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Underground Duels Chap 5

Underground Duels

Yugi 12 inches (East King)

Rex 5 inches

Joey 8 inches

Tristan 6 inches

Weevil 3 inches

Seto Kaiba (North King)

Bakura and Marik (South Kings)

Duke Devlin (West King)

Chap 5 Lone King’s Stand

Yami was pretty used to nudity, as most of the underground clubs were clothing optional especially for pets, but it was a bit different seeing as it was his brother. He didn’t know why he was worried, not only did Yugi kick ass and take names, he became the new King. ‘Don’t let your guard down little brother.’ It didn’t matter who the king was in his opinion. He was just the bouncer, it was his job to keep order.


Yugi was sitting bare ass naked, using Joey as his seat. The blonde had his face buried in Yugi’s ass, kissing what he would never have. His tongue worshiped the boy’s hole, darting back and forth, and wiggling. Yugi sighed in delight, his hard 12 incher was throbbing, pre-cum running down his length.

He was partaking in a show, Tristan was on his hands and knees, ass raised high, getting fucked by Rex. The dino duelist was panting and moaning, driving his fat dick into the brunette’s tight little ass.

Rex was loving the chance to top, grinding his pelvis into Tristan’s ass, his pubes tickling his ass and making him feel every inch with his dick. Tristan panted and drooled, his hard dick bouncing and bobbing with every thrust. Rex had a nice butt plug up his ass, keeping his hole stretched wide. “So good, your ass is so tight!” he playfully smacks Tristan’s ass.

Tristan moans, his hole tightening around Rex’s thrusting dick. He shivered in delight and bucked back letting Rex’s cock drill his ass deeper. The friction was making both boys pant, the heat spreading through them both.

Joey’s ass wasn’t ignored either, a vibe matching his size was currently buzzing away at his insides, the remote strapped to his leg, his manhole spasming around the vibrating rod. His cock stood at attention, weeping so much pre his crotch was glistening. The vibrations were driving him wild, making him eagerly lap at Yugi’s hole.

Yugi had a few duels with some of the visiting duelists, but no one was challenging him for his King title. Yugi was a decent king, his duels were awesome and the sex shows he put on were the hottest ever. Though as the days passed everyone knew this was the calm before the storm.

It would take some time for news of the boy’s victory, and the new King to spread. The same thing happened when Joey and Tristan took their crown, after a week the challenges came. Guys and gals seeking to claim the throne for themselves. It was often called Rookie Crushing.

The other kings usually are busy with their own territory to care if a new king pops up. Most don’t bother to even remember the names unless you hold your title for a year.

Yugi being a newbie, probably had no idea that there was a target on his back. The former kings were too busy enjoying their new master, to warn him. Sure enough…

A guy who looked fresh from a shower, or in his case fresh out of the ocean, wearing nothing but his collar, his headband, and a blue and white speedo. He had tan skin, long dark hair tied back, and a scar on his cheek. He approached the door to the Underground carrying a harpoon and a duel disk. “I’m here to challenge the King of the East!”

Well, sir, a couple problems with that. First, no weapons allowed.” Yami pointed at the harpoon in his hand. The guy blushed.

Oh forgive me,” he handed over the harpoon. “I swam here, and I keep the harpoon for protection against the creatures of the sea.”

Thank you,” he put the weapon away. “You can claim it when you leave. Now the other issue is the King is in the middle of a show, you can challenge him after.”

A show ehh? Might as well see who this great King is.”

Very well, just remember you can become a pet,” Yami explains. The speedo boy smirks.

I’m not afraid, I’m a man who’s traveled the seas, if there is a man who can tame me, I’d like to see it.” from the bulge in his speedos, he was clearly confident. Yami let him in.


The guy entered the room and was drawn into the crowd. The room was hot and heavy, there wasn’t a single guy not getting into the flow. “Oh wow!” he licked his lips as he watched the intense scene before him.

Sounds of skin striking skin, heated pants, and lustful moans echoed the room, the rich manly aroma spiced with lust. Even straight men couldn’t resist this atmosphere, speedo boy hadn’t been around a lot of people, let alone intimate with anyone. He’s been living a very long life alone at sea.

His dick grew painfully hard, his pressing erection, caused the back of his speedos to ride up his ass. “Mmm,” he groans. He frees his mighty harpoon, his long 10-inch dick. “Oh man!” He strokes his aching dick, his foreskin sliding back and forth over the head.

He tore his eyes from the Rex x Tristan scene to the hot face sitting scene. From the collars, he knew who the king was, and spotting Yugi’s weeping manhood had the seaman’s jaw drop. ‘So big!’ He pumped himself faster.

It seemed the blonde was enjoying being the boy’s chair as well. He felt his release building, his balls itching to release. The seaman lost control and came pretty quickly. He panted, and watched as the scene built to climax!

Tristan came first blowing his load all over the floor, Rex followed suit, the clenching inner walls pulling him over the edge. Rex howls and cums deep inside the brunette. Joey cums next, exploding all over himself. Yugi’s climax was next, but he had a place to go. He rose from his seat and stuffed his cock into Joey’s mouth, his throat bulging from Yugi’s man meat.

He took the whole thing, and he came again moaning around his master’s dick. Yugi let out a moan of his own his climax hitting and he came down Joey’s throat. “Mmm, yes!” He trembles in delight as he empties his balls, the blonde sucking him through his release.

Joey was such a greedy boy, he couldn’t help but suckle from the impressive penis, hoping to milk more of the delicious man milk. His efforts were well rewarded, getting four more spurts.

Yugi pulled his semi-hard dick free from Joey’s mouth. The blonde looked positively pleased with himself. Rex also pulled out and quickly fitted Tristan with a plug. The boys were greeted with applause.

Well now, that was quite the show.” the seaman came out.

Who are you?” Joey asked.

I’m Mako Tsunami, I’m the best water duelist around, I am here to challenge you for the title as King!” Mako decrees. His dick had hardened from the sight of the blonde deep throating, so he left his cock hanging out, his balls left in the speedos. “Will you face me, or send your pets?”

The trio glared at Mako. “Yugi let us fight him!” Joey says, and Tristan nods.

Yes, my dinosaurs will crush this guy!” Rex roars.

No,” Yugi says, and steps out.

But you’ve helped us get a lot stronger.”

I know, your skills have improved, but you all are precious to me, and I’m not gonna risk losing you.” his words brought tears to their eyes.

Yugi…” they cried. Mako smirked at the boy’s honor.

I hope you don’t mind if I duel in the buff.” Yugi readied his duel disk.

Not at all, you carry quite the harpoon for such a little guy.”

Yugi twitched. “Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself. If I win I’ll make you into a fine pet.” Mako’s cock twitched.

Very well!” he readied his duel disk.

Yugi/Mako 8000

I’ll go first, first I play Fiend Kraken in Defense Mode,” a Kraken like monster appeared on the field. “Then I play Umi!” The field spell created a grand ocean for them. “Last I will play the continuous spell card Deep Submerge!” The Kraken disappeared under the waves.

Fiend Kraken 1200 ATK 1400 DEF + Umi Boost = ATK 1400 DEF 1600

Thanks to my spell card, and so long as Umi is on the field, you cannot attack my sea creatures while in defense mode.” Yugi blinked.

That may be true, but that doesn’t prevent me from attacking you directly.” Mako sweatdropped.

Is this guy an idiot?” Joey whispered the other two shrugged.

My combo is just beginning Little Yugi, go ahead!”

Alright then!” Yugi drew. “I’ll start by summoning Blast Magician!” the spellcaster was summoned to the field. “Attack him directly!” the Magician struck and Mako got blasted.

Mako: 6500

To end my turn I’ll play three cards face down.”

I hope you enjoyed that taste of my life points you won’t be getting another.” he draws. “First I play the spell card Pot of Greed, allowing me to draw two cards.” he draws again.

Next, I play one card face down, then I summon Great White in attack mode.” he summoned a giant shark with arms.

ATK 1600 DEF 800 + Umi Boost = ATK 1800 DEF 1000

The sea makes my mighty beasts even mightier!” Mako laughs. “Now go, devour his magician!” The monster surged through the water.

He tried to devour the magician, but the spellcaster did not go quietly. His staff glowed and boom! Both their monsters were destroyed. “No my monster! What happened?”

When Blast Magician is destroyed by battle, it destroys the monster that attacked it.” he ended his turn.

Yugi: 7700

Yugi draws. “Alright, I summon Serpent Magician!” A green cloaked magician with a golden snake staff appeared on the field, he had markings on his cheeks and snake-like eyes.

Serpent Magician 3 Stars Water Spellcaster/Effect: If this card inflicts battle damage you can destroy 1 card in the opponent’s hand. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects. If your opponent activates a spell card you can pay 500 life points to negate and destroy it.

ATK 1600 DEF 1700

Now attack Serpent Magician!” the magician charged.

Mako smirked. “Not so fast!” his face down flipped, the waters of Umi turned into a cyclone preventing the magician’s attack.

What’s this?” Mako laughed.

This? This is my trap card, Tornado Wall. Since Umi is on the field, any and all damage I take is reduced to 0!” he laughed and laughed.

Impressive, I end my turn.” He could see Mako’s plan now, he could keep his monsters in defense mode, untouchable thanks to his continuous spell card, it left his life points defenseless but now thanks to his continuous trap card his life points were safe. Now he was free to build up his water monsters until he brought out his true sea monsters.

Mako draws. “I activate the spell card; Return of the Doomed!” the spell would have brought back his Great White in attack mode.

Sorry, Mako, not happening!” energy snakes attacked Mako’s spell card turning it purple and it melting.

Yugi: 7200

By paying 500 life points I can negate any spell card you play.” Mako cursed. So he summoned his Jellyfish in Defense mode and ended his turn.

I’ll have to make my move if my preparations aren’t complete the tide of this duel may not fall in my favor.’ Yugi thinks. He draws.

Alright, I summon Sheep Magician in defense mode!” A magician with white sheep like hair appeared on the field. He wore a white robe with fluffy trimming, and a sheep head shaped staff.

Sheep Magician 3 Stars Light Spellcaster/Effect: Once per turn you can negate 1 battle from your opponent’s monster(s). If this card attacks your opponent’s life points directly, you can double the ATK until the end of the damage step. This card cannot be destroyed by trap effects.

ATK 500 DEF 2000

He ends his turn and it’s Mako’s draw. He gained the ritual card he needed. ‘Excellent, now I just need to get rid of that Serpent Magician, and I have just the beast to do it.’ he ended his turn.

Yugi draws. “I’ll end my turn.”

Yugi’s pets were concerned, his duels always seemed one-sided but now it appeared to be this combo had him trapped.

I draw!” Mako drew and laughed. “It’s time, I summon Legendary Fisherman, by sacrificing my Jellyfish. The skilled fisherman rising a shark appeared on the field.

ATK 1850 DEF1600 + Umi effect = 2050 DEF 1800

Go, destroy his Serpent Magician!” He launched his harpoon at the magician, only for it to be blocked.

Sheep Magician let out a loud call that forced the fisherman back. “Baaaaaaaaa!”

What is this?”

Once per battle, my Sheep Magician can negate one of your monster’s attacks.”

You won’t escape my monsters forever Yugi!” Mako says.

We’ll see my draw.” he drew. “I summon Bat Magician!” a young boy with pointy ears, short dark hair wearing a black robe with a golden bat chain. His staff head was that of a bat.

Bat Magician 4 Stars Dark Spellcaster/Effect: At the end of each turn inflict 400 points of damage to your opponent. If this card destroys a monster by battle you can destroy one spell or trap card on your opponent’s side of the field.

ATK 1600 DEF 1400

If I’m right, the tides of this battle will fall in my favor.’ Yugi ended his turn, Bat Magician’s effect couldn’t get past Mako’s trap card effect.

Mako draws. “You are a good duelist, but now I see your face down cards were a bluff. I’ll be claiming victory soon.” He summoned Flying Fish in defense mode. “Next I activate Great Sea Tribute, this allows me to remove from play one water monster in my graveyard and I can special summon a monster from my deck, so long as it is a water monster under 6 stars.” He summoned Amphibian Beast.

ATK 2400 + Umi Boost = ATK 2600

Go Amphibian destroy his Serpent Magician.” This attack was blocked by Sheep Magician. Now Mako was able to attack with Legendary Fisherman. He speared Serpent Magician and sent him to the graveyard. “Hahaha, another of your monsters falls to my mighty beasts!”

Yugi: 6950

Now that that he’s gone I can finally play this, Fortress Whale Oath!” he tributed Flying fish, and Fiend Kraken to summon the mighty Fortress Whale!

A powerful ritual monster, with 2350 ATK and 2150 DEF. It had this effect if this monster destroys a monster by battle it can attack again. If Umi is on the field you can inflict piercing damage.

Oh man this isn’t good.” they were nervous.

On my next turn my mighty sea creatures will tear through your monsters, and I’ll claim the title of King!”

Your combo is impressive, but you aren’t the only one who can set up a combo.” Yugi draws. “You thought my face downs were a bluff, now it’s time to show you a combo of my own.” he activated the first of his face downs. “Ritual of Souls, this card allows me to summon a ritual monster by using monsters in my graveyard, removing them from play.” Blast Magician and Serpent Magician were called up being used as a sacrifice for something great. “Now come forth, Sacred Beast Magician!”

A purple cloaked magician appeared on the field, he was clearly older than any of the others before him. He carried a staff with a turtle, with a tiger, phoenix, and dragon on it’s back, the three beasts holding up a rainbow orb.

Sacred Beast Magician 8 Stars Dark Spellcaster/Ritual/Effect: While this card is face-up on the field increase the ATK of all spellcaster monsters on your side of the field. If this card destroys a monster by battle, deal damage equal to half the monster’s attack to your opponent as damage, then increase your life points equal to half the monster’s defense points. Once per turn, discard one card from your hand Monster, Spell, or Trap and destroy a card of the same type on the field.

ATK 3000 DEF 2600

Next I’ll activate my next face down, Return From The Different Dimension by paying half my life points I can special summon monsters that have been removed from play.”

Yugi: 3475

Serpent Magician and Blast Magician were special summoned back to the field. Receiving a power-up bonus from the ritual monster.

Sacred Beast Magician: 3500

Blast Magician: 2100

Serpent Magician: 2200

Sheep Magician 1000

Next I activate my last spell card, an Equip Spell, the Orb of Souls. The spellcaster equipped with this card gains 300 ATK for each spellcaster on the field.” He equipped it to Bat Magician.

ATK 3600

Mako was confused why he didn’t give it to his boss monster, not that it mattered, thanks to his trap all damage is reduced to 0, and he had cards that could wipe out the strongest of monsters. ‘Even if Yugi wipes out my team I’ll make a comeback, I’m not gonna lose.’

It’s time for my Ritual Monster’s effect, I discard one trap card, to destroy your trap card!” The tiger on his staff glowed and his trap card was ripped apart.

Oh no!” Yugi shifted Sheep Magician to attack mode.

Now Bat Magician attack his Amphibian Beast!” using the new wand he blasted the beast and turned him into sushi.

Mako: 5500

Now his effect activates since he’s destroyed a monster by battle he can destroy one of your spell or trap cards. Now go batty swarm!” a swarm of bats took to the field sucking up the water as Umi was destroyed. With Umi gone, so went his continuous spell. The power bonuses were gone, and Yugi still had plenty of monsters left to go.

Now Blast Magician, destroy his Jellyfish.” He blasted the giant sea creature, an extra bomb going over to blast Mako, dealing him 700 points of damage.

Mako 4800

Next Serpent Magician attacks your Legendary Fisherman!” magic snakes coiled around the magician and crushed him. Since he destroyed a monster by battle, Mako lost the last card in his hand.

Mako 4450

Now for a ritual monster face off, go Sacred Beast Magician!” a powerful magical blast struck the whale, ripping him apart.

Mako 3300

Now my monster’s effect activates, you take damage equal to half your destroyed monster’s ATK.” the dragon glowed and Mako got blasted with even more damage.

Mako 2125

Yugi: 4550

The phoenix glowed increasing Yugi’s own life points.

Now Sheep Magician, attack!” Sheep Magician’s wool suddenly turns black as he attacks Mako directly. His effect activates, doubling his ATK.

Mako 125

Mako was left panting. “I still got some life points left.”

Yes, but your trap card has been protecting your life points, so you have yet to face my monster’s special effect.” Yugi ended his turn, and Bat Magician’s staff head glowed releasing a sound wave to deal the finishing blow to Mako Tsunami.

Mako couldn’t help but smile, this boy was truly impressive, he faced through his combo and crushed some of his strongest monsters. He dropped to his knees. “Yugi, you are truly an impressive man!”

I’m not really that impressive, our duel could have gone either way, you are a great duelist Mako.” Mako’s heart skipped a beat.

I’ve decided please allow me to dock in your harbor?” he bowed.


To be continued

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