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Digitally Miraculous Chap 4

Digitally Miraculous

Chap 4 Hard Shell

The following day the news was on the latest story. Several reports were going on and on about the attack and the hero who had saved them. Tai was making breakfast, and feeding Agumon. The little kwami was finding the news interesting while eating some bacon. “The world has changed so much.”

Have you been here before Agumon?” Tai asked.

Hmm, you could say that we Kwami retain some knowledge of the world around us, and I remember fighting alongside humans in the past as Aguman but I’m not too sure.”

Tai sighs. “I guess it doesn’t matter, I just wish I knew a little bit more about what’s going on and what’s gonna happen.” he gives Agumon more bacon.

Yummy!” he munches down.

Tai pokes at the breakfast cooking, but his mind was elsewhere. ‘When will the next attack come, I’ll have to be ready. This is crazy, if this Deviman guy can take hold of anyone then how…’

Tai!” Agumon snapped him out of his thoughts. He was able to save the bacon, and he turned off the stove.

Thanks, Agumon,” he sighed. “Sorry, buddy I was just thinking.”

Was it about our enemy?”

Yeah,” he plates some food. “I can’t help thinking about it, I wanna help, and I’m in this to the end. Just kinda nerve-wracking knowing you have someone out there wanting to destroy you.”

Tai you can’t focus on that, if you spend your time always looking for the next attack, you won’t be able to live your life that way.” he floats over to him. “You have a great life, filled with friends and family who love you. So enjoy it, your loved ones make you strong.”

Thanks, Agumon,” he gives him an extra piece of bacon. “This is kinda new for me.” the kwami chuckles.

New experiences were kinda his thing. “You are strong Tai, I know you will be able to do great things with my power. From what I saw last night you have a strong heart as well.”

He pets Agumon, and the kwami hides when Matt wakes up and comes in. He yawns and rubs the sleep from his eyes. “Morning Tai,” he walks in completely naked.

Morning babe,” he catches his half-awake lover and gives him a kiss. “I got breakfast.”

Mmm,” he hums in delight. He takes his seat, and Tai gives him a plate.

I was thinking about walking to school with you today,” Tai says.

Oh really, no soccer practice today?” he eats his eggs on toast.

There is, but after what happened I wanted to spend my morning with you.”

Well, you won’t hear me complaining.”

Good,” he kissed Matt. Tai got his own plate and the two have breakfast.

Did dad not come home last night?”

Don’t think so, yesterday’s incident has news teams going nuts. I made him some food and put it in the microwave to heat up for him.”

What would we do without you?”

Stop it, you guys would be fine without me, though your words make me happy.” he blushed and smiled.

And you make me very happy.” his dad always worked hard to support them, but he’d be lying if he didn’t feel a bit lonely. Tai has been a lifesaver for him, for both of them really, and they have been a life saver for Tai in kind.


After breakfast, the boys cleaned up, dressed and headed out to school. Tai held Matt’s hand as they walked down the street. They passed by an electronics store, that had televisions airing the news. “After yesterdays events, some officials are claiming the events were some form of hoax or stunt. We want everyone to keep calm and carry on as…nor…mal…” Static began interrupting the broadcast, before taking it over completely.

A shadowy figure began to appear in the static. The once clear sky became clouded in darkness. “What’s happening?” Matt gasped. Tai gripped his hand tighter.

Deviman appeared on every television and phone screen. “Greetings mortals, your government wishes to sweep yesterday under the rug, claiming it to be a sham or hoax, know this is a lie!” The darkness in the sky took on Deviman’s face. “I am Deviman! The one who unleashed the monster upon your world was me! I am one blessed by the power of darkness, and I am here to stay, and no children of the light will stop me!” he smirked. “Know this, I know your fear, I know your hatred, I know your darkest hearts’ desire, and it gives me strength. You will bear witness to the battle between good and evil, I shall crush the children of light, and then this world will be ours!”

Tai’s hand tightened, he was scared but that fear only became the fuel to stroke his courage. ‘I don’t think so!’ the ring glowed, and sent out a pulse, dispersing the darkness and the crest of courage flashed on the screens before returning to the regularly scheduled programming.

Deviman felt the pulse and was forced to pull back. He laughed maniacally. ‘Good, make this interesting child of light!’

Those that saw the crest of courage felt it’s warmth and strengthened their own courage. Tai recognized the symbol but said nothing about it. Agumon was impressed with Tai’s courage, he had shared it to others, he was truly fitting of this power.

A new announcement came later…

This is a report from the government officials, to our people we must stand strong, when evil comes knocking at our door we will face it. We will not hide and cower in fear, we will live our lives and move forward. The power of good will not fall to the power of evil. To the children of light out there, this Aguman, please lend us your strength to combat this evil!”


People were talking about what happened. Deviman’s appearance gave a face to the evil, an enemy to stand against. Some people rather didn’t care, such is the way for some even when evil is staring at them right in the face the only thing the cared about was themselves.

One such girl was Mimi, she came from a rather wealthy family, she’s traveled all over the world, but she didn’t learn anything from her travels mostly enjoyed the various shopping and beaches. She had good looks, money, and frankly, she was sorta full of herself.

Her beauty had caught the eye of many, so many boys wanted to be her boyfriend, and so many girls wanted to be her friend. Derek Dingo was one of the boys pining for Mimi, he was a transfer student from Australia. The boy had a brown afro and bright blue eyes. He had a bit of a struggle when he first came to this town, showing up to school in nothing but a speedo and a big shirt. While he didn’t have many friends he was still a good kid.

He found his treasure seashell, the shell was beautiful almost like a jewel. It wasn’t worth much but it had sentimental value to him as it was the first shell he got to keep. He had collected all kinds of shells with his family, but this one really stood out, it had a cool spiral and really unique coloring. He was very excited to give it to Mimi, he hoped she liked it. It was a special shell so he wanted to give it to someone special.

Finding her was easy enough, she liked to draw a crowd, it only dispersing as homeroom drew closer and closer. “Mimi?” the boy stepped up to her.

Hmm? Oh, it’s Dennis right?”

Derek,” he blushed. “I have something for you.”

Ohh a present, for me how wonderful. What did you get me?” She was quite used to receiving gifts from boys and girls. Derek’s blush grew, and he smiled placing the shell in her hand. “What is this?”

It’s a shell, you see I found this on my first dive and…”

Found!” she gasped. “You found this!?” She looked disgusted. She dropped the shell on the ground. “Why would you give me some trash you just found in the nasty ocean?”

It’s not trash it’s…” before he could finish his sentence Mimi stomped on the shell breaking it.

Ridiculous, giving me such a dirty thing,” she wiped her hand with some cleaning wipe and tossed it away. “Gifts cost money, even if you were gonna give me something handmade at least that shows effort but finding some silly shell from the wild as a gift laughable.” she walked off.

Derek dropped to his knees in tears, his treasured shell in pieces, as was his heart. As he cried his shadow stretched out and twisted in shape. Deviman appeared from his shadow. “I feel your pain, your sorrow, your anger, taking that I will give you a shell that will never be broken. Touch of Evil!” he touched the broken shell and it reformed twisted and black.

He reaches out and touches the infected object. In a flash of dark light, Derek’s clothing rips off his body, leaving him naked, his eyes become clouded with darkness. From the shell pink goo explodes and spreads over Derek’s body, becoming like a second skin. His 4 incher doubled in size, and the pink goo trapped it, hugging his crotch impossibly tight. The pink goo spread his cheeks and invaded his tight manhole.

Derek’s body transformed, the tips of his fingers gaining strange suction cup-like appendages, and similar ones at the bottoms of his feet. His afro transformed into a mess of green tentacles, and a giant spiral shell appeared on his back. “Shellman!”

Shellman laughed as power flowed through him. “Now go bring me Aguman’s miraculous, reek havoc and show no mercy.”

Yes Deviman!” he bowed. He brought his hands to the ground. “Water Wave!” water erupted from his hands, in massive force and quantity.


Agumon sensed the transformation. “Tai, I smell a monster!” he whispered. “What?” Tai gasped.

Not much of a warning as their classroom suddenly began to flood with water. The whole school was quickly filling up with water. “Everyone a pipe must have burst, quickly we have to evacuate.” The homeroom teacher says.

The class pulls out quickly, soon having to practically swim out of the class, even the hallways were flooded. While everyone else tried to evacuate, Tai, however, had other plans, he slipped off away from his class. “Agumon it’s time to transform!”

Let’s do it!” he vanishes into the ring. Tai’s clothes vanish into flames, his naked body exposed before a yellow latex came out and began to hug Tai’s body like a second skin, it hugged his toned body perfectly. His heavy balls and large cock were safely collected and the latex made the perfect hammock for them. The latex-covered every inch, up his neck, over his shoulders, down his sexy back, forming over his plump cheeks perfectly, down his strong legs, and over his big feet.

The latex-covered his hands, giving him claws. His transformation was truly impressive, power flowing through his veins, strengthening his muscles and increasing certain assets. His ass grew plumper, his cock and balls doubled in size, and his nipples hardened from the heat of the suit. He grins and brings a hand over his face, forming a mask, and his hair became a little wilder. “Aguman!” he cries out. “We rock!”


Matt had homeroom with Mimi, so that class didn’t have a chance to escape. Mimi screamed as her fancy dress and shoes got wet. The teacher ordered them to evacuate, but no luck.

Shellman appeared in the doorway, and he quickly knocked the teacher out with one of his tentacles. “You aren’t going anywhere!”

A monster!” the students screamed.

The only monster here is that girl!” he pointed at Mimi. “Mimi you will pay for crushing my treasured shell and my heart!”

Dennis?” she gasped. He twitched in anger.

It was Derek! But he’s gone I’m Shellman now, and you are finished!” his green tentacles came out to grab her.

Pepper Breath!” flames shot at Shellman and hit him in the face. Aguman appeared on the scene. “All of you get out of here!” he shouts.

So you’ve finally showed up Aguman, but I’m not letting anyone escape me!” he aims a new attack at the students. “Aqua Blaster!” the attack fires a powerful stream of water at the students.

Matt!’ Aguman jumps in front of the blonde and takes the hit using his own body as a shield.

Matt gasped. “You saved me!”

It’s what I do, now move!” he orders and the students move out being led by Matt. Mimi was freaking out about having to move through the water.

Mimi come on!” the girl had to be dragged out of the room.

No you won’t escape!” he stopped his attack.

I’m your opponent!” Aguman tears through the water, and uses Claw Attack to try and strike Shellman.

You are in my way!” he caught Aguman’s hands with his own, then proceeded to wail on him with his tentacles.

Pepper Breath!” Aguman spat fire and forced Shellman back.

Water Wave!” he cast controlling the water to force Aguman away, a massive wave of water drawing up from within the room. “Now to have my revenge!” he retracts into his shell and zooms out of the room.

Aguman groans. ‘This guy is tough.’ he gives chase.

Most of the students had evacuated into the courtyard. The water wasn’t as high out here. Matt looked around for Tai. ‘Where is he, is he still in the school?’ A giant shell came busting out of the school. “I told you you will not escape.” Using Aqua Blaster, he knocks out some of the other students.

Mimi screams and clings to the nearest person, and Matt was just the lucky bystander. “Is this the kind of guys you like, let’s see how you like this?” he used his green tentacles to grab Matt and hoisting him up into the air. “Get ready pretty boy!”

Shellman’s tentacles held Matt high into the air, keeping his arms and legs spread. His other tentacles proceeded to molest the blonde. “Ahh!” the tentacles slipped under his clothing teasing his skin.

Matt blushed. “This is so gross!” Shellman laughed and quickly ripped apart Matt’s clothing, giving quite the show as his green tentacles teased his body. Shellman groped him but the tentacles touch couldn’t stir Matt into arousal. ‘Tai!’ he thinks, in tears.

Aguman tears through the air, slicing through Shellman’s tentacles and catching Matt in the air. Matt’s blush grew as he was cradled in Aguman’s arms. “Are you alright?” Aguman asked.

Uhh, yes I’m fine now.” Aguman sets him down, and Matt blushes as he found himself hard. Matt got a good look at Aguman, and felt heat spread through his body. ‘Whoa he’s hot!’ the hero was holding him so tenderly, he could feel the other’s muscles.

That jerk how dare he,” he whispered. “Big mistake shell boy, now you’ve made me mad!”

(Que Let’s Kick It Up)

Oohhh I’m so scared, not!” he slammed his hands on the ground and created a wave of water.

Claw Attack!” he slashed threw the water, and continued to charge at Shell Man. He backed up, partly scared.

Aqua Blaster!” he fired another stream of water. Aguman used Claw Attack again this time he pushed back the stream.

You are going down,” he broke through the stream and Shellman screamed quickly retreating into his shell. Aguman’s claws hit the shell but didn’t leave a scratch.

Hehehe, silly hero my shell is unstoppable!” he started to spin and charged at Aguman. He dodged and dodged, he launched a barrage of Pepper Breath. The flames had no effect on the shell. Shellman continued to laugh. “You can’t stop me, I’ll beat you and take your Miraculous!” he spun faster. “Slamming Attack!”

Oh man, should I use my final move?’ Tai thinks as he dodged the spinning attack.

Be careful Tai, once you use it your power will deplete and you’ll transform back soon after, and you might not be able to pierce his shell even.’ Agumon replies.

Alright then!’ Tai stops dodging and takes the hit full force. “Gah!”

Aguman!” the students cry out.

I’m not finished!” Aguman grabs hold of the spinning shell with Claw Attack, using his strength he was able to stop the spinning shell. “Time to go Dinosaur Crazy!” using his strength he lifted the shell up and sent Shellman flying. He jumped into the air and found his shell hole. “Pepper Breath!” he sent a barrage of flames into the hole.

Shellman screamed coming out of his burning shell. “Cross Fire!” Aguman finished him off, creating one cooked shellfish. Shellman reverted to Derek, and the shell pulsed with dark energy. “The Power of Courage!” using the power of his ring to purge the darkness from the shell.

The light of his ring spread out and undid the damage done by their fight. The water vanished, the damaged walls and school equipment repaired itself, even Matt’s clothes were restored. Aguman picks up the shell and gives it back to Derek. “I didn’t mean to…I was just so upset…I…” Aguman touches his shoulder, making the boy flinches.

You were turned down, it can be scary and painful but you can’t climb into some shell and think it will be okay. You have the courage to put yourself out there, and maybe you picked the wrong person this time, but next time you might find your perfect match. Don’t give up.” he gives him back his shell.

Derek blushes. “Thank you.” Aguman’s ring pulses.

I gotta go, take care of everyone!” he jumps away and makes it to a safe place to power down. Tai rejoined the other students and got embraced by Matt.

Where were you?” he asked. Tai froze, his brain ticking away to find an excuse. ‘Think up something fast hero…’

I was stuck in the bathroom, the room flooded and I couldn’t get out. I’m glad you are okay,” he says blushing, the two hugged. Derek watched them blushing. ‘So he wasn’t Mimi’s boyfriend?’

You missed it Aguman showed up and beat that monster, he was amazing!”

Really? More amazing than me?” Tai raised a brow.

No, no one is as great as you,” the two kissed. Derek gets up and looks down at his shell. ‘Next time I will find the right person.’ he stared at the two and wanted a love like that.


Deviman curses his failure.

You beat me this time, but next time I won’t lose!” he too was forced to power down.

To be continued…Chap 5 The Next Hero

A new villain shows up catching Tai before he can transform. Matt wants the power to save him, so Agumon goes to Gennai to awaken another Miraculous.

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