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Cupid Luffy Chap 5

Luffy 7 inches

Ace 12 inches

Chap 5 Koby’s Dream

The sky was clear, the sun was shining, but Luffy didn’t have time to enjoy it. A powerful whirlpool had opened up and Luffy’s boat was sailing right for it. He looked for another boat to fly to, he could fly but not forever, especially if needing to carry his supplies.

Luck favored him it seemed as he spotted two ships. He picked the one farthest away from the whirlpool just in case. Grabbing his stuff, his wings grew and he took off into the air flying towards the ship.

His approach and landing were missed, as Luffy landed on a pirate ship ready to battle. The first ship is the target. The ship belonged to the pirate Alvida, she ruled her crew with her iron club. Anyone who dared not celebrate her “beauty” got it to the face!

The woman was quite deluded, beauty was in the eye of the beholder sure, but Alvida was rotten to the core. So vain even kinda say the word monster, ugly, or cow she went into a rage. “Who’s the most beautiful woman in all the seas?” she would ask, and if the crew hesitated, or didn’t respond with. “Of course you Alvida-sama!” they got struck. She struck her crew mates if the ship wasn’t spotless if the food wasn’t prepared right if they took to long doing a task it was horrible. The crew ended up becoming as twisted as she was. Her men were itching to rob and attack the cruise ship they had insights.

Luffy was able to stay out of sight, and observe. He noticed a boy with pink hair being kicked around by a large woman. “No please don’t make me…”

So you want the club?” she threatened.

No not that!” the pirates raided the cruise ship and Alvida kicked the boy over, and followed him with her club raised high. The boy screamed and ran to join in the robbery.

Hmm, that boy’s heart doesn’t seem in it.’ Luffy flies over and finds the boy in the galley.

You’re not a pirate are you?” Luffy inquired. The boy gasped, and whipped around, almost jumping out of his skin.

Who are you?” he was surprised to see the raven. ‘Is he from the cruise ship, he looks very handsome,’ he blushed at the thought. Luffy was wearing a red open vest, showing off his abs and pecs, he was fit and lean, he was wearing shorts, showing off his strong legs, and the way the shorts cupped him really showed off his butt. Koby gulped, feeling a stirring in his loins.

My name’s Luffy, what’s yours?” he smiled, and the boy blushed.

Oh um, I’m Koby,” he gives a polite bow. “To answer your first question, no I’m not a pirate exactly. Two years ago, I went off to go fishing, and accidentally got on a pirate’s boat, since then I’ve been their slave.”

Wow, you are kinda dumb.” Luffy’s words were like an arrow. He pilfered an apple. “If you don’t like this crew you could go find another crew to join, not all pirates are like them.”

I don’t want to be a pirate, I actually want to be a marine,” he says.

Ahh, well I’m a pirate myself. I made a promise on this hat, that I would become a great pirate. So it’s my dream to become King of the Pirates!”

King of the Pirates!?” Koby gasped. “That means your going to the Grand Line!? Searching for the great treasure the One Piece!?”

Sure am,” he says after finishing his apple. “I still need a crew though, I think 10 is a good start, but if they are interesting I’d love to have more, a nice big nakama!”

That’s crazy, that place is known as the pirate’s graveyard. You’ll die if you go there!” he went into a chant of impossible so Luffy smacked him to snap him out of it.

That doesn’t matter, because it’s my dream, and I don’t mind dying for it.”

I wish I could be brave like that, I’ve been trapped with these pirates for 2 years, and I’m too terrified to even escape. Just thinking about what they’ll do when they find me.”

Being brave doesn’t mean you don’t know fear, I’ve been scared before too, sometimes being brave is being scared and going for it anyway.” Luffy stares at his hat for a moment before putting it back on his head. “It’s gonna be tough, but if I don’t even try then it really will be impossible. I think I can do it though.”

Do you think…umm…do you think I can become a marine?” he asked.

Before Luffy could answer, Koby heard some of Alvida’s men coming this way. “Luffy hide!”

Huh why?” the boy pushed him into a broom closet. ‘If Alvida finds Luffy there’s no telling what she’ll do to him, or worse what her men will do!’ he sweats. Three men came into the galley.

Well if it isn’t our favorite punching bag.”

Not trying to hide out on the raid are ya?”

No, not at all.” Koby chuckled nervously.

They noticed he was standing in front of the closet. “What are you hiding?” they approached him.

Me? Hiding? Nothing at all!” his voice cracked.

Right, move it squirt.” they pulled him away from the closet.

Wait!” Koby grabbed onto the big guy’s arm.

Piss off!” He tossed Koby away, him slamming into some boxes. He went back to reaching for the closet, and Koby grabbed him again.

There is nothing in there!” he shouts.

Don’t get in my way, you runt!” Koby clung on tighter, it took a punch to finally shake him off.

What’s with him?” they draw their swords. “Do you wanna die?”

You are pissing us off!” Koby gets back up and shields the closet with his own body. ‘I can’t let them find Luffy.’

Why you little…” he raised his blade planning to swing it down and kill Koby in one blow. Before he could the closet door rips apart, and Luffy comes flying out with a broom. He punches the big guy knocking him out and uses the broom to quickly disarm the other two.

What the hell?!”

Get lost!” Luffy glares at them, doing a spin of the broom in a skilled fashion. Alvida’s men grab their unconscious partner and race to get their captain. Koby was amazed for a moment, then realized they’d be getting Alvida and the fear came back.

Luffy you have to run, if Alvida finds you she’ll kill you! She…” he was cut off as Luffy turned around and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His whole face went red, and hearts appeared in his eyes.

You were trying to protect me weren’t you Koby?” the boy was in a daze. “You might be kinda dumb, but I love fools like you.” he hugs him.


The boys are able to have their moment as the crewmen find Alvida. “Lady Alvida, it’s a monster, he…” At the word monster, Alvida snapped throwing the club, hitting their already knocked out crewmate, and sending him flying out into the sea. Good thing he’s not a devil fruit eater…

Not you, my lady, he was hiding on the ship, he’s scary strong!”

Alvida raised a brow. “Is it the pirate hunter, I thought he’d been captured. It’s possible he did escape…find him!” she ordered.

Luffy and Koby had already snuck back over to Alvida’s ship planning to steal one of her boats. “Thank you Luffy, I feel like I can finally chase my dream, I’m gonna become a marine and capture Alvida!”

Just who are you gonna capture, Koby?” Alvida attacked bringing down her club and nearly hitting the two. The crew eventually found them before they could escape.

We are surrounded!” Koby began to sweat again.

Who the hell are you?” Alvida asked pointing her club at Luffy. “You don’t look like Pirate Hunter Zoro.”

Zoro?” Luffy tilts his head to the side. “Hey, Koby, who’s this fat old lady?” Everyone’s jaws drop and Alvida sees red.

Men kill this fool!” they charge and Koby screams.

This is bad!”

Nope, I got this. Cupid Wink!” Luffy gave a wink and pink hearts float out, and one by one Alvida’s men became charmed by Luffy.

Oh man, I wasn’t really looking before this guy’s kinda cute.”

Look at that body!” Some of them were drooling.

What the hell!?” Alvida gasped. “What did you do?”

Oh,” Luffy turned around and fluttered his chibi wings. “I ate the cupid cupid fruit and became a Cupid Human.”

A devil fruit, so they are real…” She paused. “You morons snap out of it!” she bashed a few on the head with her club and it did indeed wake them from their charmed state.

They tried to attack Luffy, but the boy showed great skill at hand to hand combat, even some of the bigger guys, he was able to dodge their attacks, and even use their momentum to throw them into other guys. “Ohh he’s so strong!” the men knocked around by Luffy fell under his charm again.

Oh wow!” Koby blushed.

Damn it, who the hell are you!?” Alvida roared.

I’m Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy and I’m a pirate.”

A pirate, you?” she laughed. “Well if your a pirate and we are not under the same flag, that makes us enemies!”

I guess,” Luffy shrugs.

Men, tell me, who’s the most beautiful on the sea?” With hearts in their eyes, they kneel and say.

That would be Luffy-sama!” they cheer.

What?!” she glares. “You weak minded fools!” she looks to Koby. “Koby, tell me who am I?” That was the danger phrase, the one where she expected her men to say The most beautiful in all the seas!

Koby was still scared of Alvida, but he balled his hands up. “You are…you are…THE BIGGEST UGLIEST COW IN ALL THE SEAS!” he shouts.

Luffy laughed and Alvida snapped. “I’m gonna become a marine, and when I do I’m gonna capture you and lock your fat ass up!” he shouts all while thinking. ‘No regrets I said what I’ve always wanted to say!’

You are dead!” Alvida raised her club and brought it down.

Well said Koby, Cupid Shield!” Luffy erected a small heart shield that blocked Alvida’s blow. He pushed her back and wound up a punch. “You’ve messed with Koby long enough! Fist of Love!”

With one punch he hit Alvida in the gut and sent the woman flying. “Get Koby a ship, he’s leaving to join the marines!” The pirates saluted.

Yes sir!” they gave a ship, supplies and even some treasure. They escaped just in time as marines showed up, and started attacking Alvida’s ship. Luffy was a pirate, and Koby had to leave or else get arrested like any of the other pirates.

To be continued…Chapter 6 Pirate Hunter Zoro


Koby takes Luffy to where Roronoa Zoro is kept, a marine base where he could join the marines properly. 

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