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Aug 03

New Toys To Play With Collab with Ben10Yaoi

New Toys To Play With Devlin was rooting around Ken’s junk box, some random stuff he found while cleaning out his Dad’s place. He finds a weird watch with hypnotic possibilities. Being a gear head he fixes it and decides to use it to have some fun with his old man and Ken’s dad. Collab …

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Jul 30

Verde’s Device Chap 5

Verde’s Device Ryohei 9 inches Gokudera 6 inches Tsuna 10 inches 12 inches dying will mode Iiemetsu 10 inches Yamamoto 7 inches Chap 5 Extremely Horny Ryohei finished his run, his tan body glistening with sweat. His cock was hard and heavy, and he had a manly musk going for him. He headed back to …

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Jul 13

The Pink Tessaiga

The Pink Tessaiga Inuyasha unlocks a new power in his sword after slaying a certain demon. He feels it’s the perfect time to tame a cocky wolf. Tier 3 Commission -x- Inuyasha and his pack were chilling at Kaede’s village save for Kagome and Sango + Kilala were back at the demon slayer village, partly …

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Jul 06

Hypnos Awakened Chap 4

Hypnos Awakened Ben 10.5 Kevin 10 JT 7 Cash 4 Chap 4 Toys and Fun Cash and JT got everything on the list. They got a dildo pack dildos ranging from 1 inch to 12, butt plugs were bought they ranged from 1 inch long to 5, and varied in girths. Cock rings, both normal …

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Jul 05

Souta the Spirit Charmer Chap 2

Souta the Spirit Charmer Chap 2 Now Souta had experience but he was still a virgin. He had experimented with a few boys in his clas, but they were too scared of Souta‚Äôs monster to go all the way. Blow jobs and hand jobs he had down. Plus Buyo had explained the rights of mating …

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May 05

Verde’s Device Chap 3

Verde’s Device Chap 3 Right Hand Man Tsuna was having a nice little dream, his body floating naked in a sea of endless blue and white. Suddenly the floating stopped and he found himself standing before the first generation boss. Giotto was equally naked, and it seemed their blood line was quite endowed. Giotto floated …

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Jan 21

Controller Quirk Chap 1

Controller Quirk Izuku gains a rather interesting quirk and leads a unique life because of it. Others think he’s gonna be a villain but all he wants to do is be a hero. Chapter 1 Mind and Body In this world people have these abilities called quirks. More than 80% of the populations have quirks, …

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Dec 26

New Hero Chap 3

New Hero Chap 3 The First Mate They made it back to the red dorm in record time, Hassleberry was already hard, his thick rod throbbing as it pushed against the fabric of his pants. Their march becoming unbearable. Tyranno knew what going to the dorm would mean, Jaden accepted him, loved him to, wanted …

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Dec 26

Power of Imagination (Birthday Request)

Power of Imagination Terrance pushes Mac too far, and unleashes the boy’s power. Terrance will learn the hard way that his little brother has quite the imagination. -x- Terrance was stupid, even their own mother admitted that. He seemed to focus his mind on how making his brother miserable. Mac sending Bloo to Foster’s didn’t …

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Oct 09

Poke Randomizer 01 Chap 1

Poke Randomizer 01 Oak takes Gary and Ash out to catch their first pokemon. This pokemon would be their starter on their journey. So let the random events begin. Chap 1 Randomizer Grass Exeggcute Every kid looked for the day they got to go on their Pokemon Journey. Ash Ketchum age 16 has just gained …

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