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Happy Tentacleween Blue

Happy Tentacleween Blue

Blue didn’t care about the holidays celebrated in Alola, he was just interested in beating Red. Well he should have listened.


Blue and Red’s rivalry has lasted over years, across different regions. Now they had come to Alola, which was a strange place to be sure. New pokemon, new forms, new powers, new rules. Blue wasn’t overly concerned, he planned to defeat Red no matter the challenge.

They were both tackling the island challenges, but to Blue’s surprise he wasn’t allowed to take part in any island challenges on the last day of October. Blue was talking to the Nurse Joy, in town. “I’m sorry sir, we are preparing a celebration, this holiday is very important and both people and Pokemon celebrate.”

That’s ridiculous, even if I can’t have a trial, I should be able to go out and catch some Pokemon.” Blue huffs.

Well we can’t stop you sir, but I highly recommend you stay and celebrate.”

No thanks I’m not here to party, I’m here to defeat my rival, smell ya later!” the orangette heads off into the night. He searched the woods but couldn’t find a single pokemon. “What is going on, yesterday this place was full of Pokemon, but now?” he looked and looked but could find not a single trace. “Is this really about that holiday stuff?”

A sudden rustling in the grass. “There!” Blue dives for the noise, but instead of finding a pokemon he found purple tentacles. “What the heck!?” Before he could even land the tentacles snatched him up, holding him tight in the air.

The tentacles disarmed him removing his belt with his Pokeballs on it and his back pack. “Give those back!” the tentacles forced his arms and legs apart, holding him in a rather embarrassing and vulnerable position.

Blue blushed. “Oi oi oi!” the purple tentacles removed his shoes and shocks, exposing his feet. Not stopping there, they slowly unbuttoned his black shirt, exposing his pecs, then his abs, and the treasure trail of pubes that went up to his naval. With each button undone, Blue’s blush grew deeper.

The tentacles removed his shirt, the garment phasing through the tentacles binding him. Now shirtless, his pits were exposed. More tentacles joined the party, attacking the now exposed skin.

First at his feet caressing the underside, tracing the sole, and tickling him. Some caressing his sides, creating a tingly sensation s they slithered along his exposed skin to his pits, the tips tickling the sensitive area. Blue moaned bucking and shaking as the sensations tackled his mind. “Ahh ohh,” more tentacles, tracing his backside, giving little zaps that amplified his pleasure. “Ahhh!”

Another tentacle caressed his abs, tracing his toned stomach, and tickling his navel. He didn’t realize how good that would feel, being teased in so many ways. His skin grew hot at the touch, the heat spreading out all over.

His nipples hardened into fine peeks, demanding attention and the tentacles were happy to play. Two purple tentacles toyed with his nipples, rubbing and flicking, even giving a teasing swirl. “Ahhh!” Blue howled.

The tentacle’s touch to his embarrassment had stirred his loins into a semi hard state. His cock rubbing against the confines of his boxers, the friction made his penis twitch for more. The more it rubbed the more stimulated it became. When the tentacles started teasing his nipples it sent an electrifying pleasure right to his cock. Every flick and swirl made his penis weep.

His cock was now demanding freedom, pushing at his boxers and pants like a mad beast. Blue groaned, the tightness fueling the fire of driving him mad. The tentacles read his suffering and proceeded to relieve it by removing his green pants.

Blue groans as the pressure was lightened, and his dick sprang up, tenting his boxers. Three more tentacles joined the party, two slithering up his exposed legs, and slipping into the back of his boxers, to fondle and grope his firm butt cheeks. The third tentacle wrapped around his clothed dick, perfectly trapping it in it’s hold.

The tip of the tentacle teased the growing wet spot, making Blue shudder and moan. “Fuck, ahh you perverted tentacles ohh!” The tentacles played with his body, the pressure building up and up, until he lost control and came.

His seed shot through his wet boxers, erupting and splattering his boxers and crotch. What couldn’t escape ran down his legs. Blue blushed from ear to ear, in both lust and humiliation. ‘Is it over?’

He felt hot, his heart pounding in his chest from orgasm. He was panting, trying to catch his breath. It was not over…

Some of the tentacles had been doused in his seed, and he watched as it was absorbed into them. In a flash the tentacles ripped off Blue’s boxers, the garment being reduced to shreds. “Hey…ohh!” his back arched as the purple tentacle opened up and swallowed his cock 10 inch dick all the way down to the root. “Ohh fuck!”

A powerful suction occurred, the tentacle was sucking him, opening and tightening around his full shaft. Two more tentacles opened up, and swallowed Blue’s balls, his big balls receiving the same and pleasurable suction his cock was enjoying. “Wait I just came please I can’t…I can’t…ahhh!” he was cut off as the tentacles teasing his nips swallowed them, sucking on the perky buds in non stop fashion.

Blue came, the tentacle sucking his essence away. Some orange tongue like tentacles appeared and replaced four of the purple ones, Blue shivered as his feet were licked, as were his pits. The strangest thing though he could almost taste it.

Strange flavors appeared in his mind, and it was like he was licking his feet and pits respectfully. For a few minutes he thought he was going crazy, but then he started enjoying the flavor. He drooled and licked his lips.

Another orgasm tears through him, and the tentacle happily suckles him away, draining his balls of what made him a man. He didn’t care, the orgasmic sensations continued to rock his sensitive body. His toes curled, and back arched, body submitting to the tentacles.

His mouth and ass felt empty, a warm sensation spreading through his throat and channel. His manhole twitched, the opening spasming and parting. A purple tentacle responded to his ass, caressing his hot little hole. “Wait, not there…I’ve never…ohh fuck!”

The tentacle slipped into his ass, his hot inner walls compressing the tentacle down to the side of a finger. It slithered into his channel, and Blue moaned. ‘So this is anal play…’ it felt amazing. The deeper the tentacle went the harder he got, not that the tentacles were letting him go soft. The tentacle began to expand, slowly, as it rocked back and forth inside him.

Blue shivered at the friction in his ass, the girth growing every few thrusts. His ass stretched wide to take the girth, and the tentacle began to move faster. “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!” the tentacle found his sweet spot, and made sure to ram it again and again.

He was seeing stars, as his climaxes came faster, his cum coming out in a solid stream from his seemingly permanently erect dick. The last tentacle appeared, a big red phallic shaped tentacle, that slid into his open wanting mouth.

It took Blue by surprise, his tongue pushing at the phallic tentacle as it invaded his mouth. The flavor was so manly, it made him shiver. It delved down his throat, and both this tentacle and the one in his ass swelled as it fed Blue his own seed.

Blue’s eyes rolled up as cum filled his belly and insides. His own cum pelting his hot inner walls. His ass clenched around the tentacle and he moaned around the other. ‘More…more…more…more…’

Slowly one by one the tentacles vanished, the tentacle milking his cock finished draining him before vanishing, he whined at the loss as each one disappeared. Soon the only tentacles he had was the one in his ass and the one in his mouth, he was getting spit roasted, suspended in the air, as his hard dick twitched in the open air.

This the last two vanished and Blue was left with nothing, except a belly full of his own cum. “Blue?” the orangette turned, and there stood his rival, Red, wearing nothing but his signature hat. The other male was just as toned as he was but he didn’t have a treasure trail.

Red was certainly a treat for the eyes, but the treat Blue was focused on was Red’s massive 12 inch dick. It stood proudly erect, and bounced ever so slightly like it was waving to him. “Joy told me I might find you out here, didn’t celebrate Tentacleween did you?” he approached his rival, his heavy balls bouncing as he walked.

Red please…” Blue moaned, even after drinking so much of his own cum he wanted more, his hole twitched and throbbed needing something to be fill the void.

Don’t worry Blue, I know what you need,” he slapped his rival’s face with his dick and Blue moaned, cumming all over the ground. Red slid his dick into his mouth and his eyes widened. A familiar flavor dancing along his taste buds.

In seconds Blue was sucking his rival’s dick, like he’d been doing it for years. Red moans in delight and fists his rival’s orange hair. “Easy Blue, we got till morning!”


By morning, Blue’s face was covered in his rival’s cum, he was riding Red’s big dick, his plump cheeks jiggling as he rode him hard and fast. Red was relaxing arms behind his head as Blue used him to satisfy his great need. Blue occupied himself by licking Red’s exposed pits, enjoying the manly musk and flavor.

Red’s climax hits and he fills Blue with his seed, and he cums between them painting their abs and pecs. “Some holiday, huh Blue?” Red grins and Blue rams his hat down.

Shut it Red!” his whole face was red as a tomato. He hiccups. “Man I think I drank too much cum!”

Blue believed he’d live a long and happy life if he never saw those perverted tentacles again. If he wanted to cum he’d track down his rival.


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