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Slime Lord Chap 4

Slime Lord

Chapter 4 Evolution

Rimuru was asleep for three days, and his body was looked after by the goblins and dire wolves. He slowly came to and was greeted by someone like a goblin, but taller and more developed. “Lord Rimuru, you are finally awake!”

“Eh?” the slime gasped.

“I’ll go get elder Rigurd!” the female left quickly.

“Was there a girl like that before, she didn’t look like a goblin?” the room was entered.

“Lord Rimuru!”

“Oh, Rigurd, who was that….holy!” The one who entered the room wasn’t the old man he had met, the poor elder who needed a staff to walk. He was replaced with a tall mountain of a man, broad shoulders, rippling biceps and triceps, rock hard abs and an 8 pack. “Is that really you?!”

“Indeed, we have evolved thanks to the names you have given us.” he flexes his muscles.

‘What?’ Rimuru couldn’t believe what he was seeing. ‘Great Sage, what’s going on?’

Answer: Rimuru Tempest faded due to low magicules when naming a monster the namer gives up their magicules and can even pass on skills to those they name, making them stronger and able to evolve. 

‘So that’s why Rigurd was so concerned about me naming everyone, I wish he had explained things better.’ he thinks.

Answer: Correct, the Goblins have evolved into Hobgoblins and Goblinas.

“Master! I’m glad you are awake.”

‘That voice sounds familiar.’

Answer: It is the voice of the wolf leader Ranga.

“Ahh…whoa!” he turned his magic sense onto the wolf, who wasn’t a beast anymore.

“Allow me to express my deepest joy at your recovery my lord!!” Ranga was in some kind of anthro form, he was standing on two legs, and he was a little shorter than Rigurd, he looked like a werewolf he had seen in a book once, except he had a horn, and he wasn’t as bulky. He had firm shoulders, solid pecs, and abs, his muscles so detailed you could see them through his body fur. His upper body would be more of a bodybuilder while his arms and legs were that of a swimmer. He wasn’t wearing any clothes, so his furry balls and sheath were on full display.

“Uhh, Ranga…is that really you?”

“Yes my lord!” he says and gives a kneeling bow. “Does my form displease you?” he shifts back into his animal form, he was quite massive in this form.

“Not at all both of your forms are cool.” his words of praise made Ranga’s tail wag, the simple tail wag whipped up a twister that blew the shack to pieces.

‘Can all the dire wolves do that?’ he thinks.

Answer: It is a highly rare ability known as a werewolf. His natural form is in this state, but he can go into his werewolf mode, to increase his battle powers and magicules.

‘He’s got some power that’s for sure.’ he sweatdrops as Rigurd scolds him about destroying the house. ‘Monsters sure are mysterious.’ So many of the goblins had changed into green studs, though Gobta hadn’t changed much from his Goblin form.

Ranga’s people evolved as well, they had become Tempest Wolves, it was their pack name, not only did they grow larger, they had smaller horns than Ranga did. Ranga appointed himself as Rimuru’s wolf and carried him around.

A feast was prepared for Rimuru’s awakening, as well as to celebrate their evolution and the end to the fighting. “How about a toast?” he raised his glass, but everyone just stared at him. “Come on, don’t leave me hanging…”

“Lord Rimuru, what is this “toast” you speak of?” Rimuru explained the custom and showed it with Rigurd the clinking of cups. Rimuru didn’t partake in much of the feast, though he could eat, he still didn’t taste anything, so felt it would be a waste to take their food supply.

It also seemed monsters lacked any sense of shame. Some of the hobgoblins had grown out of their clothing and simply walked around naked. Riguru was one of those, wearing his bandanna and nothing else. The boy was toned, not as much as his father but a touch more than Ranga in his werewolf form. His cock was 12 inches long, and he was smooth.

They seemed to treat clothing as more like a game character would, as more an increase in battle and defense than a necessity. ‘I guess I can’t really say anything Veldora was naked, and so am I. Still…’

“Lord Rimuru, can I fetch you another drink?” Riguru came up to him, bounding so sexily, all naked with his manly bits swinging as he moved. Rimuru blushed.

“Yes, of course, thank you!” Riguru poured him another glass. Rigurd was proud of his son, and he stood nearby Lord Rimuru. Out of the corner of his magic sense, he could see, Rigurd’s package in his flimsy loincloth, he was an inch bigger than his son and even thicker. He was partly curious about how big Ranga was.

After the banquet even turned in, those that slept outside cuddled together and with the tempest wolves. To their surprise, Rigurd, Riguru, and Ranga were called to see Rimuru privately.

“Okay, guys I want to cut to the chase.” seeing all the sexy bods of the Goblins, had caused a stirring in his slime soul. “If I was looking to mate someone, would either of you guys be wanting to become my mate?” Like with Veldora he figured it best to get straight to the point.

“It would be an honor to become your mate, Lord Rimuru!” Riguru says.

“I would make a fine mate for Lord Rimuru!” Ranga says, and shifts into his werewolf form.

‘Oh great, I hope these two don’t start fighting. Maybe I should have handled this better…’

“You’d both make fine mates for Lord Rimuru, I’d like to toss my muscles into the ring, even if I don’t become our Lord’s mate, I’d enjoy being his plaything.” he grins, a faint blush on his green cheeks.

“You are still in your prime father, you’d be an excellent mate for Lord Rimuru,” he says, and Ranga nods.

‘Ehh?’ Rimuru was confused, he didn’t want there to be fighting, but they all seemed to be okay with becoming his mate at the same time.

Answer: 95% of monsters believe in harem matings, so a powerful monster having more than one mate is very common. Since you called them in together they are just happy to be part of your harem.

‘Even a slime like me?’ It was hard to believe, since when he was human he didn’t even have a lover, and now since becoming a slime he’s “fucked” a dragon, and had three sexy monsters wanting to be his mate.

“Alright then, I’d like you each to try and become my mate, in my current form I can only do so much.” He uses mimicry to take the form of Veldora’s cock, without the size, so he was about the size of a dildo. In his current state, he was 18 inches long, a ridge at every inch.

“Ooohhh!” The trio gasp. They approved of the size, judging from their growing manhoods. Rigurd and Riguru were showers, 12 inches hard and 13 inches hard. Ranga’s big anthro dick came out of his sheath, 12 with a 3-inch knot, for a grand total of 15 inches.

“Allow me to go first Lord Rimuru.” Rigurd yanks off his loincloth, not that it was hiding much. He picked Rimuru up with one big hand and began fingering himself with his free hand.

Rimuru shivered with each lick. He wasn’t sure if this was gonna be the same as Veldora.

Answer: All Monsters convert food into energy and magicules, their holes are for mating.

‘Good to know.’ he thinks as Rigurd finishes getting him wet. He sets Rimuru back on the ground and straddles him. His hard 13 incher was twitching like crazy, he sits on the dragon phallus.

The muscled hobgoblin starts to slide down the dragon cock. “Ohh Lord Rimuru!” he moans. Riguru and Ranga watch, lazily stroking their own cocks. Inch after glorious inch swallowed the ridged dick. “So big!” he moans.

His hole stretched open to take Rimuru inside him, he moaned and shivered as each ridge penetrated his ass. He blushed and trembled, his strong legs shaking as he took another inch. “Are you okay Rigurd?”

“Yes, Lord!” he moans. He took every inch of the 16-inch dragon dick. His massive abs bulging from the glorious length inside him, his hole stretched wide around the magnificent girth. “So full!”

“Take your time and…whoa!” Rigurd began to move, hard and fast, bouncing up and down on him. His massive cock and heavy balls bounced from his intensity. His own thick man meat slapping his abs and pecs again and again as his heavy balls swayed to and fro. The ridges rubbed his insides, teased his tight ring of muscle as he moved back and forth. Its size ensuring his sweet spot was stimulated again and again. His heavy cock began to weep like a waterfall, his release building closer and closer.

Rigurd loses himself in the moment, every thrust has his body feeling alive. His muscles pulsing and rippling with delight, one hand feels up his pecs, feeling his heart racing, the other feeling his abs, feeling the bulge as he slams down.

Ranga and Riguru have switched to playing with their asses, waiting for their turn in heated anticipation. Ranga had two furry fingers up his ass, Rigur had three fingers.

“Ah ah ah,” he moans and pants, a trickle of drool running down his chin as he comes undone, feeling the lust building and coiling up inside him. Rimuru pushes him over the edge by using heat touch, increasing the heat and friction inside the Hobgoblin. “Ahh I’m cumming!” his dick erupts spraying himself and the floor with thick spurts of white cum. Hid body slumps sinking fully onto the dragon cock as his orgasm rides, his insides massaging Rimuru stimulating him.

He was covered in his own cum, his muscles splattered and glistening with a mix of sweat and cum. Rimuru uses his slime to clean him up, devouring all his cum in an instant.

Gain: Hobgoblin phallus mimicry. High Potency Skill, Aphrodisiac Body Fluid Skill acquired. Mating Bond with Rigurd formed.

‘These skills seem more sexual, then with Veldora.’

Answer: Goblins and Hobgoblins have a strong ability to repopulate, and have abilities that increase their partner’s pleasure.

“Thank you Lord Rimuru!” Rigurd takes a moment, basking in the afterglow of his release. Once he could feel his legs again he rose off the dragon cock, getting one last bit of stimulus as the ridges rubbed his insides.

Riguru is next, his 12 incher bouncing in excitement as he makes his way over to Lord Rimuru. He kisses the phallus, and licks him all over, he gives his lord a kiss before setting him down and straddling the dragon phallus. As the tip of the cock nudges his wanting hole Rimuru decides to apply one of his new skills.

As Riguru pushes down, the dragon penis forcing his no longer virgin hole open, once the tip breached him Rimuru began to create something similar to pre-cum. This fluid helped wet Riguru’s insides, and stimulate him in kind. “Ahhh!” the hobgoblin moans.

Inch after inch his ass swallows, Rimuru making sure his insides were properly lubed as he invaded the younger Hobgoblin. Upon reaching 8 inches Riguru got a bit overstimulated and he came hard. He blushes as his big dick erupts, and his toes curl from the orgasm. Ranga chuckles, making the hobgoblin blush harder.

“It’s okay Riguru, you did very well for your first time.”

“I can keep going!” He says and proceeds to slam down the rest of the way. “Ahh!”

“Ah, youth!” Rigurd says, watching his son go to town on the dragon phallus. Riguru pants, and takes hold of his dick in one hand, and supports himself with the other. He rides the dragon cock while pumping his own massive penis. The ridges were driving him wild, rubbing him in all the best places. “Enjoying your first-time son?”

“Yes!” he moans, and Rimuru blushes. He feels kinda bad since he’s not doing anything but since their happy, he goes along with it. He soon loses control and cums again showering the hobgoblin in even more cum. Rimuru doesn’t waste a drop and quickly collects the cum of the younger male.

“You were excellent Riguru.” the male grins.

“I will be a good mate for you Rimuru-sama!”

“I’m sure you will.”

Gain: Soul Bond and Mating Bond with Riguru formed. The one known as Rigur has gained the skill Body Armor. Stamina Boost Skill gained.

Riguru gets off of the dragon cock and Rigurd pats his back, proudest father in the world right now. Not only did he get a mate, but his son gained one too and such a powerful monster. “I’m so proud!”

“Thanks, dad!” the two hug, both their holes gaping, Riguru’s glistening.

Ranga’s tail was wagging. “It’s your turn buddy.”

“Thank you master!” he comes over and like the other two began to lick the dragon cock. He sets him down again and proceeds to mount the phallus, his furry cheeks were different compared to Veldora and the Hobgoblins.

He gives Ranga the same treatment as his ass is penetrated he gives the werewolf some special lube, aiding in the penetration. Ranga is panting and drooling by 8 inches, and he cums at 10 inches. He howls as his cock erupts and pelts the ground before him.

Riguru gives him a smug look. “Shut up, I know!” Ranga blushes, and he starts to sink down onto his master.

‘He seems really eager.’ Rimuru notices. His tail is wagging the whole time. He doesn’t give full rides, choosing to keep at least 8 inches of Rimuru inside him at a time. His thrusts are quicker, and his moans are louder.

“Master so good, so good!” he howls. The ridges are glorious, rubbing all the right places and making his right ring get extra stimulus. He loved the fullness and connection he shared with Rimuru.

When he cums his back arches back, and his cock erupts shooting long ropes of cum all over him. Some falling into his open mouth.

‘So tight!’ Ranga’s insides were impossibly tight, gripping him like a vice, if he was still human he was sure he’d be cumming into the werewolf.

He returns to being slime and leaves the wonderfully tight hole. He slurps up the thick werewolf cum. Leaving Ranga clean, refreshed, and oh so satisfied.

Gain: Mating Bond with Ranga formed. Dire Wolf Phallus Mimicry Learned. Pack Bond Skill Learned.

“How are you feeling Ranga?”

“Empty!” he whined. “But happy to be your mate, Master!”

“Good, I’ll be counting on the three of you.” He felt refreshed as well, it seems that having sex with them did scratch that itch after all.

The four turned in, sleeping together in an adorable pile around Rimuru.

To be continued


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