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Baka and Test Backburner Ideas

Baka and Test Backburner Ideas


Alpha Idiot

Yoshii is an alpha and an idiot, not realizing he’s sought after by his beta friend Yuji or the smart omega Kubo. Will he be able to figure it out in time for his first rut?


Monster and Test

In a school of monsters to the weak submit to the strong. If you can’t be smart you gotta be powerful. Classes of monsters duke it out over power and station in test wars. Headless demon Yoshii/harem


Yoshii’s Life With Monster Boys

Yoshii is too nice for his own good and too dumb to say no. So he ends up becoming a host family to one after another monster boys. Yoshii/Monster harem


Omega Idiot

Yoshii is the cutest and possibly the most frustrating omega on the planet. He doesn’t know how cute he is, or when he does things that says please alpha take me! The betas won’t let any filthy alphas defile their precious Yoshii. Yoshii/Kubo/Yuuji


Probationary Alpha

As a probationary student Yoshii isn’t allowed to mate, this is problematic for the betas omegas and delta that wants his loving so bad it hurts. Yoshii/Harem


Delta Idiot

When Yoshii presented as a delta he thought he didn’t have to deal with a lot of the mating nonsense that goes on between alphas betas and omegas. Oh Yoshii your so dumb, especially when you have alphas and betas wanting to have you, and omegas that want to have your child. Yoshii/Harem


Moved In

Yuuji can’t stand Shoko’s crazy anymore, to get her off his back he moves in with Yoshii. Yoshii gets some bills paid and Yuuji sees another side of him that makes him want to stay. Yoshii/Yuuji


Crossdressing Idiot

Yoshii isn’t just a moron he’s a crossdresser. He does what he likes and his sister certainly doesn’t mind, but if guys think they can mess with Yoshii just cause he wears girl clothes they got another thing coming. Top Yoshii/male harem



There is no science but magic that allows one to summon their avatars. Students need permission to summon their avatars outside of homes and class. Yoshii hopes to become an amazing summoner one day, sadly he while others can summon their avatars easily he tends to mess it up somehow. Yoshii/Harem


Class F’s Omega

Omegas were rare like one in a million holy grail levels of rare, as alpha and beta matings became more and more normal when an omega is at school and class F no less it causes quite the a stir. Omega Yoshii


Future Goals

School is said to prepare you for your future, this school was a bit more advanced. Those who weren’t as smart as others could fight and claw to the top for luxuries and rewards. Yoshii gets an upgrade on his avatar when he decides what he wants to do when he grows up. This upgrade changes things for class F in more ways than one. Switcher Yoshii


Idiot at Life Good at Games

Yoshii might be an idiot but he had a talent for games. It reflects in his avatar as well. Yuuji thinks he can use Yoshii’s talent to help bring victory to Class F. Gambling Yoshii/Yuuji/Kubo


Destroy Akihisa Yoshii

When a new student transfers in, a lot of horrible things have been happening to Yoshii. The boy doesn’t realize he’s being bullied cause he’s kinda dumb that way but his friends notice and don’t like it.


Yuuji’s Curse

Yuuji is a werewolf trying to live among humans. At first he kept his distance from people what he didn’t count on was encountering an idiot named Yoshii. Even though he tries to push him away the boy seems attached to him, and much to Yuuji’s horror he falls for the idiot to. Yoshii/Yuuji


Idiot Witch

Monster School: monsters fight for the spoils and luxuries. When Class F got a witch they thought they had a chance to turn their meek existences around only to get Yoshii, who’s spells tended to back fire in explody ways.


Idiot Vampire

Yoshii is a vampire and can be kinda dumb. He just wants a meal and to find love but his targets always end up trying to kill him. Be it the priest Kubo, the vampire hunter Yuuji, or female monsters that want to eat him.


Special Little Yoshii

Yoshii was born special, his sister knows, and some are curious what his secret is. When pictures of the bath reveal it all certain dreams start to occur and Yoshii’s popularity increases. Two Dick Yoshii


Yoshii’s Pets

When one of Yuuji’s schemes pushes Yoshii to far he snaps and decides to get some payback. Taking Yuuji was easy, and awakened a desire for control he didn’t know he had. Dom Yoshii/Male Harem


Stress Relief

Yuuji is stressed from all of Shoko’s crazy. He can’t think of a way to destress so Yoshii offers him a massage. At first he declines but after experience the sensations he comes back for more. Who knew the idiot had magic fingers.


Hypnosis for Idiots

Yoshii was pretty bad with his money, but getting Hypnosis for Dummies book might have just been the best investment of his life. Yuuji doesn’t think he can be hypnotized that he’s too smart for that he’ll learn pretty quick. Toys hypnosis mind control


Oh So Pleasant

Yoshii is actually a genius from a family of geniuses, but he decided one day he could be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. He’d rather be pleasant. Yuuji is the only one who knows his secret and thinks he can use Yoshii’s skills to bring down class A. Yoshii/Yuuji/Hideyoshi/Kubo


Plan Yoshii

Yuuji can’t take Shoko anymore he needs someone to get her off his back. No girl is crazy enough to do it, so he has to turn to Yoshii. Yoshii isn’t that stupid but agrees on a few conditions. Yuuji just thinks a few months will be enough to get Shoko off his back, but being Yoshii’s boyfriend is actually kind of nice.


Fever Pitch

Yuuji is sick and Shoko wants to take care of him…so hell no! He finds himself under Yoshii’s care and Yuuji doesn’t know what’s real or what’s the fever.


The Games We Play

Class F loves games, loves to gamble, but between the boys sometimes there’s something more in the games they play. Bondage toys cage masochist


Yuuji’s First Love

Yuuji had met Yoshii when they were kids. His sister had dressed him up like a girl just because, so he thought he was a girl. They reunite for Yuuji to learn the truth, but his feelings for Yoshii don’t go away just because of gender.


Player Curse

Yuuji is a notorious player, bedding girl after girl until he flirted with the wrong girl. A witch named Shoko who puts a curse on him in order so she can be the only girl he can love. If he tries to be with a girl or thinks about a girl and gets to excited poof he turns into a cat.


Home on the Range

Yoshii is kinda dumb, but has a good heart so the family leaves him in charge of the family farm. If he can keep it running they will support him through whatever he needs if not he’s cut off. Yoshii is good at the work he is just too trusting and some crooks try to take advantage of him. Monster Farm


Idiot’s Summer Vacation

Its summer break meaning no school no tests, just fun in the sun. Yoshii invites his friends mostly because to counter his sister’s plans. Six weeks on at a beach resort things happen. Yoshii/Kubo/Yuuji/Hideyoshi


Idiot’s Winter Vacation

After a summoner test war with class B, Class F gets to take their winter vacation reward. Class A just happens to be there to oh the fun. Yuuji has plans to confess to a certain someone but he’s not the only one.


Class F Cafe

When told they can get funds to build up their classroom Class F goes all out but in order to be number 1 Yuuji has a plan. He just didn’t expect to get so jealous.


Earth Boys Are Easy

A UFO landed inside was an alien named Yoshii. He was sent to study earth and obtain its knowledge, however Yoshii is more interested in having fun with humans. Yoshii/Harem


Alien Yoshii

Yoshii is the dumbest planet conquering alien in the galaxy, so he’s given one more chance conquer earth or be terminated. Yoshii comes to Earth but no one thinks he’s serious, until he unleashes his fearsome alien tech. Alien Yoshii/Male Harem


Invasion of the Idiots

A UFO crashed and a strange boy appears at school. He confesses to being an alien like really easily. He also admits he was one of many alien races sent to earth to conquer it. The humans think they can handle it with the Avatar Defense System, but the aliens are more than even the elites could handle. So they have to rely on this idiot alien and his advanced alien tech.


Life Is A Game

Yoshii lives in a universe run by video game logic. If you die you explode into coins, and respawn in a set location. People know martial arts and can pull weapons out of sub space, your quality of life depends on your level. It makes finding love very hard…


Nurse Yuuji

Yoshii is sick, and needs to be looked after. Yuuji volunteers thinking it gets him away from Shoko, and it’ll be easy right?


Virus Unleashed

A strange virus has infiltrated the the Summoner Test system, and the probationary student one at that so not only can it manifest in the real world but also effect living things. Cock Hugger Cock Tail Yoshii/Harem


Class F Perverts

Class F is seen as the lowest of the low, their equipment is garbage and they are not even allowed to wear the school uniform. So the boys are running around in their underwear, believing the humiliation will get results. They didn’t think it could get any worse, that is until they lose a test war and are forced to wear even more humiliating undergarments.

Making Money

Yoshii is kinda dumb, but that’s not why he doesn’t have a job. The boy is a natural pheromone machine, he keeps getting harassed and hit on which usually ends up with him quitting. His friend believes he can put those pheromones to good use to making some real money.


One Shots


The Biggest Dick in Class F

Boys compete over the silliest of things, so when someone decides to start a dick measuring contest what could go wrong? Yoshii doesn’t want to compete making everyone think he’s a mini magnum, so Yuuji sweetens the pot saying the guy with the biggest cock can do whatever he wants to the losers.


Steamy Shower

Yuuji goes to take a shower at Yoshii’s place, though he has no hot water Yoshii has a way of getting things hot.


Proving It

Hideyoshi wants to prove he’s a guy once and for all. So he’s willing to bare it all in front of Yoshii. This doesn’t stop him from wanting to be with him in the slightest.


Drunk Chocolates

Yoshii is given a gift of chocolates which Yuuji pilfers one, not knowing just how special these chocolates are. Things get hot and heavy between them.



Kouta has a way of making some serious money, and it involves a special photo shoot between Yuuji and Yoshii. The guys agree to it only to get swept away by the moment.


Yuuji’s Secret

Yuuji and Yoshii often fought and competed against each other. Even in cock size, that’s when he learned Yoshii’s secret and a secret of his own, he’s a size queen. Top Yoshii


Pent Up

Yoshii’s sister has fitted him with a cock cage to make sure he’s not fooling around with any girls. She will however let him fool around with guys, Yuuji is also looking for a way to relieve some stress. Switcher Yoshii


Caged Yuuji

Shoko broke him into the boys house and fitted him with a cage. Thinking that she can get what she wants from Yuuji but instead awakens him to what he truly wants.


Friends With Benefits

Yoshii and Yuuji are friends, but could they be more than that. As close as they are, you’d almost think they were lovers, but no they were just friends with benefits.


Beach Kiss

After the girls tease Yuuji and Yoshii about dating and first kisses. The boys want to have their first kiss but after being shot down again and again they find comfort in each other.

Probationary Summon

Yoshii learns his special item, allows him to summon anyone’s avatar who has been summoned in his field, and as a probation student avatar. Voodoo Multiple Org


Learn Something New

Kubo is invited over to Yoshii’s house to study. He however gets distracted and caught doing something naughty.

Study Date

Kubo finally figured out a way to talk to Yoshii, a study date. Things go way better than he expected. Kubo x Yoshii


Class A Boyfriend

Yoshii starts dating Kubo, the smarter male is so excited, hoping to become the donut to his bannana.


Secrets Out

Class F is being used to test the avatar system again, oh joy! This is a new lie detector function, if their master lies the avatar speaks the truth. Yoshii uses this new system to handle some of his friends.


Truth or Dare

A new program is loaded into Yoshii’s band, allowing them to create a special field for the game Truth or Dare. Yoshii/Yuuji/Kouta/Hideyoshi


VR Date

Yuuji got a new VR Dating Game, you create an avatar and your avatar meets another avatar they fool around and you feel everything. Yuuji uses this game to live out his fantasies, little did he know he was hooking up with his best friend Yoshii.


No Pants Day

Yuuji and Hideyoshi hang out at Yoshii’s house for no pants day, and all the fun that comes with it. It’s summer, it’s hot who wants to wear clothes, at Yoshii’s place that’s not a problem.


Gentle Idiot

If you asked Hideyoshi why he sleeps with Yoshii, he’d proudly tell you he’s a wonderful lover, he’s sweet and gentle and an over all great guy. If he had one complaint, the guy’s hung like a horse with a stamina to match.


Yuuji’s Alone Time

Kouta sells a lot of pictures, and it seems Kubo isn’t the only one who buys pictures of Yoshii in drag. Solo Male


Dress Fashion Shoot

After losing a bet, Yoshii and Yuuji have to dress in girls clothes for Kouta’s photoshoot. Even he couldn’t predict what was gonna happen. Who knew Yuuji would get turned on by wearing a skirt and panties.


Girlfriend For a Day

Yuuji loses a bet to Yoshii, so now he’s the idiot’s girlfriend for the day. He has to wear a full girls dress up, and do whatever the guy asks for 24 hours. Punishments include additional sex toys. Humil Toys Crossdressing


Big Banana

Everyone seems to think that Yoshii is the donut to Yuuji’s banana, oh how wrong they are as Yuuji can’t get enough of Yoshii’s big banana. The icing on the dessert is Yoshii’s a grower.


Probationary Dress Code

Yoshii is a probationary student, so not only must he help the teachers with whatever they want, he also has to wear a rather embarrassing uniform. Teacher x Yoshii


Never a Voyeur Be

Kouta is really good at taking pictures but when it’s his turn under the lens he can’t take it. Yoshii x Kouta


Omega Chocolate

Yuuji is an omega, who eats some special chocolates left to him by anonymous. These chocolates were left by Shoko and had a strong powder mixed in with the chocolate to help boost an omegas heat. Yuuji goes nuts and it’s up to Yoshii to take care of him.


Alpha Rumble

Yuuji and Yoshii are alphas, but Yuuji wants Yoshii’s sweet self, so they fight to see who will come out on top. Yoshii wins and as much as Yuuji tries to resist he submits. Size Manipulation


Premium and Delta

Yoshii is a rare premium, which among many things means he’s born with two dicks, he falls in love with a Delta named Yuuji. Yuuji was swept away by the premium’s scent but he doesn’t regret bonding to him, even if he is kinda dumb.


Number 1 Class Events

The girls take over class F, coming up with a sure fire money making idea for the cultural festival. A milk cafe, with the boys providing the milk. Milk machines, toys, drug


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