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Slime Lord Chap 1-3

Slime Lord

Rimuru’s name and skills have allowed him to become a slime lord, quite the powerful creature, and he gains some respect. He gives names to monsters and they evolve, his followers think their master deserves a proper harem and work on getting him one. Rimuru/Harem

Chapter 1 Becoming Friends

Satoru Mikami had a normal life, he was a middle-aged businessman, who worked hard and climbed up the social ladder. If he had any complaints it was that he hadn’t had a lover.

On a day he was called out by his junior, Tamura, who was showing off his new girlfriend. The guy was a hot shot, but a good guy, so he was cool with giving whatever advice he could and hey, Tamura was treating him to his favorite restaurant.

Their time together was cut short as a mad man ran down the street wielding a large knife. He ran straight at Tamura, but Satoru pushed him out of the way and got stabbed. The mad man twisted the knife before pulling it out causing his blood to gush out of the open wound.

He collapsed and in the confusion and panic, the mad man got away. As he lay dying, Satoru thought about how he felt, the pain, the warmth of his blood, how cold he felt, he even asked Tamura to do him a favor and destroy his computer for him. Little did he know the Voice of the World was listening to him and was creating a new form for him based on what he said. He thought about how he was losing so much blood, and lamented on the fact he was still a virgin at his age, he apologized to his manhood and promised he’d chase after girls and be more assertive in his feelings.

In his final words, he asked Tamura’s girlfriend to look after him, for him, which she agreed. The life left his eyes and they closed, the last beats of his heart fading away. As one life ended a new one began.

Satoru’s consciousness remained, his soul floating through a rainbow of colors as his new body was formed around him. He was no longer human, he had become a monster. One without blood as Satoru had thought about how much blood he was losing. It narrowed down the monster species pretty quick and thus he had become a slime.

There was no denying it, his once super manly body…Satoru’s words, not mine…was gone and now he was a tiny adorable slime. At least he thinks he’s adorable, since becoming a slime he didn’t have a voice, or sight, or taste buds. It took him a few tries just to figure out how to move in his new body.

From what he could gather he was in a cave of some kind, and there were plants inside. He accidentally absorbed one and his slime skill Absorb, broke it down with Dissolve and he was able to learn what it was thanks to one of the features of his unique skill Predator, a high-quality herb used to make healing potion, which he found he could do himself, so he did. His other unique skill Great Sage, helped explain things to him, it spoke in a similar voice to the Voice of the World, but it was his own unique skill.

Since he had nothing else to do and walked? Slithered? Rolled? Moved around gobbling up all the herbs he could find. He didn’t know hunger or fatigue so it gave him something to do. The herbs were stored in a special space inside himself, a feature of Predator known as Stomach, and anything inside could be broken down and absorbed, or used to make new items such as the healing potion. It was lonely so he often found himself talking to Great Sage, and learning about the world around him and his skills.

He had Heat and Cold Resistance, which unlocked his current Thermal Fluctuation Resistance. He also had Electricity Resistance and Paralysis Resistance. Being a slime he could Self Regenerate, and he had Physical Attack Resistance and Pain Nullification.

Finding some magical ore, he absorbed that too and stored it inside his stomach. After devouring herbs like Pac-man, he was able to make quite the supply of healing potion. Great Sage explained about Magicules, and how they existed in everyone and everything, and how they were important when using his skills.

He got a bit over excited and ended up falling into a lake. It was weird, he didn’t need to breathe so he wasn’t drowning, but he didn’t know how to swim in this body, or if he could even swim. It took some thinking but he figured it out, he sucked in the water and used it to launch himself out of the lake.

Acquired: Hydraulic Propulsion Skill

The unique slime ventured deeper into the cave and bumped into something hard. It dented his body and yet he felt no pain, and even the dent repaired itself after a few seconds. ‘Man, what did I hit?’

“So it is a slime that comes before me.”


“Little one, what has brought you here before me?”

‘Hey, stop with the little one stuff, I’m not little you baldy!’

“Baldy!” a roar shook the cave. “I was gonna be nice since I haven’t seen someone in so long, but you dare insult me! You got some balls slime!”

‘Wait you can hear my thoughts? I’m sorry I snapped, you see I can’t even see you.’

“Hmm, well I can help you see if you promise not to run away when you see me.”

‘You can help me see? Yes, you got a deal.’ The mystery creature taught him Magic Sense, using magicules he’ll be able to see the world around him.

Would you like to activate Magic Sense? Yes/No

‘Yes!’ his magic sense reached out and he began to see the world around him for the first time. ‘This is amazing!’ he went back over to the lake and he saw, yep he was a slime. He went back to the mystery creature and gasped. ‘A-a-a Dragon!’

“Greetings slime, I am the Storm Dragon Veldora, the youngest of the four true dragons!” he was trapped inside a prison of magic. The dragon gestured him forward. “It’s rare to see such an articulate slime, you must be a unique.”

‘A unique?’ Veldora explained how there were two ways to come to this world, one was through reincarnation as Satoru did, it was rare but it did happen. The other way was through summoning, it took many wizards and a lot of magical power and it brings someone from Satoru’s world to their world. A contract is formed and the summon becomes a slave to the summoner.

Satoru didn’t like that, but this world might have people from his world in it, he’d like to find them if he could. Veldora explained in this world, it was eat or be eaten, and the strong often ruled the weak. Satoru understood that even in his world those with the money and power often made the rules.

After the initial shock, Satoru was kinda excited to explore this world, with wizards and adventurers and heroes. It seems Veldora was often going on a rampage here and there, so it was no surprise when a hero showed up to stop him. “I admit I underestimated my opponent, but even when I went all out I was still beaten! I was then trapped here inside this great magic cage known as the Endless Prison. I’ve been trapped here alone ever since.”

‘How long have you been imprisoned?’

“300 years give or take,” he says.

‘300 years!’ Satoru couldn’t believe it. He thought his 30+ years of life without a lover was bad. ‘You must have been so lonely.’

“I’ll admit, you are the first person I’ve talked to in 300 years, I’ve been so bored.” he hung his head low.

‘Maybe you shouldn’t have been rampaging.’ Veldora blushed and scratched his chin.

“Well, I only did it to unwind now and then.”

‘Is this how all dragons think?’ Veldora sulked. ‘Are you gonna be okay in there?’

“I’ll be in here for another 200 years…” he says.

‘What happens after that?’ a little slime question mark appeared over his head.

“Then I’ll die.”


“This cage has been slowly draining my magical powers, soon I’ll run out and I’ll cease to be.”

‘Draining…’ he put two and two together, the reason why there were so much high-quality herbs and ore in the cave was that his magicules were being drained and poured into the cave. ‘That’s horrible, to be alone for so long and it to end like that. I wanted to go see if I could find other beings from my world but…’

“No its okay, you can go, I understand. If it’s not too much trouble…could you…could you come back and visit?”

‘No its okay, I’ll stay.’

“Really!” he got really excited, only to cool down. “Do what you want.”

‘Is he tsundere?!’ the dragon was a pretty lonely guy, he could understand that. He felt bad for him. ‘Say Veldora, how would you like to become friends?’

“Me, the great Storm Dragon Veldora, friends with a slime?”

‘Well if you don’t want to,’ he turned and hopped away.

“Wait, I didn’t mean that,” he cleared his throat. “I will allow you to become my friend.”

‘Just can’t be honest, very well, from this day forward you and I are friends.’ Satoru was able to reach through the endless prison and Veldora reached down with his claw and they touched each other. It was the beginning of a new bond that would shake the world.

To be continued…Becoming A Slime Lord

Satoru finds out he can pass through the Endless Prison and touch Veldora. He decides to give the lonely dragon a hand on a certain part of himself. Feeding on dragon semen Predator unlocks some skills for him. Things only get better when Veldora offers to give him a name, and in-kind Rimuru gives him a family name.

Chapter 2 Becoming A Slime Lord

Satoru is able to pass through the Endless Prison. The spell seemed focused only on Veldora, but a cute little slime not a problem. It was the first contact Veldora had with anyone in years. ‘Since you’ve been bored and alone, have you tried…that?’ Satoru asked him.

“Heh, as if a dragon would give in to self-pleasure.” He blushed, it certainly told Satoru he thought about it. Being a virgin himself, he knew the lonely nights spent with time with his alone time hand.

‘300 years alone, you must be pent up.’ Veldora blushed harder. ‘Hey, we are friends, want me to give you a hand?’

“You…you would do that for me?” yep he was interested, he had needs like any monster. While a dragon could go 100 years not needing to mate, they frequently mated often. After 300 years he was definitely feeling the pressure.

‘Of course, we are friends, I might be new to this body, but I’ll do my best.’ he rolled up his nonexistent sleeves. ‘Show me what you got, big boy!’

“Alright!” he was excited. His balls were internal but his cock was safely stored inside his sheath. “I’ll warn you I’m quite large for a true dragon!” he played with his sheath a bit, and his giant dick slipped from his sheath.

With Veldora’s size he was expecting it to be large, but damn! His cock tip left his sheath, then with each new bit of dick his sheath grew wider and wider to allow his monster of a dick to escape. ‘So huge!’ Quite the monster it was, not only was it huge he had erotic ridges running along his length. It made his dick look even larger somehow.

Veldora felt a surge in his pride as his dick settled outside of his sheath, even among dragons he considered himself endowed. “Impressed?”

‘Very, you are amazing Veldora! Alright then!’ Satoru climbed up Veldora’s body, he stretched out and landed on the dragon’s massive penis. His slime body stretches out and coils around Veldora’s manhood.

“Ohh!” The dragon moans, his touch was cool against his heated flesh. “Mmm,” his penis twitches and throbs at the contact.

‘Does this feel good?’ he asked, tightening around Veldora’s penis.

“Oh yes, more please.” Satoru adjusts his pressure, and slides back and forth along his manhood. “Mmm!” The ridges were fun to slide against. He guessed the stimulus was the same as a gel fleshlight. He encased the giant penis in his slime, swirling around his hot flesh. “Ohhh!”

His cock was squeezed and swirled around, stimulating the sensitive flesh. “Ahhh!” his strong legs buckles. He had his manhood was squeezed and stroked, pre-cum spilling out from his manhood. Satoru went to the tip and began to slurp away his essence.

The slime body began to heat up from it, creating more stimulus to the dragon dick. “Ah ah ah,” he pants and moans, his climax building to the end. Satoru helps him push over the edge, remembering how he sucked in the water before, he sucked on the giant dragon dick, treating his whole body as his mouth. Every inch of his ridged cock sucked all at once, making his hips buck. Since he didn’t need to breathe so he could suck him relentlessly, he gave him the milking machine treatment. “Ahhhh!” he howls as his climax tips the scale and his cum erupts.

The force is so strong it actually pierces through the slime, hitting the Endless Prison, and even his seed couldn’t pass through the barrier. His thick dragon cum flooded his prison, rising higher and higher.

Veldora blushed, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, as he rode his orgasm. When the cum reached above his knees Satoru acted jumping down to gobble up his thick dragon seed. Using absorb and dissolve, he broke down the cum quickly, which was necessary as Veldora came for a solid 30 minutes.

Gain: Dragon Breath skill acquired, Heat Touch acquired, Unique Skill Phallus Mimicry acquired. Magicules limit increased!

‘Whoa you really were pent up, weren’t you?’ he says after slurping up all his cum. To his shock, Veldora was still hard.

“Please, please more!” he drops to his knees.

‘More? You got it buddy!’ he launched forward he coils around his dick once more. He used his whole body to stroke Veldora’s massive dick making the dragon pant and moan. ‘If he wants more then…’ he slithered down Veldora’s crotch and between his legs to his butt, finding his twitching hole. ‘Alright here I go!’ He stretches himself sliding into Veldora’s tight ass.

“Ahhh!” Veldora moaned, the intrusion barely registering to him, except for the aura Satoru was unconsciously releasing caressing his inner walls. Satoru continued slithering deeper and deeper inside the dragon’s tight heat until he his magic sense told him he located Veldora’s sweet spot.

‘Here ya go, buddy!’ the slime rammed the bundle of nerves making the dragon arch his back, breathing fire as the sudden burst of pleasure hit him. ‘You like that?’

“Yes!” Veldora moans, his body shaking from the prostate stimulus. Satoru surged forth ramming his sweet spot again and again and again! To make matters better Satoru was holding tight on his dick for balance, adding extra stimulus to the situation. “Oh ohh, so good, so good! SO GOOD!” he roars. His insides tightened but the clenching heat could do nothing to the slime, so the prostate massage and cock squeezing continued. All Veldora could do was take the pleasure the slime gave him.

Satoru heated up his body using Heat Touch to add extra stimulus to the dragon. The heat touch while capable of burning an opponent, but to a dragon, it could be used to stimulate them to higher plains of pleasure. The way Satoru saw it, it was like how some people could handle the hot wax fetish while others couldn’t.

The dragon drooled, as his cock wept. Giving a test of his slime body, he shifted his form inside Veldora, increasing larger and larger, creating friction as he thrust in and out of Veldora’s ass. His tail rose high and wagged in delight.

His ass was being stretched so wide, he loved it! “Yes, yes, I’m cumming!” Veldora howled as he came again. His climax was equally powerful lasting just as long as the first. Satoru stayed inside Veldora stimulating his prostate through his release, milking the dragon of a few extra spurts.

The pool cum reached above his knees before Satoru dropped down and cleaned up all his cum again.

Gain: Lightning Roar skill acquired, Mental Attack Immunity acquired, Black Lightning skill acquired.

“Thank you, that was amazing!” His cock was in a semi-hard state.

‘Do you want to go one more round?’ Satoru asked, wanting to try just one other skill.

“What do you have in mind?” he asked. Satoru showed him by transforming using Mimicry into a dildo of his Veldora’s dick. Using his magicules he grew larger and larger to match the dragon’s size.

‘Care to try out your own dick?’ Veldora blushed at the thought and his hole twitched in want. He collected him for a moment and began licking the copy of his dick. Satoru blushed, enjoying the licking.

Once he was nice and wet he was set down, Veldora straddled him the tip of the ridged cock lining up with his hole. He was excited, he’s never bottomed before, but he was enjoying the anal stimulus so much he wanted more.

“Here I go!” He slides down the dragon cock. The ridges stimulating his insides, each new ridge meant the cock grew wider. His insides swallowed up each one, loving each minute of it. In this form, Satoru was actually able to feel Veldora’s insides, the inner walls hugging him and squeezing him.

‘Ohh he’s so tight! His insides are squeezing me!’ Veldora’s ass consumes him.

“So full!” Veldora drooled loving the stuffed feeling. It took a moment, but the dragon began to move, the ridges teasing his insides as he moved up and down. “Ahh yes, yes yes yes yes!” He loved how the ridges stroked his insides, the growing friction driving him wild. His massive dragon cock bounced and bobbed as he rode himself.

Satoru filled him so well and so deep, he loved it. His climax came and he spilled his seed high, his cum raining down all over him as it once again filled the endless prison. With his cock finally spent, it slowly retreats back into his sheath.

The time allowed Satoru to slip out and revert back to his adorable slime form. He got to work cleaning up the dragon’s semen, even to go as far as to give the dragon a slime bath. Not a single drop was wasted, Satoru slurping it up absorbing and dissolving it.

Gain: Wind Magic Learned Gust Force skill acquired. Tornado Roar skill acquired Bonus: Water Propulsion, Lightning Roar, and Tornado Roar have unlocked Storm Roar skill.

“This is the most fun I’ve had in 300 years.” Veldora pants. “Thank you, my friend.”

‘Anytime, though is that all I can do? I can spend the rest of your days with you and make you happy but is that enough?’ he touched the barrier.

He tried to destroy it from the outside but no luck. ‘Hey Great Sage, could Predator dissolve and break the shield?’

Answer: Predator cannot destroy the shield on its own, but the analysis can be performed.

‘I see,’ Satoru hops back over to Veldora. ‘Hey, Veldora I have an idea of how to set you free!’

“Really?” the dragon sits back up.

‘Wanna get in my stomach?’

“Ehh?” Satoru explains his plan, he would swallow the Endless Prison with Veldora inside and he would analyze it on the outside while Veldora works on freeing himself on the inside.

‘You weren’t able to find a way out alone, but together maybe we can find a way.’

“I like it, but first how about I give you a name?”

‘A name, I had one as a human, but since this is a new life or slife, maybe I should have a new name.’

“You can give me a name as well, call it a family name.”

‘A family name huh?’ he thought about, considering who Veldora was. ‘Tempest, Veldora Tempest!’

“Tempest?!” Veldora roared, giving Satoru the impression he hated it.

‘You…you don’t like it?’

“It’s a wonderful name, I love it! I am Veldora Tempest!” his body glowed as the name marked his soul. “I shall name you Rimuru, Rimuru Tempest!”

Rimuru glowed, his body shifting as the name marked his very soul. The power granted to him allowed Rimuru to evolve into a Slime Lord. ‘Whoa that’s amazing!’ he felt different, stronger somehow.

“With this name, I grant you my protection, go forth and be strong my friend.”

‘Right, see you soon Veldora Tempest, we shall play again once you free of that thing!’ he used Predator and spread out consuming the prison completely.

Would you like to analyze the Eternal Prison Yes/No?

‘Yes!’ he says. It sucked to be alone again, but he decided to find his way out of the cave. He gains new skills as he searches for a way out. By moving across another lake he found he gained the skill Water Current Control.

Testing his skills a bit he acquired a new skill Water Blade and was able to learn the Wind Blade in kind. Through the water skills, he’s learned he gained the Extra Skill Water Manipulation.


With Veldora gone, the creatures of the cave made their way out to try and establish their dominance in the area, attacking Rimuru when he came upon them.

He first met a Black Serpent, looking like a monstrous snake with horns and large fangs. It attacks Rimuru, who dodges quickly and he finishes it off quickly with Water Blade. The creature died, but Rimuru got the idea to eat the corpse and gain new skills.

Gain: Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath skill, Mimicry Black Serpent Acquired.

He next met an Armorsaurus, and after turning into a Black Serpent and used Poison Mist Breath to melt the Armorsaurus into a puddle of goo. ‘Oh jeez, I might have to shelve that skill under do not use often.’

After eating the Armoursaurus, he gained the skill Body Armour and was able to mimic the beast. He next killed and ate a creature known as Evil Centipede and gained the skill Paralysis Breath, and was able to mimic the creature.

He defeated a Black Spider next, gaining the Sticky Thread and Steel Thread skills, and as before he could mimic the creature he ate. Using these skills he was able to move through the cave using his new thread to pull a Tarzan and cross through caverns.

Using his new skills he was able to capture and devour a Giant Bat. This was his greatest acquisition, as the bat gave him Auditory Perception and Ultrasonic Waves. Through these skills, he could talk. “I can talk, I can talk, I can actually factually talk!” he was overjoyed. “I don’t grunt, I don’t oink, I don’t even squeak or squawk when I wanna say something I just open up and talk!”

He finally found his voice and was able to speak, beyond his thoughts. He also gained the skill Drain Blood, but he filed that one away under do not use.

It had been some time since Veldora disappeared, and Rimuru finally able to find the door out of the cave. To his shock, the door opened, and three humans came inside, two men and a girl, it was his first sight of humans in so long. The girl used magic to make their weapons glow. They look around the cave a bit before one of the guys using a skill of his own turning the three invisible.

Rimuru left the cave hoping the three would be okay, they didn’t appear to be very strong. He felt the sun for the first time in this world, and what a beautiful world it was.

To be continued… Becoming the Goblin’s Protector

Rimuru meets a gang of goblins, they appear weak and have been getting attacked by Dire Wolves since Veldora’s disappearance.

Rimuru Tempest

Passive Skills: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance, Electricity Resistance, Paralysis Resistance, Physical Attack Resistance, Pain Nullification, Magic Sense, Water Manipulation, Mental Attack Immunity, Heat Perception, Auditory Perception,

Offensive Skills: Water Blade, Dragon Breath, Heat Touch, Lightning Roar, Black Lightning, Wind Magic, Gust Force, Tornado Roar, Storm Roar, Poison Mist Breath, Body Armour, Paralysis Breath, Stick Thread, Steel Thread, Ultrasonic Waves, Drain Blood, Wind Blade

Unique Skills: Great Sage, Predator

Slime Skills: Absorb, Dissolve, Self Regenerate, Mimicry

Chapter 3 Becoming the Goblin’s Protector

Rimuru hopped around, enjoying the outdoors. Little did he know the effect Veldora’s absence was having on the Great Forest of Jura and the surrounding areas. There was a conflict between the monster tribes inside and out. The weaker monsters who relied on Veldora’s protection were now being killed, eaten, or enslaved.

Something else he didn’t notice, his aura was leaking out with no control. Some monsters that approached him were quickly scared off.

“Hmm?” A horde of goblins appeared before him. ‘Who are these guys?’ he thinks. There was at least 30 of them, their weapons were worn, and their armor was poor, they barely had rags for clothes, and their bodies appeared frail.

Answer: They are goblins, and the females are goblinas.

They seemed scared and on edge. ‘I should talk to them and be friendly.’ he took a deep breath. “HELLO, MY NAME IS RIMURU! I AM A SLIME NICE TO MEET YOU!” he accidentally used ultrasonic sound, the sound waves knocking the goblin horde down. “Oops sorry.” he was still getting used to this.

“Please strong one, we acknowledge your greatness, please lower your voice.” the leader of the goblin horde spoke, some of them were crying others were cowering.

“My bad, I’m still not used to talking yet.”

Answer: Your excitement strengthened your thoughts, creating an increased pulse.

‘Ahh…’ Rimuru felt bad not the best first impression.

The goblins quickly bowed. “There is no need to apologize to us!”

“Then, do you need me for anything?” he asked.

“It’s like this, our village is right ahead. We felt a strong aura and came to investigate.”

“A strong aura?” he didn’t sense anything with his magic sense.

The leader of the group chuckled. “You don’t need to jest with us, even though you are a slime we can feel your powerful aura.”

‘My aura?!’ he had Great Sage shift his view of his magic sense so he could see himself. ‘Whoa!’ his aura was leaking out wildly. ‘So embarrassing, it feels like I’ve been walking down the street with my fly open.’ he pulled his aura back in.

“You did well to sense my aura, I’m impressed.” He was worried about the humans though, why didn’t they sense his aura? ‘I hope they’ll be alright?’ The goblins invited him to their village, it was a simple place, though like their weapons the buildings seemed worn and tattered.

The leader was actually the son of the village chief. “Thank you for waiting strong one.” he helped the elderly goblin inside and they both sat before him. “I’m afraid we have little to offer you. I am the elder of this humble village.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he didn’t feel hunger or tired anyway. “So is there something I can do for you?” he asked.

The elder quickly bowed as the son knelt beside him, bowing his head in respect. “My son has told me of your incredible power, please powerful one will you hear our request?”

“You can call me Rimuru, and sure,” he says.

“Lord Rimuru!” they say happily. “You see, one month ago, the dragon god that protected this land suddenly vanished.”

‘Dragon God? Could he mean Veldora?’ he thinks.

“Ever since the nearby monsters have begun trying to expand their territory. The ones that threaten us are the Dire Wolves. Just one of them is so strong, that even ten of us have trouble beating one of them.”

“How many are there?” he asked.

“Their pack is nearly 100 strong. As for our tribe, including the females are only 60 strong.”

“Those are not good odds.” he shifted forward. “Are you sure the wolves are 100 strong?”

“Yes…my eldest son Rigur got that information for us.”


“My big brother was the strongest of us, he was given a name by a famed demon, and using that strength he helped protect our village.” He saw them tremble.

“I take it, he’s not with us anymore. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“He fought bravely and died with honor, he was the greatest warrior in our village, we are only alive thanks to him.” The many waves of attacks wore him down and he soon lost his life due to the sheer numbers.

“I see.”

“Lord Rimuru, I humbly ask for your help in protecting us from the Dire Wolves!”

‘I could offer to help them on a whim, but I should preserve the natural order of things.’ he thinks. “What would you be willing to offer me in return for my help?”

The two share a look. “Lord Rimuru, we would pledge our loyalty to you!” they say. Rimuru felt a bit of nostalgia, his juniors would often come to him asking him for help.

Before he could respond a howl in the distance stirred the fear in the goblins. “The dire wolves!”

“Are they close?”

“Are they gonna attack!?”

“We’ll be devoured!”

“They gonna kill us all!”

“Its the end of us!” they were panicking, the elder was trying to calm them down.

“There is nothing to fear!” they quieted down upon hearing Rimuru speak. “In the stead of the Storm Dragon Veldora, I…Rimuru Tempest swear to protect your village!” The goblins dropped to their knees and bowed to him.

“Thank you for your protection, and from this day forth, we shall ever be your faithful servants!”


First things first, the Elder brought Rimuru to the wounded. There were so many, they all suffered from the Dire Wolf attacks. “I’m afraid many of these poor souls don’t have much time left.”

“Let’s see about that.” from his herb all you can eat buffet, he had made plenty of healing potion, and now was a good time to test it. He swallowed the wounded and doused them in healing potion. Their wounds vanished, and they were healed!

“It’s a miracle!” the elder cried.

“Lord Rimuru!” he was called outside. “We have created the “fence” as you ordered…is it satisfactory.” Rimuru had done work in a lot of building projects.

“It seems a little flimsy but it will serve our purposes.” he focused. “Sticky Thread!” he weaved the threads through the opening of the fences.


“Its one of my skills, I gained it from defeating spiders in the cave,” he explained. “Now, we must finish preparations.”


Hours passed and the day turned to night, the Dire Wolves were gathered around their leader and his son. “It is a good moon tonight, the perfect night to finish off those goblins, and take our first steps toward conquering the Forest of Jura!” the wolves howled in agreement.

They charged towards the village. “Onward, they no longer have the protection of that accursed dragon! Let the slaughter begin!”

Some of the goblins were watching from high trees. “Oh! They’re coming!”

“Alright, get ready!” he hopped outside of the fence. He recognized one of the wolves he met earlier with a star on his head.

“That’s him, dad! He’s the one…the monster who was producing such terrifying aura!”

“Nonsense, it is just a simple slime!” he growls.

“Listen up, I’m only going to say this once. If you turn back now you will not be harmed. Be smart and leave this place in peace.”

“Father!” the star wolf pleads, he sensed danger. His father simply laughed.

“Hmph! A fence like those at human villages. This little slime fancies himself important! Get him!” Some wolves charged in.

“I warned you, archers!” Arrows fired and struck the wolves before they got too far. The wolf leader gasped, he was so focused on the fence he didn’t see the goblins with bows in the village. Some of his wolves were hit and brought down from the surprise attack.

“Goblins fighting as humans, but you will fall just as they do,” he ordered the next wave and they fell for Rimuru’s other trap. Running at full speed and slamming into steel thread cut them deep. “What?!”

“Steel thread! I set up a trap for extra insurance.” He couldn’t cover the whole field, of course, those that got past his traps and reached the fence found themselves stuck, from his sticky thread. The Goblins swooped in and dealt a killing blow.

Some of the dire wolves backed up making the leader angry. “Impossible! The proud Dire Wolves can never be bested by inferior creatures like Goblins and Slimes!!” his rage was blinding him. “I cannot accept this!”

He charged forward. “Father!” the young wolf cried out.

“Mere tricks, the blood of my fellow wolves allows me to see the strings, and my claws and fangs are more than enough to sever them!” he cut through Rimuru’s traps. “Don’t get cocky, measly slime!! I will crush you flat!” he jumped into the air and lunged at Rimuru.

“Lord Rimuru!” the goblins called out in worry.

The wolf leader froze in the air. “Why?! I can’t move!”

“My last trap I set for any direct attack towards me, a combination of sticky and steel thread. It’s over!”

“Damn you!”

“Water Blade!” he cut off the wolf leader’s head, and his body dropped.

“Dad…” his son was in shock.

“Listen up, Dire Wolves! Your boss is now dead, your choice is now simple fealty or death!” he might have gotten carried away trying to sound badass. He completely forgot the run away option. The wolves didn’t make a move. ‘Maybe with their leader gone they don’t know what to do, or can’t make a choice. I’ll give them a little push.’

He used Predator on the Dire Wolf leader.

Gain: Analysis of Dire Wolf Complete, (Super Olfaction) Heightened Sense of Smell, Intimidation Skill, Thought Transmission.

He uses mimicry to turn into the Direwolf. “We shall overlook your actions this one time!” He infused his words with a bit of his new Intimidation Skill called Menace. “If you will not obey my commands…then I allow you to leave without quarrel!!” He thought they’d go running for the hills.

Instead in a rather adorable move, the wolves all bowed to him. “We will follow you to the ends of the earth Master!”


And just like that, the war between the goblins and the dire wolves ended. The two tribes became one, now Rimuru had the job of getting them to work together to strengthen their village. The numbers were a bit mismatched but one thing was clear, they were gonna need, food, clothing, and shelter. For now, he needed to give orders. “Hey elder, what’s your name?”

“We don’t have them, most monsters don’t since we don’t require them to communicate or make ourselves understood.”

“I see, it does make it a little hard for me to call on you.” a little slime exclamation point appeared over his head. “That’s it! I’ll just give all of you names. How about that?” The goblins and the wolves looked excited.

“A-Are you certain?”

“Uh, yeah. So get into a single file line.” they cheered and celebrated, making Rimuru sweatdropped. He didn’t know the significance of a monster gaining a name.

The elder and his son were first. “In honor of your son Rigur, the greatest warrior of the village, I name you Rigurd.”

“Oh thank you Lord!” he cheered.

“Rigur’s younger brother, in honor of your brother I ask you carry on the name Rigur, and I shall call you Riguru.”

“Yes, sir!” He named each of the Goblins, though he felt bad as he wasn’t very creative with the names, they were all so happy with them.

“Are you sure you wish to do this Lord Rimuru?”


“I am aware you have great magical power but to give each and every person here a name…”

“Then what? It’s no big deal.” they were all so happy he couldn’t just stop half way. He finished the Goblins and now it was time for the wolves. ‘I wonder if they are still mad at me for killing their boss?’ They sat patiently wagging their tails in excitement. ‘Well, they don’t look angry…’ He noticed the one with the star on his head. ‘He’s the leader’s son.’

“Alright, I give you the name Ranga, the perfect name by combining storm and fang.” He says. Ranga glowed, and a bond formed between the two. Then everything went dark. ‘What’s happening…I feel so drained…what is this…?’ he faintly heard the others calling for him but his senses faded one by one.

To be continued…Chapter 4 Evolution!

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