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Controller Quirk Chap 7

Controller Quirk

Bakugo 8 Inches/2 Inches: Quirk: Explosion

Izuku 13 Inches Pearl Implant: Quirk: Controller/One for All

All Might: Civilian mode 11 inches Hero mode 13: Quirk One for All Remnants

Ojiro: 9 inches Quirk: Tail

Shoji: 12 inches Quirk: Dupli Arms

Kirishima: 11 Inches: Quirk Hardening

Iida: 3 Inches: Quirk Engine

Chapter 7 Combat Training

All Might was a little nervous about his first class teaching. He was happy for the job, but he has never taught anyone before, and his own schooling methods were…extreme to say the least. He was glad that thanks to his modifications he was able to retain his hero form a lot longer now. He was able to get in some heroing done, before heading to class. Toshinori was keeping his actions on the down low, as to not raise suspicion if that man was still out there.


Izuku had discussed with Bakugo about adding Kirishima and Ojiro into the harem. The explosive blonde agreed, since they didn’t seem to be completely worthless. Then there was Iida, while he was a potential candidate, Bakugo thought he’d be too uptight. Bakugo had his own concerns, one thing was girls. “Don’t be silly, I haven’t noticed any girls taken an interest in me.”

That’s because your dense as fuck when it comes to women!’ Bakugo grumbled. The round faced girl(Ochako) he noticed the girl staring at Izuku often. Who wouldn’t, the boy may have not been the most muscled in class Shoji holding that honor, but Izuku’s gym clothes certainly showed off his physique.

I think Ojiro and Kirishima are gonna join, but Iida is conflicted.” Bakugo didn’t tell Izuku about his little talk with Tail Ass, he was sure the blonde was gonna join to. Weird Hair also seemed very eager to join, he certainly wasn’t shy.

Those two are fine, if Glasses doesn’t accept your invite then he’s an idiot and doesn’t deserve you.” Bakugo says and Izuku chuckles.

You really are sweet Kacchan,” the blonde blushes and is pulled into Izuku’s embrace.


Ojiro had made up his mind, he wanted to be a part of Izuku’s harem. In truth he hadn’t really thought about girls or guys before, but no one had made his heart race like Izuku had done for him. He wanted to be dominated by Izuku! He did some research and looked up various things. His pure vanilla mind was opened, and no matter what he looked up he found himself imagining himself in the submissive role. He even checked out some threesome and foursome works, it was a lot to take in. He wasn’t gonna overthink it, he was gonna trust Izuku.

At school, Ojiro found Midoriya before homeroom. “Midoriya!” he says excitedly.

Ojiro,” the boy smiles at him. “Good morning!”

Good morning to you to,” he blushed. “Listen, I thought a lot about it, and I’m in, I’m all in.” The greenette smiled.

Really?” he was so happy he hugged him. Ojiro blushed, but hugged back.

Yes, I’m still pretty new to this stuff, please take care of me.” Izuku chuckled.

Well you won’t be alone,” he kissed Ojiro’s cheek. The blonde blushed harder, Izuku’s lips felt so wonderful against his skin. “We can start with a kiss.”

Ojiro was nervous, this was his first kiss. He nodded and Izuku cupped his cheek. ‘This is happening, this is happening, this is really happening!’ his heart was racing. Izuku captured his lips in a kiss, and his heart skipped a beat. His lips were soft but his kiss was strong, he found himself relaxing and kissing back. He was now glad he had met Izuku, in a secluded hall way, as he had gotten hard.

His dick pushed against the fabric of his pants heatedly, he rocks his hips against Izuku. The kiss breaks for air, and Ojiro was breathless. “Wow!”

How about another?” he says and kisses Ojiro again. The greenette licks the blonde’s lips seeking entry into his mouth. He parted his lips and the boy slipped his tongue in. The skilled tongue coaxed Ojiro’s to play with his own.

Their kiss grew more heated and passionate, Ojiro’s legs buckling, but Izuku supports him. He wraps his arms around Izuku’s neck, and follows his lead. The experienced kisser had Ojiro, losing his mind, he moaned into the kiss.

Before he knew it, his climax was washing over him. He shivered and gasped, breaking the kiss. “Izuku!” he moans, trembling as he cums into his underwear. “Wow!”

Izuku chuckles.

Oh man that was hot!” the two freeze and turn to see Kirishima. The red head had been looking for Izuku, and boy did he find him. He comes forward. “Hey Ojiro, so you are joining Midoriya’s harem to?”

The blonde blushed. “Y-yeah…” Kirishima grinned and put his hand up.

Nice, welcome harem brother!” He says excitedly. Ojiro high fives him.

So you decided to join as well Kirishima?”

You know it, I’ve never really had any interest in girls, and the harem thing sounds so cool and exciting. I’m so in!” he says happily.

Let’s head to the locker rooms, and I can explain things, and Ojiro will need to get cleaned up.”

-x-Locker Rooms-x-

Ojiro didn’t have a change in underwear, so he simply removed them and put on his pants. “You sure came a lot, Midoriya’s kisses are that awesome?” the red head asked.

Indeed they are,” he was in this no point backing down now, Kirishima would also be in the harem after all. Hearing this the red head grinned. “Amazing!”

I’m not really, from a young age I had a sense of what I wanted in life,” Izuku explained. “I called Kacchan he will be joining us shortly.”

Ohh we should exchange numbers to!” Kirishima said excitedly.

Oh yes, we should.” after a quick exchange in info, Kirishima putting Ojiro down under a new contact group called Harem Brothers. Izuku under Harem Master. Izuku gave them Bakugo’s info but warned them not to contact him until he’s warmed up to everyone.

Izuku was practically brimming with joy at having new friends in his contacts. His contacts were quite limited. The two stared at him for a moment, Izuku sweat dropped. “Ehehehe, you see a lot of people thought my quirk was creepy, so I didn’t have many friends.” That said had Kirishima tearing up. “It’s okay I had Kacchan, and even though he didn’t understand I valued our unique bond.”

Tch, don’t get all sappy Deku!” Bakugo came in and clearly overheard. “You didn’t need those extras anyway.”

Right on time, I can explain things now if you would,” Bakugo nods and starts to strip. “You see my quirk is called Controller. This quirk not only allows me the ability to control one’s mind, but also the body as well.” he showed off his needles. “Once I stick someone I can scan their bodies, and save the stats inside.”

Impressive.” Bakugo finished stripping and stood in his naked glory, his collar and nipple piercings his only accessories.

The collar is also made by the controller, by wearing the collar you agree to giving me full control over your body. I can give you more details after you become mine,” Izuku makes two collars. “But I can show you this.”

He brought up Bakugo’s settings, and the two gasped as Izuku changed Bakugo’s cock size, the blond blushed but stood perfectly still. “I can alter his size at will, including manipulating his body’s sensitivity.”

Izuku moved behind Bakugo and touched him, simple touches nothing too erotic. The fact still remains, the softest of touch had Bakugo moaning and shaking like a leaf. His tiny tool stood erect, twitching and leaking pre. “Deku!” he tossed his head back.

He ground his ass against Izuku’s crotch, the greenette kissed his neck and Bakugo lost it cumming hard. Thick ropes of white cum erupted and splattered Bakugo’s abs and pecs, the rest hit the ground and coated his crotch. Despite the powerful looking orgasm Bakugo was still hard. Izuku wasn’t done with him yet, his hands moving to his chest.

Ahhh ahh!” Bakugo tossed his head back, moaning wildly as Izuku played with his nipples. The blonde drooled and writhed in absolute pleasure. “Ahh fuck, fuck fuck fuck!” From his nipples alone, Bakugo felt another release wash over him. “Fuck me, yes Deku!” he cums again.

Their audience was quite hard at the show. “Hot!” Kirishima couldn’t look away. Ojiro was in the same boat, he couldn’t believe it. Bakugo seemed like an intense hot head, a very proud guy, but seemed not to care that his manhood was shrunk. He licked his lips, he wanted to join, but to take his place or help Izuku toy with him he was not sure.

Izuku palmed Bakugo’s crotch, fondling his balls at the same time. “Kacchan is harder than usual, are you enjoying being watched?” he asks and Bakugo moans, but doesn’t deny it. He was fully aware of himself and the situation, before the eyes watching him, gazing on every inch of him, while he was pressed against Izuku.

So hot!’ he moans. ‘Deku!’ his heart was racing. His tiny tool throbbing against his palm. Another release hits him and he moans as his cum pelts Izuku’s hand. The cum splattered hand comes up to Bakugo’s lips. Not a word was shared between them, as Bakugo began licking his cum off his hand.

Very good,” Izuku says and with a few clicks on his controller Bakugo’s settings were returned to normal, his cock growing larger. “This is just a sample of my abilities. As for roles in the harem, while I do enjoy being on top, I do hope to explore anal sex at some point. I also wish to experience double penetration in Kacchan and with Kacchan. I wish to take your anal virginity and I would like Kacchan to claim your cock virginity.”

Kirishima’s hand shot up. “Yes yes yes, all the yes!”

Ojiro was still processing it. Izuku noticed the faint unease. “Please know that if you do not wish to perform certain activities nothing will be held against you. Everyone has different tastes, I intend my harem to stand on three simple pillars touch, oral, and anal. Anything beyond that is free for each person.”

So, if I only wanted to be kissed by Midoriya, that would be okay?” Ojiro asked blushing, Izuku nodded. “Then I’m in!” The tailed blonde stepped forward as did Kirishima and offered their necks.

Izuku slipped collars on them, Ojiro first and then Kirishima. “There now,” Izuku performed scan, and got their info. His eyes sparkled as he analyzed them. “Wonderful, you both are wonderful.” he praised.

The two smiled and Izuku got serious. “Both of you should strip for this next part.” they obeyed, but were not forced to. “You see, both Kacchan and I have special settings hard saved into us, making us super human. I shall be bestowing those onto you as well.”

He waited for the two to get naked. “Why do we need to be naked, is that a requirement for your quirk?”

No, its just the process can be quite pleasurable.”

Try not to faint.” Bakugo adds as Izuku works his magic on them. Kirishima and Ojiro were brought to their knees as pleasure surged through their bodies.

Ahhhh!” Kirishima moaned, body writhing in pleasure, a big toothy grin on his face.

Ahh ahh ahh!” Ojiro moaned, body shaking and tail thrashing. The blonde was drooling as raw pleasure coursed through him. He didn’t think Bakugo was kidding about the whole don’t faint thing, but this was intense.

They understood now why Izuku told them to take off their clothes, as their climaxes hit hard and they came all over themselves. Thick ropes of white cum splattering their toned bodies. Izuku hugged Bakugo. “Brings back fond memories, don’t you think?”

Shut up, stupid Deku,” he muttered, but he blushed all the same. He watched the two writhe in pleasure, knowing all to well the effects.

After a few orgasms the two completed their transformation. It was so strange, despite the numerous orgasms they felt more energized than before. Izuku gave them the info of their new found bodies. “Amazing, your quirk is amazing, and you are amazing!”

Kirishima couldn’t hold back anymore, and he kissed Izuku. The greenette quickly took control of the kiss, and dominated it. The red head moaned low in his throat as Izuku’s tongue played with his pointy teeth. “Mmm,” the red head shivered.

As much fun that could be had from continuing, they had classes to get to. The marked men hit the showers, they were able to wash up and redress and get to class before the bell. The new collared boys did have class all riled up. Kirishima and Ojiro were overjoyed to have their collars.

The bombardment of questions came, but thankfully Aizawa-sensei showed up and put an end to it. The rest of the day was normal, but then came the time everyone was looking forward to, their first Hero Class, and it was Combat Training.

Aizawa explained to them they would be allowed to use the costumes they had designed before school started. Everyone was excited about that, depending on the costume design, they can help the output of one’s quirks.

Izuku was touched as his mother designed his outfit, but he did ask for some gear from the support squad. His controller did have a limit of needles it could produce. Time for class, everyone was sitting in there seats in anticipation.

I AM HERE!” they heard. “Coming through the door epically!” All Might entered the room in full costume. His presence had the whole class bristling with excitement. “Good morning class, I shall be overseeing your combat training today!”

This is so cool!” everyone was getting pumped.

First you will need to get changed, I hope you gave some thought into your costumes. A hero’s costume plays a vital part in combat. Of course you can always make modifications so this will be good practice as well.” All Might explained.

Everyone hit the locker rooms to change into their hero gear. Izuku’s was mostly green with some white trims and gloves, he had a mask that made him look like he had bunny ears. He had a belt with some pouches and a holder for his controller, and there was a watch on his left wrist.

They came out and stood before All Might, there were lots of creative costumes Iida looked like he was all decked out in armor. Bakugo appeared to have gotten special gear made for him as well. The costumes ranged from simple to extravagant.

All Might blushed upon seeing Izuku’s costume, the smile mask, the ears. ‘So obvious,’ he was flattered. It was similar to his own look. What’s more when his mother made the costume it seems she didn’t take into the account her son’s newest muscle mass, the suit hugged his body perfectly, showing off his muscle and body.

Alright class today you will be having a trial battle, but you will not be fighting against robots, you will instead be fighting with each other,” they gathered at Grounds B. “Today’s match will be an indoor battle, and I’ll be splitting you up into teams of two.”

He pulls out a piece of paper with notes. “Ahem, one team will be the villain team, and they will be guarding a faux weapon, the villain team will be given time to prepare their base as they see fit, then the hero team will go in. Victory or defeat will be decided by these factors. 1. If a team is captured,” he showed the capture tape. “2. If the heroes fail to retrieve the weapon or capture the villain team in a certain amount of time. 3. If the hero teams retrieve the weapon in the allotted time.” he explains.

The weapon was paper mache, and the matches would be 2 vs 2. All Might had two boxes one for villains the other for heroes. It was random as heroes often had to work with heroes from other agencies at any given time. Izuku began to silently pray. ‘Please let me be on a hero team, please let me be on a hero team!’

The first battle shall be, on the hero side Bakugo and Uraraka, versus on the villain side Izuku and Iida.” Izuku’s jaw dropped.

A…a…villain…” the boy hung his head low.

Mineta laughed. “With your quirk being on the villain team makes the most sense.” he laughed until Ojiro smacked him with his tail.

I’m sorry Young Midoriya, this is random but maybe this is the best chance for you to face that part of you. You told me people didn’t trust you with your quirk that you’d be a villain, but I see your sense of justice and desire to help people.’

All Might, let me switch with Deku.” Bakugo volunteers.

You are very kind young Bakugo, but the lots are final. Both teams shall prepare before the match can begin.”

Uhh sir,” Uraraka raises her hand. “Shouldn’t Bakugo-kun remove his collar for this?” All Might raised a brow. “I’ve heard that Izuku’s collars are apart of his quirk, wouldn’t that give him an unbalanced edge in this?” Details about Izuku’s quirk weren’t fully known but rumors were enough.

What did you say you bitch!” He growled, he touched his collar. “I’m not taking it off!”

Young Bakugo, calm down you will not have to do so.” Bakugo was surprised. “I ask that if Midoriya wishes to use his quirk on Bakugo he will have to do stick him with a needle.”

Understood sir.”

To be continued…Trial Battles Heroes versus Villains

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