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One Piece: Legend of the Four Heroes Chap 1

One Piece: Legend of the Four Heroes

Luffy was living a simple life, if not a little boring he liked to read about grand adventures hoping he could one day go on one of these grand adventures in a fantastical world. Upon finding a mysterious book he’s brought to a fantastical world.

Chapter 1 Adventure in a New World

Monkey D. Luffy was living a rather normal simple life. He grew up living with his grandfather, and his two brothers. They camped, fished, and had a lot of fun together, but Ace and Sabo grew up and went off to achieve their goals. Luffy while taking part in a few sports didn’t really have a goal. He loved manga and anime and was an otaku of sorts.

What Luffy wanted more than anything was to have an adventure, he’s read all kinds of manga where people had fantastical adventures. He wanted to have one like in those books, a fantasy adventure with monsters and magic, that sort of thing.

Luffy had some spare cash so he decided to visit the bookstore and see if they had anything new. When he tried to pull one book out, another fell out and bopped him on the head. “Oww,” he rubbed his head. “Hmm?” He picked the book up.

“Legend of the Four Heroes?” he opened it up and began to flip through the pages. “Totto Land faced a terrible crisis, the Dragon Hourglass counted the days to the Waves of Catastrophe, an event of mass destruction and death. In order to fend off the Waves, four great heroes were summoned to their world.” he started reading the book. “The heroes would take up the holy treasures, and battle the Waves and protect the people from destruction. The holy treasures of the legendary heroes, The Spear, The Sword, The Bow, and the Shield.” Luffy grinned, this sounded pretty cool.

He skimmed a bit, reading about a King who left his country to seek out ways of strengthening ties and fighting the Waves together. In his place, his Mother was acting queen. There were demi-humans and therianthropes aka beast men. Unique skills, magic, and monsters to fight. “This place sounds amazing.” he flipped some more pages until he landed on the Shield Hero’s chapter, much to Luffy’s shock the pages were blank. “What’s this, is the book unfinished?”

The pages began to glow and turn on their own, Luffy gasped as he was suddenly pulled into the book. In an instant, he summoned to a new world and he was not alone. “What where is this? Where am I?” the guy with the bow had a long nose and curly black hair. He was freaking out quite a bit while the other two were calmly looking around.

Luffy looked at the other two, both were blonde, but the guy who was carrying the spear was taller than all of them. He was shirtless, wearing a sash and some baggy pants. The second blonde has a sword and he was dressed super stylish.

“Oh great heroes, please save our world!” some robbed men bowed to them.

‘Heroes?’ Luffy looked down and saw a small shield on him. “Ehh?” he gasped. He tried to take it off but it wouldn’t come off, it could move, but it remained connected to his body.

“You summon us and demand our help?” the tall blonde steps forward.

“How rude, I hope you intend to pay us for this inconvenience?” The sword hero says.

“Right, right!” the bow hero says.

‘What’s with these guys?’ Luffy blinks.

“Of course, please follow us to the Queen, she will explain everything.” they led the way.

“Greetings Heroes!” the four looked at the queen.

“Please bow your heads, for acting Queen of Totto Land, Charlotte Linlin!” The woman was huge, tall and stacked, with flowing pink hair. If the spear dude was tall this woman was a giant in comparison. She appeared to be in her mid 40’s.

“Please great heroes, tell me your names,” she says.

“My name is Eneru, I’m 23.” The tall blonde says.

“I am Cavendish, I’m 21.” the sword hero says.

“T-the name is Usopp, I’m 18.” the bow hero says.

Before Luffy got the chance to speak, Linlin began to speak. “Wonderful, it’s so great to have you all here.”

“Umm, your majesty, what about me?” Luffy raised his hand. Linlin had a look on her face, that seemed odd but quickly shifted into a smile. “Oh yes, we summoned all four legendary heroes. Please proceed.”

“I’m Luffy, I’m 18,” he says and gives a polite bow.

“Excuse us, your majesty, why have we been brought to this world?” Eneru asked.

“We have summoned you to this world to fight on our behalf. Our land faces the threats of the Waves of Catastrophe. We have tried to handle it ourselves, but legends state that only the legendary heroes can fight the Waves. You will, of course, be rewarded. You will each receive an initial fund from the palace, and depending on how you do during the waves be rewarded for your efforts.” Linlin explains.

“Fight monsters!” the bow hero gasped seemingly terrified. “Y-you can send us back home right?”

Linlin nodded. “Of course, once the waves have been stopped we can send you all back home.”

“That sounds interesting, I’m for it,” Cavendish says.

“My time is precious, but it has been a while since I got to cut loose, and we are getting rewards for it, so count me in,” Eneru says.

“This sounds fun, we can form a party together and kick some monster butt!” Luffy cheers.

“Right, if we are all together it won’t be so scary,” Usopp says.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.” the four look to the queen. “We don’t fully understand it ourselves, but it says in the legend that the four heroes can only come together during the Waves, they each must walk their own path, to strengthen their individual weapon their own way.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Luffy says, as Usopp cries.

“Please heroes, if you would check your stats.” A servant asks.

“Our stats?” Luffy looks around.

“You didn’t notice it?” Cavendish chuckles. “There is an Icon, if you focus on it, it will bring up your stats.”

Luffy and Usopp did and their stats popped up, Eneru did the same. “So we are all level 1, not good odds.”

“Not to worry heroes, there is quite a bit of time before the Wave comes, for tonight rest, and we will have a call and seek adventurers to form parties for you.”

The four were given a luxurious room to relax in while their individual rooms were being prepared. Once together the heroes began to talk about their situation. Usopp was a shut-in gamer, after high school, he moved in with his parents and became a heavy gamer who boasted a lot about his skills. He said this world was like a Console Game he played.

Eneru was a businessman until he struck it rich, now he was a bit of a player. He played games to fill his time since he didn’t have to work, he also didn’t keep a steady partner since he felt they just wanted him for his money. He said this world was like a state of the art VR game he played.

Cavendish was a college student, he was the hot shot on campus, every guy wanted to be him and all the girls wanted to bang him. Everyone could tell he was the type to have 2 or more girlfriends and still have something on the side. “Haha don’t hate me because I’m popular,” he says, the man seemed to sparkle. Cavendish liked to be the best at everything so he liked to play against others on MMO’s.

Luffy revealed he wasn’t much of a gamer, but he liked manga and anime. “It has been kinda a dream of mine coming to a world like this,” he says. He did play some sports and loved the outdoors. The others shared a look and began asking each other questions about their world, they didn’t match. It was odd, the only conclusion they could make was that not only did they come from another world, but came from different worlds.

“Are you gonna be alright Luffy?” Eneru asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Why?”

Eneru snorts. “Well its because the Shield Class in my game was utter garbage, no one plays it.”

“What, that’s not true, what about you guys?” Cavendish just shrugs, but the smirk on his face said it all, he thought Luffy was inferior, no competition.

“The Shield can’t fight, so it isn’t desirable when facing PvP,” Cavendish says. “Looks like you two will be my only competition,” he says looking from Eneru to Usopp.

“Sorry, Luffy it’s true, no one likes the Shield Class, I check stats online no one has ever beat the game as the Shield.”

“Well I’m gonna be fine, I’m tough, and with a party, I can protect them and we can grow strong together,” Luffy says, he checks his Icon. “See look I even got skills.”

“Let’s see.” they each checked their own stats. Since outside of their level, health and SP they couldn’t see each other’s Icons.

Eneru smirked. “I got Quantity Drop Boost Skill, that means I’ll get more drops when killing monsters. I also got the Bargain Skill, I’ll be able to get discounts easier. Money Boost Skill, I’ll receive more money from selling monster parts.” The Icons gave explanations and tips.

“Not bad but mine is better. Dazzling Aura Skill, it says monsters will be drawn to me, and I’ll be able to get party members easier.” That explains the sparkle effect when he talks. Lady Luck Skill, I’ll get increased support from female party members. Fine Appraisal Skill, I’ll be able to see the quality of items, weapons, and gear. Natural Charisma, bonds with party members will grow faster.”

“I got…” Usopp looked at his stats. “Craftsmen Skill, I get an increased chance of success when crafting items and weapons. Eagle Scope Skill, I can see long distances without the need for scope or goggles. Strategic Withdraw Skill, my chances of escaping an enemy is higher.”

“Sounds like a fancy way of running away.”

“Oi!” Usopp snapped. “What about you Luffy?”

“I got a few more than you guys. Angling Skill, have a higher chance of catching fish. Foraging Skill, lets me find higher quality items and find usable herbs and plants, High Stamina Skill (Medium) doubles your current stamina to use/recovery. Food Recovery Boost increases the amount of stamina recovery gained from eating food. Plant Identification Skill, allows you to identify a plant by touching it. Survival Skill 1, able to build a small campsite, and use nonweapon tools for survival. Cooking Skill 1 says I will be able to prepare simple meals. Animal Charisma, able to tame animals and beasts.”

“Well being the shield it’s obvious you need more skills to make up for your lack of combat ability,” Cavendish says and pats his shoulder.

“I don’t think that’s why I have these skills. Fishing, Foraging, Plant Identification, Survival, Cooking, all that stuff was hammered into by my Grandpa, he liked to teach me a lot of things. Maybe these skills reflect ourselves from our world?” Eneru snorts, and a servant tells them there rooms were ready.

Cavendish and Eneru leave while the two ravens hang out a bit more.

“Your Grandpa sounds like a great guy,” Usopp says.

“He is, he could be kinda scary, he drove me and my brother’s crazy. He hammered into us the importance of justice and doing the right thing. He was a fireman, he wanted us to be tough like him and there was no one tougher.”

“I bet he wanted you to be firemen just like him huh?”

“Nope, he said he’d die of worry if we ever even thought about it. My big brother Ace is a vet, and my brother Sabo is a famous author, he travels the world getting inspiration for his novels.”

“I wonder if my parents are worried about me?” Usopp asks.

“Don’t worry, Queen Linlin says they can send us back. Imagine the stories we can tell them when we get back.”

“They’ll never believe it.” Usopp laughs.

“We really are in another world, this is gonna be an amazing experience.” Luffy went out to the balcony and looked up at the starry sky. That was his favorite thing about camping just looking up at the clear night sky.

Usopp turned in but Luffy stayed up a bit longer, excitement burning in his young heart.

To be continued

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