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Pheromone Omega Chap 11

Pheromone Omega

Izuku is the nephew of Midnight, he’s gotten a quirk similar to hers, he can manipulate pheromones. Using this he hides the fact he’s an omega. The truth comes to light, and now he must fend off alphas and betas alike. Harem


Izuku: Omega: 6 Incher: Quirk – Pheromone; he can release various pheromones inducing effects on those who catch them. Skills: Nap Time Fragrance, Super Relaxation Fragrance, Peppermint Fragrance, Incubus Fragrance,

Bakugo: Alpha: 13 incher: Quirk – Explosion; produces nitroglycerin like sweat from the palms of his hands

Kirishima: Alpha: 11 incher: Quirk – Hardening; can harden his body like rock.

Ojiro: Beta: 9 Incher: Quirk – Tail; has a large tail that he can maneuver and use.







Chapter 11 The Big Exam

Of all the things Izuku thought he’d be doing in his life, all the fantasies, all the dreams, all his hopes none of them came close to what he was doing right now. All Might, the Symbol of Peace, the alpha all other alphas aspired to be, was naked before him. His muscles glorious, his manly musk intense, his cock would put most alphas to shame.

Long and thick, with matching orbs hanging below, a thick mane of manly hair crowning his crotch. His alpha pride stood at 16 inches, so thick it took two hands to grip around it. The heat and weight to it was astounding, and Izuku took time to marvel at it, and bask in its intensity.

All Might was a little embarrassed, it was no secret he focused more on his hero work than actually mating. Having the young omega marvel at his cock was touching, stroking his alpha pride. The boy muttered, a sea of praises pelted the man. ‘He’s attacking with words!’ his manhood pulsed, the words seemed to float and wash over his body, caressing him and making him tingle. “Young Midoriya, we must hurry.” he gets out.

Oh yes, sorry…” he blushed red, he starts stroking the big cock, mouth coming forward to the tip to get his first taste. It was so powerful, the strong manly flavor of a mature alpha. Had Izuku not been mated the taste alone probably would have overwhelmed him. He wrapped his lips around the head, and sucked on it, hands gliding back and forth along his shaft. “Young Midoriya!” he hadn’t intended to be so sensitive, or perhaps Midoriya was just that good, his gentle sucks and guiding strokes held an experience that was really working for the older man.

Izuku’s tongue worked around the head, collecting pre as it leaked out. This wasn’t enough to pass on One for All, Izuku had to get him to cum. Though passing on the quirk was far from the omega’s mind, he wanted to pleasure All Might and have him cum by his hand.

He sucked more off All Might’s dick into his mouth. The girth made it quite difficult, but he was doing his best, stroking what he couldn’t fit into his mouth. All Might’s length pulsed and throbbed at the attention, a river of pre rushing down Izuku’s throat.

Toshinori tried to breath, and took in Izuku’s omega scent. ‘He’s wet!’ the thought alone made his heart beat faster. His alpha instincts roared, but he reigned them in. This wasn’t about mating, he had to pass on his quirk.

As Izuku worked him up building his release higher and higher, All Might couldn’t help but think about what he was. When he grew up most betas and omegas struggled under alpha control, so many alphas took what they wanted because of their power. He swore he would never do that, never take just because he had the power to do so.

It was hard, as Izuku seemed to be enjoying the blow job as much as All Might was. The boy lost himself a bit, sucking on such a strong alpha was having a powerful effect on him. He had gotten excited, but he was able to snap back to his senses. ‘I must finish this, and take on All Might’s quirk!’

He released his Incubus Fragrance, the strong scent hit All Might like lightning. His legs buckled. “OH MY GOODNESS!” His entire body was trembling, every nerve sparking with pleasure. Every stroke and suck, felt like his brain was melting away and surging towards his groin, and every squeeze made it feel like he was being milked like a cow.

His balls lurched as his orgasm tore through him, his dick swelled and he focused on channeling his quirk through his seed. The semen flooded Izuku’s mouth, the boy gasped at the flavor, it was so electrifying. The delicious cum floods his mouth and he gulps it down, that electric feeling goes all the way down as it fills his belly.

It lit a fire in his belly that spread to his fingers and toes. Izuku couldn’t help himself, he came, body shaking as he spilled his essence. All Might could no longer contain his hero form and reverted back to civilian mode, his cock did lose some of it’s girth but retained its awesome length.

I don’t feel any different,” the greenette says.

Toshinori blushed and got dressed, doing his best to catch his breath. “Right, it should take some time, for the power to adjust in your body.” he checked his watch. “This was a bit of a rush job, I’d have liked to have overseen your use of One for All before the exam.”

Izuku blushed, licking his lips. “I understand, I appreciate everything you did for me All Might.”

All Might chuckles. “Don’t get me wrong kid, all this is because of you, all your hard work is paying off. Once the quirk settles into your body you’ll be able to call on its power. When you feel it, clench your butt cheeks together and yell from the depths of your soul.”

Izuku nodded, he was nervous about the exam tomorrow, but he wasn’t gonna back down now. He hit the bath house before heading home. The event with All Might fresh in his mind, and with a fire in his belly he couldn’t silence his rushing hormones. He sent a text to his mates, and waited.

His mates were shocked by the text, but raced over as quick as they could. Grabbing a night over bag so they’d be ready if Izuku needed them to sleep. It wasn’t uncommon for an omega to lose sleep when stressed and needing a mate to sooth them.

The boys came finding a horny and excited Izuku, they didn’t stand a chance as Izuku hit them with a full blast of Incubus Fragrance. So one thing led to another, clothes were left scattered and the bed creaked as it supported the extra weight of four boys. No one questioned what had Izuku so wound up, and no self respecting alpha or beta would turn down an omega in need.

5 Hours Later…

Izuku lay pleasantly spent and exhausted between his mates. Bakugo was on his right face buried in his neck, trying to get the record of love bites on him. Kirishima was on his left, grinning like a fool. Ojiro laid on top of him rubbing his cheek against Izuku’s abs. “Thanks for coming, I needed this.”

All Might’s seed had done more than just transfer his quirk, it stirred up Izuku’s omega instincts and he needed his mates fast. He received grunts, a chuckle, and a sigh in response. In truth they all needed this, the big exam had everyone on edge, even Bakugo who was too proud to admit it.

The omega couldn’t help but smile, washing them over with Super Relaxation. After everyone was able to calm down and catch their breath, they were able to respond proper. “I needed this too,” Kirishima sighs. “I’ll admit I’m nervous bout tomorrow.”

Me to,” Ojiro says.

Tch, what’s there to be nervous about, we just gotta pass you damn morons!” the other two sweat dropped at Bakugo’s words. Some pep talk, but Izuku felt the blonde alpha tighten his hold on him, he was nervous too.

We shall do our very best.” Izuku says, and settles between them, going as far as to wrap his legs around Ojiro to pull him closer. ‘I want us all to pass and go to U.A. together, please god forgive this selfish Omega’s wish.’ he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


No one was more nervous than Inko. People could die in that exam, and she knew her son was strong in his own way, but if what Midnight told her was true, his quirk really would be useless in this exam. ‘Oh Izuku…’ She tried to be supportive, but she couldn’t help but worry.

She heard some students were getting in upon recommendation, but she knew Izuku wouldn’t want special treatment. He was working so hard.

The day of the big exam came, Izuku and his mates showered, dressed and headed out. “Good luck boys!” Inko says.

Thanks Mom,” Izuku blushes.

Thanks Midoriya-san,” Kirishima and Ojiro say.

Thanks Auntie,” Bakugo says.


They reach U.A. and the pressure and wonder were live. Some of the greatest heroes have passed through these gates, it was awe inspiring. Izuku was in full fanboy mode.

Don’t lose focus nerd!” Bakugo snaps.

Right, sorry…” he chuckles. Kirishima blushes. “Izuku-chan is so cute!” Ojiro nods at that.

Izuku walked through the gates only to have someone trip him. Before he fell Ojiro caught him with his tail. “Who the hell…” Bakugo growled.

A blonde alpha stepped out. “Well, well, well, it looks like there are some omegas here after all,” he pointed at Izuku. “You got some balls showing up here, such arrogance for an omega.”

Izuku felt like he’d been slapped. “What’s your problem?” Kirishima growled.

Oh nothing, the name is Monoma,” he says.

Monoma?’ the name sounded familiar.

You lot must suck as mates putting a weak omega through the hell that is the U.A. exam,” The trio glared at him.

This guy is an asshole!’ was the shared thought.

Wait a minute Monoma, I remember now, I read your mating letter, your quirk was interesting but you sounded just as arrogant in your letter so I put it in reject pile.” Monoma’s jaw dropped as his mates smirked.

No matter, I had intended on challenging your mates to show you what a real alpha is like, but I decided to focus on my training for the exam. Consider this a declaration of war!” he walks off laughing.

Bakugo’s hand sparks. “Let me kill this ass hole!” Neither Ojiro or Kirishima was holding him back.

Now now, no killing, we have an exam to get to.”


The written exam lasted 2 hours, Kirishima was thankful for Izuku’s tutoring. When it came to tests and exams he struggled a bit. He even took extra lessons with Bakugo. The blonde alpha literally trying to pound the info into his skull. With both methods he was able to clear through the test.

Ojiro struggled but slowly picked up. Bakugo cleared through the written exam no problem, Izuku also did very well. Once the written exams came an assembly to explain the physical exam.

Present Mic was overseeing the explanation, which caused Izuku to fanboy out. “Focus!” Bakugo growled.

The event was simple, exam sites would hold alphas betas and omegas, no mated pairs or friends from the same school were allowed at the same site. “Tch, figured.” Bakugo was not happy about this.

His worry over Izuku probably rivaled Inko’s, especially with what they were facing. ‘Faux villains!’ Robots ranged from Points 1-3, and the behemoth 0 pointer. ‘While not impossible to take down what’s the point if it’s not worth anything.’ Bakugo thinks.

He sparred a glance at his Deku. ‘Will he be alright, even if he’s been training his quirk is a support and rescue type, against living beings he can even capture and restrain but against robots?’ he bit his thumb in frustration. ‘Damn it! If something happens to Deku, I’ll scorch this place to the ground!’

A taller boy wearing glasses was also stealing glances at Izuku. The students were allowed to change into PE clothing, and use special gear so long as they provided proper paperwork. Alphas in one room, betas in the other, omegas in the third.

Izuku looked around there were some surprising omegas here, himself being one, a brown haired girl with a round face was another. There was another boy named Yosetsu Awase. Another female omega had pink hair and yellow eyes, she was loading herself up with all kinds of gear. ‘If other omegas had entered the exam they either dropped out or were scared off by the physical exam.’ he gulped. There was in fact another omega there, but Izuku couldn’t see or smell her.

Hey!” Ochako raced over to Izuku. “It’s good to see another omega here, I was getting even more nervous.” she was unmarked.

Indeed, it’s nice to see other omegas here, I’m Izuku.” Izuku says, and shakes her hand. “Ochako Uraraka, I see you’ve been mated.” she blushes and nudges him.

Yeah, I got two alphas and a beta.” he blushes and rubs the back of his head.

Lucky!” she says. “I had a beta friend of mine get me through my heat, but she didn’t want to be tied down.” she points to Awase. “You aren’t the only mated one here, he’s got an alpha to.”

Awase blushed. “Nice to meet you,” he and Izuku shake hands.

Impressive just one alpha?” he nods.

My mistress is quite creative, she got me through my heat no problem.” he blushes a little.

Lucky lucky!” the other 3 omegas jump at the female voice. “I’m Toru Hagakure, nice to meet you.”

Whoa your invisible?”

That’s right!” she says.

Their conversation was cut short as Present Mic could be heard. “Five minutes listeners, please report to your respective sites or you will be considered drop outs.” The omegas headed out, bidding one final good luck.

As Izuku stood among his fellow students he felt his heart pound. ‘No running, this is what I’ve worked for!’

To be continued…What Izuku can do? Results!

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