring from both his cock and cock tail.
Ichigo moaned, gulping down Toshiro’s fresh baby batter, shivering as his ass was pumped full of hot seed. His own release rocked him, his cock erupting all over Toshiro’s cock tail.
Toshiro released him and pulled the orangette into his arms. “Still with me?” he asked, and Ichigo smiled. He licked his cum splattered lips. “You’d have to kill me to git rid of me.”
“Never,” he kissed Ichigo. After coming down from their high they knew they couldn’t stay in and fuck forever, as tempting as that was. “We need clothes, our zanpakuto should return on their own given enough time.”
Hitsugaya peered out of the room they were in. “Stay here, I’ll go get us some clothes and be back.”
“Toshiro, I don’t want you going out there alone. Who knows if there’s more of that wackos experiments running around?” Ichigo was ready to move out to.
“I promise I’ll be fine,” he kissed his cheek. “With all the soul reapers looking for the experiments, I doubt you want to be caught in your birthday suit.” Ichigo blushed, and Toshiro kissed him again. “I’ll take the back streets and be back before you know it.” He vanished using flash step.
Ichigo stood up, blushing as Toshiro’s cum leaked out of him, running down his legs. He blushed. ‘This is Toshiro’s…’ he couldn’t help but smile.
“Ah ahhhhhhh!” a sudden cry made Ichigo jump. ‘What was that?’
“Ahhh!” he heard again. “That sounds like Renji.” ignoring his nudity he rushes out to help his friend. He followed the noises and made it to the building Renji was investigating. What he saw there made him freeze, a sense of deja vu at the scene before him.
Renji was on his hands and knees, his now 13 inch dick, twitching and swaying between his legs. The creature lay dead off to the side. The biggest shock, was the large tattooed cock tail that was plunging in and out of Renji’s tight ass. “Renji!” he gasped.
The red head turned his head. “Ichigo?” he panted. “I can’t stop.” Ichigo came forward and saw a puddle of cum beneath the red head. The orangette felt heat spread through him. “Help me…”
“I’ll help you Renji,” he says. He rolls Renji over, and climbs onto him. “Ichigo!?” Renji gasps, seeing Ichigo’s own now hard cock, and his well fucked hole. They were in the 69 position. “Ohhh!”
Ichigo caressed Renji’s hard cock marveling at his size and girth. He leaned forward and began licking the wet tip, tasting Renji for the first time. ‘So good!’ He wrapped his lips around the head and began to swallow the hefty cock.
“Oh fuck Ichigo!” Renji moaned. Inch after glorious inch was sucked down the boy’s throat. ‘Is this a dream? Ichigo is sucking my cock, I must be dreaming!’ the cock tail in his ass rams his sweet spot, and Renji cums hard.
Ichigo gulps down the red head’s cum, sucking him as the cock tail rams his prostate again and again. To his embarrassment the prostate massage milked him of several more spurts. Not only that his heavy balls shared the wealth and Renji felt his own cum get pumped into his ass.
The tail left his ass, leaving it gaping and cum filled. Ichigo noticed and licked his lips. He slid forward allowing Renji’s cock to slide between his pecs. The orangette kissed his hole, and thrust his tongue. “Ohh fuck me!” Renji moaned, his hips bucked and his length slid between the valley of Ichigo’s pecs.
Renji was no stranger to feelings for Ichigo, having many a dream about the orangette. Having Ichigo rim him was a dream come true. The poor red head had been going crazy with lust and Ichigo seemed to give him clarity.
Not one to be outdone, he pulled Ichigo’s cock back and wrapped his lips around the tasty man meat. He sucks Ichigo’s cock down. ‘So good!’ Renji thinks and pre pours down his throat.
Ichigo is having his own tasty treat, he slurped out Renji’s cum, fondling his plump buns as he did. The orangette makes out with his friend’s hole, and he tells Renji loves it as pre spreads over his chest.
His cock tail didn’t sit idle either, the hefty appendage came around and probed Ichigo’s tight little hole. For Renji it was a triple threat, one he saw the appendage stuff Ichigo’s hole, he could feel it, every inch as it plunged inside, and hearing Ichigo moan his delight. ‘This thing might not be so bad.’
He fucked Ichigo using the cock tail as Ichigo rimmed him. His hips rocked, humping against his pecs. It wasn’t long before the two were riding near climax again. Ichigo had cleaned him out and was still working his tongue inside. Thrusting, curling, and wiggling inside the red head.
The two pushed each other over the edge, when Renji came his twin appendages pulsed and erupted. His dick erupted all over his chest and abs, some splashing down onto Renji’s pecs and abs. The dick tail spasmed, pumping Renji’s seed into Ichigo’s tight ass.
Ichigo shivered, loving how each spurt coated his insides, loving how Renji’s seed covered him and filled him. His own release comes and he erupts into Renji’s mouth. Renji’s tail pulls out and Renji is shocked to see how quickly the boy’s hole closed.
He gulped imagining how tight the boy would be if he fucked him again. Ichigo rolls off Renji, and the two sit up. Renji couldn’t look at Ichigo, he was so embarrassed. Ichigo was equally embarrassed, he wasn’t regretting what he did but he was still very surprised.
“Ichigo!” the silence was finally broken by Renji. Ichigo turned, “Ehh!” he gasped. Renji was bowing, head in the dirt. “I’m sorry, you were trying to help me and I took advantage of you!” he kept his head bowed. “But I do not regret what happened. I want to be with you.”
“Renji do you really mean that?” the red head raised his head. “Yes, you’ve held a place in my heart for so long, but I’m a shinigami and your a human. I didn’t think it would work.” he says.
‘So him to, this must be how Toshiro felt to.’ he cupped Renji’s cheeks and looked him in the eye. “Renji, I want you to fuck me.” the red head blushed. Ichigo was 100% serious. His cock twitched in delight.
He embraced Ichigo, and captured his lips. Tongues caressed each other, sharing the taste of the other. They rose and Ichigo turned around, Renji’s dick slid between his cheeks, it was hot he was itching to get inside. His cock tail coiled around his leg, slithering up.
Ichigo hugged the cock tail to him, humping against it as he kissed the tip. He lapped at the head, swirling his tongue around the fat head. The boy tongued his piss slit, making Renji groan.
It was a hot sight to see, so he tossed any doubts away and lined up his cock. “Here it comes Ichigo!” he pushed in, and both males groaned. Deeper and deeper till he stuffed every inch inside him. Ichigo jumped forward, gasping in delight. His cock and balls rubbing against Renji’s cock tail. “Kami so tight!”
Renji began to move, gripping Ichigo’s hips tight. Ichigo opened his mouth and swallowed Renji’s cock tail tip. His tongue slipping into Renji’s cock tail, sending the same feelings of having one’s pipe stimulated. His hands weren’t idle either, he stroked and rubbed the length of the tail, combining a blow job, pec fucking, and frot all in one.
The red head panted in his ear, feeling all that while feeling Ichigo’s inner walls cling to his aching cock. He was so big, and Ichigo oh so tight! The two were so wrapped up in the pleasure of each other, they didn’t know they had an audience.
Toshiro had arrived, shortly after Renji penetrate Ichigo with his cock tail. He heard his confession, and his apology. He watched as they kissed, and watched as Renji stuck his cock up Ichigo’s tight little ass. Listening to the moans, and heated pants. He thought he’d be angry, or jealous, to feel the temp temptation of wanting to run Renji through with his sword…but no…that’s not what he felt.
He felt lust, and a bit of understanding. He knew the what it was like to have feelings for the berry who whipped into their lives before his time and to love him so much, you fear ruining any bond you had with him.
Watching the two fuck stirred up his loins, and Renji’s ass looked begging to be fucked. “So Renji, it seems you’ve been having fun with my Ichigo.” he says sauntering in. Clothing set aside for now. His hard cock throbbing as he walked forward. Renji gasped. “Captain Hitsugaya!?” he gasped. ‘He’s the one who fucked Ichigo?’ he couldn’t believe it. He saw the huge cock and the swaying cock tail.
“Are you having fun Ichigo?” Toshiro asked. Ichigo pulled off Ichigo’s cock tail. “Yes, it feels so good Toshiro.” Toshiro pulled him into a kiss, and Renji’s jaw dropped, his cock twitching at the sexy sight. He broke the kiss and Ichigo went back to sucking the cock tail.
“Keep going Abarai.” Renji shivered, but quickly obeyed, thrusting in and out of Ichigo. Toshiro got behind him, sliding his dick between tan tattooed cheeks. “You got a real sexy ass Abarai!” Slap! Renji moaned, his cheek stinging from the sudden slap.
“Captain…” he shuddered. His hole was twitching, wanting to be stuffed again. He could feel Toshiro’s big dick sliding between his cheeks. His pre running down his crack, and slipping into his open hole.
“Ichigo’s got a real nice ass to, doesn’t he?” his hands come around and begin toying with Renji’s nipples. “Ahhh yes Captain!” Renji moans, thrusting into Ichigo faster, his ass was practically made for taking dick. It hugged him so perfectly. “I can see you want him, want this…” he says pinching the red head’s nipples and Renji moans. “You don’t want this to be a one time thing do you?”
“No sir!” he moans. It would kill him, the way Ichigo sucked him and squeezed him. The way he looked so damn sexy when he was stuffed with cock.
“I can make it happen, just become mine and you can play with Ichigo as much as you want.” Renji couldn’t believe it, was it really true? Toshiro’s cock tail hung in front of his face. “Suck it!” The red head opened his mouth without hesitation. He sucked Toshiro’s cock tail, lapping hungrily at the sensitive head.
Toshiro took his chance, lining his cock up with Renji’s wet hole. He thrusts in and moans at the tightness. Toshiro’s big dick makes Renji moan in pleasure, sending pleasing vibrations through the cock tail in his mouth. His own dick twitched inside Ichigo.
The captain grins and begins pounding into Renji’s toned ass, moaning as the toned buns and tight channel hugged his cock. Renji responded by sucking on his cock tail eagerly. “Fuck Abarai you suck cock as good as you take it!” The pace was set, Toshiro pounded into Renji, driving the red head into the orangette, making Ichigo moan as his cock rubbed against Renji’s cock tail, and he sucked on the red head’s mighty man meat.
His hands stroking the long cock tail, hips rocking, his dick and balls rubbing along the hefty length. He squeezed his thighs together, hugging the tail, and giving a nice friction.
Through the muffled moans, lustful slurps, and skin striking skin, it was Renji who reached climax first. Ichigo’s tight ass, and skillful licks and sucks were too much! He came, filling the orangette, the sensations of being filled pushed Ichigo over the edge. Ichigo came all over Renji’s cock tail, his channel clenching in climax, milking Renji of a few more spurts. Toshiro followed suit, Renji’s clenching heat, and strong moans pulling him over the edge, he flooded Renji’s ass and mouth. Renji shivered loving the taste and feeling of being filled. He rode his orgasm and Renji drank every drop.
Toshiro pulled out, and Renji collapsed with Ichigo. ‘Now I think Ichigo is still hungry.’ His cock was still rock hard but before he could get over to him, a creature sprang from the shadows and latched onto Toshiro’s dick. ‘Shit!’ was all he could think before everything went black.
Things were getting out of hand. The Shihoin Clan was contacted and Yushiro was charged to aid in finding the missing soul reapers. “It would be an honor!” he gave a polite bow, before he headed out. He hadn’t met Ichigo Kurosaki, but heard he was trained by his sister Yoruichi. ‘I hope I can be of assistance to him. It’s so strange, what did Captain Mayuri let loose?’
Using his speed he tried to search for the missing shinigami. A sudden noise drew his attention, it wasn’t a small noise either. “Lieutenant Abarai? Captain Hitsugaya? Kurosaki Ichigo?” he called. He got no answer, he kept calling he tried to sense them but something was interfering.
Another loud noise and Yushiro rushed towards the noise, not looking before he leaped. He entered the building and the door was closed behind him. He turned and saw a massive tentacle like appendage. His eyes followed it to the ceiling to reveal a massive creature.
He tried to grab the sacred treasure on his back, but the creature had more tentacle like limbs. They were long and thick, snatching his wrists and ankles, and holding them apart. The sacred treasure dropped to the floor with a clatter. Yushiro struggled but he couldn’t break free or summon any of his reiatsu for a counter attack.
The creature’s numerous limbs got to work, ripping apart of Yushiro’s clothing. “Ahh quit it!” he gasped, the tattered garments littered the floor, exposing his lithe form. The Shihoin clan was all about speed, lean muscle, killing blows. It’s why the head usually managed and trained the stealth ops.
He had smooth flawless skin, his soft 7 incher hung between his spread legs and his smooth balls. His cute plump booty was spread exposing his tight little hole. He gasped blushing as he was held spread eagle, arms held above his head exposing his pits. “What is this?!” he gasped.
Yushiro was pulled close to the creature’s body. It had openings and tentacles came out. A large open tentacle, it thrust into Yushiro’s mouth, before the boy could bite down the tentacle spat goo, pumping quart after quart of it into his mouth and down his throat.
His pupils dilated, and more tentacles joined the mess. Two latched onto his nipples sucking on them. His nipples got nice and perky, the hard peeks getting sucked on. The pleasure shot down to his crotch, his balls getting hot and his cock swelling with arousal. A tentacle with a thin tongue found his dick, it swallowed him down to the root.
The tongue flicked his piss slit again and again, before it thrust in. If Yushiro was in his right mind he’d have cried out, but he was too busy chugging on goo. The tongue tentacle opened up and began pumping fluid into Yushiro’s cock.
A final tentacle plundered his ass, it thrust in and began pumping his ass with a special goo. Smaller tentacles, thin and probing began to reach out and probe the boy’s body. The creature closed around him, forming a cocoon of flesh. A great change was happening to Yushiro’s body.
When Toshiro came to, he awoke to pleasure. “Mmm!” “Ahhh!” He felt two tongues on his cock, hot lips teasing his erect flesh. Toshiro groaned, hips rocking. His blurry vision cleared and before him was Ichigo and Renji, making out with his cock between them. His mighty tool had grown even bigger now surpassing Renji loud and proud at 20 inches.
They rubbed their pecs against his length, tongues dueling over his cock head. “Fuck you two are so hot.” A shift in movement and Toshiro saw he now had two cock tails. His eyes moved from the tails to the bouncing booties of his lovers. ‘All the better to fuck you with…’ he thinks.
The two cock tails thrust into Renji and Ichigo, making them moan. “Toshiro!” “Captain!” the two moaned before going back to working on his monster cock. Toshiro shivered, thrusting his tails into their tight asses. Hot inner walls hugging the thrusting flesh. Their sweet spots were not sparred, Toshiro knew he got them when his boys arched their backs, and holes tightened around them.
Toshiro set the pace, fucking them, pounding their sweet spots into wonderful oblivion. Their hard dicks weeping pre all over Toshiro’s cock. He could feel them twitching, it made his own need throb and his balls ache. These massive nuts were mixing up a hefty load of cum.
Back with Yushiro, the pod of a creature began to move, a clawed hand burst from the top. Another hand joined it, and something escaped out of the top. Ears flicked, and tail thrashed, the naked body flexing.
Ichigo and Renji couldn’t hold back, they came, twin streams pelting the mighty cock with seed. Toshiro couldn’t hold back, his cock pulsed between them. The two lapped at his head, pre overflowing from he tip. They couldn’t get enough, tongues dueled, flicking and lapping.
Toshiro bucked his hips moaning, his cock and tails twitched, the balls lurching. Cum surged through the tails, pumping into the two males, his cock swelled and SPURT! Semen erupted into the air like a volcano. “Ohhhhh yeah!” Toshiro moaned, as his semen rained down covering the red head and orangette.
They opened their mouths wide, catching some of the raining semen in their mouths. The two were covered head to toe with his jizz. ‘What a beautiful sight.’ he thinks with a satisfied grin. His cock was still hard and wanting. ‘I think Ichigo needs to have first go at this bad boy.’ He thinks, Toshiro pulled his tails out of the two.
Ichigo seemed to share the same thought as he got on his hands and knees, shaking his sexy ass. He looked so damn hot drenched in cum. ‘He’s covered and stuffed with my cum!’ the thought sends a thrill through Toshiro’s body.
He lifted up his massive dick and aimed it at Ichigo’s hole. Before he could bury it inside…boom! Yushiro burst in from the ceiling, that wasn’t the most surprising thing. The boy had cat ears and a tail, his dick was massive at 16 inches, his pubes formed a belt around his hips to his tail.
His eyes trained on Ichigo and he licked his lips. “Yushiro Shihoin?” Renji gasped. Yushiro burst forward and snatched Ichigo away from Toshiro and dashed off. “Hey wait!” He was too fast even carrying Ichigo.
“Oh ohh hey ohhh!” Ichigo moaned. He had been whisked away to another building by the strange cat boy. ‘He looks like Yoruichi.’ Ichigo thinks as the boy goes to town. Yushiro was licking him everywhere. He was cleaning off Ichigo’s body of cum.
He was like a hungry kitten, Ichigo shivered with each lick. Yushiro was currently licking his exposed pits. The orangette shivered and Yushiro purred. From the right pit to the left, he licked over Ichigo’s chest. He took his sweet time to, even latching onto each of Ichigo’s perky nipples and giving it a nice long suck, and lapping at the perky nub.
Yushiro purred, loving the taste of cum and enjoying the moans Ichigo made. His furry ears twitched, every moan, every whimper, every pant was music to his ears. He finished cleaning Ichigo’s pecs, to move on to cleaning his pit.
Face, arms, shoulders and neck cleaned already. “Oi oi, stop that would you!” Ichigo shivered. “Mmmmm,” Yushiro purred nuzzling his clean pit. Ichigo’s scent was making him so excited. His fat 16 incher twitched and throbbed.
He continued cleaning Ichigo, lapping at his washboard abs, going as far as to dip his tongue into his navel. Once Ichigo’s abs were clean he continued licking, mapping the grooves of muscle in Ichigo’s body.
Moving down, he cleaned his legs, licking his most sensitive of places. “Oi listen to me neko!” Ichigo snapped. His words turned into a moan as Yushiro got to his feet. “Oi you!” Yushiro’s furry tail suddenly wrapped around Ichigo’s twitching cock pumping the hefty length and brushing against his balls.
Ichigo shivered, shaking in pleasure. Yushiro licked between his toes, and went as far as sucking on them. Ichigo’s leg jerked and his toes curled. ‘This kid!’ Ichigo thinks. He licked Ichigo’s soles, and switched feet to suck on his toes some more. Ichigo’s body bucked and spasmed with pleasure. Yushiro was having a blast, he’d always preferred men over women, much as his sister preferred women over men.
Now he had found a nice one, with such a wonderful smell. He was in heaven, but the cum coating was just the appetizer it was time for the main course. Taking one last whiff of Ichigo’s feet, a little shiver running through him, he turned around and faced his prize.
Ichigo’s cock looked so yummy, he slipped between the orangette’s legs and nuzzled his crotch. “Ichigo…mate…” he says, before he starts licking Ichigo’s shaft. His tongue felt so strange, but wonderful at the same time. Every lick seemed to make his penis throb.
He got higher and higher, till he reached the tip. His tongue swirled round and round the mushroom tip. Ichigo fought back the moans, or tried to, his tongue on his sensitive head was intense. Pre escaped from the slit, which drew Yushiro like a cat to catnip.
His lips surrounded the head, and his tongue flicked his piss slit. Ichigo bucked his hips. “Stop!” Ichigo moaned, feeling the damn about to break. The males ears flattened and he pulled off Ichigo’s dick, looking like he had been kicked, he gave Ichigo a pout. Ichigo looked into his sweet neko eyes, and he found any anger he had melting away. How could he say no to that face, his big brother instincts coming out in spades.
Ichigo sighed. “Go ahead!” he says, and the look on Yushiro’s face was priceless. He licked his lips before devouring Ichigo’s cock. “Ohh fuck!” he moaned. The boy looked so eager, and showed such hunger. He bobbed his head back and forth sucking down an inch each time.
Before long he found his way to the base, and he purred in delight. The action made pleasing vibrations go through his rod. “Ah ahhn!” his climax built up fast, he’s had a very busy day without a minute’s rest. A part of him was worried, but figured the creature messed with his body.
Just when he thought he was gonna cum Yushiro pulled off his cock. His hips were raised and before he could even ask, Yushiro spread his cheeks and kissed his cum filled ass. “Ohh fuck me!” Ichigo moaned.
That playful tongue thrust into his ass, and Yushiro began to clean him out, the cocktail of Renji and Hitsugaya cum slurped away, while playing with his hole at the same time. ‘This kid is driving me crazy.’
Cats do what they want…what can you do…
After slurping down and large amount of the cum inside him, he returned to Ichigo’s cock as if asking for a reward. He redoubled his efforts bobbing back and forth over Ichigo’s cock. His tongue flicked and curled against the underside of his length, while his throat massaged him.
Ichigo’s blush spread ear to ear, his orgasm twisting inside him before he snapped. “Ahhh!” he cried out. His balls lurched and his back arched, his dick swelling as his pipe rushed with seed.
Yushiro felt the swell and quickly gave a long hard suck from base to the tip. He made it just in time, as cum exploded into his mouth. Thick fresh man milk pumped into his mouth, coating his tongue and puffing out his cheeks. He held it all in his mouth, the taste sinking in. ‘So good!’ he thinks as he swallows down the first helping.
More cum fills his mouth, he couldn’t get enough. In his current state, cum was like fine wine, and Ichigo’s was like the best he’d ever had. He was positively drunk on the flavor. His tongue lapped at the tip coaxing more of the delicious man milk into his mouth.
Once Ichigo was spent Yushiro pulled off his cock with a pop, licking his lips, he savored the flavor. “So yummy!” he was blushing, cock wet with pre. The boy giggled as he lifted Ichigo’s hips again, and aimed his massive piece at Ichigo’s open hole. “Thanks for the meal!” he says and thrusts into Ichigo’s tight ass.
Yushiro didn’t last long, cumming as soon as he buried his dick inside. He couldn’t help it he nearly came from drinking Ichigo’s cum before. The neko boy moaned, tail thrashing as he pumped Ichigo full of his seed.
The two moaned in pleasure, Yushiro from getting hugged by possibly the hottest tightest hole in all of soul society…no in all the realms. Ichigo couldn’t help but shiver and moan as he was pumped full of cum. “Is this your first time?” The kido that had been binding his arms broke with Yushiro’s orgasm. He reached down and rubbed his furry ears.
“Ohhh!” he leaned into the touch, just a little scratch had his body lighting up like a festival. He nodded, it truly was his first. Ichigo smiled at him. “Can you keep going?”
“Yes!” he cheers, clawed hands grip Ichigo’s hips and he begins to move. He starts thrusting, his hefty balls smacking into Ichigo’s plump ass. It seems his new form came with a stamina boost. The boy pants and moans, loving the tightness Ichigo offered him.
The boy looked positively blissed out, he was drooling and clinging to Ichigo with all his might. Ichigo rubbed his ears for being such a good boy, his wild thrusts felt so good. ‘He’s too damn cute.’
Ichigo’s cock rubbed against his stomach, his thrusts grew faster and faster. As Yushiro got closer and closer to climax, he latched his mouth on his chest, specifically his pert nipple and began sucking.
He gasped feeling his climax hit. Yushiro followed suit, pumping Ichigo full of more cum as Ichigo’s cum painted Yushiro’s body. His toned form and perky nipples got covered in white. “Ichigo…” Yushiro purred and nuzzled his chest.
“There you are!” The male’s tail shot up, the two turned and saw a naked Renji and naked, pissed off, Toshiro. The neko boy gasped, pulling out of Ichigo and hid behind him. “Now Toshiro I know your mad,” he held up his hands defensively. “But Yushiro was clearly not in his right mind.”
“He took you from me!” he growled.
“And he’s sorry, right?” he looked to the neko behind him. Yushiro nodded, but was still clinging to Ichigo. The orangette grabbed him and held him out. “See he’s sorry, and I wanna keep him.”
“Ichigo…seriously?!” he gasped. “Him!” Toshiro got close, and Yushiro licked his cheek.
“He licked me totally clean, he’d be great for clean up, and look at him.” Yushiro gave him the precious innocent eyes look. Toshiro looked to Renji for help. The red head shrugged. “The more the merrier captain.”
Toshiro sighed. “Fine, but he obeys me got it?” Yushiro gave a salute. “Alright get in position!” Ichigo, Renji, and Yushiro got on their hands and knees. Yushiro on the left, Renji on the right. Toshiro lined up his 20 incher at Ichigo’s cum filled hole, his cock tails aimed at Renji and Yushiro.
“You are very naughty Ichigo, I don’t know if I can hold back.” Ichigo pushed back. “Take me Toshiro I can take it.”
“That you can, this will be bigger than last time, but you can take it can’t you.” he caresses the plump rear. His tails thrust into Yushiro and Renji and the two moan. The neko cried out in orgasm, his ass stretching wide around the mighty man meat.
Renji was already drooling, loving the feeling of being filled, his dick twitched but he didn’t cum. Yushiro was getting used to it, loving the friction and heat that spread through his insides. Pre poured into each of their holes.
Toshiro thrust in, making Ichigo moan. He took the normal length easily, but Toshiro’s new length and girth was a happy surprise. Ichigo’s belly stretched. “Ohh fuck Toshiro!”
“You like this Ichigo?” he asks sinking deeper. “Yes!” he moans. “This naughty hole of yours, is made to be fucked huh?” Ichigo only moaned in response. Toshiro fucked the two nice and hard while he slowly went balls deep inside Ichigo.
Their hard dicks slapped against perfectly sculpted stomachs. Soon even Yushiro was a panting drooling mess. Their bellies bulged but not as big as Ichigo’s did. Toshiro smirked, sitting balls deep inside the three. The two were taking as much as they could, their tight holes hugging and squeezing the cock tails.
‘He’s taking my cock so well, so deep!’ Toshiro thrust into Ichigo. “Toshiro your cock feels so good~” he moans. ‘His ass was made for taking cock, but I’ll have the biggest, I’ll fill him the deepest, I’ll be the one that makes him like this.’ he gave a hard thrust and Ichigo’s back arched crying out in pleasure.
Ichigo seemed to come undone, but looked so beautiful. Their bodies shook with each thrust, skin flushed, glistening in sweat and lust. Pre flooded their insides, making each thrust easier, and making sexy noises from their bodies.
His boys came, seed pelting the ground, holes tightening on his cock and tails. His heavy balls lurched, tails and cock expanding as seed surged forth, and flooding into the willing bodies.
Yushiro moaned, the first time he was filled with seed, and he loved it. His tail wagged and his body shook with pleasure as he expelled more seed. As Renji came his cock tail thrust into his mouth, force feeding him his own cum. Ichigo shivered, loving the feeling of cum filling his belly.
Toshiro gripped Ichigo’s hips tight waiting for every drop to finish pumping inside them. He pulled out his cock tails, but kept his dick inside Ichigo, the boy certainly wasn’t complaining. Reaching around he felt Ichigo’s swollen belly, full of cum and his cock. Renji and Yushiro joined him cuddling into him. ‘This is nice,’ Toshiro thought. ‘But how many more of Mayuri’s crazy experiments are out there?’

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Pheromone Omega chap 5

Pheromone Omega

Izuku : Omega : 6 Incher: Quirk – Pheromone; he can release various pheromones inducing effects on those who catch them.
Bakugo : Alpha : 13 incher : Quirk – Explosion; produces nitroglycerin like sweat from the palms of his hands
Kirishima : Alpha : 11 incher : Quirk – Hardening; can harden his body like rock.
Chapter 5 Beta Meeting
Bakugo couldn’t stop fidgeting. They were meeting their potential beta. “What’s wrong Kacchan, I haven’t seen you so nervous.”
“I’m fine,” he says but he couldn’t stop bouncing his leg. They were taking the bus to visit their potential beta. Izuku put his hand on his bouncing leg. “You weren’t this nervous meeting Kirishima-kun.”
“Of course not, if he pissed me off I’d have just kicked his ass.” Izuku couldn’t help but laugh at that, not that he didn’t think Bakugo could beat Kirishima, he just could see it happen. “Beta’s are different.”
Betas were a wonderful thing, especially in packs. They helped take care of omegas, and were strong enough to keep alphas in check. As Izuku knew pheromone wise, when an alpha comes in contact with fellow alpha pheromones can be met with aggression, omegas can calm alphas, however depending on their mind state those pheromones can push them over the edge and drive them wild, betas have a natural soothing pheromone, also while a beta can enjoy an omega’s scent and pheromones they aren’t effected by them as much as alphas. It gave balance to packs so neither alpha or omegas can overwhelm the other.
“You’ll inspect him, and I’ll see if I respond to him.” he smiles. “You picked him I’m sure he’s gonna be great.” Katsuki blushed. ‘Baka, it’s why I’m so nervous.’ The right beta in as pack can make the pack thrive, but the wrong beta could make the pack fall apart.
Izuku was reading over Ojiro’s file, enjoying himself, leaning against Bakugo slightly.
Ojiro Mashirao, beta, quirk Tail. He hadn’t really thought about his love life much. He was planning on going to UA, and he spent most of his time training. Still the latest omega reveal came as a shock for a lot of people. Everyone at his school was talking about him.
“Did you here about the sludge villain incident?” he heard. “Yeah some crazy omega rushed in to protect an alpha.”
“That’s crazy!”
“He must have been hiding he just went on the omega registry.”
“Sounds kinda suspicious, who wants a reckless omega like that?” Many of the alphas at his school saw Izuku as a wild omega, and not worth the trouble. “Says something about the alpha who’s with him, he must be super weak if he needed an omega to save him.” the alphas laughed.
Ojiro left, many of the alphas at his school were real assholes. He had little desire in finding an alpha to mate with, but an omega…that sounded quite nice. He rather respected the green haired omega’s bravery. ‘These fools don’t get it, while others stood by and watched he charged in. He was very brave.’ He thought.
So he sent his letter in. He had a feeling the alpha he tried to save was Izuku’s alpha, he didn’t want to bond with an alpha but with such a prized omega, he’d put up with an alpha or two.
He got a reply from his letter. He was so happy that Izuku accepted him, and then he saw he was bringing his intended alpha to the meeting. ‘Great, means I’ll have to go through an alpha inspection.’ he sighed, well he had a feeling this would be the case.
Izuku and Bakugo arrived and the alpha was a little calmer. Izuku had that effect on him, he had a feeling Izuku could keep him check on the best days, but when he goes into heat who knows.
Katsuki wouldn’t settle for less. He wanted Izuku to be happy and he wanted a strong pack. ‘Let’s do this.’
They knocked on the door. “Coming!” The blonde opened the door. Izuku’s eyes sparkled as he saw the large appendage behind Ojiro. His nerd coming out in spades. “Hello, I’m Ojiro, its a pleasure to meet you.” He gave a polite bow.
“I’m Izuku, and this is my alpha Bakugo.” He says.
“Come in,” his home was a simple one, nothing really stood out outside of the weights. They took a seat in the living room, Bakugo’s eyes never left him, he was like a hawk. “So tell me Izuku-kun, are you planning to go to UA as well?” Ojiro asked, he had his own dream of going to said school.
“Yes we both are, though I’m worried my quirk might not be enough.” Ojiro looked Izuku up and down. “I think you’ll do great I’ve never seen an omega so fit.” He says, Izuku’s clothing was fitting, clinging to his strong shoulders, fine pecs, and rock hard abs. His pants were a little looser. Izuku blushed at the compliment. “Thank you Ojiro-kun, I really like your tail. It looks so strong.” It was Ojiro’s turn to blush.
“Well you can touch it if you like.” He says, rubbing the back of his head. Izuku got up, he wanted to touch and feel it.
The hefty appendage moved so Izuku could touch it fully. The omega looked like a kid who was allowed to touch a puppy for the first time. ‘Damn nerd, he’s showing his cute side again.’ Izuku ran his hands over the mighty appendage, causing a shiver to run through the beta. “Oh wow!” Katsuki knew that adorable look well.
Bakugo cleared his throat. The two looked at him. “Deku would should be getting on with the evaluation.” Izuku stood up. “Right!” He gave Ojiro a smile. “I’ll see you soon Ojiro-kun, and don’t worry Kacchan might seem prickly he’s still a good guy.” He says before leaving the two alone.
Ojiro felt his tail twitch at Izuku’s touch, and was already missing it when he left. Bakugo was radiating frankly a terrifying aura, Ojiro certainly wouldn’t call him prickly, he was scary.
“Alright Tail Ass, you know the drill strip now.” He ordered. ‘Tail Ass?’ Ojiro thought, but stood up to obey.
Betas would strip for an alpha to show off their assets. He could feel Katsuki’s eyes on him, Izuku’s eyes made him feel warm, but Bakugo’s he felt pressure.
His clothing was set aside and he stood proudly, with his hands at his sides. Having Izuku touch him and be close to him had aroused him, so his dick stood at attention. ‘Well he’s not shy that’s a start.’ Bakugo got up and circled him. “Not a bad piece.” he says and suddenly grabs Ojiro by his cock.
The blonde gasps and bucks his hips. Bakugo’s hands were rough, and warm. He was 9 inches long pretty endowed for a beta. Katsuki eyed his muscles. “How often do you train Tail Ass?”
‘There’s that name again.’ He sighed. “Everyday alpha. At least 4 hours of weights and then I practice my martial arts.” He says and Bakugo strokes his cock while running a hand over Ojiro’s abs then his pecs.
The stroking didn’t last long, as his hand dropped to fondle his smooth balls. Ojiro let out a soft moan but stood his ground.
Katsuki’s hand left his balls after some teasing before joining its partner to tease Ojiro’s nipples. “You don’t like alphas do you?” He asks giving the tailed boy’s nipples a little flick.
“Not particularly, I know some that can be real jerks.” He says, and Bakugo smirks. “And yet you still went along with this, for Deku?” He gave his nips a pinch, and got a moan from the beta.
“Yes,” he pants, his body shivering from pleasure. Bakugo stops teasing his nips and uses one hand to lift his tail. “Nice ass!”he gave the blonde’s cheeks a playful swat. “Ahh!” Ojiro gasped.
‘This guy is…’ red eyes looked into his dark ones. “Deku asked me to pick a beta for him, and for me. In the end I picked you, because I thought you’d make him happy.” He gropes Ojiro’s ass and the blonde arches onto his toes. The tailed blonde was shocked to hear that. “But in a pack there are times when an alpha must be satisfied by a beta. Can you really stand becoming mine, helping with my needs, and helping take care of Izuku?”
Ojiro shivered, his pheromones coming off him in his arousal. “To be honest, I’m not sure, you seem like an ass to me. I’ve met some pretty arrogant alphas at my school and…” he looked Bakugo dead in the eye. “You do seem to have an ego, but I can see how much you care about Izuku, and he really cares about you. I think I can accept you as my alpha.” He didn’t know what Bakugo was gonna say or do, but the last thing he expected was for the alpha blonde to kiss him.
His eyes flew wide, as Katsuki’s lips sealed over his own. ‘Fuck he’s a good kisser!’ Ojiro thought, feeling his knees buckle. His kiss was like an explosion of passion. When Katsuki let him go he collapsed to his knees, his tail helping cushion the fall. “I approve.” He says. “Move your tail, and get dressed Deku will be back soon.”
Ojiro was shocked, but obeyed. “What made you approve?” He was curious. Many alphas didn’t look his way.
“Because I’m not blind, I can see how hard you work, your quirk isn’t flashy so you worked hard so you can make your dream come true.” He says. “It reminds me of a certain nerd I know.” he blushes. ‘He might not be a bad alpha after all.’ He could see himself submitting to this guy.
Ojiro finished getting dressed just in time as Izuku came back. “No property damage I’m guessing things went well.” He smiled.
“Ha ha, yeah I approve.” He folds his arms. Izuku grins and moves over to Ojiro. The tailed blonde gets pushed into his couch with Izuku on top. He was still hard and his pheromones were out.
Izuku hummed as he took a deep whiff of his neck. The greenette gasped, feeling a powerful shiver race through him. “Ojiro-kun!” He panted and the blonde blushed. Izuku rocked his hips, rubbing their confined arousals together.
Katsuki sat back, palming himself to the show. ‘This is kinda hot.’ Izuku responded to Ojiro’s scent, so he was in.
Ojiro turned the tables flipping their positions so Izuku was pinned beneath him. The boy whined, arching his back. Ojiro kissed and nuzzled his neck making Izuku moan happily.
“Do it Deku.” Ojiro turned his head and Bakugo had his cock out. ‘So big!’ He thought, his attention leaving Izuku for only a moment. Then Izuku’s sweet scent changed, and the clothes rubbing against his body suddenly became intense.
He moaned, pupils dilating as his heart raced. “Izuku?” The boy bucked his hips, grinding their arousal together and Ojiro came. “Ahhh!”
Izuku pulled him in for a kiss, one hand cupping his thick appendage. Never had his tail felt so sensitive. Izuku’s touch felt so good, the boy caressed his tail, playing with the fur at the tip. ‘Oh my gawd!’ before he knew it he was cumming again.
“This is part of Deku’s quirk, one of his fragrances.” Bakugo got in close stroking his dick next to their faces. He pumps himself faster and faster watching the kiss deepen. Ojiro took charge and dominated the kiss. ‘Fuck these two are so hot!’ He thinks. He was loving how their scents combined and made something amazing. “You two are mine.” He says before he to cums, and sprays his seed over Ojiro and Izuku’s faces. He scent marked them.
Izuku pulls his cock out and follows suit, he cums on Ojiro, scenting him as his beta. Ojiro’s head was spinning, but he certainly was happy. ‘Guess I’m part of a pack, I don’t think its gonna be bad at all.’
Izuku starts to lick Bakugo’s dick, and Ojiro helps lick the cum off Izuku’s face. The boy giggles, at his actions.
They needed a proper clean up so they move to Ojiro’s bathroom, the tub was small, so Izuku and Ojiro got in first. “Welcome to the pack Ojiro, we’ll make things official when I go into heat.” He says. “I can’t wait for you to meet Kirishima-kun.”
“Another beta?” He asked. Bakugo huffed. “No, an alpha Deku picked out, don’t worry Tail Ass, your my beta, he can find his own.” he says. It was a concern some alphas shared betas as well as omegas in a pack not a full on mating but in ruts.
Ojiro nods, and washes Izuku’s back. He was loving the chance to run his hands over Izuku’s chiseled form. It was usually the betas who washed the alpha or omega as if the two were together they’d often end up just having sex. At the same time Izuku scrubbed his tail, running his fingers through the furry tip. The two washed up while Katsuki read a magazine, he’d get a shower later.
“I’ll give you a call when its time. Don’t make me regret this.” Katsuki says after they were dressed and ready to leave. “I won’t.” He says and the two shake hands. “Bye Ojiro,” he hugs him, and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He returns the gesture, and the two left leaving the tailed blonde more excited. He couldn’t wait to mate with Midoriya, and even a part of him was excited know he’d get have to be taken by Bakugo first. The thought of the three of them in the same bed made him so hard. ‘We all are going after UA, I can’t slow down now. The whole pack will get in.’ Ignoring his hard on he goes to lift some weights, two with his arms one with his tail.
To be continued
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Shaping the Vessel Chap 7

Shaping the Vessel
Naruto 12 inches
Iruka 8 inches
Kakashi 8.5 inches
Sasuke 4 Inches
Kiba 10 inches
Akamaru 9.5 inches
Chap 7
Sasuke couldn’t deny it, his teammates were fucking perverts. “Ah ahh ahhn!” Sasuke moaned, the buzzing inside him driving him nuts. “You are doing so good Sasuke, keep it up.”
Team 7 had taken up the no clothing policy while at the training grounds. They sparred and worked out in the buff. Kiba of course had no issue with it finding it oddly freeing.
Most of the days passed, doing the basics, and ending in a mini orgy. Sasuke would often watch as Naruto fucked Kiba or Akamaru, and Kakashi would come in as clean up, rimming the two dog nin, and offering blow jobs to his team.
If Sasuke got involved it was usually with Naruto, kissing, frotting or receiving a blow job from the blonde. Naruto was the only one he let touch him, Kiba tried to give him a rim job once, and Sasuke flipped out.
Kakashi showed up with a new toy every day, sometimes a different size, a different shape, sometimes they even vibrated. Sasuke didn’t know it but Naruto was fucking their sensei, he knew he was a pervert with the kind of books he read but he had no idea.
Kiba could smell it however, he could smell his master’s cum inside Kakshi and recognized him as part of the pack. He learned Iruka was the pack mother. Akamaru was his partner and harem brother. He wouldn’t mind if Sasuke joined the pack, but he was so skittish.
After they became official genin, and the official team 7. After their fun time, Sasuke went home after getting dressed. “Oi Naruto? I can smell your cum inside Kakashi-sensei. Just what are you up to?”
“I’m building a harem.” He says with confidence. Kiba smirked, before letting out a laugh. “Interesting, very interesting, you really are a surprise Naruto!” Kiba embraced him. “I really like you, and that fun appendage of yours, I really like that to.”
He buried his face in Naruto’s neck, inhaling his manly musk. ‘I like this to, your scent, it makes my beast growl in desire.’ He pressed his hard dick against the blonde. “Your cum inside me, I crave it I feel so good, you marked me as yours didn’t you?”
“That’s right, you and Akamaru, welcome to the harem…no welcome to my pack Kiba!” He wrapped his arms around the dog nin.
“I take it back, I fucking love you.” Naruto moved Kiba to fuck him doggy-style. “Ah ahh, Naruto-Sama!” he moaned. Akamaru joined in the fun and stuffed his dick into Kiba’s mouth. Kiba moaned around his partner’s length. ‘Heaven!’
Akamaru panted, moaning as he fucked his partner’s mouth, his heavy balls smacking his chin. “Good boy Akamaru.” he kissed his cheek. His tail wagged happily. He was rewarded by Naruto’s cock tail thrusting into his tight hole.
He moaned, and licked Naruto’s whiskered cheek. Kiba bucked back onto Naruto’s massive shaft before getting his mouth stuffed with Akamaru’s dick. ‘So big!’ Kiba came, blowing his load all over the ground, and Akamaru followed suit. He came down Kiba’s throat, Kiba sucked him through his release, milking the former dog of a few extra spurts.
Naruto finished last, his climax hitting and filling both dog nin. His hefty balls lurched, and cum shot through his cock and cock tail. He painted their inner walls white. ‘So full!’ Kiba rubbed his swollen belly, Akamaru did the same.
‘They look so cute blissed out like this.’ the two shared similar cum drunk expressions. Naruto pulled out, the two whining at the loss, cum running down their sexy legs, and the twins cuddled up to him. “I know some guys who’d fit right in.” Kiba says nuzzling the left side of Naruto’s neck while Akamaru nuzzled the right.
-x-End Flashabck-x-
Naruto was pleased Kiba’s list matched up to some of his targets. Kiba loved checking out the guys in the bath houses, he liked seeing how he measured up.
Shikamaru was 8 inches long, as Kiba put it, he’d be down for the harem thing. He was pretty lazy in his love life, he’d be the type all to happy to turn over the reigns.
Chouji was 9 inches, but thicker than Kiba. Chouji was pretty laid back to, he’d get in on them harem so long as Shikamaru was.
Shino was 7.5 inches long, Kiba believed he could get Shino to join no problem.
Hyuuga Neji was 6 inches long uncut. Kiba didn’t know much about him, just seen him around the hot springs.
Rock Lee was about 3 inches, he works out a lot from what Kiba could smell.
Asuma Sarutobi, who was the sensei of Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino, the man had a 13 inch beast, his body rippling with muscle and peppered with manly hair.
There were more that Naruto had to look into but both he and Kyuubi agreed, getting Kiba on this was a great move. For now he was focusing on Sasuke, the raven was too adorable to resist.
He had Kakashi enact Kyuubi’s training methods. The silver haired jounin had no complaints as despite the odd premise they would get results.
During meditation, Kiba, Sasuke, and Akamaru had bullet vibes pushed inside them. Naruto helped Sasuke at first when he was too embarrassed to do it himself. While Naruto wasn’t getting toys stuffed up his ass, his cock was bound by 3 vibrating rings, and his nips had the eggs on them. Sasuke couldn’t see it, but Naruto fucked himself with his own cock tail.
The boys would have to meditate for hours, with the toys buzzing at various levels on their bodies. If you cum before you finish, you had to do laps with the toy inside, and go back to meditating with an additional toy.
This helped work their stamina and endurance. Also the toys were special in the ninja world as they stimulated one’s chakra. So while they meditated they worked on controlling their chakra, strengthening their chakra system and over all chakra control.
A ninja could protect one’s sweet spot, or erogenous zones with chakra. So having toys that disrupt or manipulate chakra were quite handy. For example the vibe Kakashi had in his ass was a chakra manipulator, drawing the man’s chakra to his channel and sweet spot, making the vibrations he felt all the more intense.
Kiba and Akamaru were on their second toy. Their bodies glistened with sweat from having to run laps, their hard dicks twitching again. The twin egg vibes buzzed inside them, four in total between the twins.
Sasuke was so close on the edge. “You can do it Sasuke.” Sasuke blushed. “I can’t I’m gonna cum.” his tiny tool was weeping, the tip a lovely shade of red. Naruto sat behind him.
“You can do it,” he places his hands on Sasuke’s stomach. “Focus on my hands, let the chakra swirl here.” Sasuke obeyed he focused as the clock ticked away. “That’s it perfect, just like that.”
Sasuke moaned, but held on, focusing on keeping his chakra in check. His dick was twitching like crazy, pre overflowing from the tip and soaking his crotch. He was holding on by a hair. Kiba and Akamaru panted beside him. ‘So hot, so intense, I can’t…’
Naruto leaned in close, whispering into his ear. “Just a little more, you are doing so good Sasuke.” Sasuke shivered, and he let out a gasp as Naruto nibbled his ear.
Kakashi’s alarm bell went off, and Kakashi arched his back, cumming hard. His semen erupted all over himself. “That was great Sasuke.” Naruto purred into his ear. The raven panted falling back into Naruto’s arms.
Kiba and Akamaru came together, covering themselves in cum. The two turned to each other, and started making out, before licking the cum off the other. Their lovey doveyness makes the raven blush.
Naruto collects his semen and licks it off his palm. “Delicious.” Sasuke shivered again. ‘Damn it all, is this really training.’ he shifted, only to gasp as the vibrating egg nudged his sweet spot.
“Need help getting it out?” Sasuke blushed and pushed the blonde away from him. “I can do it myself!” he reaches back and spreads his cheeks. His manhole twitches and Sasuke trembles as he pushes the toy out. It wasn’t easy as he didn’t even bother or forgot to turn off the toy. He panted as he clenched, the vibrations making things harder in more ways than one.
“Your hole is twitching a lot.” Naruto says, and Sasuke blushes as red as a tomato. “Shut up!” he closed his eyes and focused on pushing the toy out. His hole opened up, and Sasuke gasped as it popped out and he came again.
Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru got dressed and left to go to the bathhouse. “Kakashi-sensei, is this training really necessary?”
“I know it is a bit odd, but trust me I can see the results.” he put his hand on Sasuke’s shoulder. “Being shy and embarrassed can be seen as cute in the bedroom, but on the battle field it can be deadly.” Kakashi sat Sasuke down. “Imagine if you were captured by an enemy, it is a common tactic to strip an enemy, take their supplies and weapons. Having your enemy naked makes it more difficult for them to escape.”
Sasuke thought about it, how he was before, he’d definitely be paralyzed if this were the case. “Now you can fight without clothes, so even if you were captured by an enemy you’d catch them off guard.” Like he was when the boys attacked him naked. “Sasuke, you like Naruto don’t you?”
“Ehh?” he gasped. “I…I…I mean…what?!”
“I think you should sleep with him, its more special for a ninja to have their first time with someone they really like.” he says and gives the boy an unmasked smile. “I know your worried about your clan, but I have a feeling it’ll work out.”
Sasuke had a lot to think about. “Go home and think about it, the intro training is done we’ll be going on missions soon.” It was the next step in ninja training, maybe it was time to take the next step with Naruto.
To be continued
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Feb 25

Monster Quirk: Parasite Slime Chap 2

Monster Quirk: Parasite Slime
Chap 2 Invader
Izuku gasped and shivered. “Why do you do this?” The boy gasped and shivered, his hips bucking. Slime tentacles caressed caressed his arms and legs, massaging his muscles. It held his arms up above his head, and forced his legs apart. Two slime tentacles latched onto Izuku’s perky nipples, and sucked on them hard. A slime tentacle plundered his ass, as another set became tiny hands to grope Izuku’s balls and cock. “Ahh Slime!”
He writhed in pleasure, till his cock began to leak pre. ‘Trust me!’ Slime replied to him telepathically. The way slime teased him, held him on the edge, making him whimper in need.
All Might aka Toshinori was stuck watching the scene before him. He couldn’t look away, he had never seen someone so naturally hung. In his Hero Form he could beat him but that was a temporary state. Taking his eyes off the boy for a moment he found the boy’s notebook, it was among his discarded items. A quick flip through the notebook showed him, the boy was obsessed with heroes. ‘A fanboy? His notes are very detailed.’ he thinks, he turns back to the boy. ‘I can’t leave such a young man like this.’
‘I’ve recovered enough energy I’ll be able to hold my hero form for at least 5 minutes, I’ll get the boy off, and take the villain into the police no problem.’ The scrawny blonde body, swelled with muscle, the loose clothing become incredibly tight. “Oi young man!” he stepped out.
Izuku looked and gasped. “All Might!” he looked from the hero, his number one favorite hero, back down to his naked and aroused form. “Wha-wha-what?!” his whole face went red. “All Might, I can’t believe this, your my favorite hero, how are you here? Why are you here? This is so crazy I can’t think straight. You look so amazing in person!” he continued to mutter. He couldn’t believe this, it was All Might in the flesh, he was so dazzling in person. ‘Oh my gawd! I’m naked and aroused in front of All Might!’ If he was able able to move his hands he’d hide behind them. If he wasn’t in such a compromising position he’d ask the man for his autograph.
‘Play it cool All Might,’ he thinks. “I saw how you took down that villain.” he gave the boy a thumbs up. “That was impressive work.” Izuku felt his heart skip a beat. “Does this usually happen when you use your quirk?”
Izuku didn’t think his face could get any redder. “Yes, it does this. It stops once I get off though.” he was finding it hard to look at All Might, not surprising, this was the number 1 hero, the symbol of peace!
“I see, well then how about I give you a hand, and I’ll take that villain off your hand.” he says. “I understand you were in a pinch and had no choice but to fight to protect yourself. It’d still be best if I turn the villain in.” Self defense with quirks could only go so far, and it was his fault for letting the villain slip away.
“You’d really help me?” Izuku’s cock twitched. The slime retreated from his cock. ‘This has to be a dream!’
“This is quite the piece young man.” he says. Another skipped beat at the words. All Might’s big hand caressed his hard flesh. Izuku moaned and bucked his hips.
“All…Might…” Izuku panted, and it was All Might’s turn to get flustered. ‘So cute!’ he calmed himself. ‘I don’t have time to waste.’
“No worries, I’ll take care of you, tell me your name.” he says, bringing his face closer to Izuku’s dick.
“Izuku…Midoriya Izuku.” he says, shivering slightly, feeling All Might’s warm breath on his sensitive length.
“Well Young Midoriya, thank you for the meal.” he says and he wraps his lips around the tip. Izuku moans as his cock head was licked, his pre licked away. ‘So sweet!’ his tongue worked did wonders, swirling and flicking the sensitive head. Pre was his reward, it seemed slime was no longer keeping him on edge.
All Might sucked him down, sucking inch after glorious inch, pre gushing down his mighty throat. He reached the base, and nuzzled Izuku’s nest of manly hair. ‘He smells so good.’ Bobbing back and forth, tongue caressing the underside of his mighty cock. ‘Tastes good to!’
He hummed around the shaft, sending pleasing vibrations through his rod. The boy’s dick pulsed in his mouth hotly. Izuku’s moans escaped his lips, the sweet noise making All Might’s own cock to twitch in delight.
Little did All Might know, there was more than pre running down his throat. Izuku’s stamina and endurance was proving a surprise for him, but he was enjoying sucking the boy’s dick so much it slipped from his mind.
Before he knew it, his 5 minutes were up but he didn’t change back…
‘This man’s body is interesting.’ Slime spoke telepathically. ‘You didn’t…’ Izuku was worried. His quirk had a parasitic nature to it, similar to invading the sludge villain’s body to immobilize him. ‘You’ll thank me later, so will he.’ Izuku was pulled from his thoughts as his dick was slurped on harder by the pro hero.
It seemed the man was growing hungrier. ‘If his pre tastes this good, I wonder how good his cum will taste.’ he thinks. ‘Plus Ultra!’ he sucked Izuku harder and faster, and Izuku arched his back in pleasure, toes curling in absolute bliss.
He had to bite his lip to keep himself from screaming in pleasure. Heat pulled deep inside, coiling into a little knot, before it snapped and Izuku’s climax hit hard! “All Might…I’m cumming…ahhhhnnn!”
Cum erupted down the man’s throat, All Might shook his own climax rocking him. He pulled back to the tip, letting Izuku’s thick seed fill his cheeks. It seems his seed was quite plentiful to, in a few seconds his cheeks were full. He gulped down the hefty load and waited for the next mouth full.
His climax surprised him, his seed pouring into his boxers and soaking the garment. His own cum ran down his legs as he chugged Izuku’s. ‘So good!’ he shivered as his cum soaked boxers clung to his body. ‘I can’t believe I came from sucking his cock.’
He pulled off Izuku’s penis, the cock showing it’s stamina being in a semi hard state. Seeing it, made All Might feel tingly inside. The bad part was, in his climax All Might lost his concentration and reverted back to civilian mode. “All Might!?” the boy gasped.
“Now let me explain…” he revealed who he was as Izuku’s clothes and belongings were gathered. All Might revealed his scar. “I lost most of my digestive system, and with many surgeries my body is worn out. I can only be in hero mode for so long.”
Izuku pulled on his boxers. “Was it the fight with Toxic Chainsaw?”
“You know your stuff, but no this fight has been kept out of the media.” he sighs. “I ask that you keep this under your hat, don’t post this online or share with your friends.”
“I don’t really have a lot of friends, most people think I’m weird and so is my quirk.” he says and puts on his shirt. “I’m not gonna tell anyone, even if I did I doubt anyone would believe me.”
“Young man, I witnessed your quirk first hand I do believe you will be a hero!” he says and Izuku’s heartbeat increased. All Might picked up the villain and returned to hero mode. “I’m sorry you were put in danger, I’ll take this guy to the police, he won’t be bothering you again.” he gave Izuku a bow.
Izuku got dressed. “Thank you All Might, for everything.” he gave the man his honest smile and All Might felt his heart skip a beat. ‘Too cute!’
“I’m off, you take care of yourself.” he soared off into the air with one jump.
“Oh wow, amazing…” then realization hit him. “Oh crap I forgot to get his autograph.” he got his notebook, only to find All Might already signed it. “He already signed it!” his heart fluttered. “So amazing!”
He headed home before it finally hit him. “Oh crap I forgot to warn him about slime, oh man Slime you really did it this time.” he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.
“Trust me, you worry to much.” Slime replied.
“How can I not, you are a naughty parasite slime!?” the slime chuckled. “Not all parasites harm the body, with the right host things can be quite symbiotic.” He wasn’t talking anymore after that.
Bakugo saw All Might flying through the air. His strength fueling his fire to want to go to UA. He wasn’t the only one who saw him.
“It seems Sludge was captured.”
“All Might was too strong for him.”
“Should we rescue him?”
“No, he never joined our ranks, but once we bring down All Might everyone will fear us.”
All Might dropped off the sludge villain, and took off to find a safe place. His show boding had stirred up the press, and they were all over the police station. They were no match for his skills and he got away from them.
Once he was clear, he felt something strange. ‘It’s odd, my time should be up, but my power is still going strong.’ He shivered feeling the goo in his crotch. ‘Goopy, I should go get cleaned up.’
He barely got a step in before he felt something shift inside him. He blushed and clutched his stomach. “What’s happening?” another step and he felt something touch his sweet spot. “Ohh!” he rushed to the nearest restroom.
Every step he took things got stranger and stranger. Lucky for him the bathroom was empty, he found a stall and he gasped. Yanking his pants and boxers down his hard cock snapped up and slapped his rock hard abs. “What’s happening to me?!” Pink slime like tentacles coiled around his legs.
His insides felt full, his manhole opened up as the pink slime came out and worked his way around All Might’s sexy body. It seemed to take the form of a creature, it opened it’s mouth and swallowed All Might’s mighty 12.5 incher down to the root. “Ohh My Goodness!” he moaned, clapping a hand over his mouth. ‘Why is Midoriya’s slime inside me?’ he thinks. ‘Wait!’
It all came to him, Midoriya’s pre was just the start, when he came the Slime placed itself inside his body. It cleaned up his cum covered crotch, it seemed the slime had a favorite food sweat and cum!
Slime pushed up his shirt, slime tentacles sprouting off and moving All Might’s body. ‘Shit this feels really good!’ inside his prostate was being caressed, while outside the slime was teasing him.
His pre and cum was slurped away, and as his heart raced he began to sweat. The slime lapped up his sweat, going as far as to lick All Might’s sweaty pits. The blonde panted, bucking his hips. He couldn’t escape the slime had a skin tight hold on his cock, and the suction…holy fuck the suction.
He didn’t know if the slime didn’t need to breath or had another way of getting the air he needed, but the suction was non stop. It was like being in a milking machine. He came hard and his essence was slurped away.
That seemed to be the catalyst. More heads appeared, they latched onto his big huge balls and sucked his hefty nuts. Tongue like slime tentacles lapped his butt cheeks, doing the tango along his big sexy muscled back. Two mouth tentacles latched onto his perky nips and sucked. “HOLY!” He moaned.
It was too much and he was cumming again. All he could do was brace himself against the wall as his body had two more orgasms before it seemed the slime was done with him. The slime retracted into All Might’s body and not just in his ass. The slime invaded his cock, flooding the pipe and filling him deep.
Much to All Might’s shock the slime infiltrating him felt so good! His body twitched in one final orgasm before he slumped against the wall. ‘I need to see Young Midoriya again.’
To be continued
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Shippo’s Secret Technique: Twin Cock Tail

Shippo’s Secret Technique: Twin Cock Tail
Shippo finds a jewel shard and uses it to obtain his true form using his secret techniques he puts the so called alpha wolf and half dog demon in their place. Tier 3
Shippo was going hunting by himself. Kouga showed up today so the camp was so noisy. The two canines were always at each other’s throats driving everyone crazy. Shippo stared at himself in a nearby lake. ‘If I wasn’t confined to this body I’d show them who’s the top dog here.’ In truth while he was not as old as Kouga, he was older than Inuyasha. Fox demons tended to have a regressed age rate, among beast type demons they retained their youth the longest, but it also took forever for their bodies to properly mature. He’d grown a bit since starting his journey with Inuyasha and the others, but not by much.
Kouga was around more now that the was between the wolves and the birds of paradise was over. Ginta and Hakkaku had been upgraded acting as messengers and go betweens, between the demon wolf tribes and the local villages, along with Kagome. They were working on bridging peace between the humans and wolf demons. So Kouga had a lot of free time, which he used to attempt to torment Inuyasha.
Shippo sighed. Going out to hunt was sometimes the only time he found peace and quiet. The two were in a constant state of dick measuring it was unbelievable. A sudden noise drew his attention.
Out from the bushes came a large beast, no doubt gone wild from a jewel shard. Shippo managed to kill the beast, when only the jewel shard remained. “Hmm,” he couldn’t purify shards like Kagome, but he wasn’t completely powerless.
Summoning up his fox fire he infused the shard with his flame. The dark light was burned away, and the jewel changed to a lovely shade of green. “This is perfect.” he placed the jewel inside his heart, and let the power flow through his blood.
The change began, the jewel was unlocking all his latent potential. His body aging to match his true age. He may not have been as old as Sesshoumaru but he was up there. The jewel shard freed his body from it’s limitations.
His physical years melted away, he aged into a tall fox demon. His clothing could not handle the change, and as his child body grew to adult the cloth got tighter and tighter and tighter…until…RIIIIIIIPPP
Shippo gasped as the clothing ripped off his body. Toys and tricks scattered across the ground. His body continued to grow., baby fat burning away, reinforced by new muscle, his claws sharpened, his tail grew long and fluffy, splitting into two.
He was now as tall as Inuyasha and Kouga, but his muscles, were in the middle of the two. Broad shoulders, fine pecs, rocking 8 pack abs. From his crotch a mighty treasure trail ran up to his navel. His limited 5 incher and grape sized nuts also aged. As the years passed for his physical body, his balls swelled with unshed cum. His dick grew longer by 3 inches, and every 5 inches it expanded in girth. “Ohhh!”
His cock was so heavy. The mighty man meat that could only be wielded by those of demon blood. Shippo whistled as he ran a hand along his mighty piece. He was 20 inches long, with a mighty girth.
Shippo went over to the nearby lake to examine his new form in all it’s glory. “Hmm not bad, had to believe it’d take at least another 500 years to get here.” With a flick of the wrist he severed a dead tree in two, and with the other hand he channeled his energy and grew a whole new tree. “So this is the state of my power in this body.” he smirked. “Then that means I can use that.” he chuckled.
It took him a few minutes to find what he needed, a scroll with the most secret of demon fox techniques. Some of them were sealed due to his age, but now…
“Here it is!” he exclaims after searching for the right technique. “Forbidden Art: Cock Tail!” his right tail transforms, the furry appendage morphing into flesh. Shippo chuckled as he flexed his new appendage. The now phallic tail, would be quite handy in his plans. “But that won’t be all.” he used the technique again morphing the other into a cock tail as well. “Fox Magic Twin Cock Tail Technique.”
Shippo shivered as the two brushed and twisted together, the tips kissing and rubbing against each other. Shippo’s 20 incher, twitched and drooled. This was one of the most interesting fox magic tricks, making one’s tail like this. As flexible as a tail but as sensitive and working as a real cock. “Time to go do another kind of hunting.” he was in the mood to teach some canines a lesson.
Inuyasha and Kouga were fighting over the snacks Kagome left behind. “These aren’t yours flea bag.” Inuyasha says snatching the bag of chips away from Kouga. “And let them go to waste on a mutt like you, no way!”
The two were so busy fighting they didn’t notice the fox demon walking towards them. He had masked his pressence and scent but still walked blatantly nude. He stroked his mighty length, dripping pre as he walked. ‘Now!’ with one step he was on them in an instant.
His cock tails grabbed the two demons, each one coiling around the two struggling demons. Not even demon strength could break the hold of an aroused cock tail. “Who the fuck are you?! Gah!” The head of the first cock tail thrust into Inuyasha’s gaping mouth. “A fox demon?! Gah!” Same thing happened to Kouga, as the fat head plunged into his mouth.
“You two never shut up, always barking like wild dogs. Don’t worry Shippo is here to put you into place.” he says stroking his cock. ‘Shippo?!’ the two thought. Eyes roaming up and down the tall sex god of a fox demon, with the mighty man meat to match.
Both demon and half demon froze at the sight of the mighty tool, dwarfing them both. Inuyasha had inherited his father’s big bone gene, even as a hanyo his cock was 11 inches long. Kouga was no slouch either, even at 9 inches he was THICK! Shippo surpassed them both and seeing that mighty man meat made their dicks twitch.
That wasn’t all, with cocks in mouth, their sensitive noses were hit hard by the powerful musk of dick. For demons smell was a big part of things, and the smell of Shippo’s cock tails were making them painfully hard. “You boys are hungry yes, don’t worry I’ll feed you.” He gripped his dick hard, and felt a pulse run through it. His balls lurched and the twin cock tails sprayed seed into the two mouths.
The taste was explosive, two thick streams poured into their mouths, coating their tongues and filling their cheeks. The two couldn’t help but swallow. They chugged his hefty load, a heat pulling in their bellies. Their inner demons stirred and their instincts gripped them as tight as Kouga’s fur pelt and Inuyasha’s tight pants and fundoshi gripped their dicks.
Kouga and Inuyasha began to feel hot, squirming in their cock tail confines. The two were sporting quite the tents. As Shippo’s release died down, the two whined at the loss, of the delicious man milk. Inuyasha acted first, lapping at the cock head in his mouth, Kouga followed suit.
Shippo chuckled. “I knew it, for all your cock strutting, and your bloodlines, you two are just betas in need of a strong male to show you who’s boss.” to show his point he groped their asses and Kouga’s tail wagged in joy, and Inuyasha started sucking on the cock head. They moaned around his cock tails’ heads.
He squeezed his dick again, and like before the two cock tails twitched and sprayed cum into their greedy mouths. Little did the two know they were getting positively lust drunk off Shippo’s cum. Demon cum was already quite powerful, even to demons, a stronger demon could overwhelm a weaker demon with ease. It was like the perfect combo of fine wine and mother’s milk.
The more they drank the more they craved. Their own dicks weeping pre as their desire grew. Once again the cum flow stopped and the two whined at the loss. “If you want more, discard your clothes and armor.” Shippo says, releasing them from his hold.
Kouga hesitates, a sliver of his demon pride hanging on. Inuyasha being only half demon, submitted to the fox demon seed. He began to strip, tossing the robe of the fire rat aside, and pulled off his underclothes and his soaked fundoshi. His aching cock snapping up and twitching for attention.
Inuyasha assumes a submissive doggy position, legs spread, on his toes like he was begging. “Good boy!” he slaps Inuyasha’s face with his mighty dick, showing more of his dominance. Inuyasha let his tongue hang out, getting to taste Shippo’s dick as it ran over his face. ‘So big!’
“Bet you want this inside you huh?” Shippo asks, stroking his mighty rod. Inuyasha nods excitedly. “Show me!” Inuyasha obeys getting down on his knees, sticking his ass up in the air, giving it an enticing shake. His legs spread, allowing his cheeks to part and exposing his tight hole. One hand pumps his aching cock, collecting his pre, slicking his fingers. The now slicked hand reaches back and starts playing with his hole. His other hand pumps his twitching dick.
Shippo rewards Inuyasha’s display, by stuffing one of his cock tails down the dog hanyo’s throat. He moans as his throat is stuffed by hard cock tail. His balls lurch and he spills his seed onto the ground. He adds a second finger into his ass, sucking on the mighty man meat in his mouth.
Kouga watched, jealousy joining in with his lust to sever the last string of his pride. It wasn’t fair seeing Inuyasha have all the fun. He sheds his armor and furs, allowing his fat 9 incher to spring free. He was more built than Inuyasha and his ass was more plump.
He took the same position as Inuyasha, his tail wagging as he stuck his ass in the air. “Please stick it in me!” Kouga begged. He stroked his cock, and quickly thrust two fingers into his tight demon hole.
“Good boy,” he says and feeds Kouga his cock tail. Kouga’s throat is stuffed, and like Inuyasha he cums. Thick wolf demon cum sprays across the ground. “Man you two, cumming from having your throats stuffed, you really are horny prey.” he felt them moaning around the cock tails, sucking the hard flesh. “I hope you had fun with those big dicks of yours, cause now I’m gonna show you how a true demon claims his prey.”
He got behind Inuyasha first. Removing the boy’s hand, he positions himself at the hanyo’s tight hole. “Your only a half demon so I’ll give you half to start.” Shippo says before thrusting in, burying 10 inches in one go. Inuyasha howls and his cock lurches forward. He came hard once more, making a small puddle beneath him.
Shippo sighs feeling the hanyo clench around him. The half demon was trembling. “Yeah you like my big dick don’t you Inuyasha?” he couldn’t respond with his mouth full but his body’s reaction was more than enough.
He pushed in more, Inuyasha’s demon blood allowing his body to handle the massive length. His belly stretched as it filled him. ‘I feel that!’ Inuyasha’s eyes rolled up. By the time Shippo buried the last 10 inches, Inuyasha was cumming again. “Now that’s the stuff, nothing feels better than burying my big dick in a tight hole.”
The fox demon was having so much fun. His pre flooded Inuyasha’s insides, making them nice and slippery. He could feel every inch of the dog demon squeeze him. Could feel everyone of Inuyasha’s moans and whimpers through his cock tail.
When Shippo pulled out, he left a great void inside Inuyasha, leaving only the tip in. Inuyasha found he didn’t like feeling empty, he whined and tried to push back. ‘Full, I want to be full!’
He wasn’t left empty for long, Shippo slammed in, and his pelvis smacked Inuyasha’s ass with a loud clap. Inuyasha’s moans were muffled since his mouth was still full. The power of the thrust and the fullness made Inuyasha’s cock twitch in orgasm.
Hard to say if it was dry or not, since Inuyasha wasn’t finished with his second orgasm when it happened. “All those times you picked on me, that arrogant attitude I knew one day I’d have a chance to put you in your place. Go on spill what makes you a man all over the ground!”
Shippo started a heavy pace, giving long thrusts making sure Inuyasha felt every inch. His length and girth overwhelmed his insides making his prostate get smashed with each thrust. Poor Inuyasha couldn’t keep track of the number of orgasms he had, the powerful thrusts making Inuyasha’s dick bounce and slap his abs. He was making quite the mess all over himself. His mind was mush, the pleasure overwhelming all his senses.
When Shippo finally did cum, he made sure to channel it through his cock, and cock tail Inuyasha was sucking on. Two thick streams of man milk poured into Inuyasha’s waiting body. His belly filled so fast, his once 6 pack abs ballooned from the swell of excess cum. Inuyasha didn’t care he felt full, his dick curved against his swollen belly.
He pulled out of his mouth first, covering the hanyo’s face with cum as it went. The hanyo looked positively drunk. Shippo then pulled out of his ass, flipping him over, so he landed ass first in the sea of his own cum he made.
“Oops looks like I broke your dick Inuyasha.” He chuckled. It was true, the half demon’s dick remained in a permanent erect state, a never ending stream of cum shooting out. He covered himself in his own seed, as he was stuffed with Shippo’s. Boy did Inuyasha look pleased with himself, looking like he was pregnant with a litter of 10. His hole was left gaping, stuffed to the max with cum. “Looks like you don’t care do you, bet your hole is empty huh?” He thrust his cock tail into Inuyasha’s ass, making sure he was plugged up tight.
Even after all that spilled cum, Shippo was still rock hard. Thankfully he still had one hole to fuck. Kouga was positively wanton with need, he had four fingers up his ass, twisting and thrusting.
Shippo moved over to him and removed his fingers. The massive dick kissed his hole. “A demon hole likes this needs more!” In one thrust he buries his full 20 incher into Kouga’s hole. Kouga howled around the cock tail in his mouth. His belly bulged with the massive dick. Kouga came again, cumming harder than before. “Ohh yeah demon ass is perfectly tight and durable.”
He started to move, pounding Kouga’s ass, hard and fast. The cock tail joined in the thrusting, making a spitroast of the wolf demon. Kouga couldn’t stop cumming, his tail wagging, as his bouncing dick shot cum all over the ground.
The fox demon was enjoying the wolf demon stamina, pounding Kouga’s hot tight ass non-stop. “That’s it wolf boy take my cock, you love it!” he grabbed Kouga by the tail and drove in faster. ‘I do!’
“Big dickes wolf strutting around his den, thinking he the top of the pile, but as you look around seeing all those wolf cocks, you wanted to taste them didn’t you, have them stuff your hole. Now you got a nice big dick inside and you can’t stop cumming.” Kouga felt the words stroke at his mind, and his cock released another burst of cum. ‘It’s true I love dick, but I love fox dick the best!’ he had hearts in his eyes.
Kouga sucked a little harder on the cock tail, pre was pouring down his throat, and flooding his ass…and he loved it! Kouga’s balls were super happy, releasing thick seed through his dick by the second.
As with Inuyasha, when Shippo finally does cum, he channels it between his dick and the cock tail in Kouga’s mouth. Kouga’s abs ballooned as his stomach swelled with cum. Shippo groans, groping Kouga’s plump booty as he empties his seed deep inside.
Once again his cock tail pulls out, blowing the last of his seed all over Kouga’s face. Shippo pulls out, his dick at a semi aroused state. “Whoo, that was a great warm up.” he plugs Kouga’s ass with his cock tail.
Kouga’s dick was broken like Inuyasha’s staying permanently erect, a never ending stream of cum erupting from him. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth, and his tail stayed in a happy curve.
After a few hours of training, he had those boys trained proper. Clothing and armor became a battle need, otherwise they remained naked. Using his fox magic he belt a nice little love shack for them in Inuyasha’s forest.
Kouga and Inuyasha loved their master so much. Happy he saw past their big dicks, and saw them for what they were meant to be.
Shippo was relaxing, hands behind his head, cock tails fucking their hungry, greedy holes. Their faces were buried in Shippo’s pits, sniffing and licking the skin, loving the taste and musk. They rubbed their big dicks, against Shippo’s bigger one, coating every inch in the behemoth in their seed.
“Life is good!” Shippo has a big smile on his face. They weren’t cumming all the time, once their balls were spent their docks would just twitch every few seconds in a dry orgasm, but after absorbing Shippo’s semen they recovered.
Shippo had many many other techniques to try on them, and all the time in their demon lives to play.

Feb 20

Lamia Duelist Chap 10

Lamia Duelist
Jaden x 2 – 11 inches soft – 12 Hard
Syrus 5 inches uncut
Chumley 4 inches soft – 6 inches hard – 4 fingers thick
Chapter 10 Double Duel Double Trouble
Crowler was not a happy camper. Since the new additions to the red dorm, the red duelists were happier. ‘Everywhere I look is slackers slackers slackers, they litter my campus like vermin. Lousy duelists ruining my academy, but the worst yet is that Jaden Yuki.’ he growls, his dark look sends the duelists in red running scared. ‘Obelisk blues are the elite, I will not have it, the reputation ruined any longer!’
“That Slifer Slacker has made a fool of me long enough!” he shouted. “Hahaha, but soon he will pay for it. With what I have planned, that slacker will look like a fool and be out of this academy for good.”
“Dr. Crowler,” the blonde flinched but was relieved seeing it was only Chazz. “Ah, Chazz, how can I help you?”
“Put me in the tag duel against Jaden and Syrus, I want to send that slacker packing.” Crowler chuckled. “You?” he asked. “Yes I know I can beat him, this time for sure!”
“Sorry, not this time, I’m taking no chances, so you’ll be sitting this duel out.” the boy gasped. “Don’t get me wrong, your skills are admirable, but if Jaden Yuki loses this duel he’ll be expelled. Once and for all!” he turned away from Chazz. “That’s why he’ll be facing the greatest Tag Duelists in the world.”
Syrus and Chumley were panting, both of them were riding Jaden’s dicks, there butts rubbing against each other. “Ohh Jaden, so good!” Syrus moaned, Chumley was at a loss for words, sticking to panting and drooling.
Jaden has his feet planted firmly, bucking his hips to drive the two wild. “Both of you, touch yourselves, cum for me!” They obeyed reaching down, to pump their weeping cocks. Their releases came, and their holes clamped tight on the twin dicks. Cum flew through the air, and Jaden let a moan of his own slip and he came hard, both dicks twitching and pumping full their respective boy.
The two collapsed into Jaden’s waiting arms, and Jaden pulled out of their tight holes. Their holes were left gaping, their insides glistening with cum. As their holes twitched, and tried to close up, cum leaked out and ran down their legs. “I hope this isn’t the last time we get to do this together.” Syrus says.
“Hey enough of that,” Jaden playfully slaps Syrus on the behind. “We got this Syrus.” he says and gives the boy a kiss on the forehead.
“I’m worried, you know Crowler is gonna pull a dirty trick.” Jaden rubs his back. “It’ll be fine. Let’s go get cleaned up.” The trio showered, with Jaden helping clean out the two before heading to the hot springs.
After a nice long soak, they got a surprise from the red dorm students. “What are you guys doing here?” The trio were in robes, as the red students gathered in pajamas outside Jaden’s room. “Please you have to stay at duel academy.”
“Ever since you showed up, I feel proud to be a red.”
“The hot springs are so amazing.”
“And with our new dueling field we’re able to practice more.”
“If you get expelled things will just go back to the way they were.”
Each of them offered their best cards. “They may not be much, but you can have our best cards.”
“Thanks guys, but your support is more than enough.” Jaden says with a smile. “We’ve been working hard, we aren’t going anywhere.” he gave them a thumbs up. “But keep cheering for us!”
It was true, both Jaden’s deck was built to support lamias, and Syrus’ deck was built to support the machines and roid monsters. It took a lot to work their decks to support each other.
The duelists turned in. Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley sharing a bed. Tomorrow was the big duel and it was gonna be intense…
Syrus spent the rest of the morning trying to pump himself up. ‘I believe in myself, I believe in myself.’ he chanted over and over
Chumley hugged them both. “Good luck you two, give it your all.”
They went to the Obelisk arena. “We are here for the Tag Team Trial, this is a sudden death expulsion duel. Send in the accused!” Jaden and Syrus entered the arena and the crowd went wild.
Every Slifer duelist was cheering for them. “A tad harsh I’d say.” Bastion says. “No joke,” Bastion turned. “Huh?” he spotted Alexis behind him. “You’re Bastion Misawa, a friend of Jaden’s?”
“I suppose you could say that.” She sat next to him. “And you’re Alexis Rhodes yes?” she nodded. “Yeah, and I’m also why they are in this mess.” She was worried and she should be. Rumor had it Crowler hired professionals to duel them.
Chazz was pissed, he wanted to be the one to take them down. “It’s fine so long as someone does it.” Zane was also watching and Syrus took a few breaths chanting his mantra.
“Allow me to introduce the opponents, the Paradox Brothers.” two bald men, one dressed in orange, the other in green came spinning onto the scene, they did flips and spins before landing and striking an epic pose. The audience gasped. These two were dueling legends, who worked for Pegasus himself. The last person they dueled was the King of Games himself.
Syrus was getting nervous again, as the two smirked down at them. “These guys are dueling mercenaries this is hardly fair.”
“I think that’s Crowler’s point, I’d estimate Jaden’s chances of winning 50 to 1.” Bastion explains.
“We didn’t come to stand around and talk, we came…to destroy you.” The paradox brothers spoke in sync at the end…it was kinda creepy. Crowler chuckled. ‘You’re scared, you’re scare aren’t you.’
“Crowler!” Chancellor Sheppard spoke up. “Don’t you think this is a bit much?!”
“No, not at all, Jaden and Syrus broke a big time rule so they deserve big time opponents.” he smiled. “Besides the brothers came all this way we couldn’t possibly send them back now.”
“Why should that matter, you are paying for their travel cost.” Crowler flinched. “Jaden, I’ll leave it up to you.”
“I’m so excited,” he grinned. “I can’t believe we get to face duelists who fought against the King of Games!” Crowler made an annoyed face.
“Right…Anyway let’s get on with the duel, there will be no sharing of strategies, the only cards that can be shared are the ones on the field. Duel!”
Both sides draw their cards.
Jaden and Syrus: 8000
Paradox Brothers: 8000
“I’ll go first.” Syrus says. “I’ll summon Towroid.” A tow truck roid monster appeared on the field. “And since he was summoned to the field I draw 1 card.” he set 1 and ended his turn.
Towroid 4 Stars Earth ATK: 1500
“I’ll show you a real monster, I summon Jirai Gumo.” The giant spider like creature was summoned with 2200 ATK.
“My move,” Jaden says, he draws. “I activate the spell card Double Summon, this lets me summon two monsters instead of one this turn. So I summon Lamia Sister 1 and Lamia Sister 3.” The two lamia sisters appeared on the field.
Lamia Sister 1 and Lamia Sister 3 ATK: 1900
“Their Attack is boosted thanks to Sister 1’s effect but that’s not all I’ll throw down a face down and activate Supply Squad and end my turn. Which triggers Sister 3’s effect.” Lamia Sister 3 spat poison inflicting 300 points of damage.
Paradox Brothers: 7700
“You may have drew first blood, but you shall still fall.” Dox summons Kaiser Sea Horse in attack mode : 1700. Then he plays the spell card Tribute Doll, using it’s effect to tribute Para’s Jirai Humo, and special summons Kazejin in Attack mode : 2400. Before he ends his turn he activates Dark Designator on his brother, declaring Sanga of Thunder, the monster gets added into his hand.
‘Okay monster countdown, Dox is rocking 2 monsters, one 7 star monster I’ve never seen before. Sy has his little roid dude, and I got two sisters on the field.’
‘Okay, Para has no monsters, but with a shared field he can use those two to defend him.’ he didn’t know Kazejin’s effect, but he had to do something. “I summon Tugroid!” the tugboat roid monster appeared on the field.
Tugroid 4 Star Water : ATK 1700
Thanks to Lamia Sister 1’s effect Tugroid got a boost being a Water type. ATK 2100
“Since he was summoned successfully I get to draw two cards, and so long as this card is on the field during my draw phase I draw 2 cards instead of 1.” he says. He draws his two cards. “Alright, I activate the spell card Roid Rush!”
On the turn this card is activated all cut the ATK in half of all Roid monsters and attack directly.
Towroid: 750 Tugroid: 1050
“Go attack Para directly!” Para used Kazejin’s effect to negate Tugroid’s attack, but Towroid hit home.
Paradox Brothers : 6950
“I set 1 card and end my turn.” Towroid’s and Tugroid’s ATK went back to normal. Syrus was a little bummed his move didn’t work out all the way.
“Don’t worry Sy, your doing great.” Jaden gives him a thumbs up.
“Little Slifer’s think they are tough?”
“We’ll show them, who has the right stuff!” It was Para’s turn and he used monster reborn to bring back Jirai Gumo, but he didn’t hang around for long as the next card was another Tribute Doll. “I sacrifice Jirai Gumo to special summon Suijin.”
“Another level 7 monster?!” the two gasp. “Not again!” Syrus looks scared.
“My turn is not over yet! He looks to his brother, may I brother?” he nods. Kaiser was sacrificed to summon Sanga. “Now with all three guardians on the field I can tribute them to special summon the mighty Gate Guardian!”
Gate Guardian 3750 ATK
“Now I place those odds at 500 to 1.” Bastion states.
“I use the spell card Double Attack!” It was a card similar to Double Summon yet it allowed monsters on the field to attack twice this turn. “Go Gate Guardian attack the roid monsters.”
It was clear Para was looking for payback. Gateguardian blasted Tugroid first. The poor machine didn’t stand a chance.
Jaden and Syrus: 6850
“Now again!” Towroid got blasted.
Jaden and Syrus 4400
“You two think you had a shot.”
“But you against our Guardian, you are not so hot!”
Syrus had mystic space typhoon on the field, it was a bluff which didn’t pay off. ‘Jaden must think he has the worst luck in dueling partners.’ he looked and Jaden looked mad.
“How dare you attack Syrus!” Jaden hissed. In truth the better strategy was to destroy Jaden’s lamias since one created an ATK boost, and the other dealt battle damage. In fact if Para had attacked Jaden they would have taken more damage.
“This isn’t a duel it’s target practice for the paradox brothers, and Sy’s the bulls-eye.”
“Syrus surprised them with that move, but against such a beast his monsters couldn’t stand up to them. He’ll need to play smart against that monster.” Alexis says. “Jaden’s good but he’s not good enough to handle both brothers by himself.”
Crowler however saw it differently. ‘These two are dueling perfectly, after all in tag duel once you destroy the weakest link, the whole chain falls apart. They figured out the weakest link is, little Syrus!’
“Not so fast Paradox Brothers, since we share a field and you destroyed Sy’s monsters, Supply Squad activates, allowing me to draw two cards.” he draws two. “Stay strong Sy this isn’t over.”
“We aren’t scared of his little toys or your snake beast.”
“Our Gate Guardian will have a them for a mighty feast.”
“You are about to learn a hard lesson lamia’s always strike the hardest when you attack what’s precious to them.” Jaden draws and he activates a trap. “I activate balanced summon, this card lets me summon a monster, and if my tag partner has a monster with the same ATK points he’s allowed to special summon it from his hand or deck. The monster I summon is Lamia’s Little Sister #3.” the little sister joined the fray, original ATK 800.
“Thanks to his trap I special summon Submarineroid in defense mode.” The Water type machine got a boost thanks to Lamia Sister #1.
Lamia Little Sister 3 : ATK/DEF Boosted 1200 ATK/2400 DEF
Submarineroid ATK/ DEF Boosted 1200 ATK/ 2200 DEF
“First I’ll switch the big sisters into defense mode.” Lamia sister 1 and 3, DEF: 2000. “Next I attack directly with Lamia Little Sister 3’s special ability.” she zipped past the Gate Guardian and smacked Para with her tail. “Now her effect takes places after the battle she switches to Defense mode.”
Paradox Brothers: 5750
“Our life points.” they gasp.
“I’ll set two cards and call it a turn.” When he ended his turn, Lamia Sister 3’s effect activated, and the Paradox brother’s took more damage. “You guys might have a big monster on the field, but you know what they say the bigger they are the harder they fall.”
Paradox Brothers 5450
“You think you can hide in defense, think again!” Dox drew. “I activate an equip spell, Fairy Meteor Crush, and equip it to Gate Guardian.”
“Not so fast I activate, Mystical Space Typhoon!” Syrus says and revealed his face down.
“Right into my trap, foolish boy did you think you can win ha!” Para revealed his face down Judgment of Anubis, he discarded one card to activate it.
“You guys should have been more worried about me, I reveal my own face down, Trap Jammer!” Jaden discarded the last card in his hand, negating Para’s trap, and allowing Syrus to destroy Fairy Meteor Crush.
Dox chuckled. “All that effort, and you think you’ve won, one hand empty and soon your life points will suffer. I activate Emergency Equipment Supply, I can activate this card when an Equip Spell has been destroyed by card effect, if my partner’s deck has the same card he is allowed to play it now.”
“Oh no!” Para smirked. “Indeed I have, he played Fairy Meteor Crush and equipped it to Gate Guardian.” This wasn’t good, now it didn’t matter if their monsters were in attack or defense.
“Now to end my turn I summon Defense Wall, so long as it’s face up in defense mode you cannot target another monster for battle except it.” the two strike a pose. “Your backs are to the wall.”
“One by one your monsters shall fall!”
Crowler looked like he was almost orgasming at the duel. “The Gate Guardian on Offense and that wall on Defense? It’s almost flawless!” Alexis was worried.
“What are you waiting for make your move.”
Syrus flinched. “At this point a miracle.” he drew. “I summon Cycroid in defense mode.” he could feel Jaden looking at him. ‘I know it’s a weak monster, but it’s the best I can do.’
“Now I’ll switch my Submarineroid into attack mode. His effect allows me to attack you directly.” It dove underground and blasted them with 1200 ATK. With Syrus’s turn ended Submarineroid switched into defense mode.
Paradox Brothers : 4250
“You summon a bike, ha!” Para drew. “I activate Spell Recovery, by sending 1 spell from my hand I can bring back another spell from my grave.” He brought back Double Attack. Gate Guardian was allowed to attack twice.
“Now I’ll blast your toys, and with them your life points.”
“Not so fast, I activate the trap card Eye of Intimidation. This card forces you to attack my monsters this turn.” Jaden says revealing his face down.
“Have it your way, Gate Guardian, destroy Lamia Sister 1, and destroy Lamia Little Sister #3.” Gate Guardian attacked, first destroying the first sister, destroying the boost effect. Then little sister took the next hit. Jaden took the brunt of the damage.
Jaden and Syrus : 900
“Your life points are falling!”
“Your game play is appalling.”
“Make your move quit your stalling.” they said in unison.
Syrus looked to Jaden in shock. ‘Oh man, I’m blowing this I knew I should have edited my deck more, this is bad!’ From a distance it appeared Jaden looked upset, but that wasn’t the case.
“This is bad, the Gate Guardian is just too strong.” Alexis says.
“Yes, and while Jaden may have a strategy for fighting the Paradox Brothers, he’s focusing more on protecting Syrus.”
Chazz was laughing. “Finally those Slifer Slackers are getting the beat down they deserve. I can’t wait till they lose and get kicked out of Duel Academy, especially Jaden!” the boys who were sitting with Chazz exchanged looks.
Crowler was having a fit. ‘I’m a genius! I don’t know what plan I like better, getting those fools to go to the abandoned dorm, the expulsion duel, or having the Paradox brothers be their opponents.’ he started laughing.
“Enjoying the boy’s punishment a little too much Crowler?” Crowler tensed. “Oh my no, I’m just laughing because the duel’s nearly done.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Crowler turned back to the stage to see Jaden smirking.
“Syrus, don’t forget never give up until the last card is played.” Thanks to supply squad Jaden got to draw 2 cards for his destroyed monsters, now with his turn he drew again.
“But Jaden, their monster is just too strong, maybe if I surrender, maybe they’ll arrange another duel for you.” Syrus wasn’t liking his hand to much.
“Syrus listen to me, we are going to win!” he states proudly. “In fact you are going to be the one to take down that Gate Guardian.”
“Him, what a joke!”
“Stop it, I’m laughing so hard I might choke.”
“Oh you shouldn’t be laughing at all, Syrus if you play the right cards we are gonna win this match.” Jaden set a face down. “I summon Lamia Basilisk!”
Lamia Basilisk

A shy lamia girl with barbs on the tail. She has dark purple scales and black barbs. She has claws of similar design. She wears a visor over her eyes.

4 Stars Water

Reptile Effect

Once per turn activate one of these effects.

• All monsters on opponent’s side of the field are forced into Attack mode and must attack this turn.
• All monsters on opponent’s side of the field are forced into defense mode. These monsters cannot change their battle position except by card effect.

ATK 1700 DEF 2400
The lamia sister was summoned. ‘It’s good to see you sis, now lets help take these guys down.’ Jaden thought seeing the card. “I activate her effect, forcing all of your monsters into defense mode, take a knee!” She used her power and forced Gate Guardian on his knees. DEF 3400
“I’ll call that a turn.”
Dox draws. “I draw and set a card face down.” he ended his turn.
Syrus thought about his brother and Jaden. ‘The difference between using a card and playing it. My brother said it’s not something that can be taught. The change one draw can make.’ he remembered his duels with Chumley lately, Chumley had him beat so he surrendered. For the sake of curiosity he drew the next card to see what he would have gotten. ‘Oh man this changes everything!’ he had said.
“Right, my move!” Syrus drew and his eyes lit up. “Jaden!” he exclaimed. “Go for it Sy!” he gave him a thumbs up.
“I summon Drilloid!” the machine monster appeared 1600/1600 ATK/DEF.
“So what you just summoned another weak toy.” Para says
“He’s not weak especially with his special ability. If he attacks a monster in defense mode it’s destroyed.” he smiles. “But first, I activate the spell card Safety Siren!” A light flashed around them and their life points increased for each roid monster on the field. He switched Submarineroid into attack mode.
Jaden and Syrus: 2100
“First I’ll attack with Submarineroid.” the torpedo fired and hit Dox.
Paradox Brothers: 3450
“Now Drilloid attack Gate Guardian!”
“Did you forget, my Wall takes on all monster attacks.” the wall took the hit and it shattered.
Jaden and Syrus: 1600
“A valiant effort, but it seems it didn’t work.” Bastion says.
Syrus smiles. “Now before I end my turn I activate Shield Crush!” the spell blasted the Gate Guardian and destroyed him. Jaws dropped, and eyes went wide. He ended his turn, and Submarineroid switched into defense mode.
It seems things were better, but the smirk on Para’s face held dark intentions. “For destroying our guardian…we should…thank you!”
“Ehh?!” Syrus gasped.
“I activate the Dark Element.” he paid half his life points.
Paradox Brothers: 1725
A monster that rivaled the Gate Guardian in size but dwarfed him in power. “Not only is he stronger, this monster cannot be beat in battle!” he says.
Dark Guardian 3800 ATK
“Can’t be destroyed by battle and it has that attack power!” Bastion gasped.
“Now go destroy his Drilloid, and end this duel!” he shouts. The monster releases a wave of darkness.
“I activate my trap.” he revealed his face down. “Magnet Steering Wheel.” The card forced his monster’s attack to hit Submarineroid. The monster got blasted but their life points were spared.
“Nice play Sy!” Jaden says. The bluentte blushed.
“You won’t think so, I activate Curse of Guard!” his spell card forced the remaining defense monsters into attack mode. “Next I activate, Gate of Darkness, you choose one of your monsters to return to your deck, and we gain life points based on their ATK.” He picked Lamia Sister 3. It sent Jaden’s monster back to the deck and their life points increased.
Paradox Brothers : 3225
He ended his turn and it was up to Jaden. Since his monster wasn’t destroyed Supply Squad didn’t work, but he got a card from Submarineroid. “I activate Dark Designator.” he targeted Syrus. “I choose Tankroid.”
Syrus added the monster to his hand. It was Syrus’ only non fusion 7 star monster.
Tankroid 7 Stars Dark Machine/Effect: When this card destroys a monster by battle randomly destroy a card in your opponent’s hand.
ATK 2400 DEF 2500
It was Dox’s turn, he drew. “I activate Magical Neutralizer, this destroys all face up spell cards on the opponent’s side of the field.” the spell destroyed Jaden and Syrus’ continuous spells. “Now you can’t boost you pitiful life points.”
“Now I activate my own spell, Shared Beast, this allows me to attack with Dark Guardian on my turn!” he had the beast attack.
“I activate my Negate Attack!” Jaden activated his last face down, and stopped the attack. It was all on Syrus now.
“Make your last move and prepare to lose!” Para says. Planning to finish this on his next turn. Thanks to his continuous spell, their monsters couldn’t be put into defense.
Syrus tried to calm himself. ‘This is it, everything we have together, our life at duel academy.’ His heart was racing.
“Syrus!” Jaden’s call snapped him out of it. “Listen, no matter what happens, what matters is we dueled our best and I’m happy you are my partner.” he says.
The boy wipes away some tears. ‘It’s not over! It’s not over till the last card is played!’ he drew. “I sacrifice Cycroid and Drilloid to summon Tankroid!”
“A powerful monster, but it does not compare to ours.”
“I’m not done,” he looks to Jaden. “Care to spare a monster?”
“All yours Sy,” he activated Power Bond. “My power bond allows me to fuse my Tankroid with Lamia Basilisk.” The two joined, and the new fusion monster appeared on the field. “Lamia Tank!” Basilisk was riding on the tank, his rocket launcher hands attached to her shoulders, the nose like cannon jutting out, and the wheels and guards held her up.
Lamia Tank 8 Stars Water Machine/Fusion/Effect
(Lamia 4 Stars or Higher + Tankroid)
This card gains the combined of Tankroid and the Lamia monster used in the fusion. When this card destroys a monster by battle randomly destroy a card in your opponent’s hand. This card gains the additional effects of the lamia monster used to fuse.
ATK ???? DEF ????
The 2400 ATK combined with the 1700 ATK of Basilisk to make 4100 and not only that, thanks to power bond the ATK doubled making 8200.
“I won’t let you attack,” Dox says. “I activate my face down, Dark Terror. Thanks to this card’s effect your monster cannot attack this turn.” The brothers smirked thinking they won.
“Sorry but our monster doesn’t have to attack, Basilisk has another ability, using this ability your monster must attack this turn.” Raising their eye covering, her special gaze, made Dark Guardian roar.
“No Dark Guardian stop.” The monster couldn’t stop, he had to attack the fusion as he would have to attack Basilisk. It attacked and Lamia Tank fired, blasting him away and while he survived, the Brother’s life points did not…
Paradox Brothers: 0
The arena was filled with the sounds of cheers. They had won!
To be continued
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Feb 18

Pocket Dom Master Chap 1

Pocket Dom Master
Pokemon Trainers don’t just catch Pokemon in this world. Special balls were made that allows trainers to be captured as well. It’s not easy, but Pokemon are more than willing to help.
Chap 1
Pokemon and Trainers, they form teams and battle other trainers. While it was illegal to capture another trainer’s Pokémon over time new balls were made. Along with the PokeBalls there were the DomBalls.
Domballs were capable of capturing people, so long as conditions were met. 1. You must defeat them in a Pokemon battle. 2. You must strip the person of their clothes, or the clothes must be removed. 3. If the person is aroused the chances of capture become higher.
Along with the domballs were the dom badge. Those who possessed the dom badge were allowed to wear skimpy or sexy clothing in public. If a trainer is captured by a domball, their dom badge is used to make a collar for them to wear.
It was considered simple to get a dom badge, a little test, and a practical exam. You can use any means you want, but you have to get your proctor off in a certain amount of time.
At the age of 10 aspiring trainers get their first Pokémon as a birthday gift. They train that Pokémon in local tournaments and attend Pokemon School. At the age of 16 they are given a starter for their home town and a Pokedex. Then they can take the dom test, pass or fail they still get to go on their journey.
On Ash’s 10th Birthday he was given a Pikachu by his mother. Pikachu did test his trainer a bit, but they eventually became friends. They had a rivalry with Gary Oak, the grandson of the local professor. He got an Eevee for his birthday.
Gary made Ash feel small, in different ways. Ash had to work twice as hard to keep up. Pikachu admired Ash’s determination, he was young but over the years his training paid off.
By the time Ash was 16 he was deceptively strong, he might have looked lithe but he had built up lean muscle. He made sure to drink his special Taurus Milk every day. He ran laps with Pikachu, and even acted as a target for training for Pikachu’s attacks.
Ash and Gary’s rivalry had continued over the years. Gary usually beat Ash whenever they competed in local tournaments Gary always beat him. However, in tournaments when Gary did not participate Ash won, and in local contests the two had a mixed win and lose stats.
Not just in Pokemon, in their own bodies, the two met every two years for a literal dick measuring contest. The two had evened out over the years, both sporting a rocking 11 incher.
It was the night before they received their licenses. Gary and Ash had their pants around their ankles, dicks rock hard and pressed together. “Looks like you grew an inch this year Ashy,” Gary says. “Yeah, now I’m the same size as you.”
Gary smirked. “True, but I was bigger than you first.” he says. Ash blushes. “So what?!” he snaps.
“Don’t feel to bad Ashy, I’m first at everything, and you your lucky not to be dead last.” Ash glares at him. “We’ll settle things for real tomorrow!”
“You sure about that Ashy? We’ll both be dom trainers and you’ve never beat me in a proper battle.” he smirks and strokes his own dick. “Though it’ll be nice to have you as my sub.”
“We’ll see who ends up who’s sub.” Ash strokes his own cock. The two go for a test of stamina next, and much to Gary’s shock Ash lasted longer than him. ‘Lucky shot.’ he thinks and the two part ways.
Ash gets ready for bed, shower, brushing of the teeth and some Taurus Milk before bed. “Goodnight Pikachu.” he says and the electric mouse cuddles up to him.
The next day, Ash almost slept in, but thanks to Pikachu he was zapped awake. “Come on Pikachu.” Ash ran to Prof. Oak’s lab and made it just in time to get his Pokemon.
“Late again, Ashy boy.” Gary says showing he had already gotten his Pokémon. “I made it in time didn’t I?” Ash walked past Gary with Pikachu in tow. Ash got to choose between either Bulbasaur or Charmander. ‘So that means Gary got Squirtle.’ he stared at the two balls, and finally selected. “This one!”
“Interesting choice Ash, I uh heard you are taking the Dom exam as well.” Ash didn’t notice the faint blush on his cheeks.
“That’s right. I not only want to become a great Pokemon master but I want to build a fantastic harem as a dom.” he says, and rubs the back of his head sheepishly.
“I think you’ll become a great dom.” he says, a hint of longing in his voice. Ash smiled. “Thanks Professor!” he ran off, and headed for the dom testing facility.
First order of business was to remove your clothing and Pokemon at the desk. Ash did, asking Pikachu to look after their new friend. He went into his test room, the test was simple enough a few questions involving toys, positions, and prep.
Ash got through the written exam. It was time for the practical exam. ‘Simple enough, make your partner cum before you do.’ he thinks. The door opens and Ash turns and gasps. “Prof. Oak!”
Oak stood naked except of for a lab coat. The man was fit, broad shoulders, nice pecs, and even toned abs. It took a lot to care for all the Pokemon. His cock was already rock hard standing at 6 inches, crowned at the base with a thick nest of pubes, his heavy family jewels sitting below. “Hello Ash.” he says smiling.
Ash drooled at the sight of the man, his 11 incher stood proud. “Why are you here?” he asks, not that he was complaining really.
“I pulled some strings and got to be your proctor for the exam.” he blushed.
“Alright! I’ll show you my skills.” Ash got down on his knees so he was face first with Oak’s cock. The boy missed the look of joy on Oak’s face, though his cock twitched in his excitement.
Ash starts out, licking Oak’s fat cock. His right hand teased the tip, collecting pre as the left fondled his balls. Oak let out a pleased moan. ‘I’ve missed this.’ he thinks as Ash teases him.
Once Ash had collected enough pre he brought his hand between Oak’s spread legs and began to probe the man’s twitching hole. He licks up to the tip, swirling around the fat head, mimicking the motion of his finger on his hole.
The middle finger, slicked in the older man’s pre, circled the tight hole before pushing inside. Oak arched his back and moaned, more pre escaping his twitching dick. ‘His hole is loose, does he play with himself?’ he rocked the finger in and out, feeling the inner walls cling to his finger.
He curled the finger and found Oak’s sweet spot. “Ohhh ah ah!” he panted, legs shaking. Ash responds by wrapping his lips around the head, and giving Oak a second finger. Little did Ash know Oak was in absolute heaven, pre rushing over his tongue and down his throat.
Oak was drooling as the two digits wiggled inside his ass. “Ohhh!” As the fingers stretched his hole Ash descended on his cock slurping and sucking down each inch Oak had to offer. He couldn’t deepthroat him on the first try, but he bobbed his head back and forth, slowly working his way to the base. “Oh Ash!” he moans.
He was getting a prostate massage and getting his cock sucked. He nibbled his lips, trying hard to resist cumming to soon. He’d been waiting years for this, more than Ash could ever understand. To feel these fingers inside him again, to feel this warmth around his cock again. It was becoming too much, his whole body was trembling.
Ash was determined to pass this exam, so he relaxed his throat and swallowed him down to the root. Burying his nose in his thick nest of pubes. He moaned around his length sending pleasing vibrations through his shaft.
That combo with a third finger working into his ass sealed the deal. Oak moaned, back arching in pleasure, as his climax hit hard. The first few spurts erupted and gushed down his throat, Ash pulled back so only the tip was in his mouth.
Cum gushed in, spraying over his tongue and filling his cheeks. Ash’s hand left his balls, and pumped the length, while giving his prostate a rub down. The actions made Oak moan, and his dick released a few more spurts of cum.
Ash swallowed it down, with a lick of the lips. He truly savored every drop he milked from the good Professor. Oak’s knees finally gave out, and he dropped to his knees. Ash stood up, so now it was Oak who was face to face with dick.
The smell called to him, beckoned him forth, and when he felt Ash’s fingers lace through his hair who was he to say no. He starts to lick Ash’s cock, going down to his balls and sucking one, before licking up. “Ohh!” Ash moaned.
Feeling encouraged he opened his mouth and consumed Ash’s cock, his throat relaxed and inch after glorious inch he gulped him down. Ash wasn’t ready for the sudden deepthroat, but he sure as hell wasn’t complaining. Toes curled, as Ash moaned in pleasure.
He wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Oak’s cock was hard as a rock. He reached down and began pumping himself, matching his pace on Ash’s cock. He moans, loving the taste, and the musk of the boy.
Oak pulled back to the tip, showing off his tongue work on the sensitive head. “Ohhh ahh ahh ahh ohh!” Oak dove down swallowing him down to the root, nuzzling the boy’s pubes. He drinks the boy’s pre as his own drips all over the floor.
Despite being the one in control, Oak was still the first to cum. His seed firing out all over the floor. He couldn’t help it, the feeling of Ash’s big, long dick, punching out his cheeks and stuffing his throat, was the icing on the taste and aroma cake. His moans helped push Ash over the edge, he came hard spilling his seed down Oak’s throat.
When Ash’s dick left his lips, he fought the urge to whine at the loss. “So Professor did I pass?” Oak chuckled. “You passed with flying colors my boy.” he takes off his lab coat and lays it over a table. “How would you like to top?”
Oak reached back and spread his cheeks. Ash’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the twitching hole. “Sounds hot Professor, but are you sure?” he hot dogs his ass a little. “Oh I’m sure, ohhh!” he felt the cock of his dreams kiss his hole, and slowly plunder him. ‘Fuck Arceus yes!’
Ash groaned, gripping Oak’s hips. “So tight!” he stills in the ass, feeling every inch hugged by hot inner walls. He rocked his hips, letting Oak feel every inch of his dick. The older male moaned, his cock twitching in delight.
This dick had broken him, claimed him that no other man could. His body remembered it well, it had been empty for so long and he was blissing out. His cock twitched in a dry orgasm he was riding so high.
Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better Ash began to move. He pulled back till only the tip remained inside and he snapped back into the tight heat. Their bodies collided in a loud sexy clap.
The sound of skin striking skin accompanied with Oak’s moans. Ash’s grunts increase along with his pace, Oak’s inner walls were divine, hugging him tight before relaxing when he thrust in.
Ash didn’t even have to reach around, the boy’s long hard cock was driving Oak to orgasm, on anal stimulus alone. The man’s fat cock bobbing with every thrust. Pre dripped all over his coat, his orgasm getting closer and closer.
All it took was a little shift in position and Ash rammed Oak’s sweet spot again and again. “Ash!” Oak moaned as his climax hit. His balls lurched and his toes curled, and his seed shot all over his coat. As his climax rode out, his inner walls tightened around Ash’s cock.
Ash moaned, giving one final hard thrust into Oak’s clenching heat pumping his own seed into Oak. The professor shivered in bliss as Ash’s cum pelting his insides. The man panted in absolute joy.
When Ash pulled out, his cum gushed out and marked Oak’s coat. His dick twitching as the last of his seed dripped onto the white garb. Oak slumped forward, laying on his coat. “That was amazing Professor.”
‘You have no idea.’ he thinks, and gives the boy a smile. “Yes Ash, I think you will be an amazing dom.” The boy smiles. Ash got his Dom Badge, this badge allowed Ash to wear special attire, and get to use Domballs. “And here are the special domballs you requested.” Oak presented a handful of strange looking balls, and Ash smirked.
He had his PokeBalls and his DomBalls, and it was time to start an adventure, but first…
After dressing and collecting his Pokemon you know who was waiting for him outside. “Late again Ashy boy.”
“Gary…” the rival smirked. “I finished my exam a long time ago, you must have been bad if you took that long to make em cum.”
In truth Ash had passed with the blow job, everything else was just for fun on Oak’s part. Ash couldn’t bring himself to tell Gary why he was so late. “How about we settle things with a battle?”
“Are you sure Ashy? I’m an official dom now.” he showed off his badge. The Dom badge had a thick collar boarder with four chains crossing each other. “So am I!” Ash showed his badge and smirked.
“Let’s battle the two say,” Pikachu was Ash’s first choice. “This is an official dom battle, switch outs are allowed on both sides. The loser is the one who has both Pokémon knocked out and is stripped.”
Gary kissed his Pokeball before calling out Eevee. “Get ready to be my sub Ashy-boy.”
“Pikachu, Thundershock!” Pikachu jumped and released a bolt of electricity. “Eevee use Agility!” Eevee sped up and managed to avoid the attack. “You fall for this every time!” Gary laughs.
“Now Pikachu Thunder Wave!” Pikachu smirked, and released a blast of blue electricity. It hit Eevee, and the normal type, froze as his body became paralyzed. “No Eevee!” Gary gasps. “When did Pikachu learn Thunder Wave?”
“We’ve been working hard for this. Pikachu use Thunder Shock!” Pikachu hit Eevee with his attack. “This isn’t over Ashy, Eevee use Quick Attack.”
“Pikachu use your Quick Attack.” Eevee managed to use the attack, but his hesitation from the paralysis allowed Pikachu to hit first. “Now Eevee use Swift!” a barrage of stars hit Pikachu and knocked him back. “Now Eevee finish it with Shadow Ball!”
Shadow Ball had been Gary’s finishing move in so many of their previous battles. “We are ready this time, Pikachu Electro Ball!” Pikachu spun released an electric ball against the ghost energy ball. The attacks clashed and evened out.
(Pokemon Stats)
Pikachu: Lightning Rod: Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Electro Ball
Eevee: Run Away: Agility, Quick Attack, Swift, Shadow Ball
(End 1)
Gary growled, and tried to finish things up with Quick Attack, however he was immobilized by his paralysis. “Pikachu use Thunder Shock!” Pikachu hit Eevee hard.
Eevee became unable to battle and it was Ash’s win. The look on Gary’s face said it all. “What is this?” Ash smirked.
“We’ve been working hard, you can say I’ve been last all this time, but I’ve finally caught up to you.” Pikachu was called back and it was time for the next Pokémon.
“Don’t get so cocky!” he gave his next Pokeball two kisses. “Go!” the ball flashed and out came Squirtle.
“Charmander I choose you!” out came the fire type.
(Pokemon Stats)
Charmander: Blaze: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen
Squirtle: Torrent: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Withdraw
(End 2)
“Squirtle use Tackle!” The water type rushed forward. “Charmander use Growl!” the fire type let out a noise, the sound waves weakening Squirtle’s attack power. Charmander took the hit but at weakened power. “Take him out with Water Gun!”
“Charmander use Smokescreen!” the fire type released a cloud of black smoke that blocked Squirtle’s vision. He fired off the water gun but missed. “Charmander, another Growl!” the sound weakened Squirtle more.
“Keep up the Water Gun!” Gary shouted. ‘All I need is one good hit with Water Gun and the win is mine.’ He knew Pikachu was still weakened from his fight with Eevee.
“Charmander use Scratch!” the fire type moved through the smoke and hit Squirtle hard. “Now Smokescreen!” Charmander released another cloud of smoke this one at point blank range so Squirtle was really in the dark.
“Oh no you don’t Squirtle use Withdraw.” the tiny turtle Pokémon withdrew into his shell, raising his defense. “Charmander keep up the Scratch.” The fire type clawed at the shell.
Once the smoke cleared. “Now, use Water Gun!” Squirtle came out of his shell but came face to face with Charmander’s tail. “Charmander use Ember!” the fire type spun the flames hitting Squirtle into the face. It wasn’t very effective but Squirtle had taken plenty damage from the barrage of Scratch attacks.
Squirtle was unable to battle. Gary returned him and Ash smirked. “It’s time!” Ash tossed off his regular outfit revealing the dom gear underneath. Gary gasped at the sight. Ash was wearing tight short black shorts, with straps from them over his chest and shoulders. From the bulge in those shorts he wasn’t wearing any underwear. “You wear your dom gear under your clothes?” he asked blushing.
“That’s right!” he grins. “Charmander, use your flames to destroy Gary’s clothes.” Charmander obeyed, releasing strong waves of his flames to scorch away Gary’s clothing.
The boy gasped as the flames were hot, but didn’t harm the skin. (Similar to how you can touch a Ponyta) His clothing didn’t stand a chance. He shivered as his hard 11 incher sprang up and twitched. “Who’s gonna be who’s sub Gary?” Ash had a DomBall in hand. “Shrink Ball Go!” he tossed the ball and hit Gary.
In seconds the ball opened up and sucked Gary inside. ‘Did he say Shrink Ball?’ there was a variety of DomBalls, each having their own unique effects or purposes. Gary was about to learn the effects of this ball. Inside the ball Gary was completely conscious, floating in the mini pocket dimension the balls made.
He was rock hard, his 10 incher standing proud. Gary’s eyes widened as he looked at his dick. ‘It shrunk!’ he gasped. He felt tingling in his crotch, and sure enough his cock was shrinking. Inch by inch, the dick got smaller. As his cock went from macro to micro, the desire to top slipped from him to.
By the time he was down to 1 inch, his cock was twitching, and his hole was aching. He wanted to get fucked so bad, his tiny tool twitching and leaking pre. “Gary I choose you!”
(Ball Info)
PokeBalls: Basic Ball used for starting of trainers to catch Pokemon. X1 modifier
Shrink Balls: A special DomBall: X 2 modifier X 5 when aroused. Best used on big dick males, it shrinks the dick size of the male, and raiser their desire to be fucked.
To be continued
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Feb 13

Hunting Breed

Hunting Breed
Ichigo is making rounds in Hueco Mundo, and two arrancar certainly take notice. They won’t stop till their prey is bred. Tier 3
It was a normal boring day in Hueco Mundo. On the behalf of a certain Soul Reaper many of the espada were healed and allowed to return to their home, free of Aizen’s influence. An agreement being the hollows would be left to their own devices so long as they didn’t harm any humans.
Grimmjow was lazing about, bored out of his mind. ‘Tch, not that I want that bastard back, things were at least interesting when Aizen was around…when he was around.’ he felt his heart race a bit thinking about that boy. The boy with wild orange locks like fire. The boy was his, his prey, and damn it all if he didn’t miss him.
A breeze ran across the dark land. He bolted upright. ‘This smell!’ he sniffed the air. ‘It’s him!’ there was no mistaking it. It was his scent, his berry, his Ichigo. ‘Why is he here? Fuck it who cares.’ he felt a thrill fill him. “Today might be interesting after all.” he released his pesquisa. ‘There he is.’
Just as he was about to sonido to where Ichigo was, someone appeared and blocked his path. “What are you doing getting in my way Starrk?”
“You are planning to go after Ichigo Kurosaki aren’t you?” Grimmjow’s eyes widened. “So what if I am?” he stood his ground. “Why are you even awake Starrk, aren’t you late for your nap?”
“I could smell him.” Starrk says. “I want him.” he says and Grimmjow snarls. “He’s my prey!” he snarls. Starrk doesn’t even flinch. “You might be the primera espada, but I won’t let you have him.”
“How are you gonna stop me?” he challenged and released his pressure. Grimmjow flinched but didn’t back down. “Why do you want him, how do you even know him?”
“While you were laid out by Nnoitora we crossed paths while I retrieved Orihime. I wasn’t able to see it then, I was focused on following orders, but his smell…” Grimmjow threw a punch which Starrk dodged. “You can smell it to, can’t you?”
“Fuck you!” Grimmjow tried to fire a cero at him but Starrk crushed it and gave him a kick. Grimmjow was knocked back.
“That boy is the reason we weren’t killed by Soul Society. He is special, I want him.” The two stared each other down. “You were his enemy, fought him and lost. You know his strength, and yet you did not claim him.” It was true, he was to blinded to see what Ichigo was.
“I won’t let you take him from me!” Grimmjow fired a bala, and as soon as he let it fly he vanished using sonido. Starrk blocked the attack. “So a hunt then, very well may the best arrancar win.” He vanished using his own sonido.
Ichigo had come to the land of hollows as part of the deal he had made to spare the arrancar. His powers were restored along with his hollow ones. He was given permission to act as rep between the arrancar and soul society.
He was looking for their base, and wasn’t having very much luck finding it, that is till… Ichigo sensed a powerful presence coming towards him. Imagine his surprise when Grimmjow showed up. “Grimmjow…” he was cut off as Grimmjow suddenly kissed him. His cheeks burned in a blush.
When he gasped, Grimmjow slipped his tongue into his mouth, pulling the boy close to him. ‘He tastes so good!’ Grimmjow thought, continuing to play with his tongue. Ichigo had to admit his knees got a little weak.
Finding the strength he pushed Grimmjow away at arms length. “Grimmjow what the hell, what’s gotten into you?”
“Mate with me,” he says. Ichigo’s face went beat red. “Ehh?” he was stunned into silence. ‘I didn’t just here that right?’ he was glad Grimmjow was alive, but he figured the male would come asking for a fight not… “Mate with me!” he says again.
Before Ichigo could question him, he’s snatched away from Grimmjow, lifted up into the arms of a brunette arrancar. “Ehh? Ehhhhhh!” Ichigo cries as he suddenly vanishes leaving Grimmjow in the dust.
“You, your the arrancar from before!” he says, remembering the guy who snatched Orihime from him. “My name is Starrk Coyote, nice to finally meet you Ichigo Kurosaki.” He captured Ichigo’s lips in a kiss. ‘Not again!’ Ichigo thought.
Starrk’s kiss was so different from Grimjow’s, yet it had the same effect. He felt himself get hot and bothered. When the kiss broke, Starrk nuzzled him. “Mate with me.” he says.
“Honestly what’s with you guys, is it mating season or something for hollows.” Starrk chuckled. “You could say that.” he kissed the boy’s cheek. “Pick me, I promise I will take care of you for all time.” he says and starts removing Ichigo’s shinigami robes.
Starrk had fast hands, as Ichigo was stripped down to his fundoshi in a few seconds. He blushed as his hardened cock pushed against the fabric. Starrk’s eyes roamed over Ichigo’s naked form. “Beautiful.” He says, a rumble of pride coming from his chest.
Before Starrk can kiss him again.. “Take your hands off him!” Grimmjow showed up. Ichigo blushed and tried to cover himself as Starrk set him down. ‘Cute!’ He had never seen Ichigo in such a state.
“Grimmjow? Starrk? What’s going on?!” Ichigo asked, but was ignored.
“You bastard don’t think I’ll let you have him, he’s my prey!” he snapped. “Stand down Grimmjow, you know I’m stronger if we fight I will kill you.”
“I don’t care he’s mine!” he snapped. He reached for his zanpakuto. Starrk reached for his. Since Lilynette died his soul had become one being once again. Ichigo had no choice.
He dashed forward and stood practically naked between them. “Hold it, I don’t want you two fighting.” he says. The two stare at him for a moment, eyes roaming his fit naked form.
“Well Grimmjow, it seems our prey would be upset if we hurt each other.” Ichigo looked to Starrk, who started stripping.
“So it seems, so we’ll have to settle it that way.” Ichigo looked to Grimmjow, who also started stripping. “Ehh?” The two stand naked and proud. Grimmjow was 12 inches long, Starrk was 13 inches and THICK!
Ichigo felt heat wash through his body. Before he could question them, the two were on him in a second. His underwear was cut away, and his hard 7 incher snapped up, the hard flesh twitching in the air. “You guys!”
“The one who pleasures him the most wins.” They say in unison, before beginning their hunt. Starrk got behind and started kissing Ichigo’s neck, while Grimmjow went to the front and kissed the other side.
Ichigo shivered, their hands explored his bare skin. “Ah ah ah you two ohhh!” Grimmjow’s hands found his nipples, toying with the perky buds. He pinched and flicked them, each earning a twitch and wiggle from Ichigo.
After some time his hands left and were replaced by Starrk’s hands. The brunette rubbed his nips, and groped his pecs. The groping made his nips all the more sensitive. “Ah ahhh~” Ichigo moaned.
‘Tch, damn Starrk!’ Grimmjow licked down Ichigo’s abs to his twitching cock. Pre was already forming at the tip. “Grimmjow!” Ichigo howled as Grimmjow started licking his hard member. ‘Yes berry moan for me.’ he cupped Ichigo’s balls, and ran his tongue over his shaft. His licks were electrifying, as more pre escaped his tongue swooped in and lapped him up. ‘This is my reward for giving such pleasure. So good!’
His tongue swirled around the tip, earning more moans from Ichigo. He could feel Ichigo was close, his cock was twitching more and more, and there was a wonderful aroma coming from his balls. Grimmjow focused his licks to the tip, flicking and teasing his piss slit. “Ahhhh~” Ichigo bucked his hips and came.
Thick seed shot into Grimmjow’s mouth and all over his face. “I made him cum.” Grimmjow says with a smirk, he collects the seed and licks it off his hand. “Like hell you did it was my nipple teasing that got him off.” the two glared at each other, Ichigo would protest but he was currently riding the orgasm train.
“I’ll show you,” the two switch spots and Starrk swallows Ichigo’s cock down to the root. “Ahhh!” Ichigo’s back arches, he wasn’t expecting that. Starrk bobbed his head back and forth, slurping and sucking every inch Ichigo had to offer. “Starrk wait, I just came please, if you do that I’ll…” his sentence was cut off as another orgasm ripped through him.
Starrk swallowed every drop, sucking him through his release, his action earned him a couple more spurts.
“Oh yeah!” Grimmjow spread his cheeks and started licking Ichigo’s hole. ‘I’ll prep you good berry.’ Ichigo gasped and squirmed.
“You are still vulgar Grimmjow, you should know that pleasuring your partner comes first. Drive them wild in pleasure and you can take any prey.” Starrk says before devouring Ichigo’s balls.”Ohh!” he moaned.
Grimmjow pulled his tongue out of Ichigo’s ass. “Fuck off, I don’t need mating tips from you. I don’t hear Ichigo complaining.” He kisses Ichigo’s hole once more, pushing his tongue inside, wiggling and thrusting it.
Ichigo was to busy moaning to say much of anything. ‘These two are driving me crazy.’ he thought. Pleasure was overwhelming him. His cock wasn’t even allowed to get soft, Starrk pumped him as he sucked on his balls.
“There all nice and wet.” Grimmjow fondled his cheeks, admiring his handiwork. “He needs more prep than just tongue.” Starrk says, and he slips a finger into Ichigo wet hole.
“Hey I wasn’t done!” He slipped in his own finger alongside Starrk’s. The two digits thrust in and out of Ichigo’s hot tight heat. It seems the two were still competing, each working to find Ichigo’s sweet spot. It seemed Grimmjow found it first.
“Ahh!” Ichigo’s hole tightened around their fingers and his cock twitched. Starrk quickly hit it and had Ichigo’s back arching. “Starrk, Grimmjow!” he cried out.
Each arrancar added a second finger and Ichigo whimpered as he had four fingers in all inside his ass. The fingers worked his hole stretching him wider and wider. ‘Perfect!’ the two thought.
“Out of the way Starrk, I’m taking him first.” Grimmjow says and removes his fingers. “You must be joking, why would I let his first time be with you?” he says and pulls his fingers out.
Ichigo whined at the lust, his brain completely lust drunk. He slips down between them as Grimmjow and Starrk argued. “I made him cum first, I get him first.”
“Please I gave him more pleasure, he’s mine!” he growled, their hard dicks touched twitching angrily.
Ichigo had enough of their bickering. “Both of you stop it,” he spread his legs. “Both of you please fuck me!” the two stared at Ichigo’s twitching hole. How could they turn down such a request?
With a little maneuvering their positions were set Starrk was behind him holding his legs spread wide. Grimmjow was sliding in from the front. Ichigo didn’t know if he could handle both of them at once.
He’d felt them rubbing against him time and time again. ‘They are so big!’ the two kissed his hole. They pushed in at once and Ichigo hissed. His hole swallowed the fat heads. “Looks like someone likes having their hole stuffed.” Grimmjow says with a smirk, poking Ichigo’s hard and weeping cock.
“Don’t tease him,” Starrk says, and kisses his neck hands coming around to play with Ichigo’s chest once more. Ichigo moaned, the pleasure helping ease the pain. Starrk pushed more of his cock inside.
Grimmjow growled. He grabbed Ichigo’s cock and started stroking, and pushed more of his dick in as well. Ichigo’s toes curled in pleasure. It was intense taking two cocks at once, especially for his first time.
Deeper and deeper the two dicks plundered Ichigo’s hole, any pain was drowned out by pleasure by the two. Hands, lips and teeth, were working Ichigo up, down and all over. ‘It’s amazing, these two are so different, but everything they do seems to compliment the other. It feels so good I’m losing my mind!’
Once the two were balls deep inside Ichigo he came, his cock erupting between him and Grimmjow. The two froze as Ichigo’s inner walls tightened around them. They take a moment to sample his cum.
It fueled their arousal 10 fold! “Get ready berry!” Grimmjow is the first to move, his cock moving fast ramming into Ichigo’s tight heat again and again. Starrk followed suit, his cock being the longest he reached deeper than Grimmjow did His thrusts were slow and strong, making Ichigo feel every inch of him. “Ohh so deep, Starrk!” Ichigo moaned.
Grimmjow was not gonna be outdone, he shifted his thrust and pounded the boy’s sweet spot. “Ahh there, Grimmjow!” his toes curled in pleasure.
They continued at their own pace, friction driving the trio closer and closer to climax. Ichigo could feel their pre pouring deeper and deeper inside his body, his inner walls soaking in their combined essence.
“Ichigo be mine,” he asks, feeling his release draw near. He nuzzled Ichigo’s neck on the right. “Ichigo be mine,” Starrk says and nuzzles the left side.
Ichigo couldn’t respond, as his own release was building, he was pushed over the edge by the two. He didn’t think they could fuck him harder or faster, boy was he wrong. They seemed to be driven by a primal urge. All Ichigo could do was take it.
His climax hit hard, his inner walls tightening around the two. The two bit into Ichigo’s neck as their releases came. “Ahhh!” he cried out. Two thick streams of cum poured into his body. The orangette shivered and gasped, one hand going into Starrk’s thick locks, and his other going into Grimmjow’s.
The two seemed to cum forever, he felt his insides get full to the brim. They released his neck and panted as the last of their seed was pumped inside. Ichigo was flushed, marks peppered all over his skin. His hole was still stretched wide around the two.
“Ichigo,” Grimmjow’s voice made him shiver. “Bear my child!”
“Ehh?” Ichigo blinked. Starrk’s hands came around. “No bear my child.” he says and again Ichigo feels a shiver. ‘What are they talking about?’
As it turned out Ichigo’s hollow part of his soul made him a carrier. He was able to get pregnant. It also seemed that when two hollows fought over a carrier, the carrier decided who’s child they kept.
Ichigo was very confused, but in the end he chose to keep both children, and accepted both of their marks. If they didn’t like it they could walk away, but he wasn’t gonna be some prize to be fought over.
The orangette had to temporarily move to the world of hollows while his kids got strong enough to handle being in the human world. Ichigo held a tiny boy with cat ears, he had blue hair except one of his cat ears was orange. The other little one was cuddled against him, he had pointy ears and a dog’s tail. ‘They should be back any minute now.’ he thought.
Sure enough…
Grimmjow and Starrk had been out hunting for their little pack. “What a joke Starrk, my catch was way better.” Grimmjow says, hauling his prey behind him. “Once again you miss the point of the hunt, the little ones are two young to eat such a massive kill, and it’s two much even for the three of us, it’ll go bad.” Starrk was carrying a much smaller prey.
“Ha, you’re just lazy. I’m sure Ichigo will praise me for my kill.”
“No he’ll praise me, for not wasting energy and time.” Grimmjow glared at him.
“How dare you!?” he growled. Ichigo came out of the room.
“Honestly can you stop fighting?” Ichigo had his kids in his arms, the two little chibis had been woken up by their noise, they clung to him. “The only time you two ever got along is when I was pregnant.” the two shared a look.
“That sounds like an offer.” Grimmjow says with a smirk. In a flash they take their respected child and tuck them into bed. When they returned they were buck naked, cocks rock hard and pointing at Ichigo.
The boy blushed, and felt his heart skip a beat. His manhole twitched in want, it had been so long. He was hard and the two smelled it Ichigo ran, stripping off his clothes as he went, he knew the two were chasing after him. The hunt was part of their foreplay, the hunt before he would be bred.

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