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Controller Quirk Chap 5

Controller Quirk
Chap 5 Pass or Fail?! The one with the lowest score is expelled?

All Might told him right now he was a simple vessel, but as he trained he would shape his vessel more and more allowing him to draw out more of his power. He had passed the torch, and while it was just a small spark now, it would grow into a mighty flame. Also there were some other side effects of taking in One For All, in Izuku’s developing body his 9 incher growing into 13 inches. This did shock Izuku, and it wasn’t like he couldn’t restore his size if he wanted to. “Hehe, that’s natural, my cock had gotten a boost back when I first took in the power.” he blushed. He used to be 7 inches, gaining four inches like Izuku did, he could channel the power and boost his cock size an additional 2 inches like in hero mode.
Izuku was thankful all Might’s power could be masked by his own, explaining any training injuries by stating he was working on his Auto Pilot’s functions. His mother was a bit worried, but it was Bakugo that was really pissed off. “I don’t like this way of training you’ve been doing.” The two were in Izuku’s room.
“I know…but…” Bakugo covered his mouth with his palm.
“No buts!” he growled. The two were in Izuku’s bed. “I know you wanna be stronger, we both do but you can’t go breaking yourself.” They were naked and Bakugo’s hand left his mouth to rest on his chest. “I can’t lose you idiot, what happens if something goes wrong when your training all alone, and if no one finds you.”
“Dumb, stupid, fucking nerd, baka, inconsiderate, fuck, shit, asshole!” Bakugo let a string of curses fall from his lips as he rode Izuku’s pearl implanted cock. The new size came as a shock but Bakugo sure as hell wasn’t complaining, loving how big it was, and how deep it could reach. “You can’t be all talk, you promised me I wouldn’t regret becoming yours, you promised me a big family. You promised me you’d get stronger but you can’t do it by breaking yourself baka!” Izuku was handcuffed to the bed, punishment for his most recent breaking of his arm, Recovery Girl had fixed it, but since Midoriya was a student she had to call his mother, Inko told Mitsuki, and Bakugo overheard hence the current punishment.
“Sorry, Kacchan…” the blonde growled at Izuku’s words. He pinched the greenette’s nipples and rode Izuku faster. The pearls rubbed against his insides, teasing the tight ring, making his hole turn a lovely shade of red. Bakugo didn’t question much of Izuku’s new size, puberty and all, and Izuku said he could shrink it back down if he wanted. To which Bakugo responded with a quick “No!” only to blush and quickly took a ride on Izuku’s big dick.
“Don’t fucking apologize! Do better damn it!” he moans. Bakugo rides Izuku hard and fast, letting the anal stimulus draw him closer to orgasm, his cock had been restored to it’s 8 inches bouncing and bobbing as he rode. It slapped Izuku’s abs as he moved, his body shivering as the head brushed his sensitive bundle of nerves. Each press was like a big old pleasure button, his nerves lighting up like an explosion, his inner walls clamping down on Izuku’s penis.
“I will, I promise.” Izuku shivers, Katsuki’s clenching heat intensified the friction they shared between them. Bakugo’s ass was hungrily squeezing him, causing his pre to spill out and soak his insides. It just allowed Katsuki to move faster, and he did working his sexy ass over Izuku’s big dick. His insides were twitching like crazy, ‘He’s getting close.’
His thrusts became more wild and less controlled, his cock weeping pre all over Izuku’s abs. “FUCK DEKU OHH FUCK DEKU DEKU DEKU DAMN IT!” he bucks as the anal pleasure overtook him, his balls lurch as he cums spraying his seed all over Izuku, getting his face, pecs, and abs. Izuku moans as Katsuki’s heat pulls him over the edge to, his dick swelling as he pumps his fresh seed into Bakugo’s tight heat. Bakugo’s expression was priceless as Izuku’s semen filled him up. His cock twitched in another orgasm, the manhood softening, well spent.
“Kacchan, the hand cuffs?” the male protests.
Bakugo smirks, “You look sexy in them.” he says giving Izuku a toothy grin.
“Be that as it may, I don’t wanna sleep in them.” Bakugo sighs, drawing circles in Izuku’s chest. “I’m really tired, maybe after cuddles.”
“Get me out of these cuffs, that’s an order!” his collar pulsed and Bakugo obeyed. He came to as Izuku rubbed his wrists.
“Spoil sport.” Izuku chuckles, and wraps his arms around Bakugo.
“It’s more fun to cuddle when I’m able to hold you.” Bakugo blushes. “Yeah, this is better.” he snuggles against Izuku and the two turn in. It was a big day tomorrow, their first day at U.A.
The first day of the elite hero school Yuuei, the school was packed full for opening ceremonies, students dressed in the uniforms of Yuuei. The business courses, the general studies courses, and of course the hero courses. Izuku stood before the gate, feeling tingly all over. He had his controller, he had his books, he was dressed for class he was ready to go. “Izuku, sweetie, I just want you to know I’m proud of you.” With kind words from his mother Izuku was ready to face his first day of school. Bakugo had returned home to get his stuff for school and they planned to meet up in class. They were both in Class 1-A due to their high scores.
“Man, what a huge door, this is amazing!” he stood before the door of class 1-A. He found himself both nervous and excited at once. Before he opened the door, Ojiro came up to him, rushing to him from down the hall.
“Izuku, I see you passed, are you in Class 1-A to?” he asks.
“Ojiro-kun, it’s good to see you, I’m glad you passed, are you also in 1-A?” Ojiro nods. “That’s great!” he suddenly hugs Ojiro and the blonde blushes.
‘Oh crap, he smells good.’ they part. “I don’t know how I made it, but I’m glad I did, I was hoping to see you again.”
“I know how you got in, I saw you in the exam, your skills are awesome, may I?” he asks, looking at his tail.
“Oh,” he moves his tail. “Sure go ahead.” he blushes a little and scratches his chin. Izuku touches his tail, massaging the heavy appendage.
“Amazing, you’ve trained it well, it’s so strong.” his touch felt nice, just the right amount of pressure as he massaged the appendage. Izuku was going full on nerd/fanboy mode, loving to examine someones quirk. “It’s amazing.”
“T-thank you,” he shivers at the touch, he couldn’t help but smile. “No one really compliments my quirk.”
“It’s not just the quirk, it’s you.” he smiles at Ojiro. “You are really amazing Ojiro-kun.” The blonde blushes, his whole face heating up.
“Umm, Izuku…this might seem forward but,” he rubs the back of his head. “Bakugo, is he your boyfriend?”
“Yes,” not missing a beat. Ojiro felt a weight fall on his heart. Izuku had been on his mind since the exam, he learned that he was involved in the sludge villain incident. It was quite the amazing scene. Although there was no news crew there, one of the best reporters had a memory quirk that allowed him to turn memory into film, he got the footage from interviews. That’s how many villain fights were covered if news teams couldn’t be there they got the footage from first hand experience.
The green haired boy had caught his interest, but then there was Bakugo. It was clear their relationship was more than just friends. A part of him tried to raise the point that if they were that close meant Izuku liked guys, and his hormone driven brain began to work up the possibilities if he and Izuku could be together. He’d be to embarrassed to admit it, but the boy had haunted his dreams the last few nights. ‘I guess a plain guy like me didn’t have a chance.’ he thinks.
“He’s apart of my harem.” Izuku says, and the air suddenly grew still. Ojiro freezes, as the words were processed through his brain. Izuku blushes, and rubs the back of his head. “He’s actually my first lover, but we want a big family so I’m looking to get more lovers to join it.”
‘He’s serious.’ he blinked. ‘A harem, wow!’ he had to admit that was a bold declaration. You had to seriously have a pair to confess such a desire, judging from the look on Izuku’s face he was serious. After the initial shock wore off, Ojiro began to process the possibilities. ‘Does that mean I have a chance?’ the possibility let his walls come down and his mind began to flip through all the not safe for work material that had been licking at the blonde’s brain.
“Do you wanna join Ojiro?” he asked.
Ojiro gasped. “Oh um…” Izuku looks down, and Ojiro follows his gaze, only to gasp to see his cock was hard, his tail curls and he hides himself. Izuku chuckled.
“You asked if Kacchan is my boyfriend, so I’m guessing you have an interest in me?” Ojiro gulps. “The harem thing might seem weird, but if you’d like to be with me I’d like you to join.” he leans forward and kisses his cheek. “If not, I hope we can be friends.”
“Izuku…” the greenette stopped him.
“We are both very serious about this, take some time think about it, really think about it.” Ojiro nods. “There won’t be any hard feelings.” The blonde calms himself down, and the two go into class.
“Bakugo!” A tall boy with glasses was getting into it with Katsuki. This boy is Iida who was at the same exam site as Izuku was. “You need to show respect for Yuuei, and keep your feet off the desk.”
“Huh? What’s with you, what school did you go to you extra?” Iida was very expressive, using his hands as he talked.
“I’m from Soumei Junior High, my name is Tenya Iida.”
“Soumei?” Bakugo chuckled. “So you are some elite huh? Good I look forward to crushing you.” Iida gasped at his words.
“Crushing me? How vulgar, are you sure you are trying to be a hero?” Bakugo brushes him off, turning his head to see Izuku in the doorway. Iida turns and sees Izuku as well. He stalks over to the boy, introducing himself as he walked.
“Yes I heard, I’m Izuku Midoriya, it’s uhh good to see you again.” he sweats.
“Midoriya I must apologize, I misjudged you.”
“Ehh?” he blinked.
“You divined the actual nature of the practical exam didn’t you?” he grinds his teeth. “I was blind to it.”
“I actually didn’t, the rescue points thing was a big shock to me, I just want to be a hero that does his best to save people.” he admits. Iida’s eyes shed tears, his hand balling into a fist trembling.
“You truly are the better man, I can see your heart is truly full of the hero’s spirit. I was too focused on the test aspect after all, you were living out your ideal of heroes right then.” he gets down on one knee and takes Izuku’s hand. “I look forward to learning by your side.” He kisses the back of Izuku’s hand making the greenette blush.
“Oi!” Bakugo gets up snapping. Iida stands.
“My apologies if that seemed forward. I look forward to training with you Midoriya.” he shakes Izuku’s hand.
“If you kids are done, it’s time for class.” they freeze and look back seeing a man in a large sleeping bag. ‘When did he get there?’ he climbs out of the sleeping bag revealing a shaggy looking man, scruffy and dressed in black. “This is the department of heroics.” he comes into the room. “It took you lot 8 seconds to quiet down, life is short and you kids are lacking in common sense.”
“Deku you know this guy?” Bakugo asked.
“Hmm, he looks familiar, he’s a teacher at Yuuei it means he has to be a pro.” he pondered and pondered.
“I’m your Homeroom Teacher, Aizawa Shouta.” He reveals their gym uniforms. “Head to the locker rooms and get changed.”
All Might was settling in as a teacher, looking over the Yuuei system. The school was tough, just having the wrong Homeroom Teacher could be bad. He was looking at Izuku’s file while drinking coffee, and when he saw the name of Izuku’s homeroom teacher he spat out his coffee in shock. ‘Oh no it’s Aizawa!’ he rubbed his temples. He had Aizawa’s record to, he had expelled the most students out of any of the other teachers. Even dismissing a whole class. ‘This is bad…young Midoriya.’
The boys were changing in the locker room, Ojiro stole glances as Izuku and Bakugo changed. Izuku was ripped, body hardened from his training, Bakugo was well toned as well. Red eyes noticed the stealing looks, and their eyes met. Ojiro blushed and quickly looked away. “Hm,” Bakugo ignored him for now and continued changing.
“Oohhh!” a sudden cry surprised the boys. Izuku was changing into a jock strap so his cock was briefly on display when he removed his boxers, All Might boxers of course. A boy with red hair came over to him, he was bare ass naked letting his own man meat swing to and fro as he walked. “Sorry for shocking ya, you got a really nice piece of man meat.”
Ojiro looked and felt his own cock harden, not just the size but the pearls. His fat 9 incher throbbed in delight, thankfully no one noticed his erection as everyone took a look at Izuku’s unique piece. Not only was he the biggest in class, beating out Shoji at 12 inches, but the pearls were an erotic addition. “It’s a pearl implant right, that’s hardcore man.” Kirishima says, giving him a thumbs up. The red head had also gotten hard at the sight of his manhood, he stood at 11 inches.
“Thank you, I must say you have a nice piece as well.” Izuku compliments, the red head’s piece was throbbing, standing tall below a crown of thick red hair, a set of heavy balls hanging below.
“The name is Kirishima Eijiro.” he offers his hand.
“Izuku Midoriya.” they clap hands, and give a firm squeeze. “Nice to meet you.”
“I’d say a pleasure.” he smirks, giving a big toothy grin. Ojiro noticed that despite the red head’s flirting, or flaunting Bakugo wasn’t getting angry or jealous.
“Kirishima-kun!” Iida in only a jock strap rushes over. “This may be a men’s locker room but have some shame won’t you!”
“What? What are you on about, we are all guys here, and what’s wrong with showing appreciation for one’s manliness.” he places his hands on his hips. “Big or small a guy should be proud of his size, and should have no fear it letting it all hang out!”
“Big or small…” Iida blushed, Izuku noticed a change in his stance. “Ahem, well be that as it may we shouldn’t be late we should finish changing.” he says and goes back to his locker.
“Oh man, that’s right! Later Izuku, I’ll catch you later.” he says and dashes off letting his hard cock bounce and bob as he moved. Everyone finished changing and headed out to the field, where Aizawa was waiting for them.
“Finally, we’ll be having a quirk apprehension test.”
“What?!” everyone gasped. A girl named Uraraka stepped up.
“What about the opening ceremonies, and the guidance counselor meeting?”
“If you want to be heroes you don’t have time for such niceties.” he gives them a look. “You all understand the school’s reputation for freedom on campus, that freedom goes for us teachers as well.”
“………” everyone was stunned.
“Softball pitch, standing long jump, endurance running, grip strength test, sustained sideways jumps, upper body exercises, and seated toe-touch. These are all activities you know from school, physical tests you were barred from using your quirks.” It was true the world was still working on standardizing those sorts of records or keeping track of the performance levels of quirk holders. Using quirks in schools was often against the rules, even using quirks in the city was frowned upon.
“Bakugo, how far could you throw a softball?”
“67 meters.” he says stepping forward. Aizawa tosses him a soft ball.
“Try using your quirk this time around, as long as you stay inside the circle anything you do is fine.” Bakugo stretches. “Don’t hold back.”
Bakugo smirks. “You got it!” he winds up the pitch. “Die!” he shouts releasing an explosion, sending the ball flying far.
‘Die?’ was the shared thought among the students. The ball landed after it’s scorching journey.
Aizawa lifted up a scanner. 705.2m “I’ve never agreed with the public system, it’s foolish to not take quirks into consideration. Before anything else, one must know what they are capable of. This is a rational metric that will form the basis of your hero foundation.”
“705 meters unreal!” another blonde boy says.
“We can really use our quirks now?! That’s the department of heroics for you! This looks fun!” a girl with pink hair and skin says, getting excited.
‘8 trials huh? This is bad.’ he looks down at his controller. His quirk was manipulation based and he didn’t have full control of his One for All quirk.
“It looks fun huh?” Aizawa’s tone was cold, he smirks. “All right, whoever comes in last place in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential, and be expelled.”
“Huh!?” Everyone gasped. He was serious, Izuku began to sweat. ‘This is bad, my main quirk isn’t suited to use on myself, least not repeatedly, and I have no control over one for all yet.’
“We’re free to do what we want about the circumstances of our students.” he brushes his hair back giving them a mad look. “Welcome to Yuuei’s hero course!”
With All Might…
“Oh brother, they have Aizawa, it hard ball on their first day.”
Aizawa Shouta: Code Name The Eraser Hero, Eraserhead! Homeroom Teacher of Class 1-A Total Number of Expulsions: 154!
The first day had turned into a huge ordeal.
Back with Aizawa…
The news or threat of expulsion on the first day had shocked many of the students. “But this is our first day here, and even if it weren’t that’s too unreasonable!” Uraraka says.
Aizawa sighed. “Natural disasters, massive accidents, ego-mad villains, all kinds of calamities can happen when we least expect them. Our world is full of disorder, and it’s our jobs as heroes the reverse it all and restore order.” he gives them a stern look. “We aren’t here for games, we are here to make you into the best heroes you can be. From now on, for the next 3 years all you can expect from your life at Yuuei is one hardship after the next.” he points at them. “I expect you to overcome these trials and climb to the top. Plus Ultra style!” he smiles at them, and if possible his smile was intimidating.
‘The pressure is on, so this is Yuuei’s Baptism, the pinnacle of hero training…no choice but to give it my all!’ Iida thinks.
‘Deku…’ Bakugo looks at his lover, he knew how his quirk worked, these tests weren’t gonna be easy.
Trial 1 The 50-Meter Dash
Iida stepped up to the line with a girl named Tsuyu. Iida’s quirk Engine allowed him to blast through the dash in 3.04 Seconds.
“Well that’s him in his element I guess, but that quirk won’t help him in the other trials.” Aizawa says, and records the scores. “It’ll be interesting to see what the others do here.
Tsuyu’s quirk Frog, had her finishing at 5.58 seconds.
Ojiro and Uraraka were next. ‘I can do this,’ he uses his tail for an extra bursts of speed. He got 5.49 seconds. Uraraka’s quirk is Zero Gravity, she can reduce the gravitational pull of what she touches to zero, however if she overdoes it, she gets sick/nauseous.
Mina and Aoyama were next, Aoyama’s quirk was naval laser, and Mina could create acid. “Everyone, you’re not being creative enough.” he says. He crouched down and when they were allowed to go he jumps firing his laser, and getting launched by the force. He doesn’t get to far before having to do it again. 5.51 Seconds was his score. Mina removed her shoes creating acid below her feet and practically skating towards the finish. “Shooting the laser too long hurts my tummy.” he says.
Everyone sweat drops. ‘What’s with this guy?’ everyone thinks.
‘The pushing of quirks to the utmost limits, it shows me how much room for growth each of them has, and allows me to take note of what they can and can’t do just yet. Show me your creativity.’ Aizawa thinks.
Bakugo and Izuku were up next. The blonde looked at his lover in concern. ‘Come on nerd you better not get expelled.’
“Go!” the robot camera shouts.
“Blast Rush!” he shouts and brings his hands behind him using the explosions to launch himself faster, gaining 4.13 seconds!
Izuku was scouring through his remote. His school record was 7.49 seconds, but that was then and this was now. While his quirk couldn’t be used here he wasn’t without skill, his training had strengthened his body, especially his legs. 6.02 seconds. ‘All Might told me the trick to using One for All is adjusting it.’ He was told he may not yield results in just a day or two, but that he had faith he would do it. As he stood he could draw out 100% of it’s power but one use lands him in the medical wing.
He imagined the power like an egg inside of a microwave, All Might told him to focus on keeping the egg from exploding. ‘If I just need to keep the egg from exploding, maybe I can manipulate my body somehow.’
Aizawa had seen the exam, Izuku’s auto pilot was quite impressive, but he was useless after using it.
Trial 2 Grip Strength
Izuku was still formulating a plan on how to pass the tests with the way he was now. ‘Come on think, your quirk has evolved before, when you focused on learning close combat you developed the taser function, my vessel has developed so has my quirk.’ His grip strength improved from his non quirk score, thanks to his training but not enough.
Mezo Shoji obtained the highest mark at 540 kilograms, are you a gorilla?” Sero asked. “Oh, an octopus!” Which led to someone saying Octopus are sexy! Izuku sighed, if this wasn’t such a tense situation he’d be enjoying examining the others using their abilities.
Trial 3 Standing Long Jump
Aoyama, Bakugo, Uraraka and Ojiro were able to pass this exam very well. Izuku stood at the ready mark. ‘I’ve been able to adjust the power of my taser feature before.’ He stared at his controller. ‘Am I really stuck at either 0 or 100 percent?’ he frowns. ‘Do I use auto pilot and hope for the best?’ he instead pockets the controller and does his best to jump.
Trial 4 Sustained Sideways Jumps
Mineta got the top score in this, using his sticky balls to bounce him back and forth. ‘We are to push our quirks to the limits, to show our potential through skills.’ Izuku thinks. ‘My quirk can manipulate the mind and body, I can restore the default settings, I’ve manipulated my body’s design before, but never like this. My autopilot shuts off my limiters to complete a task, if I go into autopilot I could get a high score for sure but autopilot takes a lot out of my body.’
Aizawa had his eye on Izuku. The scores were tallying up fast and things weren’t looking good for Izuku.
Trial 5 Softball Throw
Uraraka blew everyone out of the water with her infinity score. Midoriya steps up for his turn. “Midoriya isn’t doing to well is he?” Iida says.
“It’s because his quirk isn’t suited for this kind of stuff,” everyone looks to Bakugo. “He’s been training hard to improve himself but his quirk at it’s core is best at subduing someone.” He’s improved physically since school but he had a feeling that’s not what Aizawa was looking for. ‘He’s modified his own body before, but can he do it back to back.’
No, Izuku had thought about it earlier, he could in fact manipulate his body his controller offering a variety of settings breaking down his body. His current settings were saved, but in order to do a system restore it took time, and after a system restore he can’t make a change. Izuku knew his quirk better than anyone, it was One for All that was his wild card. All Might, Inko, and Bakugo, he had people counting on him, the pressure could be felt.
He brings his controller up to his head. ‘I can’t back down now!’ He presses the button but nothing happens. “What the…?”
“I erased your quirk.” Izuku turned and gasped seeing Aizawa, his scarf moving wildly, his eyes glowing red, and a pair of goggles hanging around his neck.
“You…your Eraserhead!” Izuku gasped. A hero not known for the spot light, but his quirk is legendary as he can seal the quirk of someone he’s looking at. All Might showed up to see what was happening.
“This year’s exam wasn’t practical, your quirk was able to make use of the situation controlling the robots to do your bidding, I’ll admit you were able to handle robots, but real combat is far different.” In an instant Izuku found himself disarmed and pinned to the ground. “When faced with an opponent you couldn’t defeat you shut yourself down and let your quirk take over, and when it was all said in done you weren’t able to move after. Are you just gonna use your power and wait for someone else to come in and save you?”
He gets off Izuku, and returns his controller. “Do what you want? I’ve given you back your quirk.” he used eye drops on his eyes. ‘If he breaks his body down, it shows he has no potential.’ he heard about his latest visit to Recovery Girl.
‘If I had known I would have warned you, young Midoriya.’ All Might thinks. ‘He and I really don’t get along, and believe it or not your actions were in the media. Aizawa believes the media interferes with heroes, and heroes like me who stand out in the spot light are troublesome.’
‘My quirk plus All Might’s,’ his mind was swirling. “That’s it!” He began punching in a code on his remote. ‘Normally all I have to do is inject one of my needles into my body to trigger auto pilot, but maybe I can…’ Aizawa raised a brow at him.
‘Here we go, command set!’ he shoots a needle into his arm. A mighty force erupts from Izuku, his arm was sparking with energy.
‘Young man did you do it, no wait I see you can’t control the power through your vessel yet but your quirk can manipulate one’s body like mine.’
Izuku smirked. ‘It’s hot, this is just 1 % of One for All!’ He squeezed the ball tight. “Throw the ball!” Izuku shouts, and he does with one throw he sent the ball soaring.
‘This kid!’ Aizawa couldn’t believe it. 1,000 km
“Aizawa-sensei,” he looked and Izuku pulled the needle out of his arm. “I can still move!” His arm was a little stiff and tingly but he could move it. 1 or 100 that’s where he was at.
Thankfully Izuku was able to do better in the next two exams. Thanks to Izuku’s settings he was highly flexible, so sit ups and seated toe touch he was able to land decent scores. “How are you so flexible?” Kirishima asked.
“Oh I edited my settings a long time ago when I modified my body, I’m super flexible.” Bakugo blushed, knowing just how flexible his lover was. Izuku did some quick yoga stretches, showing just how flexible he was, making Ojiro blush and Kirishima whistle. “I have a lot of time on my hands, and yoga is quite relaxing.” he blushes and scratches the back of his head.
The last trial wasn’t anything special, Izuku couldn’t risk overloading his system the single limb trick was probably best shelved. The scores were tallied, and Aizawa pulled the scores. “Oh yeah that expulsion thing was a lie.” everyone gasped.
“Guys of course it was a ruse, it was obvious so I didn’t say anything.” Momo says. Izuku didn’t care he slumped to the ground, laughing.
“We passed, that’s all that matters.”
“You guys can get changed and go back to class, good job.” he heads off and bumps into All Might. “What are you doing here?”
“Just seeing how things were going,” he crossed his arms. “A ruse huh? This from a man who’s expelled a whole class before.” he pointed at him. “Admit it, you saw something special in them.”
Aizawa shrugs. “Maybe.”
To be continued…Decisions and Desires
Tier 1

Aug 08

Ben 10 GP Chap 3

Ben 10 GP
Ben: 9 inches
Kevin: 7.5 inches
Rook: ?
Scout: ?
Chap 3 Joyriding and Punishment
Ben was making friends at the Galaxy Police Academy, Kevin, Rook, Scout, each of them were so special to Ben. Ben had made a few enemies, Charmcaster, Manny, and Brannigan. There was another new recruit named Tack, he had blue skin, pointy ears, dark hair in a mohawk style, a lot of the older recruits picked on him for being wimpy. Manny and Brannigan messed with him the most. Brannigan was the leader and commander of the Alpha Squad, and he seemed to treat anyone else outside of Alpha Squad like garbage. Manny was trying to get into Alpha Squad as quickly as possible, they didn’t normally accept junior recruits, but if your skills were good enough and grades high enough.
Brannigan was messing with Tack, and Ben stepped in. He was waling with Alpha Squad, and bumped into Tack knocking him over, spilling his food. “Watch it maggot!” Tack stood up to apologize, he was very polite. Brannigan went to push him out of his way, only to be met with a mana barrier. “Have a problem maggot?” he glared at Ben.
“As a matter of fact I do.” he steps up and gets between Tack and Brannigan.
“You are Ben 10!” Tack gasped. “You defeated the Conqueror Vilgax at the age of 10.” That surprised many of the alpha squad.
“It doesn’t matter who you think you are, here you are a lowly maggot!” Brannigan tries to act tough, but there wasn’t a recruit in the GP that didn’t know about Vilgax and the threat he was.
“I’ve met a lot of guys like you, bullies who think you can push others around just because your bigger and stronger, or have some fancy status. But you know who you remind me of?” Ben crossed his arms. “Vilgax.”
“Hey!” Brannigan grabbed Ben, and looked ready to punch him.
“Did I strike a nerve, truth hurts.” Ben kept his guard down. Brannigan hesitated, Ben’s words scratching at his mind. “If you are really as great as you say, shouldn’t you be working on building up new recruits to make them better than constantly tearing them down and keeping them under foot?”
“Tch,” he lets Ben go. “Let’s move out Alpha Squad!”
“I guess the GP doesn’t teach a manners class.” Ben says. Tack gave a tasteful bow.
“Thank you so much for helping me.” Ben used his powers to restore Tack’s lunch.
“No problem, honestly I shouldn’t have been the only one. Guys like that bug me, I don’t see how they are allowed in the GP.”
“Believe it or not he’s actually very skilled, and he’s got the best grades in the academy.” Tack says.
“Doesn’t give him the right to treat others like that.” Tack’s eyes sparkled.
“You really are amazing as the legends say, I heard you are even the Grandson of Magister Tennyson, you come from a strong lineage.” His neck stretches and he rests his forehead against Ben’s.
“I’m just Ben dude.” he blinks in surprise. Tack explained the head thing was a custom to show great respect. “If any of those jerks bother you just let me know.”
“Thank you Ben Tennyson!”
“Dude, just call me Ben. We are friends so you don’t have to be so formal.” They eat lunch together and actually have the next class together. Weapon Assembly and Target Practice. Before they made it to the class though they bumped into Manny.
“You got some nerve talking back to the alpha squad.” He blocked their path. “You think your hot stuff huh?”
“No I just don’t like bullies, considering we are training to become galaxy police, you’d think they would have a better attitude.” Manny stares at him before smirking.
“I see, you got the hots for Brannigan don’t you?” Ben’s jaw dropped. ‘What’s with this guy!?’
“I’ll be joining the Alpha Squad soon enough, maybe if you show me a nice time I’ll put in a good word for you.” he pushes Ben up against the wall leaning over him. “What do you say?”
Ben smiled, and in a flash Manny found himself hog tied and strung up. “Oi let me down hey!” Manny shouted. They got to class and were waiting for the instructor, Ben fought back a groan as Hulka showed up with Manny in tow.
“Ben Tennyson, did you read the GP Handbook?”
“For the most part.” he says.
“You are not to use your special powers or abilities outside of specific classes.” he states. Ben bites back a retort, he didn’t like this it’s why he took the power classes to begin with.
“Yes sir.” He had heard this guy was the most decorated member of the GP, but what was with the attitude.
“I’ve got my eye on you Tennyson.”
“Great…” Class started, they were assembling blasters and firing at targets.
“Your weapon is your friend, and right now your friend is in pieces put your friend back together now!” he yelled. Manny put his weapon together quickly, but Tack was having trouble assembling it. He dropped his power pack and it slid underneath a cabinet.
“No!” he scrambled to try and retrieve it. Ben’s eyes glowed and he levitated the cabinet. Tack got his power pack back. “Thank you.”
“Tennyson!” Ben set the cabinet back down. “What did I tell you about using your powers?”
“I was just helping my friend sir.”
“Last warning Tennyson no powers in my class!” he shouts.
“What is your deal?” Ben glared.
“Your friend is in pieces Tennyson, fix your friend now!” he yelled.
Manny finished setting up his weapon and landed a few good shots but not excellent. Hulka’s yelling was getting on Ben’s last nerve. He was trying to assemble it when Hulka started yelling again. “Move move move!” Ben snapped.
His eyes glowed and his weapon assembled in an instant, he fired and hit the bulls eyes landing a perfect score on the shooting range. “Tennyson!” Hulka yelled.
“I know!” Ben hissed. The two glared at each other.
“You anodites really can’t control your emotions can you?” Ben growled, the itch to punch this guy very strong.
“You clearly don’t know anodites very well.” Ben pushes the blaster into his arms and walks away.
“I know enough. Hit the track Tennyson 50 laps.” Ben growled again.
After 50 laps, Ben was very wound up. ‘Man what is that guy’s problem, it’s like he has it out for me. Why shouldn’t someone with abilities use them, in a real fight you have to use everything at your disposal to win, even survive.’ when stressed out Ben wanted to blow off some steam, but his usual methods were…well…
Ben didn’t know why but a good release always cleared his head. He thought about taking care of himself, but with a roommate that wasn’t the most accessible option. ‘I could ask Kevin, or Rook, or Scout to help me, but I don’t want them to think I’m using them.’ he sighed. It sucked, he had three cute guys who actually liked him, but he didn’t want to ruin anything. Anodites didn’t have the best reputation with their open love mentality. People tended to look down on them, and assume that their love style meant they jumped into bed with any Tom, Dick, or Harry they came across. It was deeper than that, when anodites feel that spark between them with their partner it was real and it meant something. ‘It’s to bad a good toss in the sheets is exactly what I need right now.’
He opened the door to his room, and froze in the doorway. Kevin was working out, doing push ups on the floor, his skin glistening with sweat, those gym shorts hugging his ass perfectly. ‘Oh wow!’ His dick jumped to attention pushing at the fabric of his pants and boxers.
“Hey Ben,” he gets up. “Sorry, would have worked out in the gym but the Alpha Squad booked it.” He gets up, muscles glistening, smelling so damn good.
“It’s fine, this is your room to.” he says blushing, he heads to his bunk, letting out a tired sigh.
“Something happen?” Kevin asked, drying off.
“Just Hulka being himself, I swear that guy has an issue with me.” Kevin chuckles.
“He’s like that with everyone, he’s a tough one but he’s known as the most decorated member of the GP.”
“That guy, hard to believe.” he sulked, now he was suffering an arousal on top of everything else.
Kevin snapped his fingers. “I know what you need, wait here I’m gonna hit the showers and we are gonna do something fun.” he left, leaving Ben alone with his arousal.
The brunette hoped to rub one out before the raven returned. He frees his hard cock, and slowly thinks about his sexy roommate. Little did he know Kevin was doing the same thinking of him. Kevin was running through all the stress relief techniques and they always ended erotic, hence the erection.
Their climax was achieved and Kevin returned to the room. Despite the relief, just seeing each other had their manhoods stirring again. ‘Oh man, Ben looks flushed, could he have been…’
‘Kevin’s skin is glistening, he’s fresh from the shower and looks so hot!’ Kevin got dressed.
“Let’s go.” He leads them to the hangar.
“Kevin what are we doing here?”
“Joy ride, its what I do whenever I got stressed. Sometimes I’d just drive and drive to clear my head.” he goes over to one of the ships. “So what do you say, care to take a ride with me?”
Ben couldn’t help but smile. “Sure, sounds nice.” Kevin takes a small pod, just big enough for two. He entered the hangar code and the two were off. The ship they took had some kick to it.
“Whooooo!” Kevin zipped through space, Ben just inches away from being in his lap. “Wanna see what this baby can do?”
“Hit it!” Ben cheers, and Kevin turned on the boosters. The ship zoomed through space, Kevin turning on the tricks showing off his control. Loops, spins, sharp dives, Kevin was the master behind the controls.
“This model of ship, has a lot of speed and control.” Ben was just enjoying the ride, seeing the stars zoom by. They even slowed down just to see the wonders space had to offer. Kevin set the ship to cruise mode.
“Space is really a wonderful thing, we are so far away from earth, I don’t recognize any of these stars.” He relaxed against Kevin. The raven tensed, his hands itching not knowing what to do. Ben helped him, bringing his hands around him, Kevin did the rest hugging the boy to him.
It was quiet, sitting out in space just the two of them. ‘Come on Levin say something, it’s just you and Ben, staring at the stars. This is the romantic stuff chicks like right? Does Ben like this kind of stuff?’ Ben was so close. ‘Damn it he smells so good to, damn it I’m getting hard again.’
“Uh yes?”
“This was nice, thank you.” he rests his head against Kevin’s shoulder. Before Kevin could talk to him more, their ship came to a halt. Jerking the two around. “What is that?” Ben gasped.
Kevin tried to move the controls but everything was locked. “Oh no,” red lights started blaring.
“ATTENTION CADETS!” an all to familiar shout came over the communication channel. “THERE IS NO UNAUTHORIZED USE OF GP SHIPS, PREPARE YOURSELVES TO BE TOWED BACK TO BASE, WHERE YOU WILL RECIEVE PUNISHMENT.” Two ships appeared and quickly locked onto them, and began to tow them back to base.
“Kevin!” he rubbed the back of his head.
“I may have sorta took the keys to the ship, and hacked the docking code.”
“You didn’t.” Ben face palmed.
“Sorry, it was the best idea I could think of that didn’t involve…you know…” he blushed. “I didn’t want you to think I only wanted you for sex, that I actually enjoy spending time with you.”
“Well looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time together. I think we’ll be having disciplinary lessons together for months.”
“Worth it, for you.” Kevin hugs him and Ben turns and gives him a kiss. Things heat up as the two have a make out session as they are towed back to base.
The two boys were dragged into Hulka’s office. “Do you have no respect for yourselves, do you have no respect for the GP?!” he shouted.
“Sir,” Kevin stood up. “It was all my idea sir, Cadet Tennyson had no idea what I had done, until after the fact, I should be the one punished not him.” Hulka looked from Kevin to Ben, who was looking shocked.
“Is that true Cadet Tennyson?”
“I uhh, umm Cadet Kevin was just trying to cheer me up sir. It was my fault we were out there.”
“You both are idiots and you are both at fault, no excuses! Idle hands are the playthings of idiots, I’m sure I can find something to keep you two occupied. Get ready gentlemen the next three months are gonna be tough!” he glared at them. “Now, get out of my office!”
The two bolted. It would be a long three months for them, Hulka signed them up for every cleaning duty, doubled their homework assignments, and their lunch credits were reducted to repay for the fuel they used, and made them run drills. They were lucky to have even 5 hours of sleep.
Yet neither found it in them to complain, it was quite a night, spending hours together watching the stars. Yeah time had gotten away from them, it was how they got caught, Kevin had planned a quick spin, but being alone with Ben he lost track of time. They had gotten closer, and even through punishment they had each other.
To be continued…Chap 4 Ben’s Feelings
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Aug 05

Wolf Deku Chap 11

Wolf Deku
Chapter 11 Scenting and Tasting
Things had been going well for the aspiring heroes. Izuku and Kirishima got to go out on dates, and Bakugo tagged along some times. Kirishima didn’t mind, in fact he enjoyed hanging with Bakugo to.
While classes didn’t start for a couple hours, some students had arrived early. Gathering in one of Yuuei’s luxurious bathrooms. “Thank you for meeting us here Kirishima.” Izuku says. “Uhh sure no problem.” The red head was blushing, his cock straining against the tight confines of his uniform.
“What’s your problem weird hair?” Bakugo snaps. The blonde was standing bare ass naked, not an ounce of shame as his cock stood fully erect. Izuku on his part was taking off his clothes. “We called you here early because Deku told me he sucked you off before, but you haven’t gotten a taste yet, plus he needs to scent mark you before the full moon mating.”
“You mean!” his eyes sparkled with excitement.
“That’s right, we gathered as a pack so you can get a taste and be properly scent marked.” he says. “Izuku usually takes care of me before school but since I heard about you I suggested he could take care of us at the same time.”
“Oh man Izuku was right you are a sweet guy!” Kirishima cheers. Bakugo shoots Izuku a glare and the wolf boy chuckles. Kirishima starts stripping, just as Izuku finishes. “Oh wow!” Kirishima stopped stripping as he stares at Izuku’s massive dick.
Bakugo smirks at him. “See something you like?” Kirishima had his shirt off and Bakugo came forward and teased the red head’s nipples.
“Very!” he moans, his nipples hardened quickly. Bakugo leans in close to his ear.
“He’s even bigger in his wolf form.” Kirishima’s eyes widen. ‘It gets bigger!’ he gulps, and licks his lips. His dick was so hard it hurt, his pre soaking through the fabric of his fundoshi. “Just wait till he breeds you, his dick is gonna wreck your insides till no one else can satisfy you.”
Izuku blushed in embarrassment and his tail wagged at the compliment. ‘Kacchan is talking dirty again.’
“Bet you can’t wait till he makes you his bitch.” He teases Kirishima’s nipples, teasing the sensitive buds and making the red head moan. It wasn’t impossible for harem brothers to fool around so long as they followed the rules in place. Bakugo was attacking with words, and light teasing. That didn’t mean the effect wasn’t there, his hot hands making Kirishima shiver.
Just as Kirishima thought he was gonna cum, Bakugo stopped his teasing. “Now hurry up!” he yanks down Kirishima’s pants and fundoshi causing his hard cock to spring up. When he saw that Kirishima was bigger than him it bugged him slightly. “I want my turn, so get on your knees before the pack alpha!”
“Yes!” he moans, stepping out of his pants and comes over to Izuku.
“Still looking sexy Kirishima-kun.” the wolf boy says and leans forward and licks his cheek. A shiver runs through him, and he quickly drops to his knees, coming face to face with Izuku’s cock. The manly musk, spiced with arousal hits his nose and Kirishima grins.
“So big and manly,” he cups Izuku’s dick, feeling its weight and warmth. His fingers caress his manhood, and his own dick throbs. His other hand cups Izuku’s heavy balls, they were so warm. This was his first dick, he had picked quite a good one.
He leans forward and licks the cock, and he shivers. ‘Izuku’s cock tastes so good!’ he laps at his heavy length, running over each inch as he moved higher and higher. He focused on licking, tasting the tip, as pre poured from the slit. ‘Ohhhooo this is pre, I’ve tasted my own before but this is way better!’ he thinks.
Kirishima continues to lap at his length, moving up and down his large cock. Bakugo watches patiently for his turn, but notices that Kirishima is just licking. “Oi weird hair, what are you waiting for suck his dick!”
The red head freezes, and chews on his lip. “Kirishima, if your scared about your teeth?” he nodded. Izuku chuckles, and leaned down and whispered something into his ear.
“Right!” he wraps his lips around his cock, and starts to suck on it, his tongue swirling around the head. His pointy teeth do brush Izuku’s dick but in a way that sends jolts of pleasure racing through his cock. Izuku growls in pleasure, and brings his hand into Kirishima’s hair. “Mmm!” he moans around his dick.
For a first blow job Kirishima was doing a great job, bobbing back and forth, slurping and sucking Izuku’s big cock. Slowly working lower and lower with each pass, he relaxed his throat and slowly downed Izuku’s massive dick to the root, his nose burying in the greenette’s thick nest of pubes.
The manly hair tickled his nose, his musk filling Kirishima’s nose. Izuku’s large dick filled his throat perfectly, but in order to breathe he had to breath through his nose. ‘Oh god, oh god,’ his hot dick felt so good in his throat, his own dick pulsing like mad. His heart was beating so fast he could hear it. Pre spilled on the floor, as Izuku’s essence ran down his throat.
He pumped his aching cock, making his heavy balls bounce. “Yeah you like that dick, tasty ya?” Kirishima moaned at Bakugo’s words, his cock pulsing in his hand. “Smells good to, bet you could just cum from having his dick in your slutty throat.”
“Kacchan, stop teasing him. Kirishima is doing a great job, ehh?” The red head suddenly spasmed as he spilled his seed over the floor. He didn’t know if it was the praise, the dirty talk, the musk, the taste and heat of the cock, or the combination of all of it, but Kirishima did cum. His hot cum explodes all over the floor.
“Told ya Deku!” Bakugo laughed.
“That was mean Kacchan, do you want to be punished?” Bakugo humphed.
“If he can’t continue I’ll take over.” he says. That snapped Kirishima back to reality. He grabs Izuku’s hips and starts bobbing his head back and forth, slurping and sucking him.
“Ahh Kiricchan!” he moans.
He wasn’t holding back now, his cock hardening with each bob. ‘As a man I can’t back down or give in!’ he fondles Izuku’s balls, and even reaches around to stroke Izuku’s tail.
“Oohh, Kiri…aaahhh I’m gonna cum!” his cock pulses against the red head’s tongue, his tail wagging wildly. Kirishima gives one final suck, hollowing his cheeks as he sucks from base to tip. Midoriya’s cock pulsed and his balls lurched, his cum erupting from his pipe.
His hot cum pumped into Kirishima’s mouth, it filled quickly, pushing out his cheeks. The red head moaned, rolling the cum around, over his tongue savoring the taste. As much as he wanted to savor the taste of Izuku’s man milk, there was too much and he didn’t want to drown in the stuff, though not a bad way to go.
He swallows Izuku’s semen hotly, and he was rewarded with more cum. His cock pulsed and he spilled his seed over the ground, it bounced like an excited puppy as spurt after spurt hit the floor. Kirishima drank every drop, not wasting a drop of the boy’s manly seed.
Kirishima’s cock softened, but Izuku was still hard. He pulled out and he stared at the hardened manhood. “How do I taste?” his cock rubbed the red head’s face. He was panting having a dreamy look on his face.
“Amazing!” Izuku grinned.
“You did a great job, but it’s time to mark you in my scent.” He transformed, his cock growing larger. Kirishima’s jaw dropped at the size, and he felt his manhole twitch in want. He gazed over the furry man beast and his penis rose back up to full mast.
“So big!” he gulped and licked his lips, still tasting Izuku on them. Izuku pumped his massive dick, it wasn’t long before he growled and his large furry balls lurched. He spilled his seed, pelting Kirishima with his hot cum. “Ahhh!” he moaned as each spurt pelted him.
“Arms up shitty hair!” Bakugo ordered and the red head obeyed. Izuku’s cum covered every inch of him. Face, neck, arms, pits, pecs, abs, crotch, legs. “Turn around.” again he obeys, turning around to get marked on his back ass and feet.
Kirishima came again, his seed vanishing in the sea of cum that marked his body. Izuku stopped stroking his dick and his cock stopped cumming. Bakugo comes forward. “This is how you suck his dick, watch and learn!”
Not intimidated by Izuku’s massive size, he starts going to town on the massive manhood. His penis pulses as he bobs, he moans around the massive shaft. Kirishima gulped as he watched Bakugo deep throat the massive beast. He’d gotten a lot of practice.
“Watch this!” Izuku growls and cups the back of Bakugo’s head, he starts fucking his mouth, his heavy balls smacking his chin. Bakugo moans, and his eyes roll up. It was Bakugo’s turn to cum, as the act of dominance made him weak in the knees. He cums blowing his load across the floor. Kirishima saw Bakugo’s hole spasm, parting and exposing his well fucked insides.
It was a manly symbol of their love. Izuku smirks down at Bakugo, perfect punishment for teasing Kirishima. Bakugo would glare but he was enjoying getting his mouth fucked too much. Izuku continues to pound his throat, the blonde’s cock bouncing and bobbing.
Kirishima crawls forward and slips his head between Bakugo’s legs. The blonde gasped, as Kirishima swallows his dick and starts sucking him. His moans follow, sending pleasing vibrations through Izuku’s thrusting cock.
Bakugo couldn’t take the double stimulus and cums again into the red head’s mouth. Izuku cums soon after and fills the blonde’s belly with his seed.
He pulls out and proceeds to bath the blonde in his semen. “Deku!” Bakugo moans. He looks down and glares at Kirishima. “Shitty hair!” The red head gives him a grin.
“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” he rubs the back of his head.
“Don’t be sorry, this is fitting of harem brothers.” Izuku’s phone goes off. “We gotta hurry, we have class to get to.” The trio shower and clean up.
“Mmm,” Kirishima sniffs himself. “I still smell like Izuku.”
“Of course, scent marking wears off over time, and in wolf form you’ll smell like him for days.” Kirishima grinned.
Today was a big day for the class of 1-A, they were gonna be participating in Rescue Training. Dawning their hero costumes they gathered and were taken to the USJ, and not Universal Studios of Japan.
Aizawa and Thirteen were teaching this class. Thirteen is a famous Rescue Hero, with the quirk Black Hole. All Might was supposed to be taking part as well, but it seemed he overused his time on the way to school. Izuku overheard thanks to his wolf ears. He felt bad as All Might’s time had decreased because he had passed All For One to him.
“This USJ has been designed with different disaster zones, we’ll be practicing rescue operations in different conditions.” Thirteen explained.
“When rescuing you are able to touch girls as much as you want.” Mineta was salivating. He was quickly hit and scolded for his perverseness. He cried acting like a child trying to jump on Izuku for comfort, only to be elbowed by Kirishima and Bakugo.
“This is important training, your quirks are strong, but can be deadly. It is important for you to learn how to control them so you can use them to help people.” Everyone nodded.
Just as they were about to head out a strange vortex opened up. “What’s that?” From the darkness strange people came out. “Is this part of the class?” Kirishima asked.
Aizawa held out his arm stopping anyone from getting closer. “Those are villains!” he says. “This is bad.” An army of villains came out of the vortex.
To be continued…Attack on the USJ
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Aug 03

Monster Quirk Parasite Slime chap 7

Monster Quirk: Parasite Slime
Izuku 14 Incher
All Might 12.5 Incher
Death Arms 10 Incher
Chap 7 Fall Out
-In the base of the Slime Gang-
“AAAAAHHHHHH!” Crash Bang Smash Bang Bang Crash Crash Crash “WHO DID IT WHO TOOK MY TOY FROM ME!” Brain Slime was causing a rampage.
The others gathered but kept a safe distance. “What’s up with Brain?”
“He’s freaking out, someone undid his control over one of his toys.”
“Was it Eraser?” one of the cloaked figures asked. Brain screaming in the background.
“Unknown.” Smash Smash “Brain seems to believe it was one of us.”
“My baby was gone, who else but another slime could…” the door to the base burst open, and a tall figure entered the room. The other cloaked figures dropped down to their knees and bowed.
Brain stood in terror, their leader looked about the wrecked base. “Care to explain yourself Brain?” Brain was sweating.
“Leader, I…I believe my latest plan was sabotaged.” he finally bowed.
“What proof do you have?” the voice was calm, but the air seemed thick with tension.
“My baby was missing and the hero who I made my toy was freed from my control.” the leader approached him. “It…It had to be another slime!” Their leader stood before Brain and the villain flinched.
“I see, so you lost Death Arms. This does not mean sabotage.” his hand comes out and Brain flinches, but instead of touching him he holds up 3 fingers. “One: Your quirk was nullified either by Eraser or another hero. Two: Your slime was discovered and removed and captured by means we are not aware of yet. Three: There is one with a slime quirk not in the gang and is on the side of the heroes.”
The third had the others murmuring. “A slime on the heroes side!”
“Most unorthodox!”
“We can’t let this stand!” The leader raised his hand and silenced them.
“Enough!” he says a firm tone. “It is true, a slime on the heroes side would bring disaster to our gang, but we must explore all three options. Should three be the situation we have options, they can either join us or be devoured!” he starts laughing, which encouraged the others to laugh with him.
‘I hope Mr. Death Arms is alright.’ it had been a few days since the incident but the fall out had yet to die. Izuku had to return to his life and leave Death Arms to All Might. Izuku felt bad for Death Arms. ‘I can’t believe there are other slime quirks out there.’
‘Well believe it, and this could be bad for us.’
‘What do you mean?’ he asked.
‘Slimes have an instinct to get stronger, in order to do that slimes tend to eat each other.’
‘What?!’ he gasped.
‘Slimes grow naturally gaining unique abilities, and when two slimes meet they try to eat each other and when the stronger one wins they absorb the weaker one gaining it’s abilities.’
‘I see, so that’s why you ate that tiny slime.’
‘That was just the fraction of the user’s quirk but I’m sure it got their attention.’
‘If we found the user could you use their power to fix Death Arms?’
‘It is possible, but Izuku challenging a slime can be dangerous, I know I’m great but I’m not arrogant to say I’m the strongest slime out there. We only have two carriers, we don’t know if the other slime quirk user doesn’t have allies.’
‘But I thought slimes fought each other.’
‘They do, but slimes are drawn to the strong. They can gather and work together, holding that fear of getting eaten if they show weakness in the back of their mind.’
‘I don’t wanna kill anyone…’
‘We don’t have to kill, just defeating them in battle is enough, the person will become quirkless, and I will evolve.’ Izuku breathed a sigh of relief. Izuku wanted to help Death Arms and protect All Might so he needed to work even harder.
The man’s hero status was taking a hit, as videos of Death Arms naked attack was hitting the web and was being talked about on the news. Thankfully Izuku’s interference was kept on the down low.
All Might came out with a statement about the attack explaining the situation. “Death Arms was not to blame for his actions. He fell under the control of a villain and was forced to do what he did. All heroes have been put on alert to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” Despite the Symbol of Peace’s words the hero agencies were taking some backlash from this.
They were supposed to protect the people from villains, not becoming the tools of villains. This was a big stain on the heroes and what’s more they had lost one of their heroes. Death Arms didn’t have any family, his friends were only his fellow heroes in his agency. His life was the job, and that was taken from him.
The brain slime had sucked away his mind and took control of his body. His hero data was wiped by an unknown source, but it was suspected that Death Arms was the culprit that he was forced to wipe his own data. None of the other hero data was taken, so it was suspected that whoever controlled him was covering their tracks.
Unfortunately the hero agency with Death Arms dropped him as a way of distancing themselves from the bad press. This may seem harsh but mind control quirks existed, and during the third generation of heroes, villains claimed to be under the control of another when enacting their crimes. This had an unspoken policy in hero agencies if you fall under a villain’s control one couldn’t be cleared of any wrong doing to the villain who controlled them was caught. Even with investigations, the victim would be suspended if not arrested until the investigation was cleared.
If not for All Might’s vouching for him Death Arms would have been sent to prison. Death Arms himself…well…he was doing as well as someone who had their mind and body jacked, forced to attack people buck naked, was the current laughing stock among heroes, lost his job, and his home could be.
All Might brought Izuku to visit him, the man was staying with All Might, he was in the guest room in bed, naked. “How are you feeling, Death Arms?” All Might asked. The man rubbed his head.
“Physically I’m fine, but I can’t remember my past at all, childhood memories, my time in school, even my time as a hero was all wiped clean.” He looks to Izuku. “You must be the reason I’m talking now.” From his body slime appeared. “And this!”
Izuku blushed. “I’m Izuku Midoriya.” Death Arms’ mind had been completely wiped clean, while Izuku couldn’t restore his memories, he could give him some of his own. Basic stuff like basic studies, and everything Izuku knew about Death Arms from his hero notes.
It was the best he could do, Slime told him that the slime piece he ate was just a fragment of the other’s quirk. Parasite Slime could share knowledge with it’s carriers, it had been a grand taking transferring the data from Izuku’s head to him. It was certainly a pleasurable undertaking.
The slime quickly attacked his body, it tossed the sheet away, and openly spread his legs letting the two see everything. He moaned as his cock and nipples were sucked on, a slime tentacle expanding in his ass and working his hole open.
All Might blushed, remembering his times like this all too well. Death Arms panted and moaned, the never ending suction had his muscled body shaking. The slime tentacle in his ass didn’t feel strange, the friction in his ass felt familiar and welcomed.
As his body grew hotter, the slime spread licking away his sweat, and slurping away his pre. Izuku could only stare, a blush across his cheeks. ‘Why must my slime be so perverted?’
‘I don’t see you looking away.’ Slime added, giving a chuckle. His eyes roamed over Death Arms, seeing his body shudder in lust and want. He pants and groans, drooling a bit, as he bucks off the bed.
All Might was trying to be polite, looking away, but kept stealing glances, and his dick was standing proudly from his crotch.
As his pleasure built higher and higher the slime double his efforts. The slime tentacle expanded, and fucked him faster. His inner walls spasmed in delight, his sweet spot brushed with each pass. The suction on his nipples, had pleasure washing through his muscled form, the buds taking a darker shade from the non stop sucking. His dick pulsed as the slime squeezed and sucked him, it coated every inch of him, stimulating every inch of his hard 10 incher. This was possibly the best for Death Arms as his thick rod was too big for most fleshlights and milking machines. “Oh ohhh!” his toes curled as his climax hit.
His heavy balls lurched and his dick swelled and he spilled his seed. The slime slurped away his manly cum and retracted back into his body. Death Arms lay panting, taking a moment to collect himself.
“I’m terribly sorry,” Izuku bowed. “A slime quirk did this to you, and I made you into a slime carrier.”
Death Arms sighed. “Don’t feel bad kid, you and All Might saved me.” he ran his fingers through his hair. “I collected my stuff from my apartment, it’s weird to not remember anything but be told things about yourself.” he revealed a small box. “If this stuff is any indication I definitely liked guys.” Inside the box were magazines featuring R Rated male heroes, a rather sizeable dildo, a vibe, and anal beads.
“Oh my!” Izuku gasped. He was single, guess this is what he did on his lonely nights.
“Also this slime usually attacks whenever I start feeling down about what’s happening. I have a feeling it’s master wants me to feel good and is trying to cheer me up the only way it knows how.” Izuku smiles and gives a nod. “If I have to belong to someone I’m glad it’s someone as sweet as you.”
“So you know about our relationship then?” All Might asked, Death Arms nodded.
“I don’t wanna step on any toes, you are the symbol of peace, I’m sure I looked up to you. Plus Izuku didn’t choose me like he did you, he took me to save my life, I don’t feel it should count.” he says gripping the sheets. “I can just stay out of your way and…” All Might stepped forward and captured Death Arms’ lips in a kiss.
“You are a good man, I won’t lie, I was hoping to keep Izuku to myself a bit longer, but if Izuku wants a harem he’ll have one.” Death Arms blushed crimson. “His quirk can be quite persuasive, and Izuku’s sexual stamina is wonderful. Once you’ve recovered a bit more I’m sure you and Izuku can consummate your relationship.”
“Please Death Arms, while you becoming a carrier was done to save you, I don’t regret doing it. I just felt bad because you were already hurt by the other slime quirk user, and I didn’t want to take advantage of you.” he fidgeted. “I have always thought you were quite sexy!” he confessed.
Death Arms smiled. He may have lost his past, but he was alive, and that gave him possibilities. Now he can work on building new memories.
To be continued…Chap 8 Mating Dance!
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Frog Quirk Chap 1

Frog Quirk

Izuku is Tsuyu’s cousin, his father has the frog quirk and always works overseas. Izuku wants to be a hero, but his mother worries about his safety. Izuku’s quirk has given him some very unique traits.

Chap 1

It started a long time ago, the first instance of super powers was a baby, born glowing like the sun. From that moment on quirks began to appear in the world, and a new proffession began to take hold in this super human society…Heroes!

There were always those who abused their quirks for their own selfish or villainous ends. Villains caused trouble and heroes took them on, such was the balance of the world.

Four generations down, a young woman with the Quirk: Attraction of Small Objects met a man with a frog quirk. They got together and had a son, he was named Izuku, but the man Hizashi didn’t hang around. He wanted a big family with lots of kids, but Inko just wanted one.

As soon as Izuku was born it was kids this and kids that, it was like he didn’t care about his first born at all. She couldn’t take it, he had this plan wanting to have 5 in 5, five kids in 5 years, and that was just a start. It made her feel like she was nothing but a baby factory. Hizashi never even picked up Izuku, or held him, and all he talked about was the next kid this, next kid that. Finally she had enough and they seperated, Hizashi took a job overseas and paid child support but otherwise had little to no contact with them.

She kept in touch with his family but otherwise she washed her hands of the man. His family was all frog quirks, and his sister and her family lived nearby. Izuku was all she needed, the boy was her precious little man. She wanted to protect him, hoping he’d find someone nice that would treat him right, get a nice job and have a long life.

Little did she know he son would have dreams of becoming a hero.

Izuku’s Pov

My favorite video was an old one. “Mom it’s computer time!” I was bouncing around like an excited rabbit.

“Alright, sweetie.” She finished the dishes and we went to the computer. “I don’t know how you can watch this video, it’s too scary for me.” I was so excited. “You’ve probably added over a million views just by yourself.”

I clutched my All Might action figure as the video loaded. In truth the scene did look horrible, it was the debut scene. [Did you see that?!] A tall muscular figure rose from the wreckage carrying atlest 15 people on his back. [He has already saved 100 people!! And it didn’t even take 10 Minutes!! Really, what a monster!!]

“HA HA HA HA” he was smiling. “You no longer have to worry! Why, you ask?” through all the carnage he stood proudly shining like a beacon. “Because I Am Here!!”

“Sooooo cool! When I get a quirk I want to be a hero just like him!” I raised my action figure up high. Wanting to become a hero, one that can save people with a smile on their face, that was my dream.

My cousin Tsuyu Asui, shared my desires to be a hero, though I wanted to be like All Might. She wanted to be like the rescue hero Thirteen, though she liked All Might to. He is the symbol of peace! With him on the scene crime rates dropped, and the young aspired to become heroes just like him.

I could tell my mother wanted to support my dream, but she was still my mom, so she worried. Hero work was dangerous, and not all heroes made it out of a villain fight unscathed. Tsu thought it’d be better if I went into the Rescue Circuit more than the Active Hero agencies.

The Active Hero, were the ones on the front lines, on call to fight villains, doing patrols, while the Rescue Circuit was back up and support, helping rescue civilians supporting the heroes against villains if possible.

I did get my quirk, one from my father, I never met the man, but it was frog. Tsuyu had her quirk longer than me so she gave me the basics. Just because we shared similar quirks didn’t mean were exact copies. Just like Tsu’s mother and father sharing a quirk they looked different, and had different abilities.

My tongue was actually thicker than Tsu’s, and most of my bodies changes were internal than external. I was still capable of powerful jumps and sticking to walls. Something a tad more embarassing my penis developed these small pearls. I got a new one every year.

We went to a doctor just to be sure it wasn’t serious, it wasn’t apparently those with reptilian based quirks gained unique genitalia, this was just one kind, some men even had it done getting a pearl implant piercing. Mine was just all natural. The doctor said I’d stop gaining new ones once I reached 16.

The real consern was my sweat. After my quirk developed I got the standard physical, which meant giving samples. This was deeper than a normal exam, since quirks varied. My sweat had a toxin in it, I would learn years later that it had a powerful aphrodesiac effect, with some minor healing properties.

For now I had to take medicine to nuetralize the effects.

Despite being friends with Tsu and her little brother Samidare, I also tried to make friends with the neighborhood kids. That’s how I met Bakugo Katsuki, who I call Kacchan. He is so smart, brave, super cool, and his quirk Explosion was powerful and flashy.

He became the leader of the neighborhood kids. I thought we were great friends, but things got weird between us after an incident.

Kacchan was leading us to go bug hunting. “Your quirk is so amazing Kacchan!”

“Heh, way better than yours Deku.” he calls me Deku, teasing me as I wasn’t as good at things as he was. “You’ll be lucky to end up as a hero’s sidekick.” the other kids laughed, I just smiled at him.

“Maybe, but I’ll give it my best, I want to save people, like All Might!”

“Tch, whatever Bakugo Hero Squad move out!” We marched till we found a log over a creek. “Let’s go, yeah!” I gave a weak yeah while the others cheered.

We were moving across the log, until Bakugo slipped falling into the water below. “Kacchan!”

“He’s fine.”

“Yeah, Bakugo is tough!” I couldn’t believe it, he could be hurt. I rushed down to check on him. He laughed, claiming he was fine.

“Kacchan, are you okay?” I reached my hand out to him. “It would be bad if you hit your head.” He looked mad and he slapped my hand away.

“I was fine, I didn’t need your help!” he climbed out of the water.

“But Kacchan?”

“Cram it Deku!” Our relationship became more strained after that. I tried to apologize but that just made him angrier. I hoped things would get better for us, I really liked him.

Over the years I studied heroes, filling notebook after notebook with hero data. I also trained, practicing my quirk every day, trying to get stronger.

My relationship with Kacchan often got strained. Like one time at the park…

“Stop it, he’s crying, you are being mean Kacchan!” I stood infront of a young guy who was crying. “I won’t let you continue, if you keep this up I’ll stop you!”

Kacchan smirked, his two followers behind him activating their quirks, one stretching his fingers out, the other sprouting red demon like wings. “You think you can stand against me Deku, with a quirk like yours!” He punched his palm releasing a fiery explosion. “You are asking for punishment Deku!”

They rushed at us, but I was ready. My tongue shot out and wrapped around the boy with wings. I whipped him into the long fingers quirk holder. The two gasp and groan.

Kacchan rushes at me, and I hop over him, avoiding an explosion. “Don’t defy me Deku!” he growls.

“What is the matter with you!” All the boy did was give me a flower, and Kacchan stomped over and got all mad. I jump around him avoiding his explosions. Why was he so mad?

I did a spring tackle and pinned him to the ground. He thrashed around for a bit then stopped. He blushed and quickly looked away from me. “Don’t think you’ve won Deku!” he released a bunch of explosions and we ended up parting.

Kacchan was such a mystery to me, he was so prickly and yet he had a love for All Might that rivaled mine. He wanted to surpass All Might, and be the greatest hero in the world. He’s so cool!

End Pov

It would be several years before Izuku was able to figure out why Bakugo acted like he did. He had a major crush on Izuku, like hardcore!

He hated it when “small fries” or “extras” tried to get close to Izuku, his Deku. The real reason he gave him that nickname is because he thought it was cute, and that it suited him. His feelings for Izuku confused him for a bit so he acted out by getting possessive, or lashing out when Izuku got close to him.

Katsuki was a smart boy, he figured it out around the time he and Izuku were going through puberty. He loved him, he liked guys, and he wanted Izuku. The boy challenged him, and that excited Bakugo to no end, it kept him on his toes.

He also got pissed at himself whenever he upset Izuku. His mother saw it. Whenever he stormed into the house she would say, “Pissed off Midoriya again, didn’t you?”

“Shut it old hag!” Smack! She slapped him upside the head.

“Watch your mouth brat! You should grow a pair and ask him out instead of being a little shit.” he grumbled. “You should do what I did with your father. When I saw him I knew he was for me, so I pursued him non stop!”

“Shut up, I don’t need any dating advice from you!” he snapped. As much as he hated to admit it, she had a point, he wasn’t a coward. If he wanted his Deku then god help anyone who got in his way.

To be continued…Chap 2 First Times

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Alpha Barrier Chap 1

Alpha Barrier

ABO verse: Izuku has a quirk, he can create barriers. He works to master his quirk and become a great hero. He works to protect his mates.

Chapter 1

When humans were born, they were born with their primary sex, and a sub sex. This sub sex, helped set your status in life. Alphas often heading the top of the food chain, followed by betas and then omegas. Alpha’s were at 30% Beta’s were at 60% and Omegas were at 10%. Then things got thrown for a loop with the appearance of quirks. Now more than 90% of the world’s populace had quirks and a mere 10% were quirkless.

It came to be your quirk could help change your status even with what your sub sex was. While the sub sexes established a hierarchy quirks set forth new jobs. The government established ways to try and make new quirks and hybrids.

Quirk Marriages: Allowed Alphas with special quirks to marry any beta or omega to create a hybrid with both of their quirks, or to evolve a new quirk. This was common between the Second and Third generations but fell out around the Fourth.

The quirk marriages put a lot of strain on betas and omegas which caused fewer children to be made and even stunted ones heats. So the government established the Beta/Omega Protection.

Beta/Omega Protection: Protects betas and omegas allowing them to choose their mates, ahead of time before their first heats, or even simply choosing Betas and Omegas could send letters to prominent alphas, to ask to become their mates. The alpha got their information and could contact them for mating.


All Might was the Symbol of Peace, a hero among heroes. When he sprang onto the scene crime rates dropped. The next generation looked up to him seeking to become heroes.

Two young boys Bakugou Katsuki and Izuku Midoriya, were big fans of his. “All Might is so cool. He’s the coolest hero ever!” 5 Year old Izuku says. They were watching a news feed of All Might’s latest hero activity.

Bakugou smirks. “I’ll be even cooler than him one day,” sparks go off in his hand, “With my quirk, I’ll become the greatest hero ever!”

Midoriya smiles. “Kacchan is awesome,” he says and shows off his quirk. He creates a small barrier around himself. “I’ll become a hero to, I want to save people with a smile like that.” Izuku’s quirk comes from his mother Inko.

A rather useful quirk considering his father. He had a short temper, his quirk Fire Breathing didn’t get him far in the Hero Work, so he was stuck in a low paying job. Things only got worse when his quirk manifested.

Izuku’s dad, had gotten pissed when Izuku inherited his mother’s quirk. She was a beta and he was an alpha, but he ditched them and hasn’t been heard from since. The blonde had invited Izuku over to cheer him up. “All Might’s the kind of alpha he should have been.” the boy began to tear up. “It’s my fault daddy left.”

Bakugou put an arm around him. “No it’s not, he’s a dumbass. You are better off without him.” Izuku leaned against him. “When I present as an alpha, I’ll mark you as mine and keep you safe.” Katsuki couldn’t look him in the eye, but his blush said it all.

Izuku’s cheeks heated up, and he wiped away his tears. “Yeah, we’ll both become great heroes, my barriers and your explosions.” the boy fell asleep. Katsuki wasn’t stupid, Izuku would make a great support hero, his quirk was so versatile he could form a combo with anyone. It was a perfect match for the boy who wanted to protect people.

“Damn nerd,” he closed his eyes and rested against the male. His mother found them like that, she put a blanket around them. ‘So cute!’

She ruffled Izuku’s hair, careful not to disturb him. “Thank you for looking after Katsuki.”

-x- Bakugou’s Pov-x-

I was always the smartest guy in class, my quirk was the first one to develop. It was both flashy and powerful everyone praised it. I knew it, my skills, my power I was born to be great.

Everyone in the neighborhood followed me, I was the leader, the top dog. It was obvious I should have been an alpha. It was funny how it works, get your quirk by the time your 5, awaken your sub sex at 10, go into your first heat at 15.

My quirk and skills continued to grow over the years, as did Izuku. I called him Deku to playfully tease him, it was cute just like him. I just knew he’d be a beta maybe even an omega. Then he would become mine, I kinda hoped he’d be a beta so I wouldn’t have to share.

We learned in health class, that often an omega would require both an alpha and a beta to get through their heats, though some alphas have a powerful sex drive. Some omegas even share two alphas.

Harems were common practice. Alphas could take as many betas and omegas as they wanted so long as they could satisfy them. Deku would definitely be my first, he’s so cute and always so responsive. He’ll make the perfect mate for me.

When I turned 10…

“Congratulations, you are a healthy omega!” my jaw hit the floor, the color draining from my face.

An omega? Me an omega! Dad is an omega, but I thought I took after mom, she’s an alpha why not me!

The doctor was explaining to my mom about my omega status. I was gonna go into heat once every 3 months like betas, but unlike betas I can get pregnant outside of my heat if I sleep with an alpha. My dick wasn’t gonna get any bigger. So I was stuck at 5 inches for the rest of my life. My body won’t produce body hair, I’ll be smooth. When aroused or get sweaty my pheromones will leak out, fucking perfect. If I didn’t mate till I was older I’d need an alpha to scent mark me, which basically meant jizz all over my face, it’d keep other alpha’s off my back.

This was the worst thing for me, it was hard for omegas in the hero track. Ever since a few years ago when a villain assaulted an omega hero. I told Deku, he was the only one I trusted with this. “How am I gonna get into U.A. now?”

“Kacchan, you are still strong, your quirk is powerful, and you are really smart. Who cares if you are an omega?” he says.

“I do and they will, no hero agency will take the risk on an omega, unless some alpha takes me along…oh great I’m destined to be some alpha’s cum dump!” I punched my wall and scorched it a little.

“That’s not true, maybe you’ll find an alpha who cares about you, and supports you.” Izuku pats my back. “This might be challenging, but the Kacchan I know doesn’t back down when a wall gets in his way. He smirks and takes it on!” I turn to him, and I honestly feel a little better.

“Thanks Deku,” I hug him, and catch a whiff of his hair. ‘Cinnamon?’ he smells good, I never noticed before. He hugs me back.

“Kacchan will still become an amazing hero!” his words made my heart flutter. “You don’t need to be an alpha to be a hero.” I believed him, he was my friend after all.

-x- A few days later-x-

Fate is a twisted bitch. Deku presented as an alpha, he was blushing when he told me. I felt my blood boil, Deku sweet innocent little Deku was an alpha. To add insult to injury, Izuku smelled good, yummy good. I could feel myself produce slick, and my cock harden. My leftover frustration about being an omega fueled with my pride mixed with the humiliation of the first time I get wet exploded and I acted badly.

My hands balled into fists. “Kacchan?” he reaches out to me, and I slap his hand away.

“Don’t touch me!” he looks hurt. An arrow of guilt pierces my heart, but that only made me angrier. Not at Deku, at myself, and yet I still lashed out at him. “Don’t need to be an alpha you said, you’d be a great hero you said!” I don’t know what I’m saying…but I couldn’t stop…

“Yes, I mean it Kacchan, just because I’m an alpha that doesn’t change…” I pushed him away from me. I hated doing that…

“It changes everything, you were right about one thing I will become a great hero, the number 1. I’ll do it, by myself, I don’t need an alpha and I don’t need you!” I glared at him. I’ve never been so cold to him. “Stay away from me Deku!” I didn’t mean it, I wasn’t thinking clearly, if I was in my right mind I’d realize how perfect things could be…

I’ve never said his nickname so coldly before, I stomped away, not daring to look back. I hated myself, I was confused, and to proud to go apologize.

Since we were kids I’ve had this dream of the future for us. Me the strong bad ass alpha, and Deku…my Deku…mated to me, my mate carrying my kids. I’m not good with kids, but Deku, kids love him, and I…He was supposed to be mine. That dream may have shattered, but a small part of me still believed we would still go to U.A. together. Now I’ve ruined that…

I went home and mom had already heard the news. No doubt Inko (Deku’s Mom) called and told her. “So did you have Izuku pop your cherry then?” I blushed.

“No shut up you old hag!” she smacked me upside the head.

“What crawled up your butt, couldn’t have been Izuku, you’d be in a much better mood.” My blush spread.

“I had a fight with Izuku.”

She didn’t hesitate. “What did you do?” she knows me too damn well. “What did you do, you little shit!?”

“I…I…messed up…” I went to my room, but I swear I heard my mom say. “You damn fool.” she was right. It wasn’t Deku’s fault, and it wasn’t like we couldn’t still be together.

I swore tomorrow I would apologize, but the next day I found him by his shoe locker. A whole bunch of letters spilled out of his locker. I knew what they were, mating request letters. I saw them and my blood ran hot.

Izuku looked at me and smiled. “Kacchan!” he waved at me. “I got nothing to say to you damn nerd!” I stomped off.

It bothered me thinking about all those letters. The weak little sluts at the school trying to get into Izuku’s bed. They couldn’t handle him, ‘I could handle him.’ Izuku deserved better, not that I cared what he did, or who he did. I had no right to ask him after how I acted. In truth I’m a shitty omega who can’t even apologize to the guy/alpha he loves.

I’m really bad at this, I can’t even apologize. It was an easy thing to do, I’m sorry, there not hard. Two words, three without the contraction. It’s not easy to admit when your wrong.

Every day I failed to apologize, Mom would tell me the same thing. “Still haven’t apologized yet huh? Baka!” I know. I’ve heard mom’s story about how she went after dad, she was die hard determined to get what she wanted.

Izuku of course thought he did something so kept trying to make it right, which made me feel even more guilty. To make matters worse, the times he got close enough to touch me it was electrifying.

His smell excited me, and I lashed out to keep him away. I didn’t want him to know, how could I explain that. ‘Hey Deku, I get wet when I catch your scent, and I want you to touch me till I cum.’ No way, not gonna happen, to embarrassing.

Things only got worse as my jealousy grew. All over school weak betas kept throwing themselves at Deku. I didn’t handle it well, and Deku seemed to become the target of my venting. Even if I went after someone else he got in my way, Deku would step in and help them. “Why are you being so mean, what’s wrong with you Kacchan!” I didn’t have an answer.

As the years passed it only got worse, even if I threatened the weak betas to stay away from him, he barely had a moment’s peace. It made sense people were getting close to their first heat, they needed an alpha.

He wasn’t the only one who was busy, shitty alphas who thought they could make me their bitch always popped up. I kicked their asses so hard they screamed. “He’s not an omega he’s a monster!” that made me feel better, but not really.

I refused to take one. “Don’t be stupid brat, just ask Izuku to be your alpha.” Mom had some letters for me, I scorched them. If they weren’t from Izuku, I didn’t care.

“Shut up hag, I don’t need an alpha!” I snarl.

“Sure, how do you explain that vibe under your bed?” If she found my stash she found my pictures to. Puberty treated alphas very well, and Deku trained hard. I saw him doing laps, he worked twice as hard as other alphas in gym. He had muscles, I just wanted to run my tongue over. I got a peek of Deku’s endowments soft, and I pity the shit beta who thinks he can take that monster.

Using my allowance I bought a vibe matching his size. When my need for Deku burned to bright inside me I satisfied my urges. It felt so damn good to be filled, and this was just a toy, a fake Deku. His dick would be warm and rub me in all the best places. A part of me felt I didn’t deserve the real thing.

In these moments I turned the vibe on, and cried out for the alpha I wanted most, but to fucking stupid and proud to accept. “Deku!” my room was filled with the lustful chants of Deku and Fuck!


I got heat suppressants. I’ll take those as long as possible, I got a scent blocker to. Keeping my eye on Izuku, it was weird despite the nerd having betas and a few omegas falling over themselves to get to him I never saw him with a mate.

He was always filling out his notebooks, studying, looking up hero data, or training.

It wasn’t like I didn’t think about it, being with Izuku as an omega. Just because we had sex didn’t mean we would definitely be mates, we could be fuck buddies, and that soured my stomach a bit. Sometimes a beta or omega would seek out an alpha not for a mating, but just a rut to satisfy those primal needs. Even if Izuku forgave me, what if he didn’t want me that way, or just wanted to be friends, or worse that if he did want to fuck me he only wanted me because his alpha instincts told him to. Damn it this sucked, it would have been easier if I was the alpha and he was the omega, I’ve wanted him for years.

Then it happened, I was 14 and I felt my first heat. Normally it was 15 but hey I’ve always been an early bloomer, lucky me. I started taking my pills, and they helped but I was still hot under the collar.

I was on edge all day, and Deku was going on about an incident he saw. Mount Lady made her debut or some shit. I wasn’t listening because Deku smelled so damn good. He was going into UA just like me, and when the teacher brought up the fact I was going to UA everyone laughed.

They all…fucking…laughed! My hands erupted in an explosion. “Shut it you damn extras!”

That caused an uproar. They teased me saying U.A. is the top school in the country they wouldn’t except an omega even with my quirk. The acceptance rate was less that 0.2% like I didn’t fucking know that.

Suddenly there was a burst of alpha pheromones, it made me shiver, my cock jumped like someone said ten hut. Cinnamon! My body gave a shiver. “That’s enough! Kacchan will make it into U.A. his quirk is strong, and no school can reject anyone based on their sub sex!” Stupid Deku and his speeches, doesn’t make me happy, the jerk.

The betas shut up quick, while the alphas glared at him, only to eventually back down. Damn right, Deku is a heavy weight alpha. Even alphas didn’t fuck with Deku, it wasn’t uncommon for alphas to butt heads in a dick measuring contest of sorts, but Izuku had many alphas’ respect.

When class was over I felt warmth spread through me. “Kacchan…” a shiver races through my spine, my dick twitches. I look at him, damn it he’s so cute, how can an alpha be so cute! “We need to talk.”

To be continued…Chap 2 I want to be yours!

Jul 31

What Ben Is Made Of Chap 1

What Ben Is Made Of

While his cousin Gwen got the omnitrix, Ben Tennyson awakened his spark, but things have been different. Despite all the magic and power he can do he’s been feeling restless, and having dreams. Imagine his surprise when his grandmother pays him a visit and helps explain what he’s made of.

Chapter 1 It’s Just A Dream, Right?

It all goes back to that summer, the best summer ever as far as they were concerned. Ben and Gwen Tennyson at first thought it was gonna be the worst summer ever, as they didn’t exactly get along.

Gwen, the book worm, study type, who practiced martial arts. Ben, the soccer loving, video game/comic book loving, smarter than he looked type. They didn’t see eye to eye on anything, until that day happened.

When a strange alien device stuck itself upon Gwen’s wrist, and made her Gwen 10. She was capable of turning into 10 aliens, at first it was weird for her but after awhile she loved being a hero. She honed her martial arts through her alien bodies which allowed her to draw out their unique potential.

Ben of course, got a little jealous, becoming a hero was his life long dream. Now here his cousin was, fighting bad guys, making arch enemies, saving the day he wanted to do that stuff to. Which for awhile he tried, despite not having any powers he still tried to help out, showing courage in the face of danger.

It wasn’t till halfway through the summer did Ben get his own powers. Magic charms, a spell book, even a magic bag. With his new powers he gained his own arch enemies, and even helped Gwen out with hero work. Their Grandfather, Grandpa Max, told them if they were gonna do this, they had to keep their identities a secret.

Gwen could transform no problem there, but Ben he had to get creative. He made a mask and a whole costume and became Lucky Boy! It was fun, fighting bad guys, learning the secret about their family.

Oh yeah, get this their Grandpa Max, wasn’t just a plumber, he worked for an alien police group known as The Plumbers. He fought alien scum, not soap scum, he was actually pretty bad ass. Max didn’t want to put them into danger, but with Gwen’s omnitrix and Ben’s charms, they had people coming after them anyway so might as well train them to be ready.

Ben had the charms of Bezel, each one had their own unique abilities. Charm of Luck and Probability, Charm of Resurrection, Charm of Pyrokinesis, Charm of Telekinesis, Charm of Electrokinesis, and the Key Stone of Bezel. Each one was powerful in their own right, but with the key stone, it amplified the users ability by 10.

That summer seemed so long ago…

While Gwen had given up the omnitrix, to pursue a normal life, Ben had only grown stronger. He practiced his powers every day, gathering new spell books and research, finding the occasional magical artifact to add to his collection.

He was at the point where he even started making his own Charms, not of Bezel but of him. The charms were made by the wizard Bezel in his quest for power, so Ben did the same. It was a lot more difficult to say the least, he had to learn the true name of the force he was trying to wield, offer up enough magic or mana to forge a proper vessel and then infuse the power to create the charm.

Through trial and error Ben began to bear fruit of his hard work. He wasn’t being lazy either, he only made a charm after mastering a certain collection of spells, he got so good he didn’t even need the incantation to use some them anymore just a thought, so he tried to take the powers to the next level. He soon had the Charm of Aquakinesis, which gave him the ability to control and manipulate water. Charm of Flora, which gave him the power to manipulate plant life. Charm of Motion, which granted the power to give motion to the motionless. Charm of Invisibility, which gave him the power to mask himself completely, masking his scent aura and form. The last charm he made was forged by collecting some of his favorite spells and uniting them into one, the Charm of Sight.

He kept it in his mask, allowing him to access different sight spells so long as he wore the mask; night vision, heat vision, x-ray vision, etc. His mana control and manipulation had gotten better.

Still despite his improvements he still felt restless. The days passed like a blur, school, soccer, training, hero time, sleep, with breaks in the middle to eat drink bathe etc. He sometimes wondered if he was stuck in a rut, or if there was something missing in his life.

Things only got worse when Gwen showed up at his soccer game, with news that Grandpa Max was missing. She took up the omnitrix once more and they were getting the band back together so to speak. “So Ben, how’s your magic?”

He smirked at her, and with a single thought he was back in his Lucky Boy outfit, the Charms of Bezel on his right arm, and the Charms of Ben on his left, except for the one in his mask. The Key Stone was over his chest, his magic bag attached to a belt around his waist. “Pretty good!”

They met up with a plumber looking into Max’s disappearance, and they came across an old kinda sorta friend. Kevin Ethan Levin, they met him over the summer, and while he and Ben hit it off, he and Gwen not so much.

He had absorbed energy from the omnitrix and became mutated, the energy made him crazy. Yet time after time, Ben had tried to help him and vouch for him. He believed in Kevin even now, despite you know being a broker for some shady looking dudes, the Forever Knights and some aliens that had attacked Gwen at their Grandpa’s motor home the Rustbucket.

Kevin wanted to help, but Gwen wasn’t exactly trusting. Her omnitrix had given her access to new aliens. “He’s a criminal, we can’t trust him.”

“Search me if you like!” he says, raising his hands up in surrender.

“I’d rather arrest you and send you back to the null void!” she snapped. “Hold on Gwen,” he stopped her and touched his mask. “Scan!” his eyes glowed, and he peered through Kevin’s clothing, any metal or tech would be seen by him.

He got quite a bit more than he expected as his gaze roamed over Kevin’s naked body. ‘He grew up fine!’ he thinks, fighting a blush. He could see everything, every inch of muscle, the raven’s treasure trail, and holy fuck his cock. The piece wasn’t even hard and it was so big.

Ben gulped, feeling his body tingle like it was given a little shock. He scanned every inch of Kevin, the male’s body being committed to memory. “He’s clean!” He says blushing.

“Everything alright Benji?” his pet name for Ben. The brunette shivered. “I’m fine!” he says, possibly a little too loud. He wasn’t fine, he was hard, his cock swelling with desire. He couldn’t think about that now, they had a mission to complete.

So their little band was formed, they took on the Forever Knights, and the DNAliens, servants of the Highbreed.

Something big was going down, and Grandpa Max was in the middle of it. He shouldn’t have had to take all this on alone. Max did know, but he tried to keep them safe, but he left behind some messages, telling them they needed to gain more allies.

So they found the Plumber Kids, and one by one their forces grew, and they continued wrecking the Highbreed’s plans. With each new comrade Ben felt that similar flicker he felt with Kevin. His relationship with Kevin had grown, and still Ben found himself wanting something, needing it he started having dreams.

Ben’s POV Dream

I knew it was something, some feeling I couldn’t describe. Our comrades, most were males, a few bad apples in the bunch, but the good outweighed the bad. Yet upon meeting them I felt this spark, and I got excited. The same with Kevin, and the more time I spent with them the more this feeling continued to grow. To my surprise I started having dreams about them, they were different, but all amazing.

With Alan, he is mine, is such a good boy for me. I take him from behind and he loves it. He’s so hot inside and I love it! Every thrust makes him shiver, his tight channel clenching around me. He’s so hot inside it feels like my dick is melting. I don’t even need to touch his cock, I can make him cum on pure anal stimulus.

Oh he felt so good when he cums, if anything he gets even hotter and tighter. He pulls me over the edge and I cum deep inside him. Each spurt makes Alan shiver and moan, he likes my cum inside him. I find that hot, and begin my thrusts again stuffing his cum filled hole.

His cock is still hard and wanting ready for more rounds. My own stamina seeming to grow with each passing thrust. In round two, I still don’t touch his cock, but I play with his nips. They were almost begging me to, and his reactions are adorable. The dream carries on till we cum again.

So with that dream I figured I was gay, had to be. This only made my thoughts of Kevin more confusing but I’ll get to that. As he wasn’t the only one I was dreaming about.

Then there was Manny, another Plumber’s kid, he is half Tetramand, I’ve seen Gwen turn into one of him time and time again. He had the same attitude as Kevin, though maybe with a shorter temper.

With Manny I was on the receiving end, his four strong arms, lifted me up, his lower ones strong enough to lift me up and down on his cock. My back was pressed to his strong pecs and rock hard abs, his upper arms, playing with my nips.

His cock was so big, plundering my hole and fucking me deep, every time he buried himself to the hilt, I saw stars. My hard cock bobbed and swayed with every thrust, whipping pre this way and that.

The hybrid’s strength made me weak in the knees, which is a good thing I wasn’t using them. He slammed me down onto his mighty shaft and I cried out for more. More he gave me, but only after I begged.

He made me beg, and his hand dropped and toyed with my cock, that was it, I came. My hole clamping down onto his thrusting cock. He hissed, muttering something about too tight, and I felt him cum inside me. It felt so good, each spurt was thick and powerful, making my insides shudder with each hit.

Holding me tight we basked in the pleasure, that is till Manny got his second wind, and proceeded to either fuck me against the nearest wall, or drop me completely sticking his huge red cock in my face making me lick it clean.

These dreams seemed to only confuse me more, was I a top a bottom, I didn’t know. It was clear I liked guys, as I started having dreams about Pierce, he was rather unique. In none of my dreams with Pierce did we have anal sex, it was always oral sex, or hand jobs.

Sometimes we’d just sit next to each other, making out. I stroked his cock, and he stroked mine. He had a nice piece to, I didn’t get why I didn’t want to take it, or try to take him. He pumped me a little faster, and I returned the favor.

He moans, his cock twitching in my grasp. Pre spilled from both our cocks, running over our stroking hands, which allowed us to pump even faster. He was pumping me so fast my balls were bouncing.

I had a trick of my own, rubbing his cock head with my thumb, teasing his slit. We came together, seed erupting onto our respective chests. He collects my seed and brings it to his lips. It was hot to watch him lick it up.

We move into the 69 position, and he starts sucking my dick, moaning as he takes all of my meat into his mouth. Damn it felt good, his moans sent lovely vibrations through my shaft. He was an A class cock sucker, hollowing his cheeks to suck harder, lapping with each pass.

Not to be outdone I acted in kind, slurping and sucking his twitching manhood. Our dreams end, usually by cumming in each other’s mouth.

Then there was Cooper, with him I was possibly even more dominating with the blonde. It seems in my dream Cooper liked to wear women’s clothing. I really don’t get how I come up with this stuff, but in my dream it’s clear as day. Cooper wears panties, a skirt, and an adorable top.

In my dreams I don’t really question anything, I just go through the motions. I play with Cooper’s panty confined crotch and he moans so sweetly for me. I kiss him and his knees buckle.

It wasn’t even a long or overly passionate kiss, but the effect was still the same Cooper came blowing his load into his underwear. He drops to the floor, shaking and panting, he had the most adorable pleasure drunk look on his face.

He undoes my pants and starts to worship my cock. He isn’t the best cock sucker, but he looks so sexy doing it. After getting my cock nice and wet, bathing it with his tongue, and leaving wet sloppy kisses along the shaft.

Soon he’s bracing himself against the wall, body shaking and I lift up his skirt. His plump booty is clung tight by the girl underwear. I lower the undergarment down to his knees, and his chubby spring up. His ass was taken, something was buzzing away at his insides.

The boy’s hole was going crazy as it continued to hug the vibrating toy. Toys played a big roll in my dreams of Cooper. I was always the one using them on him, sometimes he’d just get dressed up all nice and cute, and we’d go out and I know he’s trussed up with at least 5 sex toys.

Our simple little date, became a lot more erotic knowing he was being driven wild by sex toys. It always ended with me removing whatever toy from his ass and me stuffing inside him. Usually me using the vibrating toy on the blonde’s dick.

Once I’ve pumped him full of cum, he asks to be stuffed again, with either the toy or a plug.

Last but not least Kevin, oh Kevin. He’s the mixed bag of fun. Not a single dream ends without me fucking the guys ass, and taking a spin on his dick. I licked his pits he licked mine, he rimmed my ass, I fisted him. He worshiped my feet, I did the same to him, though like he licked, I liked to suck on his toes.

Sometimes Kevin was a bad boy and I put him over my knee and I spanked him. I turned his pale ass a lovely shade of red, his fat cock twitching against my leg. Bondage was a big thing with Kevin, I liked to tie him up and tease him. In one dream I had him in a full cock cage, dog collar, leash, the whole nine yards.

Even in this scenario I took Kevin’s dick, after maybe days of being caged, I let him mount me for being a good boy. He pounded me in a way, the only way I could describe it was like a man lost in the dessert who finally got his glass of water.

It was magical, he fucked me so hard, his big dick pounding into me so good. When he finally cums he makes the sexiest noise I’ve ever heard, and his dick swells and he explodes inside me.

Sometimes I would have Kevin hogtied for my pleasure, his hole ripe and perfect for me to plunder. I fucked him like this, making him cum again and again from pure anal stimulus.

There were times he would have me dress up like a girl, and I did it for him. He would whisper how pretty and cute I am, and any other time this would earn him a sock to the jaw, but in these rare times it excited me. My cock would strain against the panties.

It was his own way of edging, keeping me hard through our whole date until I couldn’t take it anymore. Times like these I was at his mercy, my body trembling as we finally had sex. He made me work for it to the smug bastard.

He loved to make a mess of me, cumming on my face, my back, my ass, in my ass, like he had this weird scent marking fetish. He would ruin the nice clothes he made me wear, covering them in his spunk.

Did you forget I said none of my dreams ended without me taking his ass? Well after he cums all over me, I say something I never can remember from my dreams, and my mana comes into play. I take him against the nearest wall.

Kevin Levin, pants and moans as his cross dressing boyfriend with his panties around his ankles, covering in cum, is fucking him up the ass. Sometimes I’d take my panties off and put them on his head as I fuck him doggy style. If he’s been a bad boy I stuff them in his mouth and really plunder his ass.

Is it wrong I want to fuck Kevin as much as I want him to fuck me. These dreams, all of them, felt so real. Never mind how it all started, the dreams started to grow, including two or three of them at once.

Me fucking Alan in the barn, with Kevin looking for me, he’d catch us in the act. Sometimes he’d get horny and fuck me from behind as I fucked Alan. Or Alan would suck Kevin as I fucked him, or even yet we’d fuck Alan together, our hard cocks rubbing together inside his tight heat.

Another dream had Manny and Kevin spit roasting me, and to tell you the truth, their massive dicks had me riding high. Another had me and Cooper in girls clothes, teasing Kevin until he decided to fuck us. We’d be placed on top of each other, and Kevin would stuff Cooper, then me, then back into Cooper.

End Pov

Ben awoke, to another morning of messy sheets, his cock hard and wanting. ‘This is bad!’ it really was, since the dreams felt so real, he couldn’t even look at the guys and not feel it, like he was reliving it. ‘What is happening to me!?’ he was trying not to freak out.

Dreams were just dreams right? Gwen told him once she had a dream where she was a zebra and he was an armadillo, and they lived in a house of cheese, and their silverware was crackers. Maybe this is all it was right? Right?

To be continued…Grandma Verdona Explains It All

Jul 30

Pheromone Omega Chap 9

Pheromone Omega
Chap 9 Heat Over Next Hurdle Arises
Inko retrieved medicine for Izuku, The After Heat Pill for Omegas! She made sure to get extra strength since he had two alphas. ‘My poor baby, it’s so tough for omegas. It’s hard on to think he’s already a man now. His first heat, he’s growing up so fast, someday he’ll be having babies of his own. Oohhh, Izuku’s babies would be so cute.’ she blushed. ‘Oh my what am I thinking?’
It wasn’t completely irrational, omegas were capable of such things. With two alphas and a beta Izuku could start a lovely family already. ‘But Izuku wants to be a hero, he’s worked so hard.’ She had stayed at the home of the Bakugo’s while their sons went through Izuku’s first heat. ‘It must be over by now.’
“To think we would be in-laws so soon.” Mitsuki says happily. “Honestly I didn’t think the brat would man up and accept Izuku but I’m glad he did.”
“I thought they were always close, and Katsuki is a fine alpha.” she says. The two were having tea. Izuku’s heat should be finished soon and Inko was planning on heading home to give her son the medicine.
“He’s still a brat if you ask me, I almost wish he had been born an omega and Izuku was the alpha. It’d knock his arrogant ass down a peg.”
“Don’t say that, I hear he picked a fine beta for Izuku to.”
“As long as he doesn’t kill the other alphas, I think it would all work out.” Bakugo’s mother says. Inko chuckled.
“I’m just so nervous,” she says.
“Hey my boy may be a brat, but he loves Izuku I’m sure he’s handled his heat well.”
“No, it’s not that.” she wipes her eyes. “Izuku is still planning on going to U.A.”
“That’s tough, have you spoken to your sister about it? She’s a teacher there right?”
“My sister…” Inko rubs her temples. She and her sister were often at odds with each other, but she loved Izuku. Mitsuki laughs.
“She was always the wild one, but your family I’m sure she can help.” Inko nods. Her cellphone buzzed.
“Heat over.” she reads, and breaths a sigh of relief.
“See that, he got through his first heat. Now his future heats will be a cake walk.” Mitsuki hugs Inko. “Now that our boys are mates, that makes us family.”
“Indeed,” she returns the embrace. “He’ll be fine, you raised a strong boy.” Mitsuki tells her. “But as mothers we can’t help but worry.” the two share a laugh.
She collects Izuku’s medicine and returns home. It was already late and all was quiet, the house’s vents had already cleared away the pheromones. She made her way to Izuku’s room, and peeked in. “Oh!” she blushed at the cute scene. Izuku had made a nest of blankets and pillows and plushies, he was at the center of it, Bakugo on his right, a red haired alpha on the left, and a blonde beta resting his head in his lap. ‘He looks happy.’
Izuku had 24 hours to take his medicine, she decided to give it to him in the morning. That following morning…
Crash Bang Boom!
Inko awoke to a loud clatter. “What on earth?” she got out of bed and raced down stairs.
“Careful Bakugo, you are gonna burn it.”
“Shut it weird hair, I know how to cook damn eggs.” That was Katsuki’s voice. She bumped into the blonde beta boy, he was carrying a laundry basket. “Oh Hello Mrs. Midoriya, excuse me breakfast will be ready soon.” Boom. “If it survives.” The beta carried the basket to the laundry room.
“Guys don’t you dare destroy our kitchen!” Izuku calls.
“I won’t!” Bakugo snaps.
“Izuku?” Inko makes herself known.
“Mom?!” Izuku gasped, veryone was in pajamas, thankfully. “Good morning.”
“Good morning sweetie, I got you some medicine, please make sure you take it.”
“Thanks mom, I will. These are my mates Kirishima, Ojiro, and of course you know Kacchan.” he says. Kirishima gives her a bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as Izuku’s mate.”
“It’s good to see you auntie.” Katsuki says, and smoke starts rising from the pan. “Oops the eggs are burning.” Kirishima chides. “Damn it!” he rushes over and tries to save the eggs. Inko couldn’t help but chuckle.
Breakfast was served, event Bakugo’s burnt eggs. Izuku took those. “You don’t have to eat them nerd, I know they are ruined.”
“Kacchan made these eggs for me, so I’m going to eat them.” Kirishima cries tears of joy. “Izuku you are so manly, go go!”
Izuku eats them, and everyone hears an audible crunch. “Their terrible aren’t they just say it!” Bakugo roars.
Izuku starts crying, and Bakugo pales. “Ohh looks like Bakugo’s cooking made his omega cry.”
“Shut it!”
“No,” Izuku says. “They are a little burnt, but Kacchan made them for me they are good.”
“Next time they’ll be perfect.” Bakugo says.
“We can take turns making breakfast.” Kirishima says.
“I’m not much of a cook but I can whip up something.” Ojiro says.
Inko smiled. ‘Such good boys.’ Izuku took his medicine after breakfast. “You boys are so nice, are you planning to go to UA as well.”
“Yes!” Kirishima and Ojiro exclaim.
“It’d be wonderful if we all could get in together.” Izuku says happily.
“Oh yeah it will, we’ll be able to train and study together.” Kirishima says.
“I could use some help on the studying front.” Ojiro admits, cutely scratching his chin.
“What?! You better not lose you are my beta. I’ll beat the knowledge into you!” he growls.
“Kacchan, maybe it’s better if I tutor Ojiro-kun.” the alpha blonde huffs, and the beta blonde breathes a sigh of relief.
“Don’t forget Izuku, you’ll need to fill out your paperwork for your mating, you’ll need it for your paperwork for UA.” Izuku blushed. Another thing about omegas is their mates had to be registered after a successful mating, but for Bakugo, Kirishima, and Ojiro this meant something else. Once an omega was mated, it did deter some alphas and betas from sending mating letters, but it also opened the door for challenge letters. The men share a look not planning to let anyone take Izuku from them.
‘I need to contact All Might as well.’ Izuku thinks. The man had given him time off of training to deal with his heat. ‘I’ll need to pick up my training to prepare for the big UA exam.’
While Izuku worked on his paperwork. Inko called Midnight over to talk to her. The two sat down for tea. “So Izuku made it through his first heat, that’s wonderful.”
“Yes, but I’m a little worried about Izuku.”
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“I’m worried about the exam, is it really as tough as people say?”
“I’m not gonna lie, this years exam is gonna be tough for him. I can’t go into details but his quirk isn’t gonna be suited for the practical exam.” Inko sulked.
“Isn’t there something that can be done?”
“There isn’t, omegas have to take the entrance exam, they can’t get in on recommendations.”
“This is his dream.”
“I know, and there’s something else Izuku will be placed at a site away from any friends or mates he has. It’s partly why you have to register your mates before you can partake in the exam.”
“Oh dear!” she sulks. “He was so happy when he got his quirk, then he found out he was an omega, the odds seem to be stacking against him. I want him to succeed.”
“I could give Izuku and his mates some training. There’s still time before the exam.”
“Izuku’s been working so hard, here!” she hands over Izuku’s training schedule. Midnight is surprised by it, this training program was very detailed, and seemed made exclusively for Izuku.
“Inko where did Izuku get this?”
“He didn’t say, is it dangerous? Should I have pressed it?”
“No no no, it’s just interesting. I think with this training Izuku will find results.”
“You mean it?”
“Yes, the exam isn’t easy, but Izuku’s desire to be a hero is strong I think he will do great.”
“I want him to do great.” Inko says. Izuku heard everything, feeling his heart flutter.
“Hey mom, I’ve finished my paperwork.” he comes out. “Hey auntie Midnight.”
“Hey kiddo, you are a true man now, how does it feel?” he blushes and scratches the back of his head.
“I’m gonna go send in my paperwork.” he says nervously. Inko elbows her sister.
“Don’t embarrass him!” she whispers. “Want me to walk you sweetie?”
“No I’m good. I’m gonna go train after.” he says. ‘I got a meeting with All Might.’ he heads off.
Izuku walks to deliver the paperwork. He accidentally bumps into a guy wearing a hoodie. “Excuse me.” he says, and gives a polite bow to him. “It’s fine, try to be careful.” Izuku walks off, the hoodie clad male following him with his eyes. ‘A sweet little omega like you shouldn’t be walking around alone.’ he places a strange hand on his face and heads off. ‘Such a rare beauty in this world of filth.’
With Izuku’s mates registered, the Omega Protection Office responds to many of the letters sent in. This is when they had a choice, resend the letter and see if they can join the mating party, or write a challenge letter.
Izuku was quite the popular omega, since his TV appearance. His name and face were out there which was more than other omegas. His popularity was high!
“So this omega has 2 alphas and a beta, he must be some kind of slut, looks like a I dodged a bullet.” says a blonde alpha, who laughs but the expression on his face said he was jealous. He busted out pen and paper and began writing a challenge letter.
“So he has mated already, I could challenge his alphas, but from the video he seems to truly care about at least one of them. I should not taint our relationship in darkness. I’ll resend my letter, and hope for the best.” the boy had a bird for a head and he proceeded to write a new letter. “We can take em!” his quirk spoke. “No, we should approach the omega on equal grounds.” his quirk booed.
“Man two alphas and a beta, that means I still got a shot!” a blonde beta says. “Wait till he gets a load of me, I’ll rock his world.” he goes to resend his letter.
While many betas resent their letters, some alphas planned to challenge for Izuku’s hand. However many of these challengers gave up on Izuku for now, focusing on school to try and get into UA.
To be continued…Chap 10 Second Quirk?! Challengers Make their Move!

Jul 29

Not Haruhi Chap 3

Not Haruhi
Chap 3 Tamaki Cracks
Not Haruhi had gotten her first taste of a man, but that had her craving more already. She was forced to redress and fix herself up. Her pussy was aching. ‘Mori’s cock was so big to!’ she was so wet. She sighed as her need had yet to be filled. ‘He would have wrecked me!’ she thinks feeling her core throb.
‘It doesn’t matter, I’ll have him.’ she walks the halls.
“Haruhi!” she was suddenly pounced on and embraced from behind. “There you are, I’ve been worried.”
“Tamaki-sempai…” she says, a smirk forming on her face. His embrace made her body flush. “I’m happy you found me. I need you.”
“Oh, my precious Haruhi needs me!” he blushed and his aura radiated happiness.
“Yes please come with me.” She takes his hand and leads him to a secluded spot. Nothing better than the rose maze, the gazebo made the perfect spot. Tamaki was so happy he didn’t question a thing.
‘Haruhi is holding my hand.’ he thought, repeating the phrase over and over his heart fluttering. Reaching the gazebo Haruhi released him, and now Tamaki had come to his senses. “Ehh Haruhi why have we come to the rose maze?” he asked.
“I wanted to be alone with you.” she says. Tamaki’s face goes beat red.
“You…wanted to…be alone…with me…?” Haruhi nods, a jolt races through Tamaki. His heart skips a beat.
“Yes, Tamaki-sempai, I needed to be alone with you.” she takes his hand and brings it to her breast.
The blonde feels her soft chest and perky nipple. “Haruhi!” he gasps and accidentally gives her breast a squeeze.
“Ahh!” she moans, and the blonde pulls back as if burned. He stares at his hand. ‘So soft, so warm!’ he thinks and his manhood swells. His hardened penis pushes at the fabric of his confined pants.
Haruhi smirked at his bulge. “Why did you stop?” She asks, stepping up to him. “It felt really good sempai.”
“Haruhi…” he gulped. “I umm I…” he was having trouble finding the words, his legs were shaking. He gasped and did his best to cover himself.
“Do you not want to be with me?” she asks, faking being hurt. “So you really don’t love me.”
“Haruhi, that’s not it, it’s just we…me and you…I…” Haruhi cupped his cheek.
“Kiss me,” she says, stopping his chatter and seals her lips over his own. Tamaki shivers in delight, his penis pulsing in delight. He kisses back and wraps his arms around her.
The kiss grows more and more heated, and soon Tamaki is french kissing Haruhi. The girl responded in kind. Their tongues danced together, the two getting wet from the kiss. ‘I’m kissing Haruhi…this isn’t a dream, I can’t believe it this feels so good!’
Haruhi takes some control as he hand slips down to fondle Tamaki’s bulge, feeling a wet spot form from his pre. She teases his crotch and Tamaki moans into her mouth. The blonde man trembles against her, rocking into her touch.
The kiss breaks for air, and Tamaki tosses his head back. “Haruhi stop, wait, I can’t!” he humps against her hand. Till he pressed hard and his body shook. “Ah aaahhh!” he came, his seed pelting his silk boxers.
As Tamaki basked in his orgasm, Haruhi began to divest herself of her clothes. “Tamaki, you wouldn’t leave a girl hanging would you?” she asks, spreading her legs and showing herself off.
The blonde’s eyes widen, despite his orgasm his dick snaps back up to attention. “Ha-Ha-Haruhi you shouldn’t be naked, I shouldn’t be seeing this.” He did try to cover his eyes, but peeked through his fingers. Haruhi smirked at him.
“But I want you to see me sempai, or do you hate me? Is that why you won’t touch me.” she pouts. He gulps and licks his lips. “It wouldn’t be the gentlemen thing to do after all.”
“Take off your clothes, and join me.” she says, teasing her folds with her left hand, playing with her breast with the others. Tamaki blushes, mentally torn but as Haruhi teases herself, his cock pulsed with want. “Please Tamaki, you’ve seen me naked, shouldn’t you return the favor?”
“Right!” his poor Tamaki brain was so overwhelmed, and Not Haruhi was playing him like a fiddle. ‘For my sweet Haruhi I will do anything!’ Tamaki took off his clothes, and it was Haruhi’s turn to lick her lips. Tamaki was more than just good looks and musical talent, he was also packing quite the fine body. Keeping up with the twin terrors did him well.
He blushed as his 7 incher was yanked down by his cum soaked boxers only to snap up once the waist band brushed past his head and his cock shot up. His crotch was glistening with his spilled seed. “How do I look?” a rare shy moment from the blonde, it was cute.
Haruhi eyed him up and down. “Perfect,” she gestured him forth and he followed. He dropped to his knees, coming face to face with her womanhood.
‘This is Haruhi’s pussy?!’ he felt hot just looking. He leans forward and starts kissing her lower lips. It seems he was good at french kissing here as well. Haruhi moans. “Tamaki!”
Her noises made Tamaki’s cock pulse, and he found himself touching himself as he ate her out. ‘Finally a good use for his mouth, mmm!’ Tamaki had one talented tongue.
It danced inside her, darting back and forth, and wiggling. Haruhi’s moans encouraged Tamaki to continue, and he was certainly enjoying himself. The blonde worked on her pearl, making Haruhi feel pleasure through every inch of her being. “Tamaki, so good, you are doing so good!” she ran her fingers through his hair.
Tamaki stops touching herself and doubles his efforts on her core. The girl’s fingers were massaging his scalp, he could almost purr. Meanwhile Haruhi’s pleasure was building higher and higher. “Tamaki…I’m gonna cum!”
Her words were little warning as her release washed over her. Her juices rushed into Tamaki’s mouth, and the blonde happily drank them down, feeling it would be a waste to waste a drop.
After drinking her essence, Tamaki was painfully hard. “Tamaki, won’t you be my first?” she asks.
He seemed to have snapped out of his daze. He suddenly got very nervous. “But Haruhi…daddy shouldn’t be doing these kinds of things.” Not Haruhi rolled her eyes.
“Sempai, you aren’t my father, but you can be so much more.” She pulled him close to her chest, making his blush darken. His dick was aimed right at her pussy. “Listen to me, and we can be so much more.”
She pet him and Tamaki shivered. His cock rubbed against her folds. “We could be more?”
“Oh yes, just slip inside.” He gulped. The tip rubbed against her folds, so warm and inviting, her essence spilling over him. “Don’t be scared, suck on my breast and relax.”
“Yes…” He latched onto one of her perky nipples and sucked on it. Tamaki pushed inside, sinking into his beloved Haruhi’s body. He reached her barrier, and became hesitant once more.
Haruhi rubbed his back. “It’s okay, keep sucking it’ll counter the pain.” Tamaki obeys, pulling back and thrusting in, he broke her barrier and claimed her virginity. “Ahh!” she cried out in pain, but moaned as she was filled with pleasure.
‘My virginity, I’ve lost my virginity, yes yes yes!’ She grinned. Tamaki was seeing stars, his dick was swallowed by Haruhi’s womanhood. He moaned over her breast.
‘I’m inside Haruhi…she’s my first!’ his heart was racing.
“Now Tamaki, fuck me!” No hesitation, the blonde began pounding into Haruhi’s wet pussy. She smirked, Tamaki was being such a good boy. The daddy persona was officially broken. “That’s it good boy, you doing so good.”
He switched breasts, panting as he pounded into her. He swirled his tongue around her nipple. “Oh yes, oh yes, you fuck me so good Tamaki!” she moans.
Her climax hits again, her juices gush around his length, her inner walls massaging his thrusting length. “Mmm,” Tamaki moaned around her nipple, his dick swelled and he came deep inside Haruhi.
The boy’s cock continued to twitch, pumping more seed into her body. “Mmm, you did such a great job, you deserve a reward.” she sucked on her middle finger. Tamaki was still riding the high of his orgasm, and the effects of losing his virginity. He didn’t even register his cheeks getting spread. Her middle finger caressed his hole, rubbing the tight pucker.
He didn’t even register what was happening until her finger plundered him. “Ahh Haruhi what?! Ohhhh!” the girl rocked her finger in and out of him, she found Tamaki’s sweet spot and proceeded to give it a good scratch. “Ahhhh Haruhi what are you ohhh ah ah ah ah Haruhi!”
The sudden friction made his body shudder, and the touch to his sweet spot made his dick twitch. “Wait stop I just came…I can’t…ohhhh!” She wiggled her finger in her ass, and continued to tease his sweet spot.
She could feel him pulse inside her. “Give it to me!” he buried his face in her chest and came again. He was putty in her hands. His hips started moving against his will, following her rocking finger.
Haruhi continued to praise him, and Tamaki went full on robot mode. Every word of praise keeping his battery going.
To be continued
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Jul 27

Friend to Destruction Chap 3

Friend to Destruction
Chap 3 Kids These Days
There was more to the story of Son Goku that Whis did not reveal. Androids, a monster from the future, a pink blob of death and his evil wizard master. Goku and his friends fought them all.
He searched for his mother with his brother Raditz. They found her and brought her back to Earth, and then it was time to bring back their father. Using the dragon balls they brought Bardock back to life. The two were reunited, and were happy to see their children doing so well. Raditz even had his first child with Bulma.
The Son house was a well built home thanks to Bulma. A fancy and well stocked kitchen, a dining room and living room. It had several rooms for the kids and the mates of Son Goku. Not all of them were the cuddle type, and Goku was a cuddler. This didn’t mean they didn’t share his bed from time to time, but they all had their own personal space.
Piccolo had his own room. Yamcha had his own room. Vegeta shared Goku’s room and no other, unless you counted the gravity room. Android 17 aka Lapis had his own room. Gohan had his room, which he shared with his mate Android 16. Goten and Trunks shared a room, as not only were they brothers they were mates as well. There was a spare room for guests.
If your curious about some of the matings. Piccolo and Yamcha have been with Goku the longest, Piccolo loved Goku but wasn’t much the cuddle type unless Goku really pushed him on it. Yamcha was the same, he had no problem cuddling with Goku, but since Vegeta joined the family things got a little tense in the bedroom. It took some time but Goku eventually got them in a good rhythm.
For Yamcha, he knew Goku needed Vegeta. They were both saiyans, they understood each other in a way that he couldn’t. He knew Goku loved him, and a new boy wouldn’t change that. His family, him, Goku and their Gohan, a family he wouldn’t even have without Piccolo’s help. Sharing Goku wasn’t the problem, but the prince always rubbed him the wrong way.
As for Vegeta, he wanted Kakarot, in some ways needed him. A saiyan who could challenge him, who could push him to new limits. The prince didn’t like to share, but he was nothing if not adaptable. His Kakarot needed things he couldn’t give on his own. He hated to admit it but he owed the namekian. He carried his first child, his hair color was a little strange but that was due to the ultimate oozaru bloodline. It didn’t bother him too bad, and to further his surprise Kakarot offered to carry their second child. It was after the cell games, and Vegeta was so happy and adorable for the next few months. He loved his sons, and his mate, and yes even the extended family his mate drew around him.
There was no tearing Goku away from anyone, there was no point in trying. After Cell’s defeat they got a new addition, well two new additions.
Android 16, he was rebuilt thanks to Bulma and Gohan, well Gohan kinda fell for the giant red head. He and his father could make the best puppy eyes. 16 was reprogrammed and given the choice on what he wanted to do with his life. He chose to become Gohan’s mate.
Unlike his father, Gohan was more submissive. While Goku did bottom from time to time, he enjoyed topping a lot more. Gohan loved 16, and while some could debate if 16 could love, he cared about Gohan. He helped Gohan with his school work and with training.
The last member of their family to date, was Android 17 aka Lapis. He owed his life to Goku and co. He was a proud switcher, and he gladly offered his ass to Goku, and his cock to Gohan.
Android 16 didn’t mind sharing, since he considered Lapis family. After the events of Majin Buu, Hercule was named the world’s hero and he received a large sum of money. In turn Hercule wanted to celebrate the real heroes who not only defeated Buu, but saved him as well.
The pink magic blog of a being had taken into the care of Hercule, and has been staying with him. “Hey Buu, we got the party almost ready.”
“Sweets?” he asked.
“Uh huh, lots of sweets, lots of food. Now we just need to get everyone together.” He started making calls.
-x-Son House-x-
Son Goku aka Kakarot was curled up naked in the sheets of his bed, but he was not alone. His enemy, turned rival, turned lover and mother of his children Vegeta was with him. The prince of all saiyans was equally naked, covered in love bites, his mates cum leaking out of his ass.
Vegeta was behind him spooning him, his cock buried deep in Goku’s ass, their tails coiled together. ‘What’s gotten into Kakarot recently, he’s been so affectionate lately.’ He wasn’t complaining, and it wasn’t like leaving bruises was uncommon. Saiyans got a little wild when excited and horny.
Goku usually picked one position with Vegeta, if he had sex with Yamcha, or Piccolo, or Lapis he usually came to him for some submissive fun. Or if he had a round with Bardock, Raditz or Gohan. Incest was not a word in the saiyan language, saiyans looked to family for many things.
They weren’t mates, but that didn’t mean they didn’t fool around. Bardock’s family were like sex sponges, always experimenting always trying new things. Vegeta had gotten to watch Kakarot and Raditz go at it, the two had strong alpha attitudes so it was a sexual wrestling match to see who would come out on top.
Raditz took what he learned and applied it to fun times with Bulma, hell just telling her stories of him and his brother together got the woman wet.
Bardock often played with his sons, one on one, or together. One on one he usually got out on top, but together he often ended up between them. It was on more than one occasion where Bardock returned to Gine with his sons’ cum either in him or on him. It was the same thing with Gohan, the young hybrid found himself coming to his father from time to time, getting sexed up, and returning to his lover 16. Saiyan bonding was always important.
Goku is a strong saiyan, with a wild and creative sex drive. He often took what he learned from his other mates and his family and brought it to their bed. It was glorious, so dominant and caring Vegeta could just melt beneath him. When Kakarot took him, there was no blow to his pride, he wanted the man as much as he wanted him.
His Kakarot, so strong, so beautiful, gladly gave him the chance to hold the reigns. He took those reigns and made sure the larger saiyan didn’t regret it. Vegeta was very proud of his sexual skills, bringing his mate to a panting moaning mess.
Mates were often off limits to family, Goku didn’t touch 16, or Bulma, or Gine. Bardock and Raditz in kind didn’t play with Goku’s mates unless asked, such as 17 and Gohan’s play time. In such rare times Vegeta has fucked Raditz, usually with Kakarot present.
Kakarot wasn’t the only one to learn some new tricks, and Vegeta used them to have Kakarot melt for him. Raditz was happy to help his prince practice new techniques. Bulma didn’t know which was hotter, Raditz being with Goku, or Raditz being with Vegeta, but it aroused her to no end.
Vegeta caressed his lover’s cheek. Despite how wild their sex life seemed to be, they had a good flow with each other. Yet Kakarot had been taking both roles lately, not letting Vegeta leave the bed, till both their holes were filled with jizz.
Kakarot nuzzled into his touch, letting out a rumble of a purr. The saiyan prince couldn’t help but chuckle and nuzzle his mate’s thick mane of hair. Suddenly the door burst open, disturbing the tranquil peace Vegeta was having. ‘Oh great…’
“Get up you two, you can’t spend the day in bed.” Yamcha stood in the doorway.
“We can if you’d just leave us alone beta male.” Yamcha may have been Goku’s wife, but as Vegeta states he was Kakarot’s mate.
“And let his highness miss his daily training schedule, heaven forbid.” Yamcha says in a mocking tone. “Now both of you get up, get a shower and come have breakfast.”
“Do not boss me around you…” He was cut off as Goku suddenly shot up awake. He pulled himself off the prince’s dick, making said prince gasp in shock. Best way to get Goku up and moving, mention food or a meal.
“Come on Vegeta breakfast!” His tail wagged excitedly. Vegeta would have punched him if he didn’t look so damn adorable. His stomach growled, telling him breakfast did sound nice. He got up and followed Kakarot into the shower.
“Vegeta, would you mind washing my hair?” he asked.
“Are you a child?” Vegeta growled, Goku simply looked back at him, giving him a pleading look.
“Please, it feels nice.” Vegeta sighs, and grabs the shampoo.
“Fine, you clown.” Goku chuckled, and Vegeta began washing his hair. The larger saiyan purred as Vegeta’s fingers massaged his scalp.
“Ahhh, so good.” he smiles. “I could wash your hair to.”
“I can do that myself baka,” Vegeta scolds and rinses his hair down. Goku groaned and whipped his hair.
“It’s nice, I used to do that with Gohan all the time.” his tail grabbed the brush and began washing his own back. “I got to do it with Goten to.”
“What’s with you today?” The male just sighed.
“Nothing.” He says before chuckling.
“What are you…ahhh!” Goku spread his cheeks and began lapping at his cum filled hole. Vegeta had to brace himself against the wall. ‘Damn Kakarot always a surprise!’ the prince shivered as his mate’s tongue plundered his ass, lapping out his cum.
The two showered and went for breakfast. Piccolo had water, he could eat, he just didn’t need to eat as much as even a human, one meal a day could satisfy. “Goku, did you enjoy your breakfast?” Yamcha asked.
“Yes, you did great.” He pulled the human into a kiss, hands roaming Yamcha’s chiseled form. The male moaned into the kiss, deepening it passionately. Goku cupped Yamcha’s ass, fondling the toned cheeks. “Mmm!”
“Papa!” Goten burst into the room, flying straight at Vegeta. He called Vegeta Papa, and Goku Daddy. Vegeta caught him. “Fix a plate, training will start soon.” Goten grinned and hugged his papa. “Kay!” he cheered and flew off into the kitchen.
Since learning to fly, he did it freely. He brought his plate of food. “Is daddy, joining us today?” he didn’t even flinch at the heavy make out session going on at the table. Goku broke the kiss but didn’t stop molesting Yamcha.
“Not today,” Goku says before going back to kissing Yamcha. His youngest son nods and starts to dig in. He broke the kiss once again. “And Gohan?”
Piccolo blushed, his ears twitching. “He’s preoccupied, he woke up early to study, and is currently entertaining.” Bulma reinforced the walls and doors but Piccolo could still hear with his sensitive hearing. He blushed, and finished his water. “He’s with both Lapis and 16, so he will probably be free around lunch.”
Another odd thing Vegeta has noticed is that Kakarot had taken to meditation training with Piccolo lately. “Goten, let’s go train.”
“Yes!” the boy followed after Vegeta. The boys scattered out a bit after breakfast, doing their own thing, be it training, meditating, or getting sandwiched between two huge android dicks.
It was Yamcha who got the call from Hercule later, informing him of the grand party. Music, drinks, tons of food, of course they were going. Little did they know they would be getting some party crashers…
The party was in full swing, everyone was gathered together. The saiyans occupied the biggest table with food piled high. Goten, Trunks, and Gohan were chomping down food like it was there job. Vegeta, Raditz, and Bardock were mixing food and drink. “Kakarot why aren’t you drinking, this stuff is so strong!” Raditz groaned, a blush spreading over his face.
“No thanks I’m good, I’m super hungry anyway!” he went after more food. Raditz and Bardock didn’t question it.
“More for us then!” they clinked glasses and chugged. Gine however, kept a close eye on her youngest son. The other Z fighters were having fun, it was great to party together like this, with no big threats to fight, no alien invasions, just a nice time with friends and family.
Roshi joined in the drinking, trying to see if he could out drink the saiyans, a noble goal in a way. It was a good thing Hercule got all this food, Goku was already on his sixteenth.
“Watch it little brother, even for a saiyan, eat this much and you’ll get fat!” no sooner had the word left his mouth, did Goku’s fist go flying towards it. Raditz went flying and slammed into a wall.
“Don’t call me fat!” Goku growled.
“The hell, you lost your mind, but if you wanna fight!” he was about to pounce when Gine, struck him. “Oww.”
“No fighting this is a party.”
“But Mom, he started it!”
“And I finished it, now both of you apologize and get back to the party, or you both can go home now!” her tail thrashed angrily, and the two quickly bowed their heads and apologized.
The party was back to normal. To bad they were about to receive an uninvited guest. Bulma’s watch went off. “Wahh!” she gasped.
“What is that Bulma?” Krillin asked.
“It’s my Space Perimeter Alarm, with all the aliens we’ve come across I developed some tech to alert us when something comes towards us.”
“That’s so cool!” Yamcha says.
“That’s our Bulma, always thinking ahead.” Krillin praises.
“Well, I am a genius after all.” she says proudly. She checks her watch. “We got two detected, coming in fast.”
“Enemies?” Raditz and Vegeta stand up readying to fight. Goku continued stuffing his face.
“Not sure,” she says. “This system is a prototype, I designed it to be an early alert system.”
They were about to find out as someone was heading their way. The mystery person landed, and everyone took a fighting stance. When the figure landed everyone was frozen in shock…he had a tail.
‘A saiyan?!’ was the shared thought.
“It can’t be.” Bardock says in shock. Vegeta steps forward and Bardock looks between him and the stranger.
“Tarble,” he speaks.
“Big Brother!” Tarble shouts happily, and everyone gasped.
“Big Brother?!”
“I don’t believe it, Prince Tarble was alive.” Bardock was completely shocked.
“Vegeta, you never told me you had a brother.” Goku snaps.
“You never asked,” he turns his head back towards his brother. “What are you doing here?”
“After father sent me to one of the most dangerous galaxies in the quadrant to train me.” Tarble began.
“What?!” Goku and Bulma shout, and look to Bardock.
“King Vegeta was quite strict, especially with his children.” That wasn’t strict that was psychotic.
“Your power level was quite small at birth, it was unbecoming of an elite let alone a prince. I never did agree with father’s decision, and I was never informed of your location, but I’m glad to see you alive, little brother.”
“Vegeta oni-san!” he says blushing. “It’s great to see you alive and well.” he bows.
“Aww Vegeta, he’s so cute!” Goku suddenly approached Tarble and hugged him.
“Gah, Vegeta oni-san, who is this guy?” Tarble blushed, and his tail wagged.
“This is my mate Kakarot, forgive him he can be very affectionate.” he says, as his mate nuzzles his little brother.
“This guy?” he presses a button on his scouter. “He doesn’t seem that strong.” he scans him. ‘His ki is fluctuating oddly.’
“You can’t trust the scouters Kakarot is hiding his power level.” To prove his point, Kakarot powered up, but didn’t transform.
His scouter broke from the force. “Wow, you really are strong. That’s good, I really need your help.” Tarble filled them in. He did get sent to one of the most dangerous planets for training, but it was dangerous due to it’s terrain and several vicious wild life. Tarble found a small tribe of those just like him, just trying to survive. They taught him survival techniques and Tarble used his big brain to develop new technology to help deal with the planet’s terrain and it’s dangerous predators.
Just as Tarble had gotten the planet under some form of balance that’s when they were found out. Two members of the Frieza forces attacked the world, but when they saw the technology Tarble had created they wanted him. They gave the people an ultimatum hand over the inventor and their world would be sparred. The planet’s people were not fighters, they had a deep instinct for survival. So they had planned to turn Tarble over to save themselves. Tarble ran, stealing one of their ships and escaping.
“You were too soft Tarble, you should have been properly training.” Tarble looked down. He was too soft, he couldn’t see how the people of the planet were only nice to him because he was able to make them things. He did learn some survival skills from them, but as a saiyan his power wasn’t high at all.
“That means, the people after you are on their way here.” Bulma sweats.
“I’m sorry for the trouble.”
“It’s no trouble, you are family.” Goku says happily.
Frieza’s army was spread thin, since the overlord’s death uprisings have begun and even the mighty army has fallen apart, and in both power and tech they have started to fall behind. “The two chasing me are Abo and Kado, they have been training and they’ve obtained power as strong as Frieza!”
“As strong as Frieza huh, thinking back on it he isn’t even the strongest enemy we’ve faced.”
“Ehh?” Tarble gasped in surprise. Sure enough speak of the devil and he appeared. Abo and Kado had landed and came after Tarble. “It’s them!”
“Hand over the inventor or die.” One of them said.
“No thanks, he’s family you can just leave now.” Goku says.
The two twitch in anger. “You dare to mock us.”
“Goten, Trunks!” Goku calls and the two come over. “We are gonna help uncle Tarble.”
“Yes!” the two cheer.
“Trunks, be careful!” Bulma says.
“He’ll be fine.” Raditz says. “Kick their ass son!”
“Got it pops!” Trunks powers up.
“Go get him Goten.” Goku calls.
“I will!” He to powers up, and Tarble gasps.
The two transform, Trunk’s body gaining purple fur spreading over his body. The same occurred for Goten, but his fur was a reddish pink. “Ultimate Ozaru!” they cheer and charge in for an attack.
Tarble couldn’t believe it, they were holding their own against the two. The duo once held the same power as the Ginyu Force but through training they were on par with Lord Frieza. These two were standing up to them.
Their attacks were wild, it was clear that Abo and Kado had not faced saiyans before. Even the two’s cooperation tactics weren’t much against these two well trained saiyan youths. Any ki blasts the two could fire, were easily hit back by their strong saiyan tails.
“Enough of this!” The two fuse into a larger form, he was now purple, and bulky, and had a weird tentacle on his head that reminded everyone of Buu, or perhaps it was an antennae.
The new fusion turned the tides a bit, smacking the two young saiyans around. His ki blasts were even stronger and he proceeded to pummel the two into the ground. “This is bad, they’ll be killed!” Tarble was trembling in fear.
“No, they got this.” Goku says. “Kids these days, if we aren’t careful they’ll surpass us in no time.”
Bardock chuckled. “Now you know how I feel.”
The two rise up from the crater. “This guy is asking for it!” Trunks growled.
“Let’s get him Trunks!” Goten says, and the two take a strange stance.
“Fu…” they start moving towards each other. “Sion…” they do some strange poses. “Ha!” they come together bringing their fingers together. A powerful light erupts and Gotenks appeared, he to was in Ultimate Ozaru form, their fur was pitch black.
“You better get ready you big blob, we are gonna take you down!” Wham! The fusion slams into Aka, knocking the wind out of him. “Hya hya hya hya hya hya Haa!” after a barrage of punches they hit Aka with a ki blast.
“You damn brats! Fine, all of you can die!” he lets loose a wide spread barrage of ki blasts.
The Z fighters take to action and do their best to deal with the barrage. “Knock it off!” Gotenks powers up and slams into him, once again knocking the wind out of him. “You are ruining the party, now you gotta go!”
He takes a fighting stance all too familiar, blue energy building up between their hands. “Kame…hame…ha!” he fired a powerful blast and blasted Aka away. Their fusion ended and Tarble’s jaw dropped.
“That form, I can’t believe it.”
“That’s not the only power a saiyan can achieve!” Vegeta proved it by going Super Saiyan.
“Oh wow! Do you think I could obtain such power.” Vegeta smirked, and nodded.
The party resumed, with only some mild damage. That’s when Lapis, Gohan and 16 showed up. “Whoa, did we miss the party?”
“We had some party crashers, but it’s been dealt with.” Lapis comes over to Goku and gives him a kiss.
Tarble’s jaw drops and looks between Goku and Vegeta. “Kakarot has many lovers, that one is just one of the newest.” he explains before stuffing his face once more.
“Aww don’t be jealous Vegeta, we are all one big happy family.” Lapis says after finishing his make out session.
“Does that mean, he could mate me to?” Tarble says out loud. Everyone’s gaze sets to him and he blushes redder than a tomato.
“If you become a super saiyan, I’ll allow it.” Vegeta says.
“Thank you big brother!” Tarble digs in.
The party was back in full swing. Two more saiyans at the table had the servers running like mad to keep up with the food. As it turned out Abo and Kado weren’t done, they launched one final assault on the party.
Abo attacking Goku, and Kado attacking the depowered saiyan children. 17 acted fast, creating a barrier and he and Goku. “The party crashers I take it. I was trying to enjoy my meal!”
Gohan deflected the other blasts. “Attacking my precious kin, you will pay for that.” Gohan and Lapis charge each finishing the two with a single blow. 16 sent them flying with one final rocket punch up the ass.
The two had enough, and denounced the Frieza forces and left never to be seen again.
Beerus was stuck doing his job as destroyer, when his mind was heavily distracted, all he could do was think about Goku. ‘I have to see him!’ he thinks.
To be continued…Hunt For God
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