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Monkey Fu Chap 1

Monkey Fu

Tatsumi’s teigu is called the monkey staff, similar to Leone’s but it grants him the beast powers of a monkey. He works hard to master this teigu and his new found appendages. Tatsumi/Harem

Chapter 1 Teigu Training

Tatsumi had joined Night Raid, an assassin group working to take down the corrupt royals and officials. He really had no idea the kingdom had become so corrupt, it wasn’t long ago when he set off from his village with his two best friends Ieyasu and Sayo. They had been traveling until they had gotten caught up in a monster ambush and were forced to separate, promising to meet up at the capital.

Shortly after he arrived, he had his money stolen and he had no idea where his friends were. He was taken in by a wealthy girl and her family and became one of her bodyguards. He had big dreams of helping support the capital, which was certainly admirable, but he was naive to see the horrors lurking in the shadows.

The rich family became a target of Night Raid, for numerous reasons which Tatsumi was forced to learn. Sayo had been made a plaything of Aria’s father and was a punching bag for Aria, who hated her for her hair. Ieyasu was her mother’s guinea pig, poisoning him with various diseases to see how it affected him, which was recorded in the mother’s journal.

Ieyasu barely managed to survive, by the time Tatsumi found him. The disease he was inflicted with was fatal. For Tatsumi, who thought he finally found some kindness, was heartbroken. How could they do this to people? there were plenty of other bodies of innocent travelers who Aria took in off the streets.

How could they toy with people’s lives? Aria, who he had just been protecting he killed with his own hands. Leone was the one who stole his money, and she happened to be a part of Night Raid. Seeing Tatsumi’s potential and figuring she owed him one, saved him from Akame who wanted to finish him.

Akame had gone to kill Aria and the guards who knew what was happened and let it continue but was stopped by Tatsumi. Even her one cut kill had been stopped thanks to a charm Tatsumi’s elder had given him.

They took the bodies to give them a proper burial and so Tatsumi could mourn. Leaving flowers on the grave, he cried. “It’s just…me now…” He was taken to their secret base, and he knew their faces, so it was either join or die. Since they were all experienced killers he knew it wasn’t a joke.

So…he joined…

Leone gave him the grand tour. He met Sheele, who was a bit odd, she was reading a book of 101 ways to fix airheadedness. Then he met Mine, the self-proclaimed genius, who didn’t want Tatsumi there at all. Then he got a look around the training grounds where he met Bulat. Tatsumi was amazed at his skills.

The man was built like a mountain, his muscles glistening from sweat. Tatsumi blushed, as the man came over to them and they shook hands. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you face to face.”

Likewise,” he’d met him before technically, during their mission to the rich family home, he was the guy in a suit of armor.

Careful, Bulat is a total flirt with cute guys,” Leone says.

Bulat blushes. “Stop, he’ll get the wrong idea.”

I uh…I don’t mind, me and Ieyasu used to…well…” it was Tatsumi’s turn to blush.

Oh, and he was the one who…oh sweet Tatsumi…” Bulat pulled him into a warm embrace, very warm. His manly musk sweeping over Tatsumi and making the boy shiver. “I’m here for you!”

Thanks!” Tatsumi returned the embrace.

He later met Lubbock who was trying to sneak into the woman’s baths. “I’ll fight beasts of hell just for a peek at Leone’s breasts!” he says. Leone caught him quickly.

How about two fingers?” Lubbock wailed, as she got him in a lock, ready to break his arm.

Wait, wait, wait, I was just joking!”

Be careful with this one Tatsumi, Lubbock is a total perv and he swings both ways.”

That’s a rude way of looking at it, I like to think my love transcends all genders!” he states proudly. Lubbock spots Tatsumi and gets in close. “Nice to meet you, the name is Lubbock.”

Tatsumi,” As soon as he shook his hand, Lubbock’s other hand came forward to feel up his crotch. “Gah!” his cock lurched at the sudden attention.

Nice piece,” he fondled the bulge in his pants. “Feel free to come by my room anytime.”

Leone grabbed him again and looked ready to really break his arm.

Ahh I give, I give!” he wailed. They left him nursing his aching shoulder.

They should be down by the river,” Leone says, and there they found Akame and the Boss, aka Najenda. Akame must have killed some magical beast, as she was feasting upon a rather large portion of meat. Since he was a newbie she still wasn’t giving him any meat. There were others, but they were either on different teams, or missions right now.

Even if he joined Night Raid he still had to prove himself. His whole reason for coming to the capital was to become successful, to save his village that was suffering from poverty. Now he learned that the country has gone rotten, he didn’t know if becoming an assassin was the right for him or not.

He tried to find some justice in the action and was laughed at by the others. No matter how you looked at it they were murderers but were putting their lives on the line to do what was right. Perhaps Tatsumi was still too naive, but he knew one thing, he would be rewarded for his actions, which he could send back to his village and help support it, and use his skills to make the world a better place…


He brought some interesting skills to the table, like for one he could cook. Hard to believe those simple days of training would come to this. Sayo, Ieyasu, and Tatsumi each had learned to cook for survival, but not just food to feed your stomach but to feed your mind, body, and soul to. Despite being an assassin he’s been stuck doing chores and training at the base.

He just completed his first kill too, so he thought he earned their trust. He had taken out Ogre a captain of the imperial police, he was taking bribes to turn a blind eye to the crimes going around if that wasn’t bad enough he framed innocent people for said crimes to claim he captured criminals to boost his career and station.

Don’t take it so personally Tatsumi, you are a newcomer, after all, you don’t even have a teigu yet,” Bulat explained.

Teigu or Imperial Arms are mysterious and extremely powerful relics, they are rare. The First Emperor, who feared his empire would fall, gathered many materials and hired many scientists and craftsmen to make strong weapons and defenses. The teigu were the results of their efforts, 48 made from Danger Beasts that had unique powers, which gave the teigu powers as well. The teigu are rumored to not have just one ability, having secret powers that are waiting for the right master to unlock them.

After a civil war, the teigu were scattered, and those that had created them were killed so the secrets of creating Teigu were lost to the world. Not that people didn’t try, the Shingu was the next attempt at creating Teigu, but they lacked power or durability, though they were no less dangerous. Some believe it was because the Teigu were made from ancient and more powerful danger beasts, while others thought it was because the teigu weapons and armor were made of a rare metal called orichalcum.

Once he got an Imperial Arms, he’d be allowed to go out on their more dangerous missions. It was for his own safety, not having a weapon and going up against someone with one was like a slingshot going up against a cannon.

The boss already put in a word with Headquarters for you, they have some teigu that haven’t responded to anyone yet. You might get lucky.”

Yeah, thanks…” So far he’s been doing all the cooking and cleaning around the base. Polishing the weapons, cleaning the training equipment, sewing, organizing, even cleaning the rooms. Lubbock had an ass ton of porn and sex toys in his room, Tatsumi couldn’t turn over a pillow or rug without finding something.

As luck would have it, they did have a teigu they were willing to part with, and the boss brought it back. “This one wasn’t very popular, it’s called The Monkey Staff,” she revealed it, pulling it out of a bag with her metal arm. “Everyone wants to call it the Monkey Spear instead, but it won’t activate.”

The staff had a monkey statue on the top of it, the monkey was holding an orb, and the statue itself appeared to be made of orichalcum, the wood was made of a special tree. “Ohh, it looks so cool, I can see why it’s clearly a staff, not a spear.” Tatsumi takes the staff and it pulses. “The Monkey Staff!”

From the orb, there was a flash of light, and everyone in the room gasped. “Tatsumi…you…” The boy blinked, something felt different.

He had brown fur from his wrists to his elbows, and from his ankles to his knees. What’s more, he had a new appendage, a long and furry one that moves behind him. “Ohhh!” Leone was excited, happy to find another transformer.

Her Teigu Lionel, which was in her belt, gave her animal-like traits and heightened her senses. “You got a tail lucky!” she praised.

Ehh, ehh EHHHHH!” And so Tatsumi gained a teigu, a rather unique one at that.

To be continued…Teigu Training

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