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Killing Bites Backburner

Killing Bites Backburner


In His Coils

Nomoto is a brute, he gained the power of a snake, not just any snake he’s a python brute, no one saw him as anything more than a physical brawler but his group holds him as a secret weapon. He’s a hypnotist. Hypnosis Mind Control Two Dicks Furry Nomoto/Harem

Bull Rush

Nomoto is a brute, a bull. He’s strong fast and got some deadly horns. What really makes him terrifying to other brutes is the beast between his legs. To seal his domination, he has his mates wear cages to show they belong to him. It only fuels their desire for their bull daddy. Hyperinflation Cock Cage Slight Cuck (Rule 63?) Nomoto/Harem

Shark Fangs

Nomoto is a rare sea brute, a shark. He is the first sea brute to be made. He can move in the sea and the earth in his full brute form. He’s given the nickname Street Shark. His contractors want him to enter the destroyal, but in order to do so he has to take on his first Killing Bites. His opponent is Leo, and the fight ends in a shocking upset. Two Cocks Nomoto/Harem

Chameleon Bites

Nomoto is a rising brute, as a chameleon brute he’s able to turn invisible, has a powerful tongue and tail. They send Leo to bring this upstart down, not knowing Leo has been paid off to take a fall, but he didn’t expect to become Nomoto’s bitch in the process. Two Cocks Aphrodisiac Nomoto/Harem

Wolf Claws

A rising star in the Killing Bites is the Wolf Brute, he’s a private contractor, and has no ties to any of the major players. This doesn’t stand so he’s chased by some pretty powerful brutes, he wins but he doesn’ kill his opponent he breeds them and makes them his, forming a pack to enter the destroyal. Knots Furry Nomoto/Harem

Frog’s Fangs

No one wanted Nomoto seeing him as a failure of a brute. It wasn’t till he beat and tamed Leo did anyone see him as anything special. Nomoto produces a powerful aphrodisiac like sweat from his body, one touch will make someone hot happy and super high, he can also make different poisons inside his body and spit them out. Leo should have been more careful, but now he belongs to Nomoto, and is loving every minute of it. Nomoto/Harem

Run Rabbit Run

Nomoto is a rabbit brute, and is the mate of Leo. Leo loves the perverted little rabbit as he’s the only one who can satisfy his needs, all of his needs. So he’s quite angry when his group keeps sending Nomoto to face deadly brutes trying to get him killed. Leo has enough and takes Nomoto and tries to escape from their hold, they can’t get far alone but if they win in the Destroyal they can have their freedom. Switcher Nomoto/Leo/Harem

Cheetah Fangs

Nomoto is a cheetah brute, he was a former track star and has a ton of zoology knowledge it makes him quite the opponent in killing bites. His speed is unrivaled, even when he’s challenged by Leo he proves he’s more than some twink. Nomoto/Harem


After an accident cost Nomoto his legs he agrees to be a test subject in an experiment to get his legs back, he does but gains so much more. He’s a horse brute and quite the powerful one, but now he has to fight to earn money to pay back those that helped him. Hyper Nomoto/Harem

Brute Tamer

Nomoto is set to be a sacrifice for Brute Leo, but something strange occurs. Leo can’t kill him, one whiff and the king of beasts is a horny kitten. It seems its not just him, Nomoto produces natural pheromones that make him like cat nip to most brutes. Scent Kink Nomoto/Harem

Cow Brute

Leo is given a target to crush during Killing Bites. At first he thinks its a joke, a Cow Brute? Child’s play. Oh no, Nomoto has an ace in the hole his delicious milk. Leo can’t resist and has a taste, and he has a milk-gasm. Never had he tasted such sweet ambrosia, and the boy’s cum is even more delicious. After drinking his fill he passes out and the Cow Brute wins. Male Lactation Bottom Nomoto/Harem

Fox Brute

Nomoto didn’t want anything to do with Killing Bites, despite being a brute. Not that he has a choice, but when he’s up against Leo he comes up with a good plan to survive. Leo agrees, if he can survive mating with him he’ll declare him the winner. Though despite being the king of beasts he may have bit off more than he could chew with this horny fox. Knot Switcher Nomoto/Harem

Missing Link

Nomoto is a natural born brute a missing link, an undiscovered animal something between a cat and a monkey. He’s highly sought after because his children will even be stronger. Tiger and Leo want his ass, and Nomoto just wants to be left alone. Mpreg Switcher Nomoto/Harem

Dino King

Brute experiments were common, some keeping to push the barrier, creating the Killing Bites King, the current King was Leo, Tiger trying to beat him. Nomoto was kidnapped off the street and he’s infused with ancient beast DNA. Leo fights him and meets the true King of Beasts. Hyper Top Nomoto/Harem

Raptor Ace

Zaibatsu had been working intensely to create the next ace for the Destroyal, that decides who has control over brute technology. Nomoto is their secret weapon, having dino brute traits. He’s a raptor brute, he’s got a boost in IQ and he’s got intense speed and power. (Rule 63) Nomoto/Harem

Nomoto’s Life With Brutes

Nomoto has become a host family for brutes, males that can turn into turn into anthro beasts. They require tender love and care and Nomoto is just the man for the job. Nomoto/Yugo/Taiga/Yabe Shota/Shinna Ryuji/Harem

Chimera Brute Nue

Nomoto is the first Chimera brute, he’s seen as a threat so the powers that be send their best to bring him down, this proves to be a mistake as not only does he beat them he tames them. The once prideful brutes have had that pride shattered and allowed to embrace the lust they buried deep inside. Nomoto/Yugo/Taiga

Bat Fangs

Flying brutes were rare and quite valued so of course the new Bat Brute is sought after. Leo is sent not to fight but get his contract no matter what. He tries his best, but Nomoto turns him down, but offers him a night alone, thinking he can earn Nomoto’s side in the bedroom, little did he know just how terrifying the bat brute could be. Blood Drink Force Impotence Cock Cage Switcher Nomoto/Harem

Song Bird

Nomoto is a rock star and secret brute, using his special abilities to rock his audience. Leo has fallen for him and wants him as his but Nomoto is taken by Taiga. Will the two kill each other for Nomoto or fight together to keep them for themselves. Audio Hypnosis Bottom Nomoto/Taiga/Yugo

The Ultimate Shield

Nomoto has become a brute, but since no one wanted him he’s been a free agent. But as the Destroyal is coming up many groups are wanting to scare or intimidate other brutes to control the destroyal. Nomoto doesn’t think he’s involved but it turns out his contract was bought after all. Switcher Nomoto/Harem

Mouse and Lion

Leo is said to be unstoppable, unbeatable, the king of beasts, if he had one weakness it was his boyfriend the Mouse Brute. He can never say no to the man, going as far as to willingly cage himself, for weeks to build up his lust and cum and when he finally gets to let loose its glorious. Orgasm Denial Leo/Nomoto

Tiger and Bunny

Taiga has often competed against Leo, but while he’s a fierce competitor he has a weakness for the Bunny Brute Nomoto. He doesn’t know if he wants to devour him, or worship him, a bit of both. His precious horny rabbit, he was to keep him protected. Chastity Belt Taiga/Nomoto

Pins and Needles

Nomoto is the Porcupine Brute, and the secret boyfriend of Taiga. The Tiger brute has a soft spot for the fierce fighter, not only did he tap into his animal power but took it to the next level. Leo plans on taking Nomoto from Tiger, pushing their rivalry into brutal territory. Switcher Nomoto/Taiga/Yugo

Tusks and Fangs

Nomoto is the newest brute of a certain group, in order to make a splash he’s set to face off against Leo. Leo take’s one look at this twink of a guy and thinks its a joke, but then the boy’s muscles grow and he surpasses Leo, and he’s punished for his arrogance. Spanking Hyper Muscle Growth

Tiny Fangs Weeving Webs

Nomoto is the first non beast Brute, he’s got spider powers, and when he transforms he looks like an arachne. His powers are quite unique, including a powerful venom that triples as an aphrodisiac. Bondage Gape Hyper Nomoto/Harem

Stinger Fangs

Brute tech has to advance they go as far as taking kids off the street. Nomoto is taken and modified becoming a Scorpion Brute. His first task fight Leo, he beats him and earns the ire of Tiger. Nomoto has no problem playing with both of them. Switcher Nomoto/Harem

Brute Killer

Brutes have begun to disappear, some bodies have appeared but others have simply vanished. Who is behind this and what has happened to the missing brutes. Brain Breakage Pet Play Nomoto/Harem

Nomoto’s Revenge

After Nomoto is “killed” by Ratel in an act of betrayal. He’s saved and made into a therianthrope. He wants his revenge and has lost his trust in others. In his new form he has hypnotic abilities that work quite well against his enemies and his revenge is slowly complete. Hypnosis Mind Control

Sweet Revenge

(Rule 63) Nomoto is “killed” by Ratel but he’s back and he wants revenge on the guy who killed him and those that made his life hell. He’s become a brute of his own, one perfect to exact his revenge. Brain Break Hypnosis Pet Play Nomoto/Harem

The New Wolf

(Rule 63) Nomoto was kidnapped and modified into a brute off the street. He wants nothing to do with brutes despite being one, the rich bastard who made him insists he enter fights on his behalf. When Taiga is sent to fight the new Wolf brute he pushes Nomoto too far. Furry Knot Nomoto/Taiga/Harem

The New Snake

(Rule 63) Nomoto has been modified to become the new snake brute after he was killed by Tiger. He doesn’t want to fight but after being hijacked by Ratel he has no choice. If he’s going to fight he’s gonna have some fun. Two Dicks, Hypnosis, Nomoto/Harem

The First Avian

Nomoto is the first avian brute, no one knows who made him, but as far as anyone can tell he’s a free agent. With the destroyal coming up many groups are looking for any potential piece to turn the tides. Nomoto/Tiger/???

Natural Bat

Taiga had only heard of the rare natural born brutes said to be stronger faster than normal brutes. He meets Nomoto who’s a natural bat brute, not only is he rare but the first avian brute. He’s ordered to keep him safe until its time for him to enter the Killing Bites. Nomoto/Tiger/Harem


Nomoto is a kickboxer, he doesn’t think he’s an ace or anything but he can hold his own. It started as just something to do, but he found he liked it. He ends up on hard times and a shady business man comes to him offering him money. He’s become a brute the Kangeroo.


Nomoto has become a parasite, he can alter his body freely, and if he he gets his hands on an opponent he can mess with their bodies to. He loves to drain some of the more cockier males and increase his own endowments. Size Stealing Nomoto/Harem

Alien Invader

Nomoto isn’t human, he’s actually an alien, because of his unique abilities and powers he’s seen as a brute and is caught up in Killing Bites. He doesn’t seem to mind as he’s able to play with perfect specimens. Cock Tail Mpreg Nomoto/Harem


Brute experiments are on the rise, Nomoto is kidnapped and experimented on becoming the ultimate predator. He’s human but modified by dozens of different animal traits. The abilities mesh and he’s become a fierce competitor. Those he beats he either kills or mates, and those who are breed become his for life. Cock Growth Hyper Brain Break Nomoto/Harem

Brute Suit

Nomoto was a normal guy, until he falls into heavy debt and must sell himself to be a guinea pig in research. What kind of research Brute research. A container of ooze reacts to him, and he’s informed its a symbiotic parasite, a mess of different creature blood and given sentience. It bonds with Nomoto and he joins the killing bites. Tentacles Symbitoe Nomoto/Harem


In the world of brutes, its not only about being strong but having a strong line, which means a heavyweight needs a strong mate to have children. When a missing link is discovered several heavy weights have come forward wanting him and wanting to have a child with him. Nomoto doesn’t know what to do. Mpreg Bottom Nomoto

For His Cub

Leo wants to fullfill his pride, someone as strong as he needs to have his seed carried on. He takes and uses Nomoto to get his child, but while Nomoto struggles to deal with all this Leo starts to fall for him, he thinks its just instinct at first for the sake of his cub, but when Nomoto runs away with his child he’s willing to do anything to get it back. Mpreg Bottom Nomoto

Fuck to Win

Nomoto is a brute, and entered into a special destroyal 10 brutes go in and the winner is the last one standing. He’s not very powerful but he does have one thing, his ace in the hole, he just has to fuck to win.

Gambling Contract

Leo didn’t think Nomoto was much of anything, so they decided to play some cards. After losing his money to the boy his pride wouldn’t let him walk away. So he bets his clothes loses them and soon bets his contract. Now Nomoto owns his ass. Nomoto/Leo/Harem

Bunny Blast

Mix Harem: Nomoto is the Bunny brute, and he often gets pushed around by other brutes, such is when Brute Ratel finds him and wants him to join the destroyal. She’s quite intimidating using his house and him as she wants. Nomoto/Ratel/Leo/Mix

Pet House

Nomoto has been messed with for too long by his boyfriend and his brute friends. They use him because he isn’t a brute, but Nomoto has a plan, and turns them into his cock hungry pets. Mind Control Brainwashing Nomoto/Harem

Cuttlefish Brute

So many beasts have been made into brutes, each group is trying to find a key to victory that will make their group superior. One group has begun experimenting with undersea creatures and one of their experiments is a success. Nomoto is a cuttlefish brute he’s not seen as much but he does have an hypnotic ace in the hole. Hypnosis, glowing peen, Nomoto/Harem

Jellyfish Brute

Many under sea brute experiments have failed, Nomoto is one of the few successes, Nomoto was down on his luck needing money, he took up an ad and ended up more than what he was in for. Tentacles Poison Watersports Nomoto/Harem

Angler Brute

Nomoto lost his sight in an accident, he was approached by a man saying he could help. His eyesight got fixed, but now he’s a brute and has to fight. He does have a few skills but no one trusts he can win a destroyal. Hypnosis Nomoto/Harem

Brute Zoo

Nomoto has gotten his revenge, those that ruined his life have paid, and those that mocked him are punished. He’s kept them on display and used for his profit. The proud have been broken, the strong have been made weak, and Nomoto has gotten rich with his brute zoo. Dark Cock Cage Bondage Water Sports

One Shots

Catch A Tiger By the Tail

Taiga was very careful to keep his weaknesses hidden, his biggest one was his tail. The long furry appendage was one big erogenous, one good squeeze had the furry male on his knees panting for more, a few strokes has him cumming in seconds. Nomoto/Taiga

The King in Bed

Yugo is cocky and full of pride, and likes to prove he’s the king of beasts in the ring, but in the bedroom his boyfriend knows who’s king in bed. Nomoto/Leo

Stress Relief

Taiga faces a lot of pressure constant challenges, fights, brawls, and having to answer to the call of his owners. He’s praised by the rich and wealthy and held to high regard but sometimes he just wants to relax. Whipping Spanking Multiple Orgasm Nomoto/Taiga

Never Smile At A Crocodile

Nomoto had gone to a bar with some friends thinking they were just gonna hang out, there he meets a guy at a bar Ryuji. He starts talking to him and they decide to hook up, but Nomoto is so hot Ryuji can’t control the beast inside from coming out.

Lion Pheromones

Leo loves to mark his territory, making sure everyone knows what his is his. He knows full well the effect of his pheromones have on his partner. Water Sports Scent Kink Leo/Nomoto

Cat Toy

Mating one brute can be tough, mating two at the same time can kill a lesser man. So its understandable that Nomoto feels like a cat toy, as he’s played with between his two feline brute lovers. Who seem to think they can use him to compete with each other. Leo/Nomoto/Taiga

Cat Nip Wine

Nomoto is Leo’s handler, to make sure he behaves himself. Leo claims he hates Nomoto and that he doesn’t need him, but when he drinks the truth comes out. Nomoto/Leo

Breeder Stud

Taiga wants a cub of his own, but his luck with women have been difficult, so he decides to get a stud. He wasn’t sure about his stud at first but once he sees his breeder he might just get more than just a cub. Mpreg Hyper Nomoto/Taiga

Tiger Heat

Taiga was trying to get home before his heat started, his heats always left him horny, vulnerable, needy. After a series of unfortunate events and several cluttered ways home he tries to take a shortcut through the park when his heat hits. Nomoto finds him and takes him home. Nomoto/Taiga

Taste of Heaven

Leo plans to kill Nomoto, but decides to give him a taste of heaven before sending him to hell. However after he gets a taste of Nomoto he might not kill the boy after all. Nomoto/Leo

From King to Bitch

Leo is full of pride, to the point he tries to kill Nomoto. The boy uses his only skill hypnotism hoping to save his life, Leo laughs not believing in hypnosis and as king of the beasts surely it wouldn’t effect him.

Leo’s Revenge

Leo breaks in to get revenge on Nomoto for his loss. He had no idea what he was walking into, as much as he wants to get revenge he can’t resist his instincts. Nomoto/Leo

King Cobra Versus the King of Beasts

Nomoto is a rising brute, some some bets were made and his next match is against Leo. Most people think Leo’s in for a sure victory but Nomoto’s not a brute that goes down easy and the king of beasts might be in for a wild time. Two Dicks Spines Nomoto/Leo

Tiger’s Loss

Tiger believes that only Leo is a match for him, so he doesn’t take his next opponent Nomoto the snake brute seriously. He gets fucked over, literally after he defeats an opponents he fucks them which is fine in these matches as the victor decides the loser’s fate. Two Dicks Spines Nomoto/Tiger

Big Dick Punishment

Nomoto’s boyfriend is a royal ass, he’s so proud of his body he walks around naked, letting his big dick swing, and messes with him time and time again, so Nomoto buys a special lotion to teach his boyfriend a lesson. Cock Shrink Nomoto/Leo

Omega Milk

Dating a brute can be tricky, even more so when he’s alpha all the time. Taiga thinks because he’s a tiger and he’s got the bigger cock he’s the alpha in the relationship so what he says goes. So Nomoto buys a special medicine and slips it into Taiga’s milk, the changes are slow but effect he gets more sensitive and needy, his cock grows smaller and he starts producing slick. Nomoto/Tiger

Tiny Tiger

Tiger looks like a powerful alpha male, he’s built and muscled and gorgeous as fuck. No body would believe that Tiger was packing a mini magnum, or the fact he’s a royal size queen. Everyone knows he and Nomoto are together but assumes that it’s Nomoto who’s the donut in this relationship. Hyper Size Difference

Brute Whistle

Nomoto has studied zoology, studied brutes, and with a little help he makes a whistle he believes can be used to control all brutes. A test is needed so why not Tiger. It works better than he could have imagined. Hypnosis Mind control Nomoto/Tiger

Hypno App

Leo has a bad habit of making people disappear when he goes on walks before killing bite matches. He finds Nomoto and plans to mess with him, to bad he messed with the wrong guy. Nomoto might not have seemed like much, but he was a programmer and he whipped something up special on his phone in case this happened. Leo won’t be making his killing bite match. Mind control Brain Washing Nomoto/Leo

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