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Wolf Deku Chap 12

Wolf Deku

Chap 12 Attack on the USJ Part 1 Scattered

Izuku’s Pov

To think the day had started off so well. I got to spend time with my mate Kacchan, and scent mark Kirishima. They were gathered and were able to wear their hero suits for this exam, getting on the bus to go to the USJ, that is the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, not to be confused with Universal Studios Japan.

Iida was cute gathering everyone for the bus, only to find out they didn’t have assigned seats. Mineta showed his approval for my costume again, trying to put his hands on my ass again. My costume isn’t that perverted is it? My costume is similar to my dad’s and with my transformation and fur wearing excess layers irritate my fur.

I think your costume is fine, you kinda look like a wrestler.” Tsu told me. She wanted to be friends which was cool, her Frog quirk was interesting and she seemed nice.

Even the bus ride was nice, everyone was talking about their aspirations in becoming heroes. Talking about how their quirks were flashy or powerful. “Izuku’s quirk is interesting to be sure, but that time limit has got to be a drag.” Yeah it kinda was but I’m working my way around that.

My quirk is both powerful and flashy.” Aoyama points out.

Yeah, but the stomach pains you need to work on.” Ashido points out.

If we talking the double whammy of power and flashyness I’d say it’d be Bakugo or Todoroki.” Bakugo humphs.

Bakugo’s quirk is cool and all but if he keeps acting the way he does he’ll never be popular.” Tsuyu points out.

You bitch, I’ll be way more popular than any of you!” he shouts.

You see.” She points.

We’ve barely met, but everyone can tell your personality is as nasty as a scorpion sitting on a cactus.” Kaminari states.

Huh?” Bakugo jumped up pissed.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Kacchan can be prickly, but he’ll be a great hero.”

It’s sweet you stick up for him, but it’s hard to believe.”

Oi shut it sparky!”

There’s something I wanna know!” Ashido raises her hand. “This whole pack thing, how come Kirishima doesn’t have a mark yet like Bakugo?”

Ohh that’s easy, while I have a time limit any other time, during the full moon I’m free to be in my wolf form as long as I wish. During the full moon is when I marked Kacchan. That’s when I will mark Kirishima as well.” The two blushed.

Sharing about each of our quirks, though not everyone was talkative. “What a vulgar conversation.” Momo didn’t seem to like me, I knew she had her heart set on becoming Class Rep, but it’s not like I stole the position from her.

Shaking my head, I tried to focus on the trial ahead. I was looking forward to this, Rescuing People is why I want to be a hero. So Rescue Training is what I craved to master.

We met with Thirteen-sensei and Aizawa-sensei, All Might was supposed to be here, but judging by how Aizawa-sensei was gesturing he had used up his time. I had seen on the news All Might had been working on saving people before going to school.

A villain had taken some hostages in order to escape a scene of crime, the heroes hands were tied, but All Might was able to swoop in and save them. Not only that he handled a few more incidents along the way.

All Might isn’t gonna be here…’ That was the thought I had as the swirling vortex of darkness appeared and villains filled the facility. There had to be at least 50 in sight, who knows how many they had slipped in besides that. ‘Why didn’t the alarms go off? Is someone jamming the signal?’

My eyes shifted across the different villains. My eyes settled on the three in the back. Sensing danger my body transformed in an instant, and I couldn’t help but growl.

End Pov

Midoriya,” the werewolf tensed at his sensei’s tone of voice. “Tell me, which ones are triggering your instincts.” Izuku nods.

Those three in the back, that shadowy guy seems to be the one who controls the gate, the guy with the hands is strong to.”

Right,” he gets ready to fight.

But Aizawa-sensei the big guy, that thing is making my fur stand on end.” His animal-like instincts were screaming at him. His ears flicked. “I can hear them!” Izuku says.


Kurogiri was the warp gate user. The boy with the hands all over was Shigaraki Tomura. “Where is he? Where is All Might?”

I only see Pro Heroes, Eraserhead and Thirteen.” Kurogiri states. “Perplexing. According to the schedule we retrieved from Yuuei, he’s supposed to be here.”


Izuku relayed what they said. “So they used the media circus to sneak in and steal the information.”

Where is he?” Tomura shouted. “I went through all the trouble of bringing so many friends to meet him. They want All Might! The Great Symbol of Peace, he’s supposed to be here!” Tomura raised his hands up. “Maybe if I kill a few kids, he’ll come out to play.”

Aizawa was ready to fight. “How could so many of them show up here?” Kirishima asked.

It’s that smokey bastard he did it somehow!” Bakugo replied.

Even still the alarms should be going off, Thirteen?” Momo asked their teacher.

I’m not sure.” This was a troubling occurrence, but a very real one.

Is the entire campus under attack? Or just this facility?” Todoroki says. “If the alarms aren’t being triggered then there must be someone who’s quirk is jamming it.” the villains drew closer towards the students. “They are fools for attacking us here, but they planned this out. Targeting this facility when a class was happening, whatever their plan is they must have an objective in mind.”

Everyone was trying to hold it together

Thirteen, get them out of here.” Aizawa says. “Alert the main campus.” he ordered Kaminari to try and contact the school, to test and see if the quirk the villains had was blocking all forms of communication.

What’re you gonna do, you can’t fight them on your own!” Izuku protests. They should escape together while they had the chance. He knew Eraserhead’s fighting style, it wasn’t meant for large groups.

I’ll be fine, you can’t be a pro if you only have one trick.” Aizawa jumped into the fray.

The villains had a Shooting Squad, with quirks designed for long range combat. They took aim on Aizawa not knowing who he was, only for him to activate his quirk, and negated theirs.

He caught them with his capture item, binding them with his scarf, hauling them into the air, bashing them together, before slamming them into the ground. “Idiots! That’s Eraserhead, he can cancel your quirks just by looking at you.”

He wasn’t supposed to be here!”

Shut up, just get him!”

Cancellation, bet you can’t erase the quirk of a heteromorphic type like me, can you?” a guy looking like he was made of rock, and had four arms came charging at Aizawa.

Yeah, you’re right,” Aizawa says, dodging his attacks before laying him out with a punch to the face. The villain was thrown back, only for Aizawa to lasso him with his scarf. “But a villain like you is only dangerous if you can reach me.”

Another villain snuck up behind him and tried to punch him, Aizawa dodged and whipped the villain made of rock at the other guy. “Good thing, I’ve taken measures to make sure that never happens.” the two clash together and hit the ground hard.

Which one of you punks are next?” his wild hair calmed for a moment.

There he goes trying to intimidate us.” Shigaraki says. “He’s strong and because of those goggles you can’t tell who’s quirk he’s erasing.” The villain analyzed. “He’s making it hard for us to work together or rely on each others’ powers.”

Aizawa started taking out the villains one by one, sometimes using the larger ones to take out a small group at once. “How annoying.” Shigaraki grumbled, scratching at his neck. “The worst thing about dealing with pros, is when they live up to the hype.”

He took out a leach faced villain, and Kurogiri waited for his chance to strike. The students were heading towards the door, Izuku had calmed down enough to revert back into human form, but his ears and tail were still out. “He’s holding them off, guess I shouldn’t have underestimated him.”

Now is not the time for analysis, we must leave quickly.” Izuku nods and the students race for the exit. Before they could reach it a gate opens up.

Thirteen gasps. Kurogiri rises out of the gate. “There is no escape for you.”

Damn, I blinked and the guy who seems like the most trouble got away.’ Aizawa thinks. He couldn’t help them, he was surrounded by villains.

It is a pleasure to meet you. We are the League of Villains.” Kurogiri introduced. “I know it’s impolite, but we decided to invite ourselves in to this haven of justice to say hello.” Thirteen shielded the students.

Isn’t this just the best place for All Might the symbol of peace, to take his last breath.” Izuku growled at him. “I believe he was suppose to be here today, and yet I see no sign of him. There must have been a change in plans we could not have foreseen.”

The students were on edge. “Ah, well, in the end, I suppose it doesn’t matter.” Thirteen readied himself to use his quirk. “I still have a role to play.”

Before Thirteen could act however…

Kirishima charged in, arm hardened and Bakugo charged ready to blast him. “Kacchan, Kirishima!” Izuku shouted. Thirteen gasped unable to act.


The huge explosion created a smokescreen. “Did you think we were just gonna sit around, and let you tear this place to shreds?”

You guys get back!” Izuku shouted again.

You live up to your school’s reputation.” Kurogiri was unharmed. “But you should be more careful, children. Someone might get hurt.” Kurogiri narrowed his eyes.

You two, get back right now!” Thirteen orders.

To late, I’ll scatter you across the facility, to meet my comrades and your death.” His smoke spread out.

Crap what is this?” Kirishima and Bakugo were warped away. Iida managed to get Ochako and Sato out of the way. Shoji managed to cover Sero and Ashido. Momo, Jiro, and Kaminari got warped.

Iida! Look after every…” Izuku’s voice was cut off as he was warped away, along with Tsuyu and Mineta.

All across the USJ the students were warped with those nearest to them. Izuku landed in the shipwreck zone, in the water. ‘He must have a warping quirk, they came here to kill All Might, I guess it’s a good thing he’s not in class right now.’ he thinks as he swims to the surface.

He didn’t get far as a half fish villain charged at him. “Nothing personal kid but you gotta die!” he opened his jaws, but got a swift kick from Tsuyu.

Midoriya!” she grabbed him with her tongue and pulled him out of the water. She seemed to be carrying someone, kicking off the villain. They got on the ship, and Izuku shook himself off similar to how a dog would. ‘Cute!’ Tsuyu thinks.

Mineta couldn’t resist being a perv and groped Tsuyu’s boobs, which earned him a one way ticket to tongue smack down! She hopped out of the water and got on the ship to. “This is turning out to be a terrible day of class.” she says.

Thanks for saving my life Tsu,” he says. Izuku ran down the situation, going back to the day of the media attack, since the teachers were dealing with the media, they had to have stolen the info then.

It’s not like the villains can really beat All Might, once he shows up he’ll pound them into submission.” Mineta says, giving a few jabs into the air.

Think about it, if the villains spent this much time planning an attack, they must have figured out a way to kill him.” Asui says. Izuku couldn’t help but think about the monster looking brute that was with the guy with the hands. “We need to worry about ourselves first, if we aren’t careful we won’t survive to even see All Might again.”

Izuku’s ear flicked. “Incoming!” Water villains moved towards the ship, surrounding it.

Mineta screamed. “Bad guys!”

Izuku was lost in thought. “It doesn’t matter.” he says making the two turn. “I don’t care what their reasons are, if they think they can beat him, then we have to stop whatever it is these bad guys are planning.”

Midoriya…” Tsuyu was impressed.

The main campus doesn’t know what’s happening, we have to work together to protect him.” he transforms. “This is up to us, let’s be heroes!”


Todoroki had been warped to the Landslide Zone, as soon as he was there he froze the entire area, freezing all the villains in place. “Aren’t you embarrassed to lose to a child. For God’s sake you are adults, at least try to put up a fight.”


Bakugo and Kirishima were fighting villains in the Collapse Zone. Bakugo was blasting them, and Kirishima was brawling.


At the Mountain Zone, Momo had made weapons for her and Jiro. While Kaminari took a defensive stance.


In the Fire Zone, Ojiro was alone, he led the villains away, and started taking them out using hit and run tactics.


In the Squall Zone Tokoyami and Koda were stuck together, surrounded by villains.


Toshinori aka All Might was back at the main campus. “I can’t get a hold of Thirteen or Aizawa.” he glanced down at his phone. “Then again they are teaching, unlike me. I’m neglecting my duties, all because I spent my morning commute being heroic.”

Maybe I should show up and say something aspiring at the end.” He was slowly recovering his strength. “I think I can get a good 10 minutes out of my hero form.” he stands tall. “Time to join my students!”

Hold your horses!” the principal opened the door.

Hello, Nezu, sir!”

That’s me, the one who could be a mouse, a dog, or a bear though the important thing is…I’m the principal!”

Your fur looks especially well groomed and glossy today, sir.”

The secret is keratin.” he wasn’t there to talk about grooming tips though, he brought out a tablet. “It seems you solved three incidents in an hour.”

All Might grunts, and Nezu sighs. “The fault mainly belongs to the ruffians making trouble despite knowing you being here. You also need to learn not to react every time you hear about some trouble, you haven’t changed at all.” It was true there were several hero agencies here in the city. “You hero time is limited due to your injury, plus your time is divided further for classes and again for training One for All’s successor.”

He had given All Might the job so he could have an excuse for staying out of the spot light. “You really need to prioritize your students now, after all they deserve it.”

This soon became a lecture, and judging by the tea it was gonna be a long one. He was hoping to go and make an appearance, plus he was concerned by not reaching Thirteen or Aizawa.

Back at the USJ

Shoji was able to locate everyone using his quirk. “They have been scattered through the facility.” The others breathed a sigh of relief.

I wouldn’t be relieved yet children, my comrades are there waiting for your little friends, they will be lucky to survive their encounters.”

-x Shipwreck Zone x-

You want us to fight? That’s crazy we should just wait here for the Pros to save us.” Mineta was freaking out.

Listen, we don’t have that luxury, the villains are here now. We do however have one advantage.” Izuku states. “They don’t know our quirks.”

He’s right, if they knew my quirk they wouldn’t have sent me here. The Fire Zone would be worse for me.”

Right, and the villains know each others’ quirks so we know all their quirks are best for this zone.”

AND THAT’S GOOD?!” Mineta wailed.

Shh, listen we have the element of surprise, and I have a plan. I just need to know how your quirks work, to fill in the pieces.” They share the info. Asui’s quirk Frog allows her to do things a frog can do only amplified. Mineta had Sticky Balls, they stick to anything besides him.

He quickly cried saying his power wasn’t really for combat. Tsuyu covers his mouth.

Alright here’s the plan.” they huddle up, and Izuku gives them the details.

One of the villains attack nearly ripping the boat apart. “Such power!”

How can we fight guys like this aren’t you scared?” Mineta cried.

I’m scared…I’m terrified…but…” he smiles. “I’m still gonna fight to protect everyone!” Izuku jumped into the air, the villains weren’t scared, even of Izuku in his werewolf form, once he landed in the water he’d be at their mercy, or so they thought. He charged One for All into his fingers. “Smash!” Letting loose a powerful force that struck the water causing a massive whirlpool. The villains were swept up in it.

Tsuyu jumped holding Mineta and grabbed Midoriya with her tongue. Mineta unleashed his quirk the sticky orbs floating in the water sticking to the villains, and causing the villains to get stuck together. The rushing water left the villains with no control slamming into each other and getting stuck together, the water came crashing down trapping the villains in a big ball.

You two were pretty great.” Tsuyu says. “Looks like we passed this zone!”

Midoriya…your fingers!” Mineta pointed out. His fingers were broken from the force of One for All.

It’s fine, I have a healing factor.” In his wolf form his heal factor was stronger and he was recovering from the back lash of one for all. “I’ll be fine in a few minutes but we have to keep moving, I’m worried about Aizawa-sensei.”

They were right to be worried.

Tomura was proving to be a handful all on his own. He was able to figure out how long Aizawa could keep his quirk going and when it would drop. Through trial and error, he managed to get a hit on Aizawa using his quirk.

Decay: Tomura’s Quirk allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with his hands. However, the deterioration will only occur when all five of his fingers touch the target, he has no control over it.

Add his quirk to his specialty in close combat he was proving a threat to Aizawa. He grabbed the man’s shoulder in the perfect time to decay the man’s clothing and flesh. ‘My shoulder is broken.’ he jumped away from Tomura.

You should watch your back hero!” Tomura laughed. “Nomu, play with the pro!”

The hulking beast suddenly appeared behind him. Aizawa tried to nullify his quirk, only to get slammed into the ground. ‘I’m sure I nullified his quirk, he’s really this strong!’ Nomu smashed him into the ground and broke his arm. ‘He’s as strong as All Might!’

Izuku looked on in horror as his teacher was crushed by that monster.

To be continued…Attack on the USJ Part 2

As things go from bad to worse, a shining hope stands with Iida as he races to get help. Fearing their game is over Tomura decides to strike a blow against the heroes by killing one of the teachers. As he goes to strike the killing blow on Aizawa Izuku jumps in to protect him getting touched by Tomura instead.


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