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Bleach Backburner Ideas

First Division Kurosaki

Ichigo is the grandson of the head captain Yamamoto, his zanpakuto is that of a phoenix, he has both offensive and healing techniques. Ichigo is the one who saved Komamura’s life and isn’t scared of him. Sajin is placed as Ichigo’s bodyguard, and Yamamoto doesn’t want anything to happen to him, to bad Ichigo has a bit of a wild soul. Sub Ichigo


Second Division Kurosaki

Ichigo is the lieutenant of the second division under Soifon. His zanpakuto is a poison type, his skills as a member of the strike force is tops. So when Aizen betrays them and starts to build his army, Ichigo volunteers to infiltrate hueco mundo and bring them down. Switcher Ichigo


Third Division Kurosaki

Ichigo is a member of the third squad, under Gin. His zanpakuto is rather unique, as the blade itself doesn’t seem to cut living souls, it can however cut through armor clothing and kido with ease. He’s rather playful especially in the bed room, his partners must deal with their kinky lover.


Sixth Division Kurosaki

Ichigo and Byakuya grew up together, and were even in love with each other, but Byakuya had to choose between the clan duties and Ichigo. Ichigo’s zanpakuto is a plant type, having leaves marking the blade. Byakuya distanced himself from Ichigo, this is made troublesome when Ichigo passes the captain’s exam and chooses squad 6 Byakuya refuses to give up his seat, so in the first time in centuries Squad 6 has co captains. Bondage lover Ichigo.


Eighth Division Kurosaki

Ichigo is assigned to squad 8 after the training academy. The captain claims to only be interested in girls, but Ichigo says that’s fine he is only interested in guys, and promptly gropes the captain’s ass. Ichigo’s zanpakuto is an odd one it’s release command being shuffle. Ichigo likes to gamble and strip poker is his favorite game.


Ninth Division Kurosaki

Ichigo is assigned to squad 9 after the academy, his zanpakuto is known as justice, a zanpakuto that transforms into a lance and a shield when released. He senses something wicked within his captain but even he couldn’t have predicted Aizen’s betrayal. What’s done is done, but now Ichigo must deal with becoming the new captain of squad 9 and fighting against Aizen’s forces. Grower Hyper Ichigo


Eleventh Division Kurosaki

Ichigo’s zanpakuto is rather unique, it’s shikai appears to be a normal staff but he’s able to do so much more, he can make doubles of himself up to 9 at a time. Ichigo likes to fight and get stronger so he and Kenpachi get rather close. Ichigo +Clones/Harem


Thirteenth Division Kurosaki

Ichigo’s zanpakuto’s release is a fan, his bankai release is twin blades. His powers seems to be that of reflection and nullification. He often takes care of captain Ukitake, but is given a mission to oversee Karakura Town. Strange events begin to unfold.


Alpha Soul

Ichigo is a young and powerful alpha who has yet to take a mate. His father is worried, even Ichigo’s friends have gotten mated by now but not Ichigo. Things change when Ichigo meats Rukia a fellow alpha and a beta named Renji. Hollows are deltas and gammas as the mix of various souls inside them caused them to shift from the normal three sub sexes.


Delta Soul

Ichigo is a delta male, meaning he is one of the missing links between betas and omegas. Because of his rare breed he is highly sought after, but Ichigo is strong and won’t submit easily.


Premium Soul

Premiums are the rarest of the rare, they have the perfect mix of alpha, beta, and omega genetics. Premiums have two cocks, they have a strong dom nature even when bottoming. They are the only sub sex that can dominate an alpha easily. Aizen hates the rules of soul society, betas are treated like servants and omegas are used as only breeders. He knew it would all change, because of his efforts a premium was born one that would fix the broken society.


Gamma Soul

Gammas are the missing link between alphas and omegas, they have the same instincts of alphas, but also get wet, they submit to only 1 alpha in their life time, They still mate with betas and omegas as they see fit.


Omega Soul

Ichigo is a prized omega, on the verge of his first heat, but he doesn’t want to submit to just anyone. He knows about his heritage, and has tapped into his powers giving him two blades, he meets Rukia a beta, and gets thrown into a mess with Soul Society. Aizen a powerful Alpha wants him to breed an unstoppable army, will Ichigo fall into Aizen’s clutches or will he be saved to find a pack of his own.


Ichigo and the Nudist Tribe

Ichigo is a young actor in a rut, so he decides to take a trip with his manager and ends up getting kidnapped by a tribe of nudists. The men seem entranced by his unique hair and body, and Ichigo is shocked to see how a life of nudity has made the men so hung! Bottom Ichigo/Harem


Espada Uno

During the Grand Fisher event, Ichigo is killed by the hollow, unknowingly unleashing the awesome power and soul kept inside, Ichigo’s soul awakens as a full arrancar surpassing Vasto level. He is forced to retreat to Las Noches after killing fisher, there he finds Starrk and becomes his master.


Fourth Espada Ichigo

Ulquiorra is a vasto lorde, but finds himself fading as his mask covers his mouth, so he cannot eat. He finds a place to die only to be found by a powerful vasto lorde with long orange hair. Accepting his fate to be eaten by one so strong, he is surprisingly saved by him. When they become arrancar he swears his loyalty to his master Ichigo.


Fifth Espada Ichigo

While training to control his hollow, Aizen sends Ulquiorra to retrieve Ichigo. Using his power Aizen clears up the imbalance in his soul, he becomes an arrancar who has quincy powers. On the surface he looks the same but he has a powerful release form where he gains not only a tail, but two additional arms.


Sixth Espada Ichigo

After the Ulquiorra and Yammy incident Ichigo does some soul searching and learns the truth about his power. Grimmjow shows up looking for a good fight but bites more than he can chew. Ichigo with Luppi’s powers. Ichigo/Harem


Eighth Espada Ichigo

During the Fisher incident Ichigo Kurosaki is killed, but the hollow bit off more than he could chew. Ichigo escapes and begins to grow, his unique powers continue to grow as does his curiosity. He begins to experiment on himself until he joins Aizen’s army. Switcher Ichigo

Ninth Espada Ichigo

Ichigo was quite the experiment on Aizen’s part, Ichigo started hunting hollows at a young age, and he devoured a piece of those he defeated absorbing some of their power and making it his own. He comes to love soul reapers and keeps them as his pets.


Hollow Rule

Ichigo is a hollow who gained the power of both a shinigami and a quincy, using his new power he is able to evolve hollows into elite arrancar. His group of hollows are attacked by soul society but Ichigo is king and he isn’t backing down and he will bring them under his rule. Ichigo+Hollow/Harem


Hollow Dom

When Ichigo awakened as an arrancar thanks to his unique bloodline, he gained some strange powers, his zanpakuto became a whip with a charming effect. Can Soul Society and Hueco Mundo handle this hollow dom? Or will they submit to his power and to him? Dom Ichigo/Harem


Quincy Rule

Ichigo and Uryu aren’t the only quincy left alive, the remaining survivors stay in Karakura Town. Things were fine till Rukia made a report and now they have to deal with Soul Society. Ichigo decides to fight, intending to bring both Soul Reapers and Hollows under quincy rule. Ichigo +Quincy/Harem


Baptism of Light

Ichigo is a quincy caught between the war of soul reapers and hollows. Ichigo seeks to find a way to save hollows from their cursed fate. Soul reapers have some concerns about this but they have their own issues to deal with with Aizen. Is Ichigo the key that will save Soul Society or will he be the key to their destruction.


Quincy Heart

History has a way of repeating itself, such as Ichigo saves Renji from a powerful hollow. The two grow close, which is bad as Ichigo is engaged to Bazz-B. These feelings are tearing Ichigo apart, will the red heads be able to set aside their differences and save Ichigo. Ichigo/Renji/Bazz-B


Quincy Amore

There were two quincy families remained. One was the Ishida family and the second was the Kurosaki family. Despite both being quincy blood, the heirs to these families do not get along. Ichigo wants to work alongside Soul Reapers and help bring about a better system, Uryu cannot forgive Soul Reapers or Hollows and wants to destroy them all. Ichigo’s soul is strong, having a zanpakuto that can take three forms. Rukia and Renji patrol Karakura Town, Rukia splits off from Renji leaving the red head to be attacked by a liquid based hollow who can dissolve zanpakuto Ichigo shows up and saves him. Ichigo/Renji/Harem


Quincy Abomination

Ichigo is both a quincy and not a quincy. Uryu’s grandmother calls him an abomination. Some quincy take sides, choosing between the Kurosaki family and the Ishida family. Uryu’s grandfather doesn’t approve of this as he believes Ichigo’s power can save the quincy and bring peace between the powers. Things go from bad to worse as Soul Society learns of a Quincy who can purify hollows. Ichigo/Harem


Berry Dom

AU: Renji, and Shuuhei wonder what their boss Byakuya does in his spear time. They follow him one day to a club and learn their cold, aloof, sometimes cruel boss is a sub and in D/s club.


Hyper Kurosaki

Ichigo is a very unique soul, human, quincy, shinigami, and hollow, the wonderful mix of flavors have shaped him to be who he is. He likes guys, he likes girls, he likes to top and be topped. Mixed Harem


Hollow Eater

Ichigo didn’t think he was a normal human, having been able to see ghosts, but he had no idea just how strange he was when he came of age and strange mouths appeared in the palms of his hand, a manifestation of his hollow powers known as hollow eater. He can devour hollows and purify them and more. Switcher Ichigo/Harem


Lieutenant Love

Ichigo has come to stay in Soul Society to learn more about his soul reaper powers. Renji thinks this is his chance to court Ichigo, only to find he’s not the only lieutenant after Ichigo’s hand. A fierce fight breaks out and the captains start taking bets on who’s gonna win Ichigo’s hand, boy are they surprised who wins the pot at the end. Sub Ichigo


The Three Blades of Kurosaki

Ichigo’s powers are represented by Muramasa his shinigami side, Shirosaki his hollow side, and Zangetsu his Quincy side. Thanks to his strong power he is able to manifest these three. They have a great love for their master. Ichigo/Shiro/Muramasa/Zangetsu+ Others


Whisper Kurosaki

Ichigo didn’t think he could get more weird, first he could see ghosts then he could read people’s minds. As it turned out this was merely his shinigami powers manifesting. His zanpakuto are Muramasa and Shirosaki, his sisters are both quincy. Switcher Ichigo/Harem


Cupid Quincy

Ichigo’s is a quincy who prefers not to fight and wants to actually have peace among the three great powers. Using his body as a vessel of love he hopes to save the hollows help the soul reapers and save the quincy. Sub Ichigo/Harem


Six Flower Formation

Ichigo is a unique fullbringer as his powers are divied among the elements making up his very soul. Tsubaki, ayame and lily embody his human half as a fullbringer, Muramasa, Shiro, and Zangets manifest as the other parts to his soul. His spirits want his master safe and loved, and heaven help the man that dares break their master’s heart. Sub Ichigo Harem


Kido Caster Kurosaki

Ichigo’s soul reaper powers are developing nicely, his overflowing soul has allowed him to develop kido not among the soul reapers books on kido. Not that he can’t use them, he can and does, but finds more fun in creating new ones. Switcher Kurosaki


Karakura Ranger Orange

Ichigo always wanted to be a hero when he grew up, he just wasn’t expecting this. Urahara has been seeking out those with strong spiritual pressure to become Karakura Rangers to battle against hollows, cause of course only teenagers with attitude wearing skin tight battle armor can fight evil.


Fullbringer Rule

Ichigo’s powers awakened as a fullbringer, with the random hollow attacks Ichigo is furious with Soul Society for not protecting them. He’s forced to get stronger and gather other humans with powers to fight against hollows, this action is met with surprise and anger by Soul Society. Ichigo’s not gonna back down and if Soul Reapers or Quincy get in his way he’ll bring them under Fullbringer Rule. Ichigo+Human/Harem


Time For Battle

Ichigo is caught up in a war between Aizen and Soul society, in order to prepare a special delivery has been made from the 0 Squad. Three special zanpakuto have been sent to train Ichigo and others. This training reveals things to Ichigo about himself, the boy is willing to pay any price for the power to protect his friends and family.


Farmer Ichigo

Monster Boy’s Universe: Ichigo is working on the family farm after his mother passes away, his dad moved Karin and Yuzu to the city to try and live what he considers normal lives. Ichigo struggles to keep the farm going on his own but things get odd when a strange man named Urahara shows up at his door with a monster boy. Ichigo+Monster Harem


Szayel’s Secret Experiment

Szayel didn’t trust Aizen, so he secretly experimented on creatures capable of altering one’s form and awakening sleeping desires. He kept this plan a secret in the hopes of bringing Aizen down, but he needed to test it, thankfully Ichigo decided to invade Hueco Mundo at just the perfect time. Cock Tail Ichigo/Harem


Lamia Arrancar

Ichigo felt hunger, he knew it wasn’t safe for him to be around humans. So he stayed, growing stronger and stronger with each passing year. He reaches the power of vasto lorde, and gains a unique pet, but as he reaches the next level he secludes himself, resurfacing when his family gets into trouble and Aizen makes his move. Hypnosis Ichigo/Harem


Hollow Centaur

Ichigo is a hollow with both quincy and shinigami powers, this unique power has allowed him to quickly evolve into a vasto lorde. The hollow beast is very horse like, giving him the appearance of a centaur. Ichigo/Starrk/Harem


The Quincy, The Hollow, The Shinigami

Ichigo is a quincy, Grimmjow a hollow, and Renji a shinigami, fate held a special plan for these three unlikely lovers. Grimmjow wants Ichigo, but he fears he will destroy the boy’s soul. Renji wants Ichigo, but rules say they can’t be together. Ichigo wants them both, and fuck all the nonsense. Ichigo/Renji/Grimmjow


Soul Bond

In order to restore Ichigo’s powers many shinigami offered up their power to bring him back. This created a unique bond between him and them. They knew this could happen, but didn’t expect so many to be bonded to the young male. Ichigo/Harem


Bells of Soul Society

Aizen hates the gypsies, seeing them as evil, having killed an innocent woman, he’s forced to care for her monster of a child Sajin. During the Feast of Fools Sajin seeks to explore the world he’s been kept up meeting the gypsy Ichigo. Renji Abarai is called back from the war to help purge the world of the filth as Aizen puts it, but he falls for Ichigo just the same. Ichigo/Renji/Komamura


Kitten Rivalry

Ichigo is surprised to find 3 neko hybrids in his home. Ggio, Grimmjow, and Hichigo. Ichigo’s father wants him to pick one, which starts a war between the nekos. What they don’t know is Ichigo plans on keeping all 3 of them.


Puppy Rivalry

Ichigo has 3 inu hybrids in his home. Inu’s can be quite frisky and a lot to handle. Komamura, Renji, and Starrk all want to stay with Ichigo, but can his stamina hold out? Yes, yes it can.


Ichigo’s Bitch Boys

Ichigo’s unique biology has made him a powerful fuck machine, any guy he mates completely loses it. Ichigo feels guilty so he takes responsibility by keeping them. Ichigo/Harem


Berry Beauty

Ichigo has a unique body, having both genitalia, he’s a tad embarassed about it so he tried to keep his distance from people. Things don’t go as planned, and he starts gaining unique suitors.


Raw Power

Ichigo has finished his training with the 0 Squad, his power so great he can’t return to his body, but even living in Soul Society is intense. In order to restrain his raw power he needs to mate strong males.


From Vizard to Arrancar

When the vizards tried to help Ichigo get control of his powers they had no idea what his soul contained. Ichigo awakens as an arrancar with Quincy powers, not what they were expecting but hey it works.

Fullbring Voodoo

Ichigo is a fullbringer with a unique voodoo like ability. Using his power he protects his friends and family and discovers some new things about himself. Switcher Ichigo/Harem


Shaman Ichigo

Ichigo is a shaman, able to see spirits, he uses talismans to fight evil spirits known as hollows and he helps normal ghosts pass on. He doesn’t like the mediums like Don Kononji. He gets into a mess as Aizen starts a war with Soul Society trying to take the souls of karakura town.


Power Transfer

When Rukia transferred her powers to Ichigo Kurosaki, she also transferred her zanpakuto. Shirayuki finds she likes belonging to Ichigo more, and stays with his soul even when Byakuya severed the powers.


One Shots


Top Ichigo Collection: Chill Pill

Toshiro is stressed out and is overworked. Ichigo thinks he needs to chill and relax. Ichigo/Toshiro


Top Ichigo Collection: Moonlit Walk

Komamura gets excited during full moons, Ichigo was just looking for a nice walk under the moon light.


Top Ichigo Collection: Tattoo

Renji’s tattoos appear as his strength grows, doesn’t make them any less sensitive. Ichigo loves to explore them.


Top Ichigo Collection: Spar Break

Ichigo and Kenpachi are sparring, and the boy wants to take a break, Kenpachi is fine with that but still wants to play.


Top Ichigo Collection: Tea Time

Ichigo is invited to have tea with Byakuya, Ichigo knew nothing of soul society tea and things get a little wild.


Top Ichigo Collection: Lucky

Ikkaku has always been lucky, but he’s never gotten lucky till he met Ichigo.


Top Ichigo Collection: Cherry

Rangiku teases Shuuhei about still being a virgin, so Kira tells him to go see Ichigo. Confused but curious he does and Ichigo helps pop his cherry.


Top Ichigo Collection: Sick Bed

Ukitake is often taken care of by various Soul Reapers, however when Ichigo volunteers to look after him, things are certainly different.


Top Ichigo collection: Drunk

Shunsui certainly loves to hit the sauce, his lieutenant however does get tired of dealing with him while he’s drunk so she has Ichigo take care of him.


Top Ichigo Collection: Hot Spring Relaxation

After a spar with Ichigo, Renji thinks its a good idea to relax in a hot spring with him. Upon seeing the boy naked however one part of him refuses to relax.


Top Ichigo Collection: Strongest

Sajin’s kind has a desire to submit to the strongest, he had yet to feel such desires till he met Ichigo. Now his body burns with need to be dominated by the boy.


Top Ichigo Collection: Before I Die

Gin doesn’t know if he’ll survive against Aizen, but before he dies he wants to be with a man. Ichigo is his prime target.

Top Ichigo Collection: Control

Aizen has so much power, sometimes he wants to surrender his control, the only one he can see is Ichigo.


Top Ichigo Collection: Alternative to Sparring

Kenpachi continues to chase Ichigo for a sparring match, Ichigo has another idea.


Top Ichigo Collection: Kinky

Ichigo has no idea the cold stick up his ass Byakuya could be anything but a cold fish. Turns out the captain was very kinky seeking someone who can accept his true self.


Top Ichigo Collection: Pet

Sajin wants to explore his newly awakened desires. Ichigo is happy to help, finding the furry male quite hot.


Top Ichigo Collection: Not a Kid

Toshiro is tired of being treated like a kid so he’s determined to show how much of a man he is. As it turns out he’s a man who likes to get fucked by another man.


Top Ichigo Collection: Itch

Renji likes to get fucked, but he hasn’t been with a man in a long time, he’s feeling that itch and Ichigo is just the right size.


Top Ichigo Collection: Secret

People thought Shunsui was a ladies man, as in he really loved the ladies, but he has a secret his cock may love the ladies but his ass loves cock, and Ichigo has a mighty fine piece.

Top Ichigo Collection: Late Night

Byakuya works so hard, often doing paperwork late into the night. Ichigo shows up to lighten up his boring paperwork.


Top Ichigo Collection: Babysitting

Ichigo is asked to look after Urahara’s shop, Jinta protested at first, but upon hearing Ichigo was their “babysitter” he surprisingly accepts it.


Top Ichigo Collection: Bond

Ichigo and Chad have a powerful bond, one of mutual trust and respect. So when Chad comes to Ichigo with a desire the boy is more than willing.


Top Ichigo Collection: Size Game

Keigo wants to play the size game, confident in being the biggest guy in class, boy is he wrong as Ichigo is the biggest dude in class.


Top Ichigo Collection: I Don’t Love You…Shut Up

Uryu hates soul reapers, yes he does, hates them hates them hates them. Yet he finds himself in Ichigo’s bed on more than one occasion.


Top Ichigo Collection: Horny

Starrk was never one to feel much, often seen sleeping or being lazy. However upon meeting Ichigo he does feel, and he doesn’t know how to deal with his new found horniness.


Top Ichigo Collection: Lonely

Starrk survived the war, but lost Lilinette, he finds himself drawn to the nearest strongest Soul. Ichigo is the lucky soul. Having the brunette arrancar sneaking into his room every night because he’s lonely.


Top Ichigo Collection: Heat

Ggio is experiencing his hollow heat, the need to be fucked and bred so powerful, but none of his fellow fraccion interest him. So he has to turn to the boy who triggered his heat to begin with Ichigo.


Top Ichigo Collection: Bird Cage

Abirama has always served, he desires strength and power, it’s no wonder he’s drawn to Ichigo.


Top Ichigo Collection: Filling the Void

Ichigo refuses to let Ulquiorra die and feeds him some of his energy allowing him to fully regenerate, things escalate as Ulquiorra craves Ichigo.


Top Ichigo Collection: Secret Match

Ulquiorra takes Ichigo away for their final battle but it seems he has some other desires. Ichigo is stunned as instead of drawing his sword, he starts taking off his clothes.


Top Ichigo Collection: Sweet Like Chocolate

Dordoni may have lost to Ichigo, but that didn’t mean the boy was gonna kill him. Dordoni shows his thanks and offers himself to the young orangette.


Top Ichigo Collection: Prime Specimen

Szayel wants to get his hands on Ichigo, being a prime specimen, he wants to work on him personally.


Top Ichigo Collection: Prey

Grimmjow thinks of himself a hunter, as he creeps into Ichigo’s bedroom to kill him, he soon learns he is the prey. When all is said and done he finds he’s okay with that.


Top Ichigo Collection: Spoils

Grimmjow lost to Ichigo, after being marked by the boy before their can be no denying who he belongs to.


Top Ichigo Collection: Purrfect

Grimmjow has been resisting his desires for Ichigo but when he transforms he can’t resist any longer.


Crossing Swords

Renji has gotten a lot stronger lately, Shuuhei is curious what his secret is. So the red head says he’s been crossing swords with Ichigo a lot, and that he needs to try it.

Candy Testers

Ichigo Chad and Renji test a special new candy Urahara made, and it has some surprising results. Ichigo/Chad/Renji


Captain’s Drink

Ichigo becomes a captain and is taken out for drinks with Ukitake and Shunsui. Ichigo gets warm and fuzzy, but the experienced captains know how to handle him. Ichigo/Shunsui/Ukitake


Catching a Berry

Grimmjow is pissed that Halibel got to have sex with Ichigo first, she knows he’s more jealous of her than Ichigo. She makes a deal with him to help catch their berry. Grimmjow/Halibel/Ichigo MFM


Doctor Doctor

Ukitake goes to the doctor, and meets Ichigo. Ichigo is a young doctor, trained by his father. Ukitake gets his physical from a sexy doctor, and wonders if he makes house calls. PWP Ichigo/Ukitake Rim Or, An,


He’s Mine!

Grimmjow and Neliel fight over who Ichigo belongs to, Ichigo tells them to stop fighting, so they do, agreeing to share the adorable orangette. Ichigo/Neliel/Grimmjow



Ichigo joined the ranks of Soul Society, obtaining the rank of lieutenant, so the guys decided to treat him and celebrate. Shunsui warned them not to let Ichigo drink, they don’t listen and things get wild. Ichigo/Kira/Renji/Shuuhei/Iba


Please Knock

Ichigo is having sex with Renji, when his father bursts in and catches them. Judging from the bulge in his pants he wants in, Ichigo agrees but for a price.


Power Says

Hollows submit to power, so it was no surprise Grimmjow would spread his legs for Ulquiorra, and an even less of a surprise when Ulquiorra and Grimmjow would spread their legs for Ichigo.


Bad End: Grimmjow versus Ichigo

Orihime interferes with Ichigo’s fight causing him to lose, Grimmjow doesn’t care a win is a win, and Ichigo is his now!


Bad End: Wrong Path

Renji and Uryu take a wrong turn and end up in Zommari’s territory they are no match for Zommari’s power and the arrancar has some fun with them. Mind Control Zommari/Uryu/Renji


Bad End: Shiro Plays

Ichigo isn’t able to stop his hollow from playing with Byakuya, the captain is no match for the inner hollow’s strength, or his wild love making.


Bad End: Punishment

Zommari is sent to punish Grimmjow for losing to Ichigo. The boy tries to protect Grimmjow but is exhausted from the intense fight Zommari plays with them both. Zommari/Grimmjow/Ichigo


Bad End: Zommari versus Byakuya

Zommari was not stupid enough to let Byakuya go Bankai quickly taking advantage of his powers to play with the soul reaper captain. Mind Break Zommari/Byakuya


Bad End: Aizen’s Plan

Ichigo has lost to Aizen and the mad man reveals his true goals, as he’s finally united with his precious Ichigo.


Bad End: Welcome Party

Zommari chooses to great the intruders before they have a chance to split up. Using his powers he makes sure they are dealt with. Ichigo/Renji/Chad/Uryu/Zommari


Bad End: Vasto Rule

Ichigo has hollowfied, waking up after losing to Ulquiorra, nothing can stop him, but death isn’t what Ichigo is seeking. Ulquiorra can’t stand against him and soon gets consumed.


Bad End Friends versus Friends

Zommari captures Chad and Renji and uses them to take on Ichigo, Ichigo can’t hurt his friends and is soon at the mercy of espada 7.


Bad End Injection

Szayel takes on Renji and Uryu and uses them to test one of his new drugs, a powerful aphrodesiac if diluted, but oops he forgot to.

Bad End Nnoitora versus Kenpachi

Nnoitora defeats Kenpachi and shows his lust on the strong male, stripping him and fucking him into the ground. As he does Tesla fucks Ichigo.


Bad End Zommari versus Toshiro

Zommari was brought to Karakura Town with Luppi and Yammy and fights Toshiro. The boy underestimates his opponent and soon finds himself under the espada’s power.


Bad End: Rewritten

Ichigo falls prey under Tsukishima’s power and has his whole life rewritten. He now believes he’s Ginjo’s pet along with Chad. Ginjo/Ichigo/Chad


Ghost Fun

Just because Ichigo lost his powers didn’t mean Soul Society wasn’t keeping an eye on him. There’s a rotation in Soul Society. Multiple Blow Jobs


In His Closet

Renji is living in Ichigo’s closet, making things interesting for Ichigo, as it’s hard to find alone time. Renji offers him to give him a hand.


If You Give Sajin Chocolate

Ichigo gives Komamura chocolate, which makes the furry male horny, if Sajin gets horny he needs to take a mate, if he needs to take a mate Ichigo needs to take responsibility.


Beach Side Fun

Renji can’t resist Ichigo in his new bathing suit, and he pulls him away from the group to have some fun with the orange haired boy.


Caged Monkey

Renji has spent the last few weeks caged and stuffed, his balls are hot and ready to explode, and his boyfriend holds the key to his release.

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