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Prime and Theta Chap 1

Prime and Theta

Primes are the sub sex beyond alpha, they have stronger and more resilient bodies. They also have a rare and for some terrifying ability, to create a fifth sub sex by dominating alphas. Bakugo presented early as an alpha, and he always believed Izuku would end up presenting as a beta or omega. He planned to keep the boy under foot, to make sure he knew who was boss, who knew he would present as a prime.

Chapter 1

The world was a unique one, governed by one’s sub sex. Alphas, betas, and omegas, and over time a new sub sex was discovered, Primes. Superior to alphas, they are stronger, faster, despite their appearance. Their cocks are larger than alphas when erect, but soft you couldn’t tell a prime from an alpha, primes also have more knots than an alpha, that grow in size the further down. They produce powerful pheromones, and possibly even more terrifying, they are capable of creating a new sub sex the theta. Thetas are made from alphas, and not only does the change make them the size of omegas, but they also go wild and crave the touch of their mate, and their bond is for life.

Primes are possibly even more possessive of their mates than alphas are. Not with other primes, as Primes mate for life and usually seek a mate of their own and not attached. Alphas, however, sometimes can’t help themselves seeing Thetas as an omega in heat. This results in massive humiliation for the alpha, and in bloodier ways death. The government had to step in and oversee the unions of Primes and Thetas, giving support when needed and making sure the Prime doesn’t kill anyone for harming their mate. Thetas were still as strong as alphas and weren’t totally defenseless, but for a prime, any aggressive action towards their mate is a punishable offense.

Though despite the government sanctions there were many that didn’t believe the prime and theta sub sex existed, since primes were so rare, it made thetas even rarer. Primes were seriously monogamous, and only mated thetas, some people went their whole lives without meeting one in person. Much like with quirks many health classes did not update to properly educate about these unique sub sexes.

Things only got wilder when the Quirk Phenomenon began to spread across the generations. Quirks were so new and fascinating they became the focus of the world, things like space travel took a back seat to these amazing abilities. A new profession began to take hold, as other quirk holders began to use their powers for their own gain.

Heroes would battle villains and try to maintain peace. The government still didn’t know how to handle quirks with education and sports abilities, so students would go to basic schools, and if they wanted to go to the hero course they would transfer to one of the hero schools, if not they would attend regular high school.

Outside of Bi-monthly quirk assessments, most students and people were not allowed to use their quirks in public. While some heroes felt the rules were misguided, and left rising heroes with a lack of proper quirk growth, and would put some in the future in the face of criminal charges when all they were doing was protecting themselves. Some other what the fuck were you thinking practices was the insane act of Quirk Marriages, forced mating to try and bring two powerful quirks together to create the next level of hero.


Katsuki Bakugo was an early bloomer so he presented as an alpha before anyone else. It only stroked the boy’s ego, not only was he highly intelligent, but also had an impressive quirk, so the boy was constantly praised by his teachers and fellow students. His mother didn’t quite approve, being a female alpha, she knew how big a male alpha’s ego could get, and the brat already needed to get knocked down a peg at age 6.

Her brat was so cocky, he already decided that Izuku would be his mate in the future and was sure the boy would be either a beta or omega. He would often bite Izuku and leave marks so everyone would know who he belonged to.

It often bugged him when Izuku would say All Might was the best, sure they were both fans of him, but the way Izuku’s eyes sparkled when he talked about All Might or saw a news blast about him always caused a bubble of jealousy to grow in Katsuki. Being young he often reacted badly to the emotions he didn’t know how to process. So when Izuku said he wanted to be like All Might and save people with a fearless smile, Bakugo took that as a challenge. He was gonna be the number 1 hero, and Izuku would be by his side.

Things only got worse when Izuku was revealed to be quirkless. As Katsuki saw it the boy couldn’t be a hero now, the fact he was pushing so hard angered Katsuki. It was like he was racing to his own death, people had perished in the U.A. entrance exam, and they had quirks. Even if he was lucky enough to get in, and he became a low ranked hero, some villains could only be stopped by raw power. The thought of Izuku getting killed by the hands of a villain hurt Katsuki in a way he couldn’t bring himself to admit. So he was hard on Izuku, hoping the boy would understand.

Izuku was a nerd, he was his nerd, no one was allowed to mess with him. That was the status quo, but Izuku wasn’t happy with it. Even though he hadn’t presented it wasn’t like quirks, his quirk would never manifest, but his sub sex would, even if he was a late bloomer. Izuku didn’t care so much about the sub sex thing, he didn’t care what he was his lack of a quirk is what upset him.

Every day he tried, to breath fire, to move objects towards him. Each failure a blow to him, he would watch his favorite video, it was an old video but it was still his favorite. All Might had saved 20 people so fast and kept going back to do more. Izuku wanted somebody, anybody to just believe in him, to say its okay that your quirkless, you can still become a hero. Not his mom, not his best friend in the whole world Katsuki aka Kacchan, not even his Hero All Might…


The sludge villain incident occurred, and it had been Katsuki’s fault Izuku was alone. The two had an argument about him going to U.A. taking the entrance exam. Now Katsuki in his young alpha mind was trying to protect Izuku from ending up getting killed, but to Izuku he was being cruel and ran off upset.

It was hard for Izuku not only did everyone in school have a quirk, everyone in school had a sub sex but him. He was a late bloomer and didn’t have a quirk, he felt like an outsider on all counts. Made only worse but the overwhelming protectiveness everyone seemed to place on him, a part of him hated it, he didn’t want to be protected he wanted to do the protecting.

This was a bit mute when he was attacked by a villain, the sludge villain was on the run, and needed a body. He was trying to invade Izuku’s body, but the greenette was resisting with all his might. “Don’t struggle, no alpha, beta, or omega can escape my power.” he chuckles.

‘No, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!’ Izuku’s pupils flash gold for a moment, and the sludge villain froze in terror. His body wasn’t responding to his commands.

‘What is this, is this his quirk?’ he didn’t think it was alpha intimidation, omega infatuation, or beta interrogation. Referring to the three effects that can be caused by the pheromones of one’s sub sex. Alpha’s intimidate, omega’s could create feelings of lust and desire, often used for distracting villains, and betas pheromones worked like a truth potion, betas were key in packs as when alphas got too proud and omegas got too frustrated they helped cut through the bullshit and keep the packs together.

The villain had no idea what Izuku was or more like what he was going to be. There are whispers spoken in some circles, no one can win against a prime when they’re pissed! This distraction allowed enough time for All Might to find them, he rescued Izuku and even gave him an autograph as an apology for getting him mixed up in this mess.


Through a series of events Izuku learned the truth about All Might, and the terrible secret he harbored. He could only be in hero mode for short periods in the day, after taking a serious injury, and his time was up, revealing his true form to Izuku. In-kind All Might crushed the boy’s hope, giving him a harsh truth he’s heard before, but coming from All Might it stung all the more.

All Might realized too late that the villain had slipped out of his pocket, and left abandoned in the street. Bakugo found it and in a rage at himself for upsetting his future mate kicked the bottle in frustration. The villain was let loose and he found a new meat suit.

He arrived to see young Bakugo in the hold of the sludge villain. The nearby heroes were stuck dealing with damage control as no one had a quirk that could handle the sludge villain. He had Katsuki hostage as well keeping a tentacle of slime around his neck as a warning.

Alphas tried to intimidate him into release Katsuki but to no avail. All Might was at his limit he couldn’t transform, he had to wait and pray someone would show up and be able to help. His prayers were answered in the least likely source.

Izuku had ended up there, and while everyone looked on in horror, Izuku, quirkless, sub sexless Izuku, rushing out to save his alpha friend. He shocked everyone, civilians and heroes alike. He managed to distract the villain and was able to get Katsuki partially free if only for a few moments. “What are you doing here Deku!?”

“I’m sorry Kacchan, my feet moved on their own, I couldn’t stand back and watch you die!” he was in tears.

Izuku’s actions spurred All Might to action and he saved both boys. Bakugo was praised for his actions during the whole ordeal while Izuku was scolded. All Might found him later and apologized. “I was wrong, when everyone else stood back and watched, you charged in. You do have what it takes to become a hero.”


All Might revealed his quirk One for All could be passed on, and that he was here looking for a successor. He agreed to train Izuku for 10 months and pass on his quirk. During these months Izuku’s sub sex awakened and even All Might was shocked. “OH MY GOODNESS!” he actually fell back from shock as Izuku’s overwhelming pheromones hit him like a tidal wave. “Midoriya you’re a prime!” All Might not an idiot, and have actually met a prime before knew what Izuku was.

To be continued

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