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Avatar Backburner Ideas

Avatar Back Burner Ideas

Multi Chaps


Locked Up Desires

AU: Zuko is an overly sheltered young man, in more ways than one, having his cock locked once he reached puberty. He sees Aang and Sokka a young couple, and feelings awaken like a burning flame.


Master Haru

Haru falls in love with Aang, and wishes to help teach him earth bending. Aang is happy to have him, Sokka is jealous, Haru is very open. Haru/Aang/Sokka


Pleasure Bender

Aang is more than just the avatar, he is one of the air nomads finest pleasure benders. The fire nation attacks and the air nomads send Aang away for his safety, Aang didn’t want to go but he had a mission to complete he had to heal the world. A frightening storm sends Aang to the sea where he freezes himself and is thrown into the future.


Tremors Terror

The war is over, but the world is not exactly a safe one. In a fire nation occupied village some drilling has awakened ancient monsters, creatures that can move through the earth like fish do water, called earth dragons these monsters are blind and hunt by vibrations in the earth, and have some form of earth bending of their own. The avatar and friends must go and stop these creatures from spreading. On this life and death mission feelings are revealed. Aang/Harem


Shadow Spirits

A powerful evil ritual is performed awakening the terrifying shadow spirits. Creatures born of pure evil hatred and malice, they seek to kill the avatar. Aang, Haru, Jet, Sokka, and Zuko work together to try and stop these wicked beings. Aang/Zuko/Sokka/Haru/Jet


Chi Bending Master

No Avatar Verse: Air Benders worked hard to develop another form of bending the Chi Bending, it’s intent was to awaken bending abilities in those born without, however the fire benders saw this as a threat of one capable of taking their bending away. So the Air nation was attacked, Aang escaped by the order of Gyatso. Aang/Harem


Avatar of Chi

The next avatar was said to be born in the air bender line, the current fire lord could not let that happen as just as they had mastered lightning bending, the air benders were mastering chi bending, capable of sealing or giving someone bending. Aang the next Avatar is taught both chi bending and blocking techniques. Aang/Harem


Air Circus

Some air nomads survived the attack on the fire nation, and even learned chi blocking techniques. They perform and act as a circus but are secretly fighting against the fire nation. Literally fighting fire with fun. Aang/Harem


Curse of the Avatar

Being the avatar isn’t all fun and games, as a powerful curse is transferred through it. On the nights of the full moon the avatar transforms into a powerful beast. Aang is able to control it, to an extent but the power might be even more terrifying than the avatar state. Werewolf Aang/Harem


Kink Bender

Aang is a legendary Kink Bender, born with unique pheromones that can drive men wild and a cock that won’t quit. Kink Benders were the originators of chi blocking techniques, but they were used for more interesting applications. Kink Benders could be born in any nation but the air nomads were just lucky. Aang/Harem


Dream Walking Avatar

Dream Walking is just one of many spiritual techniques, using it he walks a few dreams and learns some very interesting secrets. Switcher Aang/Harem Wet Dream


Rune Walker

Rune Walkers are spiritual men and women, who infuse special runes into their own bodies to unlock special abilities. They were allies with the air benders, when the fire nation attacked they managed to hide the avatar and leave him with their teachings. Nudist Aang/Harem


Pool of Black

Aang is brought to the spirit world and finds a conscious pool of black goo. The creature wants to join with Aang, awakening his body and his limits. Aang agrees and they become one. Tentacles Aang/Harem


Spirit Beast Aang

In order to protect Aang from the fire nation, he’s hidden in the spirit world, for many years. This time has changed Aang forever, making him a spirit beast. When he leaves it’s 100 years later, he and Appa return to the world of mortals. Four armed Aang/Harem


Stop the Demon Lord

AU: Aang is a monk, and he feels the terror of the world as the demon lord spreads his influence. He wants the other monks to help him stop this evil, but they claim it is not there way to interfere, Aang goes to travel and seek help in stopping the Demon Lord. Sokka a brave warrior, Katara an enchantress, Jet a skilled thief, Haru a masterful brawler, and even the son of the demon king himself Zuko. Aang/Harem


Curse of Spirit

An angry spirit has sought havoc and destruction, Aang and co have tried to stop it, but with no luck. Aang gets bitten by this terrifying spirit, it’s touch causing his body to change. Being the avatar he finds a way to survive but his humanity has been altered. Lamia Aang/Harem


Air Bending Crossdresser

Aang has a special taste, he wears woman’s clothing, and uses fans for weapons. His look confuses some men, but aang sees no difference in such desires. Switcher Aang/Harem


Sea God’s Child

Katara was seeking a master to teach her Water Bending, and also help to stop the fire nation’s wrath. She goes to a shrine for the god of water and prays for help, help arrives in the water god’s son Aang. Mermaid Aang/Sokka/Harem


Dragon Child

Zuko seeks to restore his honor, seeking to slay a dragon, an honor that would show he is a master fire bender. Rumors of a dragon sighting has him traveling the world, he is surprised to not find a dragon, but instead a dragon’s child, a half human half dragon named Aang. Aang/Zuko/Harem


Dream Weaver

A rogue spirit is causing mischief with people’s dreams, secrets are revealed as they try to stop this creature. The dream world is quite different from the spirit world.


Age and Experience

Aang wasn’t frozen in ice for a hundred years he was training in the spirit world. Time in the spirit world work a little differently though a hundred years have passed Aang returns as an adult man in his late 20’s early 30’s.


Chi Massage

AU: Zuko is feeling stressed out so Sokka tells him about this amazing massage parlor. Zuko wasn’t expecting to feel so amazing or fall for his masseuse Aang. Aang/Zuko Aang/Multiple Guys


Avatar of Darkness

Two avatars, one said to bring peace to the world the other said to conquer the world. A climactic battle is said to wage between the two. When one sleeps the other must as well, so when Kataraa frees Aang from the ice has she awoken their savior or just the next overlord? Hyper Dom Aang


Spirit Never Sleeps

While Aang was frozen, his spirit wasn’t. His soul trains in the spirit world for 100 years until he’s awakened. With new skills and experience Aang sets off to learn the four elements and more. Aang/Harem


Zuko Doesn’t Know (Series Version)

AU: Zuko has always been kinda dumb, doing everything to please his father. This included hooking up and flirting with company daughters, but he can’t seal the deal. He can’t get it up with girls, so he thinks theirs something wrong with him, one of his coworkers Aang helps prove there’s nothing wrong with his dick, he’s just gay.


Love Nest

Zuko gets kicked out of his home after he comes out to his father. He’s taken in by his gay best friend and his very open and horny roommate. Aang x Jet x Zuko + Aang x Zuko + Zuko x Sokka + Foursome


War of Spirits

Seven powerful spirits exist in the world, they choose a vessel for their power Aang is the vessel of the Spirit of Lust, being a vessel grants the user the ability to learn bending in more than one element. Ozai became the vessel of Wrath and has sense been throwing the world into a terrifying war. Aang is the vessel of lust, and he seeks to bring peace to the world. The other vessels must choose a side. Aang/Harem


Spirit Web

Aang is a spider spirit, often called an arachne, with the avatar gone, the world has been thrown into imbalance most spirits won’t help but Aang is willing. Arachne Aang/Harem


That Time Aang Reincarnated As A Slime

Aang was just a normal kid until he was killed by his ex girlfriend Kataara, he’s reincarnated in a strange world of weird beasts, spirits, and bending. He befriends a boy in a village that suffers from Fire Nation attacks. Upon certain events aang is able to take human form, and he decides to help save the world.


Nudist Bender

Aang is an air nomad, and they have a unique policy about clothing. That clothing is only needed to protect one from the elements otherwise to be closer to nature they wear nothing at all. Aang follows this policy with interesting results. Aang/Male harem


Colors of Fire Bending

Aang is a fire bender, but he doesn’t agree with what the Fire Lord is doing. He trains in the spirit world and learns the colors of fire bending, using these special flames he works with the resistance to stop the Fire Lord. Mind Control Switcher Aang/Harem


Spirit Stone

Aang finds a strange crystal in the spirit world, he’s drawn to it like a moth to the flame. Upon touching it he’s awakened his cock grows larger and his lust awakens. Using this stone he’s able to take over the minds of guys and more. Mind Control, Toys,


Avatar Milk

The avatar’s body is quite unique, able to produce a nectar that is otherworldy and addictive. Aang hopes his special nectar might be the key to bringing peace to the world. Lac Hyper Aang/Harem


Aang Meets the Nudist Tribe

Aang is a traveling, wanting to see the world. He stumbles across the nudist tribe, Aang is shangheid and brought to their village and experiences new things and teaches them new things as well. Aang/Multiple pairs



Semi High School verse: No avatar and no overlord. Bending is a sport with high respect. Sokka is the captain of a losing bending team, that is until the new kid Aang joins the team. Azula wants Zuko to get rid of him but it’s easier said than done.


Cactus Juice

AU: A new drug known as cactus juice is plaguing the city. Officer Zuko is working the case, with two other cops Jet and Haru. Aang is a private investigator investigating a missing person’s report, suspects abound, who is the master mind distributing Cactus Juice.


One Shots


Blood Bending Avatar: Aang is taught Blood Bending, during the full moon he plays with Sokka and Zuko. Oral Anal Orgasm Denial Dub Con



The team has yet to accept Zuko into the group. Zuko rests alone until he gets a visitor in the night. Top Zuko, Or, An, Cuddling


Fun on the Beach

A trip to a nearby beach sparks some things, Zuko didn’t know it was a nudist beach. Feelings arise among other things, and the boys have some fun. Top Aang Switcher Zuko Bottom Sokka Rim Or, An, 3some


Love Water Bending

Sokka hates magic water, aka Water Bending, Aang likes it applying the playful air bender nature to water bending. Aang teaches Sokka to love water bending to. Bond An Tent


Crossing The Line

Haru travels with Aang so he can one day teach him earth bending, but he crosses the line and falls in love with his student. Top Haru Or, An,


Fond Memories

Aang and Bumi share memories of time long past when their friendship was so much more. A look back into their past and their relationship. Young Bumi x Aang


Creeping Crystal

King Bumi had put creeping crystal on Sokka in the form of a cock ring, the crystal spreads alright rubbing and filling him in the most interesting of places.


Flying High

Teo gets a crush on Aang but feels the avatar wouldn’t want someone like him in his condition. Surprise Aang doesn’t care about his condition he likes him for him and gladly proves it, now Teo is really flying. Teo x Aang


Spirit Healing

Teo believes he will never have a normal love life, that is until Aang, the avatar. Aang taps into all his water bender past lives and summons up the ultimate healing abilities. Aang heals him and Teo shows his thanks. Aang x Teo


Steal My Heart

Jet’s stolen a lot of things, money, food, even hearts figuratively speaking of course. He never thought his heart would get stolen by the avatar. Aang doesn’t want to steal his heart, but he’d gladly accept it. Aang x Jet


On My Side

Jet needs the avatar on his side to complete his plans, and he’s willing to do anything even offering his body, but his usually flirting tactics don’t work on Aang. Aang x Jet


Warrior Ritual

Sokka wishes to perform an ancient right of passage for young warriors to become men. Aang is willing to help, it’s a bit embarrassing but Sokka is very appreciative. Aang x Sokka


Daddy Again!

Sokka brings his boyfriend Aang home to meet his family. He asks his dad to be on his best behavior. He promises, but his bad habit strikes as he finds himself lusting for his son’s boyfriend. Aang x Sokka Aang x Sokka


Like Father Like Son

AU: Ozai never believed any of Zuko’s partners were good enough, that is until he started dating Aang. The boy has certain assets that even Ozai can’t resist. Hyper Aang/Zuko Aang/Ozai


Zuko Doesn’t Know

AU: Jet was quite the player when he met Zuko, he swore off girls, but Zuko doesn’t know that Jet’s been screwing his dad behind his back. Toys Jet x Zuko Jet x Ozai


Zuko Doesn’t Know Version 2

AU: Zuko has been dating Katara for 2 years now, their relationship hasn’t been the best but Zuko thought they were happy, that is until he learns she’s cheating on him. Heart broken he seeks comfort in Aang his friend who Katara had always made him avoid. Aang x Zuko hurt and comfort


Molten Rock

After Zuko joins the team not everyone is happy, the fire prince is willing to take whatever punishments that are deemed fit. So Haru gets his hands on Zuko to play with him and tease him. Haru x Zuko


Accepting Zuko

Zuko is willing to do anything to atone for his actions. Sokka has a great idea! Zuko is put into a cock cage, and has every boy in the group use his ass for hours on end. Aang+Sokka+Haru+Teo+Pipsqueek x Zuko


Zuko’s Tea

Aang is the only one willing to try Zuko’s attempts to make tea. Zuko wants to make a tea as good as his uncle, so he tries to put in something to make it more sweet, not realising it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. Aang/Zuko


Hypnosis is a Joke

Sokka has been studying hypnosis, Zuko thinks its a waste of time so he agrees to be the guinea pig. He really should have kept his mouth shut, Sokka hypnotizes him and has a new toy to play with. Hypnosis Sokka x Zuko


Dance With Me

AU: Zuko is stood up at the dance, and becomes a wall flower. Aang is the life of the party and tries to get Zuko to dance with him, he does and things heat up. Zuko x Aang


Kiss Me I’m An Air Nomad

The air nomads really can’t hold their booze, when some fruit is found which juices have a high alcohol percent Aang gets drunk and he’s very kissy touchy feely.


Spirits Day

A day in polar opposite to halloween, on spirits day people have to strip down and wear no clothes at all as wondering spirits roam the world, if you wear clothes on this day the spirits will notice and attack.



Aang and Zuko share a vision of the future, their adult selves together and doing things. It’s certainly an enlightening experience. Adult Aang x Adult Zuko


Pool of Destiny

A legendary pool is said to reveal the identity of one’s true love. Mai thinks it’s stupid but Zuko is curious, imagine his shock when the name isn’t his current girlfriend but of the avatar his enemy.


While He’s Sleeping

Zuko and Aang are going off to train, Sokka warns Zuko not to sleep too close to Aang, that he sleep walks. Zuko doesn’t really get it, but gets a real big surprise. Rim


Sky Run

Aang wants to do something special with Sokka, so he takes him up on Appa. Sokka joins the mile high club. Aang x Sokka


Tent Rocks

Aang and Sokka are together, and they like to fool around, so if the tent is rocking don’t come a knocking. Foot Aang x Sokka


Roll in the Hay

When Haru meets Aang he finds the boy very attractive, needing some stress relief he asks Aang for a roll in the hay, which the boy is very happy to experience.


Mud Bath

As a thanks for saving him and his father, Haru takes Aang to a special mud bath. He didn’t plan for things to escalate, but he’s not complaining. Haru x Aang


Zuko’s Pride

Zuko sees Aang and Sokka fooling around and gets a little cocky seeing as he’s bigger than both of them. So Aang uses a special chi flow technique to teach Zuko a lesson. Size Stealing Aang x Zuko Aang X Sokka


Pool of Spirits

Aang and Sokka go to a pool to bathe, but the water has unique effect on them. The water made by the spirit of lust and causes anyone who touches the water to act on desires.


Chi Makes It Bigger

Sokka and Zuko have had their dick measuring contests, loser gives a blow job to the winner. He first was winning but Sokka’s dick has been suspiciously getting larger and larger. He finds out that Aang has been making him grow through a special massage.



Aang messes with Zuko after he first captures him. Now reunited the fire bender craves to be marked and owned. Water Sports Aang x Zuko


Feeling the Heat

Zuko can be very cold and distant, but Aang knows what he’s like when he feels the heat. Tsundere Zuko


Warm Night

Zuko doesn’t want to sleep alone, so Aang offers his bed. Fire benders tend to give off heat, so they don’t wear any clothes. When in rome, Aang joins him anyway much to Little Zuko’s excitement. Zuko x Aang


Don’t Drink the Cactus Juice

Sokka loses his mind upon drinking the cactus juice, he strips off his clothes, and is dancing like a mad man. Aang has to take care of him.


Zuko’s Kink

Zuko always thought he was pretty vanilla when it came to sex. That is until he discovered spanking, just the thought of his boyfriend putting him over his knee and spanking him gets him hot and bothered.


Dueling Dragons

Aang and Zuko go off for secret trainings, clothes are removed and they bring their dragons together to dance. Frottage.


Melting Chocolate

It’s valentines day, and Zuko plans something special for Aang. Chocolate, Melting, Oral, Anal

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